On-Demand Medical App Development - Launch your Healthcare App today.

It is the age of mobile applications, and they’ve stormed every business service possible from delivery of household goods to now, medicines. The advent of on-demand apps has transformed the medical industry landscape, with more and more people preferring door-delivery of medications and healthcare products than ever before.

A simple Google search would reveal different apps for different medical services, indicating a potential business opportunity. What if you launch a business that provides all the essential healthcare services through a single, titular mobile application?

We provide one such solution- a Healthcare app that enables you to provide a multitude of healthcare services. Highly customizable and fit for instant launch.

Our Healthcare App Development Solutions

On-Demand Healthcare Apps

Doctor appointment scheduling Apps

Mobile-First Physician Platforms

Hospital Patient Apps

Telemedicine Apps

Urgent Care App

Women Wellness Apps

Chronic Condition Specific App

Health & Wellness Apps

Symptoms Checker Apps

Diet and Nutrition Tracking Apps

Hospital Wayfinding Apps

Medication management and e-prescription apps

EHR Management apps

Our Range of Healthcare - App Development Solutions

We develop and offer mobile apps for the entire healthcare spectrum, from trending on-demand healthcare apps to robust EHR management apps.

On-Demand Healthcare AppsConnecting patients with medical practitioners on a single platform, our range of on-demand healthcare apps is simply suited for your specific business needs. Our decade-long expertise from developing on-demand apps over 50+ categories enables us to develop a custom solution designed for you.

Hospital Patient AppsEfficacious monitoring of both inpatient and outpatient is made easy with our avant-garde Hospital Patient Apps. Wrapped with the goodness of user-friendly interface, it offers other services like medicine tracking and physician referrals, easing hospitals' jobs

Doctor Appointment Scheduling App Eliminate patients' pain points in appointment booking literally and figuratively, with our solution that effectively schedules appointments based on push notifications and anomalies tracked inpatient data. Ingenious, intelligent, and what's not.

Telemedicine AppsDeliver remote consultation made possible by our Telemedicine apps. Bestowed with best-in-class features like Cloud-based video conferencing, proficient patient management tools, and the ability to proffer E-Prescription, it's the best choice for your telehealth needs.

Mobile-First Physician PlatformBy integrating billing systems with EHR or prescription-based dashboards, say goodbye to those paper-based, disorganized billing modes. Our Mobile-First Physician platforms ooze productivity at its best.

Urgent Care AppsExtend emergency care services like instant booking of ambulances, gauging the nearest medical facility with our specifically designed Urgent Care Apps. The one-click requisition for any and every emergency commitment.

Symptoms Checker Apps Deduce what the symptoms indicate with tremendous data regarding symptoms preloaded and updated at a regular interval. Our Symptoms Checker Apps provide active symptoms tracking for anyone devoid of any medical knowledge.

Women's wellness AppsEndeavor healthcare in women's wellness with specially devised apps that can track pregnancy, baby growth, and also a periods tracker. The latter is very much in demand, and it can track unusual ovulation patterns.

Hospital Wayfinding AppsWith the Hospital wayfinding apps, one can accommodate indoor mapping platforms through indoor turn-by-turn navigation, indoor location-awareness, and context-aware messaging. Services like geo-tagged parking, automated check-ins can also be facilitated.

Medicine vol.1

Chronic Condition Specific AppsEffectively monitor chronic conditions and diseases like diabetes, asthma, irregular blood pressure hassle-free with our chronic condition-specific apps. With an increasing number of the population getting affected by these conditions, the launch of your app cannot be more well-timed.

Medication Management and e-Prescription AppsAvail medication assistance by remainder apps that provide alert for prescribed time intervals through text, calls, and emails. Genuinely effective and competent. They can also store and share e-Prescriptions.

Health & Wellness AppsTrack physical activity and nutritional value of dietary consumption using our Health and Wellness Apps, which are the current trend in the healthcare industry with universal usage and recognition. We confer customized features in coherence with your requirements.

EHR Management AppsAssist doctors and patients with an EHR management app that electronically stores sensitive end-to-end encrypted patient data backed by the revolutionary blockchain technology. Users can save, edit, and share e-prescriptions in a range of platforms like email, text message, etc

Create a Digital Healthcare Empire with our mobility development services

Witnessing historical public admiration and usage, it is the best time for you to foray into the digital healthcare industry with our custom made apps.

Our Healthcare App Development Solution Package

All-in-1 is our mantra, and our healthcare app development integrates different healthcare features like on-demand medical care, Telemedicine, Ambulance, Nurse, Vet, Dentist, etc. in an exclusive app.

Our apps and their web panels are developed to handle any technological turbulence and yet provide a smooth user experience without any trace of issues. Simplified subsystems allow the admin to modify the functions seamlessly. And the best thing- they’re compatible with iOS, Android, Windows OS, and even cross platforms.

The outline of our healthcare development solution contains

  • Admin Panel to manage the user base like patients, doctors, vets, dentists, etc

  • Main/Primary Website

  • User iOS App

  • User Android App

  • User Web Panel

  • Medical Expert (Doctors/Nurse/Vets/Ambulance Drivers etc) iOS App

  • Medical Expert (Doctors/Nurse/Vets/Ambulance Drivers etc) Android App

  • Dental Care_Expand

    Medical Expert (Doctors/Nurse/Vets/Ambulance Drivers etc) Web Panel

  • Store (Pharmacy and BloodBank) iOS App

  • store-shop-Tablet-Device-Technology-Ipad-Display

    Store (Pharmacy and BloodBank) Android App

  • Store (Pharmacy and BloodBank) Web Panel

  • 20-bill

    Billing and Payment Panel

Features of our healthcare application solution

  • Registration & AppointmentPatients can create their profiles by entering relevant information like name, age, gender, past medical conditions, available reports, details of the nearest hospital, contact details, etc., and to book appointments with their preferred medical practitioners.

  • TelemedicinePatients can interact with doctors while the latter assesses symptoms, potential causes for illness, and provides suggestions via video conferencing and phone calls.

  • E-PrescriptionDoctors can generate and send prescriptions without any errors, enabling them to view prescription insurance formulary information and also comprises all the information in electronically-connected pharmacies

  • EHREHR enables patients and doctors to access sensitive medical reports and records in a safe and secure location, backed by blockchain technology. This enhances the effectiveness of doctors and their decision-making in emergencies.

  • Medication ReminderPatients can set timer and alerts to remind them of prescribed medications over time intervals through text, calls, and emails. They can also store and share e-Prescriptions.

  • Emergency Ambulance ServicePatients can immediately book ambulances in unfortunate situations by a single click from their app and hail emergency services at the earliest possible.

  • Hospital WayfinderBy installing navigation-enabled maps of the hospital that features different complexes, departments, wards, canteen, parking, etc. a significant pain point of patients is removed.

  • Payment and BillingMultiple payment options are provided, and the bill is generated with the reference number.

  • RatingsPatients can rate the consultation experience in a non-intrusive form and review the doctor’s performance.

  • Doctor OnboardingQuick registration and simplified profile management ensure swift onboarding of doctors with their profile resonating their expertise.

  • Appointment SchedulerDoctors must be able to manage their appointments determined by a variety of factors, such as preference, seriousness, etc., and accept/reject appointments.

  • Patients’ DashboardMedical records can be viewed by doctors aiding them to enable quick decision making and accurate diagnosis.

  • Clinic Photo CaptureDoctors can capture and compare high-resolution patient photographs to depict the effect of treatment and enhance their chances of conversions of consultations.

  • Decision Support SystemDoctors are armed with reports and analysis that enable them to make accurate decisions. These tools include a range of laboratory tools, management tools, mobile calculators, and clinical treatment guidelines.

  • Patient ManagementAdmins can view the details of patients and the appointment requests and can edit/modify the data.

  • Doctor ManagementThe details of doctors and their specialty and schedules appointments are accessible to the admin and approve/reject their services.

  • Billing ManagementInformation like bills, total revenue of the month, commission rate, and other financial details can be viewed and exported by admins.

  • Documentation ManagementAdmins can access all documents related to medical records, patient care, lab test reports, and insurance documents.

Our Healthcare apps are committed to Medical Compliance.

Medical apps from Appdupe are developed in adherence with strictest patient data privacy and security terms and complaint to major privacy clauses.


Our Healthcare apps are HIPAA compliant and confidential data of patients are fully protected and secured.


Healthcare apps developed by us are FDA Complaint, ensuring storing patients’ personal data and medical data like blood sugar, oxygen levels, and health history is secured.


Any healthcare app developed by us has crossed security audits and is 100% HITECH compliant following its strict regulations.


For a safe and secure transfer of medical information, our app utilizes EHR following the strict rules and regulations of various security clauses.


Our Healthcare development solution is intelligent and provides hassle-free integration with our other technological solutions aimed to ramp up the user experience.


    • Integration with Electronic Health Record systems like Epic, CareCloud, Cerner, etc.
    • Integration with web panels of doctors/patients.
    • Integration with IT health solution systems for Smart Registration, Billing, Tracking, etc.

  • HARDWARE & IoT INTEGRATIONBook Doctors for House Calls

    • Integration with wearable medical devices.
    • Integration with non-wearable medical devices.
    • Integration with Sensors.

Let’s Create your Dream Healthcare Startup

We aim to help inspiring entrepreneurs aspiring to provide affordable healthcare to all using the digital magic called technology.

Benefits of choosing our healthcare app development solution


Geographical constraints are considered the biggest challenge for providing universal medical care, and with our solution, they are transcended, and quality medical care is made possible for anyone, anywhere.


With traveling to a medical facility becoming costlier, our app has certainly eliminated the traveling cost and instead enables face-to-face video conferencing and instant messaging.


Gone are the days with disorganized reports, missing records, and misplaced papers; the EHR has changed the scenario and has enhanced the productivity of doctors.


Patients can avail immediate access to doctors irrespective of time, day, location, or any external factors.


As doctors are provided with previous medical records of a patient, they can take instant and precise decisions.


The app is integrated with a range of software and hardware features designed to elevate its user-friendliness and output.


Patients can feel safe and relaxed as their medical data is stored in an encrypted, secure manner following HIPAA, FDA, and HITECH regulations.

Live Demo

Our healthcare mobile app development process

  • 1

    Specification StudyCustomer need is our top priority, and we spend ample time understanding the exact requirements and ideas to be integrated into the app.

  • 2

    Requirement AnalysisOnce drafting the customer needs, our dedicated research team scans through every possible method required to carry out the project.

  • 3

    Product DevelopmentOnce sorted out the obligations and needs, our team of remarkable developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance to user experience and create a stunning product.

  • 4

    Demo AppOnce the development gets completed, we will send you a demo app to give a feel of what to expect from the real app with all its grandeur and features.

  • 5

    TestingThe penultimate step before the launch, our developers, make sure the app is devoid of any issues/bugs and is compatible with the customer needs.

  • 6

    LaunchingThe fully developed app is always delivered on or before the promised deadline and is entirely ready to launch.

Why Choose Us?

  • One-Stop SolutionWith every possible feature available under a single roof, our apps are inherently ingenious

  • 360° SupportOur dedicated team of developers and customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.

  • Data Collection and AnalyticsOur app is accredited with the latest Big Data tools and effectively manages data collection and analysis.

  • Cloud-based and Wearable TechOur defining cloud-based technology propels the efficiency of the app and is compatible with wearable hardware devices.

  • WHITE-LABELLING Once the development is done, we’ll white label the app in your brand’s name and details.

  • APP INSTALLATION & APPROVALThe installation and configuration process of web services, code and database on a website, App Store and Google Play Store will be accomplished along with the approval process

  • ULTRA-RESPONSIVE WEB PANELSThe main panel, customer panel, and doctor panel are deemed 100% responsive and compatible across major softwares and device models.


Technology Stack Deployed
In Our Telemedicine Application


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Doctor On Demand clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, redesign its user interface, and, without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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