Launch a top notch on-demand logistics app!

Moving a large number of household items from one site to another requires careful handling of goods. Additionally, properly managed logistics is required to ensure that the whole process goes on smoothly. All of that can be facilitated with a comprehensive on-demand truck booking app.

Designed for avid entrepreneurs who are looking for large returns on investments, our handcrafted Lynk clone application will help you enter the market in a grand and successful manner.

  • 100% Customizable
  • Fully Scalable
  • Cost Efficient
  • Feature-rich

Key advantages of using our Lynk clone solution

Launch a robust logistics app that caters to all the moving needs of your customers. With our clone solution, you get benefits like,

  • High performanceThe software handles large amounts of traffic that would accumulate in the form of customer usage and truck bookings.

  • 100% customizableEnrich your application by customizing it the way you envision it to be. Change designs, themes, icons and more.

  • User-centricOur apps are designed for use by service seekers & providers from all walks of life. A minimalistic feature-rich UI will make your users visit your app frequently.

  • Informative tracking systemUsing real-time GPS tracking technology, ongoing operations can be monitored on the map with elaborate shipping status updates.

  • Simple paymentsTransaction channels between customers and service providers are tethered by easy-to-use payment systems.

What we provide with our Lynk clone software package?

We have carefully curated a set of essential elements and packed it all into one resourceful development package designed for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Android App

    Configured for users and drivers
  • iOS App

    Designed for users and drivers
  • Admin Panel

    Built for complete administrative controls
  • Main website

    Designed for the public


Our app constitutes of features that make it easy for customers to use the software to ship their goods from one place to another.

Quick loginEffortless registering and logging in process

Find trucks easilySeek trucks around the pickup location easily

Organize bookingsSchedule bookings for any time that is convenient

Know tariffGet shipping price estimates

Locate trucksTrack booked trucks with real-time GPS

Simple paymentsEasy-to-use payment channels

Stay updatedRegular push notifications

Feedback systemCustomers can give service ratings

Booking historyView all past service bookings

Flexible bookingsCancel at any time

We’ve designed our app to exceptionally meet the requirements of truck drivers. We facilitate a smooth driving and management experience for our drivers with a plethora of special app features.

Fast onboardingQuick registration and document verification process

Best routesOur algorithm will find the perfect shipment route depending on the size of the load being carried

Decide when to take bookingsDrivers can schedule specific time periods during which they are available to accept service bookings

Toggle between active/inactive modeShipment requests can be accepted or rejected

View earningsDrivers can use a sophisticated dashboard to track earnings

Feedback systemGive customers ratings

Our cutting edge admin panel gives administrators complete service managing controls. Admins can monitor, review, regulate and modify operations according to the business needs.

State of the art dashboardAnalytics, reports, ongoing operations, earnings and more can be viewed via the admin dashboard

Content management systemEdit and update content, send new updates, promo codes, fix tariff rates and more

Customer supportAdmins can answer customer queries directly via SMS, in-app chat, etc

Assign driversAdmins can manually assign drivers to customers seeking shipping services

Manage transactionsRegulate transactions and refunds

Advanced features

Take your on-demand truck booking app to a whole new level by implementing top of the line features. Beat the competition easily.

Referral bonusReward customers who refer new users with bonus in-app credits and discounts that they can’t miss.

Voice control Grant your customers the option to use voice commands to navigate through the app and to book services.

Seamless communicationIncorporate an in-app chat feature that lets customers and drivers communicate with each other.

CRM toolssManage content, review customer activity and better optimize your operations for better prospects.

Get a complete Lynk clone solution for
On-demand Moving Services

Moving goods from one place to another requires appropriate logistics. Customers seeking shipping services want to be assured that their goods will reach their destination securely and safely. On-demand logistics apps specifically serve that purpose. You can provide carefully handed moving solutions to customers with a robust smartphone app. By offering a variety of useful features such as tracking, route mapping and more, your app will garner a large userbase. Deploy an extraordinary shipping app with our white-labeled Lynk clone software.

Why our Lynk clone app?

At AppDupe, our expert team of developers uses Lynk clone apps that are built with the most reliable, stable, and bug-free scripts. Our complete customizability and scalability perks give you the opportunity to craft and design your app however you see it fit. What’s more, our extensive experience in helping entrepreneurs successfully launch their apps in the market means you can rest assured that your app will set foot into the market grandly and witness remarkable customer engagement.

Benefits of our Lynk clone app

Get an uninterrupted, fully functional on-demand truck booking app. Our Lynk clone streamlines and automates integral operations of your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a logistics business owner, our logistics app development solution will help you reap sizeable rewards from your on-demand service app in no time.

By opting to develop your app with us, our development solution helps you

  • Gather pivotal consumer data
  • Enhance productivity
  • Slash operation expenditures
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • Provide services with precision and accuracy
  • Conduct efficient business

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Dashboard
  • Services statistics
  • Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • Track Ongoing/Scheduled Services
  • Book/Schedule Request
  • Heat Map
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • View/Manage Dispatcher
  • View/Manage Fleet Owner
  • View/Manage Account Manager
  • Manage User/Partner Locations
  • Manage User/Partner Ratings
  • View Service History
  • View Service Details
  • View/Manage Scheduled Services
  • View/Manage Service Types
  • Manage Service Pricing
  • View/Managae Documents
  • View Service Satememts
  • View Provider Statements
  • View Provider Earnings
  • View Daily/Monthly/Yearly Statements
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View Payment history
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • View/Manage Daily Target
  • Manage Tax/Surge percentage
  • Manage Admin Commission
  • Manage Currency
  • Manage Site Settings
  • View/Mange Provider Search Radius
  • View/Manage Social Login
  • View/Manage Privacy Policy
  • Custom Push
  • Translations
  • Manage Account Settings
  • Change Password
  • Logout
User Features
  • User Social/Email Registration
  • User Social/Email Login
  • Forget Password
  • Book Single/Multiple Services
  • Cancel Service
  • View Estimated fare
  • Schedule Services
  • User Profile Management
  • Manage Service History
  • Book Scheduled Services
  • Wallet Management
  • Card Management
  • Help
  • Share
  • Support
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Call Option
  • Rate and Review (Provider)
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Provider Social/Email Registration
  • Provider Social/Email Login
  • Forget Password
  • Accept/Reject Services
  • Cancel Service
  • Live Navigation
  • Call Option
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Profile Managment
  • Manage Service History
  • Manag Scheduled Services
  • View Provier Earnings
  • Support
  • Share
  • Rate and Review (Provider)
  • Logout

Technology we used

At AppDupe, we use the latest technology to build our world-class smartphone applications. We employ the following programs to sculpt our softwares.


It will depend on the number of features you wish to implement in your smartphone software. However, it takes a significantly shorter time compared to developing the app from scratch.

A clone app offers full customizability, scalability and furthermore reduces the cost and time required to build an app.

Absolutely not, you get to build your app in a short span of time without compromising on industry-standard features and performance.

Certainly, we offer multiple languages that you can easily incorporate into your app to cater to a global audience.

Our clone scripts are reliable, sturdy, bug-free, easy to understand and easily modifiable. Experience it today.

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