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Befriend Our Discord Marketing Strategies For Provoking Your Projects

Discord has appended itself to a pile of rapidly popularizing social media platforms that get businesses closer to the prospective community. And the key is, Discord is inching towards becoming the mainstream marketing channel for businesses or projects that have their foundation in crypto and NFT.

While many of us wouldn’t have heard of Discord up until a year ago or so, how did it attain prevalence in a brief period? Since Discord lets users create topic-oriented communities, where they can share content that raises the awareness of their business or projects more effectively, it managed to clutch businesses by its side facilely.

Our Discord marketing agency has a big name in providing exceptional marketing services through different social media platforms, and Discord marketing is one of our prominent marketing approaches. We will compose the Discord marketing strategy for your project in the first place and then proceed with community building and creating the most gripping marketing collateral.

What Is Discord? - Sorting It Out For You

Discord is a social media chat platform that sheds focus on community building through its servers. Users can either create a private or a public server depending on the bandwidth of their audience. It is the server creation feature that has brought Discord a quick eminence, and inside the server, users can create multiple channels. Most of all, users have the privilege to completely customize their servers, starting from the name to deciding the members of the server. Crucially, Discord servers that are customized to be invite-only require admin or the server owner to share the invitation link with the individuals they wish to invite.

For example, if you are an NFT creator, and looking to club together all your potential buyers, then you can head straight to creating a server on Discord, and making it exclusive for promoting your NFTs. Hey, Discord is the foundation for grouping your prospects, and you can start promoting your project that is about to launch or already launched.

Discord Marketing Strategies

Our Clients

Why Are We A Befitting Discord Marketing
Agency For NFT/Crypto Projects?

Crypto and NFT projects are burgeoning in the context of their popularity. With that said , owners/creators will need to splash awareness about cryptos and NFTs in the first off. In order to form a sturdy base of audiences and let them know about your project, you need to bring them together, which is where Discord’s server will lend you a hand.

Moreover, just creating a community and assembling the prospects will not favor you in the long run, but acting as per a well-researched marketing strategy will favor you. And exactly, that is where you will need assistance from our Discord marketing specialists.

To date, our marketing team has devised Discord marketing strategies for multiple projects, which have roots in NFTs/crypto. Our marketers will start off with creating the server and let you add prospects. Post building the base, they will head to create awareness by preparing the needed marketing collateral. Post that, we will pay sharp attention to lead generation, acquisition, sales, and retention.

Discord Server

How Do We Make Your Discord Server A Credible One?

While laying the groundwork for your crypto/NFT project, i.e., creating the Discord server, the prime focus is on making it credible as well as purposeful. Simply, your target audience must find valuable content inside your server.

As your Discord marketing agency, our Discord marketers will create a server, add a logo and a name that exactly aligns with your brand/project. Following that, we will start sharing the marketing copies that we have created exclusively for your project. We concentrate on creating collateral that is on point and appealing to your target audience, which will further encourage them to invite more people to the server.

A Compilation Of Our Full-Service Discord Marketing Strategies

Before actually starting off the promotional activities regarding your project, we will first set up the user base and keep working on strategies to invite new users. Once we create a server for your audience, we will indulge in the marketing activities we have crafted for your project.

Provide Insights Into The ProjectAt the outset, we will craft compelling and highly informative content, which will wear the attire of different forms like articles, infographics, etc. Post that, we will come up with more such content depending on the engagement and preferences of your audience.

Engagement With Audience/UsersWe don’t just create and share content with the audience, but we will further take up ways to keep your audience engaged. One of the best ways to keep your audience hooked up is to strike a conversation with them. For say, you can answer the questions they come up with directly on the server so that they will get clarity and get spirited up for showing more engagement.

Seek Promotion Through Other ServersWhen it comes to promoting a business/project online, you have got an array of methods to carry out that will also fetch you fruitful results. One of them is affiliate marketing, and here in Discord, it can be termed “marketing through other servers.”

We will identify servers on Discord that are parallel to the core topic of your server. Once we find reliable servers that have a considerable number of users, we will seek collaboration from them by giving them an excerpt regarding your project. Further, they will share the promotional content on their servers. And that’s how we tactically derive new users to your server.

Fostering Your Discord Community - Our Way!

During the early days of your new server, you may witness a smaller number of users, and thus it is manageable. However, while your server’s user base expands, you need to actively engage with multiple users, and it may become hectic to look after it all on your own.

And that is where we rope in our moderators, who will act as a substitute for you in terms of interacting with the users. We will assign moderators who are well versed in handling the conversations as well as experts in the subject. Moreover, we will provide the moderators with a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), with which they can easily provide answers for those users who shoot away queries.

Generally, stuffing your target audience with too much promotional content isn’t a great idea. Rather share with them about the current happenings in the market that corresponds to your project. For example, yours is an NFT project, or simply, you have created NFTs and want to sell them. In addition to extensively promoting your NFTs, it is a good practice to share with the audience some current trends in the NFT industry.

Thus, other than creating promotional content for your project, we will also come up with the market happenings that are worth sharing with your audience on the Discord server.

Our Discord Marketing Activities To Amplify Your User Base

Once we build a sturdy user base for your server, we will proceed with activities to engage and ultimately convert them into buyers. Among the best-known ways for promoting any business/brand, contests and rewards always have an upper hand. Agree? Get to perceive the ways we focus on, to append your crypto/NFT project(s) closer to the prospects.

  • Hungry marketers of our Discord advertising company, will plot contests based on different themes. For example, we can create a contest based on meme/GIF creation that should feature your project or, in general, about crypto/NFT. And obviously, you can shower the winners with rewards. These days, Gen zers are showing up spirits for meme creation and GIFs. So, why don’t we use it to your project’s advantage?

  • One of our reputed Discord marketing services includes influencer marketing. It is one best tactic to bring in crypto/NFT influencers to your server and let them address your audience, emphasizing your project.

  • Ultimately, how will you comprehend the opinion of your project among your audience? The only meaningful way is to gather reviews from them. It is important to let them open up their suggestions, which if feasible can be implemented.

These are our highlighting marketing approaches for augmenting the user base on your Discord server.

Discord Marketing - Benefits Coming Your Way!

In conjunction with making your target audience become familiar with your NFT/crypto projects, what else does Discord has in store for you? Get to know them right here!

  • You Have Full Control Over The MembersYou know Discord is an invite-only platform. You create the server, you share the invite-link to like-minded people, and overall you decide the audience to be present on the server. This way, you get to gain genuine/interested audiences other than spammers.

  • Simple & Easy To Engage With AudienceOf course, there are multiple social media platforms that promise to fetch you the planned results. On the other hand, Discord is a simple-to-use and popularly growing platform through which you can create both voice and text channels. Further, you can add bots for sending automated messages, like welcome messages to new users. Alongside the simplicity, the platform has multiple effective ways to engage with the audience.

  • An Algorithm-Free Social Media PlatformThe crucial advantage of using Discord for marketing is that the platform doesn’t employ any algorithm, which will otherwise filter out content based on the level of engagement. On Discord servers, whatever content or announcements you post will be listed as per the order. Hence, your audience will get every information that you share with them on the server.

Our Competent Discord Marketing Activities

Smashing Ad Copies

Our copywriters are the building blocks of our marketing team. Our seasoned copywriters will come up with striking ad copies that will be in line with Discord’s rules and regulations. The ad copies will lure your audience in the first up.

Enchanting Visuals

Visual representation has the edge over other marketing pieces, in general. Our creative designers will curate informative as well as appealing visual representations, like images, infographics, videos, etc.

Data Analysis & Optimization

We don’t put a period to our marketing services once we are done with curating and sharing the marketing copies. Instead, keep analyzing whether the existing strategy works and, if not, what will work the best for your project. Our key lies in analysis and optimization.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also defined as split testing, is where multiple marketing campaigns that are planned for your project are taken into consideration for testing. Our digital marketing specialists cum subject matter experts will extensively test different elements of marketing campaigns to conclude which brings in the desired results.

Scaling Up

Once we attain a clear picture of the marketing campaigns that proffer the maximum results, we will start focusing on scaling up marketing campaigns of similar type.

Regular Updates

As much as we are responsible for producing the best marketing results, we are equally responsible for keeping you updated about what’s up. Our Discord marketing firm will constantly update you on the results derived from the marketing campaigns.

Why Should You Partner With Our Discord Advertising Agency?

Finalizing a Discord marketing agency can put you in a state of a dilemma since marketing is a crucial activity. Here are the bullets that will help you understand how we will fit in the bill as a Discord marketing firm.

Veteran & Skilled Digital Marketers

Established & New-Age Marketing Campaigns

Highly Personalized Marketing Strategies

Well-Known For Crypto/NFT Marketing

Industry-Standard Tools & Technologies

Consistent Updates

Tech Stack

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We know the ultimate power of personalization, and hence, to date, we have been providing customized marketing approaches for our clients. You can directly engage in a meeting with our digital marketers to know more about our marketing approaches.
A definite yes! We are high on following the current trend, and hence we provide Discord marketing strategies for NFT/crypto projects. We are also ready to offer Discord promotion services for any kind of project/brand.
Obviously! We are known for offering a spectrum of digital marketing services, including influencer marketing, email marketing, video/content marketing, and any type of digital marketing you are looking for.
Our team is available to support you 24/7, which makes it obvious that you are free to contact us at any time. You can either choose to hit an email to [email protected] or call us at +91 938 484 3395.

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