Carros clone - Launch a Car marketplace app like Carros!

Mobility and Connectivity are something that always goes hand in hand and are intermutally associated. This is exceptionally evident in the staggering figures these online car marketplaces make that’s tipped exceed the implausible $1 trillion mark worldwide. With the consumer market being metamorphosed to reverberate the ideals of the Internet-dominated era, users all around the world increasingly prefer online marketplaces for buying and selling cars and allied automobiles.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Carros clone - an intrinsically inventive car marketplace solution that’s consistent with the needs of entrepreneurs looking to make a splash as the lucrative online car selling industry. A stellar white-label solution designed to supersize your business goals. Connect with us to know more!

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Carros clone - Launch a Car marketplace app like Carros!

The Carros clone, being a unified solution, can be deliberately tweaked to resonate with any of the market needs and customized requirements in the car portal industry.

  • Car Classifieds App DevelopmentForay into the lucrative classifieds market with a unique application for posting car-related advertisements with our Carros clone. A tremendous opportunity!

  • Car Marketplace for New CarsCash in the craze for the latest iterations of a range of cars like sedan, SUV, MUV, etc., by entering the fray with a specialized solution for selling new cars through the Carros clone.

  • Car Marketplace for Used CarsReap the perennial benefits of exploring a mostly untapped market by launching an immersive solution for selling old/ used cars via the Carros clone app.

  • Auto Dealership AppThe Carros clone can be reimagined to indulge the dealership market's nuances by facilitating an all-encompassing solution for buying and selling brand new and used cars.

Features that set our Carros Clone apart from the rest

3D Virtual TourImmerse your users by imparting a virtual tour of your online car marketplace that feels astonishingly real. The most minutest of details of a car can be interposed by the users.

Product GalleriesPropel the probability of unceasing sales with aesthetically pleasing images and video clips of the whole spectrum of cars available in the Carros clone app.

In-App CameraStimulate greater visibility through uploading images of every part of the car i.e., interior, exterior by an exclusive camera feature all within the online car marketplace app.

Geo-ListingsWith the aid of geo-fences, confer your users with available deals on both used and brand new cars based on their geographic location and proximity.

Smart FormsHarness the power of AI-powered booking forms that accredits you to extract the user's exact requirements along with their likes/ preferences and expectations in a car.

Comparison TablesEdify your users with the ability to counterpose various specifications besides price and mileage of the available fleet of cars through comparison charts and tables.

Car Valuation ToolHasten sales leads by displaying an estimated price of a selected car model based on specifications, miles covered, number of previous owners, age of the vehicle, etc.

Advanced SearchCentering on a particular type of car from an ocean of similar cars is simplified as users are proffered with an intelligent search bar pivoted with various filters and sorting options.

Push NotificationsKeep your users updated with the latest arrivals, offers, promotions, and exclusive sale days through emails, SMS, or through push notifications.

Multilingual SupportConquer new markets by offering the services of your online car marketplace in the world's major languages and translations.

Stellar Features at a Killer Value. Arguably, the Best Car Buy Sell Solution Available.

Supersize your car business immediately with our Carros clone app.

How does the Carros Clone App Work?

Flaunting a streamlined and sleek workflow, the Carros app makes the operations of every stakeholder of the industry seamless.


Buyer Login Using smart credentials, buyers enter the online car marketplace without a twitch.


Search Cars Buyers can browse through the range of cars available in the Carros app through the search bar.


Compare Cars Buyers then compare cars to distinguish the price, mileage, and other specifications.


List DealsSellers annex their car into the listings by mentioning the required specifications and allied attributes.


Confirm the DealBuyers add the car deal they're interested in and negotiate with the seller through in-app chat.


Inspect ConditionAfter thoroughly checking the car's condition with a mechanic, the buyer finalizes the deal.


PaymentThrough the variety of available payment options, the buyer settles the seller's stipulated amount.


CommissionThe admin receives a commission for the transaction and charges listing fees from sellers.

Benefits of Using Carros like App for Car Dealership Business

Effective Service Bookings

With service information and requests getting digitized, effortless management of service requests is possible, divulging in increased customer satisfaction.

Increased Userbase

The conventional constraints of geography and time are shattered as users can buy/ sell any car at their homes' comfort.

Multiple Revenue Sources

Business owners are bestowed with plenty of income streams such as transaction charges, site commission, promotional charges, etc., making the business a highly profitable entity.

Instant Test Drive Request

Flatter your buyers with swift processing of their test drive request by assigning and pre intimating the date, time slot, etc., enhancing their trust on your platform.

Prompt Query Response

Unlike the traditional mode of responding to sales queries, business owners can reach out to the buyers with comprehensive details in a flash. Faster responses lead to faster conversions!

Intelligent Inventory Management

Keeping track of available stock of cars is no more difficult as business owners are proffered with a god's eye view over the platform's inventory metrics.

Customer Feedbacks

Constructive action on a massive scale can be initiated as online car marketplace owners receive various customer ratings and reviews about a particular product or overall experience.

Multiple Payment Modes

The capacity to pay through a range of secured and streamlined payment methods accelerate sale conversion rates and ease the so-called pain points in the payment process.

Stellar Features of our Carros Clone

Swift Registration

Users can storm into the online car marketplace using their email address/ phone number or social media credentials.

Intuitive SearchBar

Riveted with powerful sorting and filtering attributes, the search bar enables users to zero in on the car they are looking for.

Car Overview

Accredit users to view the car in its entirety with complete descriptions of the features, specifications, pricing, besides high-quality images and videos.

Compare Cars

Users are entitled to get edified at an instant through comparison charts of various models of cars available on the platform. This way, reasoned decisions are encouraged.

In-App Chat

Connect users with respective sellers in the view of better negotiations of deals and pricing through a secured internal communication channel.

Request Quotation

Fast track the sales process by empowering the users to schedule appointments with the dealer and inquire about the car's particulars through smart forms.

Car Exchange

Users are able to post advertisements about their cars they are willing to exchange besides mentioning its complete profile through this exclusive feature.

Book Test Drives

By specifying the car's tentative date and time and model, users can willingly register and confirm their test drive slots effortlessly.

Loyalty Programme

For every successful referral into your online car marketplace, users are rewarded with redeemable points and flat discounts over their subsequent purchases.

Reviews and Ratings

Users can express their genuine opinions about their purchase or the service of our business offering in general through the ratings and reviews section.

Dealership Store Registration

Dealers can promptly register and set up their online store by entering the essential information such as store name, contact details, etc.

Profile Management

Dealers can readily access the entire profile settings and modify the username, password, preferred payment options, etc.

Add/ Remove Cars

Any car model can be readily added/ removed by the dealer and its crucial details like model name, price, specifications, year of registration, etc.

Manage Listing

Dealers can deliberately cluster together similar cars with analogous features into various listings in the view of extending the product reach.

Upload Images/ Videos

By capitalizing on the in-app camera's presence, dealers can post enticing visual feeds of their offerings and upload it in the online car marketplace application.

Create Deals

Dealers can decisively devise dashing deals and offer on the grounds of increasing the overall business traction of their store on the platform.

Price Management

Dealers are authorized to configure a particular car's pricing attributes based on their preferences and market demand/ trend.

Manage Service Centers

The complete range of details of the service centers can be altered and composed by the dealers without a twitch.

Call Buyers

In order to expeditiously respond to user inquiries, dealers can directly connect with the user over phone calls or through in-app chat features.

View Reviews

Dealers can track the health of their stores by analyzing various reviews and ratings provided by their users.

Centralized Dashboard

Admins can uncomplicatedly monitor the entire business proceedings of the online car marketplace through a powerful dashboard.

Listing Management

Admins can voluntarily add/ delete/ modify any listing of the cars presented in the Carros clone along with their indispensable details.

Sales Management

Effective tracking of car sales and the status of various marketing activities can be scrutinized by the admin.

Car Management

Every single car listed in the online car marketplace can be accessed and modified by the admin without any hassle.

Payment Management

Admins can unquestionably retrieve the various invoices and bills related to the transactions taking place over the online car marketplace.

Promotion Management

By masterminding relevant promotional outreach activities in the form of offers and celebratory sale days, admins can boost up the business figures.

Buyer Management

Admins can uninterruptedly access the details and data of the complete spectrum of buyers of the Carros clone and export it.

Seller Management

The business activities and associated offerings of the seller community can be consciously managed by the admin.

Analytical Reports

Admins can extract all-important insights regarding business performance and user preferences through advanced analytical reports.

Bid Management System

Prioritize immediate action over certain crucial bids to intensify the buying process using the astute bid management system available to the admin.

Service Centers Location

By integrating geolocation features, impart the user with the location and contact details of service centers around their geographical location.

Multiple Payment Options

A multitude of payment options such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc., can be fused and made available for the users.

Upcoming Cars Listings

Admins can flame up the hype engine by disclosing deals of forthcoming cars in an exclusive pre-order field. This way, a more significant number of transactions can be achieved.

Newsletters and Blogs

Ratify your marketing efforts by assigning specialty blogs and newsletters that back up the ingenuity of your products and allied offers.

Get Complete Control and Earn More with Carros Clone

Hasslefree Management of Listings

We have infused the Carros clone with the capacity to unwaveringly add/ delete/ modify car listings on the site. This way, you can channelize your efforts on marketing as business operations are ultimately streamlined.

Increased Revenue from Promotions

A massive amount of revenue can be generated by leasing out the magnanimous ad spaces available in the carros clone, such as banners to third-party ads. Additionally, you can also flaunt your latest offers and deals on those banners.

Effortless Content Management

You don't need to be a techie to configure our Carros clone's content as we have pivoted it with an intuitive content management system that empowers you to modify content headers like FAQ, Contact Details, About Us, etc., seamlessly.

Assertive Subscription Management

Devise your revenue goals and design the subscription rate you wish to charge the stakeholders of the online car marketplace. Business owners are limitlessly authorized to modify subscription and plans of other revenue streams dogmatically.

Scrutinize Business Operations

Monitoring the whole spectrum of buyers' and sellers' activities is streamlined with a wall-to-wall view of the car buy-sell platform to the business owners. This way, even the slightest of problems and glitches can be immediately fixed.

Looking for an Online Car Marketplace Company? Your Search Ends Here!

Custom Revenue options of Carros clone

Canalizing a wide range of revenue streams is a defining deed of our Carros clone that sustains exponential growth.

  • Subscription FeeInflict a handsome percentage as a subscription fee on both buyers and sellers on a predefined span. Arguably, the most stable and anchoring revenue source for an online car marketplace.

  • Listing FeeFor every single product listed in the Carros clone app, sellers are obligated to pay a sizable amount to business owners as the listing fee. A higher number of listed products is poised to fetch you a greater proportion of revenue.

  • Featured ListingsBy unveiling a set of selected listings in an exclusive field on the home page, one can funnelize income extravagantly by charging sellers for such featured listings. An intelligent rip-off of the freemium model.

  • Promotional FeeAs your online car marketplace generates buoyant buzz and a diverse user base, third-parties are set to queue upon you to display their advertisements on your ad space like banner, newsletter, blog, etc.

Our Process of Car Buy and Sell App Development like Carros

  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisOnce you have confirmed our collaboration, our graceful customer relations executives reach out to you to inscribe the exact requirements and extended app vision.

  • 2

    Full-Fledged PlanningOur crew of master designers, developers, and online car marketplace stalwarts join forces to churn out a diligently concise plan with defined milestones.

  • 3

    WireframingThe Carros clone at its magnanimity is wireframed by us to impart you an authentic shopping experience from the App well before the actual development.

  • 4

    Design and DevelopmentWe employ a holistic approach to the design and development process as the app is enriched with an explosive user interface that works in tandem with the robust backend functionality.

  • 5

    TestingThe Car Buy and Sell App is subjected to a plethora of some of the most stringent tests to knock out the possibility of any threats, vulnerabilities, or bugs.

  • 6

    App DeploymentUpon confirmation of approval from you, we instantly deploy the application in popular app platforms to render it available for user downloads.

Why Choose Us for Car Marketplace App Development like Carros?

ExpertiseWith an experience exceeding a decade, we have a sound knowledge of what makes a mobile application successful; and we have ingrained it into your App!

Maverick TeamA pool of over 400 master developers spills their technicalities to pamper you with futuristic native applications for Android, iOS, or even cross-platforms.

Top-Notch QualityWe compromise on anything but quality as we have developed the art proffering you with only the best mobile applications. We are synonymous with reliability and quality!

Flexible Engagement ModelsCatering to your diverse needs, we astonish you with the flexibility of our plans that arm you to hire us on an hourly, part-time, or a full-time basis at the most affordable prices.

Customer-CentricWe just don't develop apps; we create ravishing solutions. This is made possible by our end-user centric slant that's in coherence with your needs and requirements.

Groundbreaking TechnologiesBy harnessing the power of path-breaking advancements in technology, we come up with first-class solutions for your online car marketplace dreams.

Hire a Car Buy and Sell App Developer

Appdupe, the most trusted name of the mobile app development industry, has partnered with a legion of entrepreneurs, MSMEs, and corporates with a vision to arm them with a world-beating solution that catapults their business efforts to greater heights. Our team of tech wizards are sharks of the niche and express the potential to upscale your business with an ultimate car buy and sell application. We highly doubt if any other company can provide you with the kind of solutions we create at a price that doesn't drill a hole on your wallet. Hire an online car marketplace developer now!

Hit a Home Run by Launching your Own Car Buy and Sell App with our Carros Clone

We don't think there is any better way to plunge into this remunerative business than our stellar solution.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Carros Clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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