Uber for Pharmacy delivery App

Deliver medicines at people’s doorsteps and promote your pharmacy business to the next level with this Uber for Pharmacy app. With exclusive features and enticing workflow, registering a place in customers’ smartphones is a piece of cake.

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In recent times, people got accustomed to availing several services at their doorsteps, that they started to wish for each market to go on-demand. Businesses understood their customer expectations and took their services online to hit a home run in their niche. The pharmacy industry is one such business that started offering its services on-demand to cater to the rising demands of the end-users. The users have to simply list the medicines that they need and confirm their order. The medication they requested will get delivered to their doorsteps in a matter of a few minutes to hours, saving time and resources they spend on travel.

Offering medicine delivery services online is a sure-fire way to level up your pharmacy business. Our Uber for Pharmacy delivery app is a customizable app solution built with top-notch technology for faster delivery of medicines on-demand. The app has a user-friendly UI/UX, enabling the users to navigate through the app with ease. From customers to delivery persons, Uber for medicine delivery app profits everybody involved in the system.

Uber for Medicine Delivery App

Our medicine delivery app is built with the latest technologies and tools and complies with the regulations of the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The app offers 100% responsiveness and works seamlessly on all personal digital assistants, including smartphones, tablets, etc., that run on Android and iOS platforms. The app is highly scalable, giving you the benefit of modernizing the app as per the changing customer expectations. Thus, this tried and tested medicine delivery business model is sure to earn high returns on your investments.

Our app package comes with:

Main website
Patient Android App
Patient iOS App
Pharmacist Android App
Pharmacist iOS App
Delivery Person Android App
Delivery Person iOS App
Admin Web Panel


Easy registration

Users can quickly get on board by registering with the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Customer support

Users can call or chat with customer support executives in case of missing order or other related queries.

Filter option

Users can search for the specific medicine or manufacturer through the smart filter option integrated into the app.

Multiple payment options

Several payment gateways are included in the app to help users pay using the mode of their convenience.

Upload prescriptions

Users can upload the medicines’ list as prescribed by their doctors on the app.

Ratings & Reviews

Once the medicines ordered were delivered, users can rate and review the service offered.

Status tracking

Once the order is placed, users can track the status, including the order confirmation, pick up details of delivery personnel, and their location.

Order medicines

Users can choose the medicines as given in the prescription and place the order, along with providing the location details for delivery.

Order history

The orders placed in the past were saved in the app, enabling users to re-order them if need be.

Offers & discounts

Users are notified about the offers and discounts provided by pharmacy stores through push notifications.


Pharmacy stores can register on the app to offer their pharmacy services online.

Dedicated dashboard

Pharmacy stores are given a separate panel to manage their pharmacy information, product listings, stock, order information, earnings, and other associated details.

Minimum order value

Pharmacy store owners can set a minimum amount, above which the orders are to be placed.

Order requests

Pharmacy store owners are notified about the requests received from customers. They can either accept/reject it as per the availability of products.

View online prescriptions

Pharmacy store owners can review digital prescriptions uploaded by customers before packing their orders for delivery.

Order history

Details of the completed, ongoing, and rejected orders are displayed here along with their invoice data.

Manage payments

Pharmacy store owners can track payments received for completed orders and other ongoing orders.


Pharmacy store owners can set change the price of any item listed on the app, their tax value, preparation time, and other related information.

Advanced analytics

The app helps pharmacy stores keep track of their business performance over time using the analytics tool integrated into the app.

Push notifications

Pharmacy stores can send promotional messages to their customers through push notifications for engaging them seamlessly.

Manage profile

Delivery persons can add/edit/change their details in their profile section of the app.

Availability toggle

Delivery persons can on or off their toggle based on their availability to offer delivery service.

Order alerts

Delivery persons are kept informed of the order requests from users, along with the pharmacy stores' information.

Accept/reject orders

Delivery persons can either accept/reject the requests assigned to them based on their convenience.

Real-time navigation

Delivery persons can reach the location of users on time using the GPS-enabled navigation system integrated into the app.

Overall delivery status

Delivery persons can view the details of completed orders, along with the earnings information.

Earning reports

The prescription delivery app helps the delivery persons to keep track of their revenue in a single place.

In-app chat/calls

Delivery persons can contact customers through in-app communication option in case of incorrect address or other such issues during delivery of the medicines.


The admin can view and manage information about pharmacy stores, delivery personnel, and customers who registered on the prescription delivery app.

Assign and track orders

Once users place their orders, admin can assign delivery persons to get the orders delivered. Also, they can track the order status to ensure on-time delivery.

Alert management

Users are notified about the app updates, offers from pharmacy stores, products available in the cart, and other associated information through push notifications.

Payment management

The admin manages all payments taking place through in-app payment gateways or COD, and transfers them to pharmacy stores after paying the delivery personnel and deducting the shares.

Managing reviews & ratings

The admin can view the reviews and ratings of customers and use them to remove fraudulent pharmacy stores and delivery personnel registered on the app.

Real-time analytics & reports

Generate insights from the orders delivered to offer enhanced user experience, growing your on-demand medicine delivery app business.

Advanced Features of Uber-like app for pharmacy delivery

God’s Eye ViewThe admin can view all business activities taking place within the user app, pharmacy app, and delivery person app.

Multi-language OptionSeveral languages are integrated into the app so users can navigate through the app with the language of their preference.

Book in Advance Allow users to place their orders in advance, along with providing details, such as time and date on which they want the order to get delivered.

Referral ProgramThe admin can offer reward points to users who refer the app to others, thus promoting your app business among the target market.

Customer Support The admin can provide help to customers 24x7 to resolve their queries and issues related to their orders, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Uber for Pharmacy Delivery App Is Your Road To Instant Success

With the advancement in technology and the advent of on-demand applications, people no longer wish to step out of their homes to get the work done. They prefer online orders over direct visits, changing the way businesses operated until now. Take advantage of this circumstance and act wisely by extending your business with online medicine delivery service, making your mark in your niche big time!

Our team of highly experienced professionals has combined their experience and industry expertise to develop an app with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It has top-notch features that enable the smooth functioning of the app. Also, managing your business operations becomes relatively easy with the robust admin panel that comes as part of our app package.

Our on-demand medicine delivery app is all you need to outdo your competitors in the long run!

Workflow of On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App

With a sleek and simple User Interface (UI), it becomes comparatively easy for users to navigate through the app and place their orders. Here we have explained the workflow of our online medicine delivery app in detail.

  • As users log in to the app, they will be provided with the list of pharmacies available nearby, along with their ratings and minimum order price.

  • The users can add medicines they require to their cart from the pharmacy store of their choice.

  • After checking the order summary, users can confirm the order and process the payment through the mode they prefer, along with providing the location where they want the order to get delivered.

  • The order placed will be sent to the pharmacy store. They can either accept/reject the orders. If accepted, both users and delivery persons will get notified.

  • The delivery executives will reach the medical store and pick up the order that was kept ready by the store personnel.

  • The delivery executives will then travel to the location given by the users and deliver the orders to their doorsteps.

  • Upon receiving the order, users can rate and review the service offered.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber-like App For Pharmacy delivery?

Our Uber for pharmacy app is compatible with both native Android and iOS platforms, assisting you in managing your pharmacy business efficiently. Our prescription delivery app is the fore frontier in the medicine delivery industry that helps you manage your businesses from micro to macro level promptly, helping you to lead in your niche. You can even maintain multiple medical outlets with ease through our leading-edge web-based admin panel.

Wish to start your on-demand medicine delivery app development? Are you looking for the leading app developer to get the app for your pharmacy business built? Connect with us to get it done with the utmost perfection. Our prescription delivery app is made with state-of-the-art technology with a separate user app, pharmacist app, delivery person app, and an intuitive admin web panel.

Do you want to know how much it costs to get your personalized pharmacy delivery app? Reach our dedicated sales personnel right away. They will give you the exact costs involved in customizing the app as per your branding needs and other related details, helping you make informed decisions.

Why You Should Choose Our Uber for Pharmacy App Solution?

With several app development companies out there, it would be quite challenging for you to choose the one company that is the best fit for the development of your app. Below we have listed the reasons that state why we could be the one for you.

  • Complete White-label SolutionAfter the purchase of the app, it is yours, and we take no credit in its development. We customize the app as per your branding requirements and hand it over to you, making you the sole proprietor of the app.

  • Native Android and iOS AppsThe apps built for users, pharmacy stores, delivery executives, and the admin are compatible with both native Android and iOS platforms and work efficiently on all personal device assistants.

  • Free Script Installation We provide free installation of our medicine delivery script to your server after the completion of the app purchase.

  • App Launch Support Along with personalizing the app as per your branding needs, we also assist you in launching the fully functional app on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • Resolving App Rejection We ensure our apps comply with app regulations of the Google Play Store and iOS App Store before sending it for submission. In case of rejection due to unavoidable reasons, we offer full support to get the app approved at free of cost.

  • 90 Days Free Bug Support We work to deliver app solutions that are free from bugs and other discrepancies. In case of any glitches, we provide free support to fix it for 3 months. After this period, you can avail of our paid services offered at reasonable costs.

  • Free App Updation for LifetimeWe understand the importance of upgrading your app every time Google and Apple release an update. Hence, we offer lifetime support to update your apps for free.

  • On-Time Support We are one call away from solving your app-related issues and answering your queries. Our team is your SOS contact whenever you need assistance with anything and everything.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel - Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • Manage Disputes
  • View/Manage Pharmacy
  • View/Manage Delivery Person
  • Manage Delivery Person Shift Details
  • View/Manage Dispute Manager
  • View/Manage Promocode
  • View/Manage Pharmacy Banner
  • Manage Notice Board
  • Custom Push
  • View/Manage User
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Contact Leads
  • View/Manage Email Template
  • Deliveries Management
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Admin Commission
  • Manage Order Assign (Manual/Automatic)
  • Manage Pharmacy/Delivery Person Response Time
  • Manage User Search Radius
  • Manage Delivery Charges
  • Manage App Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
User - Features
  • User Registration
  • OTP Verification
  • User Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Homescreen
  • Help
  • Manage Order History
  • Manage Offer Coupons
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Add Multiple Address
  • Add Favorites
  • Manage Cart
  • Search (Pharmacy/Medicine)
  • View Banners
  • Add Prescription
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Push notifications to User
  • Book Service
  • Cancel Service
  • Call/Chat Options
  • Apply Filters
  • Manage User Account
  • Change Password
  • Change Application Language
  • Support
  • Manage Wallet
Delivery Person - Features
  • Delivery Person Signup
  • Delivery Person Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Manage Shift Break
  • Start/End Shift
  • Delivery Person Account Management
  • View Notice Board
  • Manage Order History
  • View Terms and Conditions
  • Change Application Language
  • Accept/Reject Services
  • Cancel Service
  • Call/Chat Options
  • Push Notification to Delivery Person
  • Provider Dashboard (Live Task Screen)
  • Upload/Manage Service Documents
  • Real-Time Tracking
Pharmacy - Features
  • Pharmacy Registration
  • Pharmacy Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Manage Incoming Orders
  • Accept/Reject Orders
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Order Statistics
  • Add/Manage Medicine
  • Add/Manage Category
  • Manage Pharmacy Account
  • Cancel Order
  • Manage Order History
  • Manage Pharmacy Timings
  • Manage Deliveries
  • Change Application Language
  • Call Option
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account
  • Manage Ongoing Orders
  • View Cancel Orders

Technology Used in Our On-demand Medicine Delivery App

Our Uber for pharmacy app is built with top-of-the-line technology to ensure your business stays ahead of your competitors. You get a complete app solution that comes with an interactive dashboard for users, pharmacists, delivery persons, and the admin. The app will provide an enhanced experience for the ones using it. It is compatible with both native Android and iOS platforms.

The technology stack we use to develop the app:

FAQ - Prescription Delivery Script

Yes. The users and pharmacy stores can easily track the delivery personnel’s location through the GPS-enabled living tracking system integrated into the app.

It depends on the type of package you purchase. Specific packages do include complete prescription delivery scripts that are 100% customizable and highly scalable.

Yes, 100% percent. Once you complete the app purchase, it is entirely yours. We personalize the logo, color scheme, app name, and other related items as per your business needs and hand over the entire app solution to you in the shortest time possible.

We offer bug support free of cost for the first 3 months. You can connect with our customer support team through mail or call and convey the issue. Our experts’ crew will work to resolve it in no matter of time.

For queries or assistance to proceed with the app development process, feel free to connect with our sales support team anytime at (mail id) or (phone no). You can also fill out the Enquiry form.

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