vFairs Clone Script
Host An Engaging Online Event/ Expo/ Trade Fair

With Our Virtual Events Software

At Appdupe, we offer ready-made Virtual Events Software that can assist you in launching a virtual event venue where users can attend the event online like any other in-person event. The vFairs clone is designed to engage the users and connect with them in every aspect possible. The central point is that they get to enjoy the event from anywhere and everywhere, without any limitations. As a result, the virtual events conducted encounter high attendee rates and low drop-off rates.

  • Conduct virtual events of any type and size

  • Sell online tickets hassle-free

  • Interactive and engaging

  • Assess data effortlessly for further enhancement

vFairs Clone Script - Virtual Events Software

vFairs Clone Platform
Highly Optimizable Virtual Event Platform For Maximum Reception

You can readily customize our virtual event platform to meet your business needs. By doing so, you can host any type of event and accommodate any number of participants. You can also personalize the solution for your every event, making it unique and catering to all requirements of your target users.

  • An interactive virtual event

  • 1-on-1 Interactive sessions

  • Virtual visit to expo stalls

  • Conduct hands-on sessions

Our Virtual Event Management & Virtual Conference Solutions

  • Virtual Trade ShowHost virtual trade shows, assisting businesses create a positive buzz around their products and services. Enable them to connect with qualified prospects via the interactive virtual showcases to educate and convert them into buyers.

  • Virtual Property FairConduct a virtual property expo to connect property sellers with potential buyers. Let the sellers upload their property listings and promote them via the appealing virtual booths. They can collect forms and inquiries and follow up with interested buyers.

  • Virtual ConferencePlan a world-class virtual event with attendees from all nooks and corners of the world. Set up stunning booths and virtual lobbies, conduct webinars, and leverage real-time chat tools to offer an immersive online experience to the audience.

  • Virtual Education FairEnable educational institutions and career counseling businesses to connect with prospective students and guide them to choose the course of their choice. Make maximum use of tools like 1-on-1 meetings, counseling sessions via video chats, etc.

  • Virtual Job FairOrganize an online job fair to connect job providers with job seekers. Help the best minds find their dream jobs. Our virtual platform is loaded with text/ audio/ video chat options to help both parties to connect, network, and interview seamlessly.

  • Virtual Career FairLet employers hire top talents for their businesses via your virtual career fair. Here, companies can put their values and stories in presentations, videos, brochures, and other engaging media. They can connect with qualified candidates remotely, without any hassle.

  • Virtual Networking EventHost a captivating virtual event where the audience can network via real-time text/ audio/ video chats. Organize virtual employees networking events, virtual alumni networking events, and similar networking events to enable meaningful conversations.

  • Virtual SummitAllow industry leaders to interact with each other and share their knowledge with the attendees via the engaging virtual summit. Group chats, 1-on-1 sessions, informative video content, etc., make networking effortless, and efficient.

  • Virtual Corporate EventsEmploy tools like presentations, chat forums, webinars, etc., to keep employees informed of your organization’s vision. Drive and amplify employee engagement with a visually appealing corporate event with leaderboards, Q&A sessions, and a lot more.

Make An Indelible Impression
With A Historic Virtual Event

Enjoy the fullest potentialLeverage our virtual event platform to offer an interactive virtual experience. Comes with websites, online registration, effective content management, email marketing, and a lot more!

Maximize engagement rateThe platform is equipped with engagement tools, like Q&A, networking sessions, polling, etc., to offer maximum engagement and interaction.

Attend from anywhereLet attendees participate in your virtual event from anywhere in the world. A smartphone/ tablet/ laptop with an internet connection is all one needs!

White-label vFairs Clone Script
A Pragmatic Virtual Exhibition Software

To Suit All Virtual Event Scenarios

Our leading-edge virtual event solution can be employed to host various types of virtual events, as listed below.

  • Virtual Trade Show/ Fair

    • Presentation of products and services

    • Online informative sessions

  • Virtual Business Events

    • Online events for employees

    • Online kick-off events

  • Virtual Job/ Career Fair

    • Online recruitment events

    • Online fairs for market leaders

  • Virtual Conferences

    • Online press conferences

    • Online conventions

  • Virtual Academy

    • Online campus tour

    • Online workshops

  • Virtual Events

    • Online car show

    • Online film expo

Beneficial Elements Integrated
Into Our vFairs Clone Virtual Event Software

  • Virtual workshops and training sessions
  • Virtual conference
  • Virtual exhibition
  • 1-on-1 Online business meetings
  • Virtual networking between event participants

How Does Our Virtual Event Platform Work?

Virtual Entrance and LoungeAttendees enter the online event via a virtual entrance hall. It is the first place where they get to interact with your event. Hence, a brief greeting video with the introduction of the event can make a good impression. The attendees get directions to explore various parts of the event from the information stands installed in the entrance.

Next to the entrance hall, a virtual lounge is set up where attendees can network with other participants of similar interests. Also, attendees can link their social media accounts to enable quick and effortless networking.

Virtual Exhibition BoothsSet up virtual exhibition booths in the virtual exhibition hall to keep the event attendees informed about your products or services, career opportunities, or anything related to the event.

If it is an event organized by a single business, all booths will be designed to match the branding of the respective company. If it is a cross-company event, each booth is designed exclusively. These booths are highly adaptable, allowing businesses to customize them as per their needs.

Event participants can connect with the booth representatives via the live text or video chat option integrated into the platform. Being a highly functional solution, the software can allow businesses to serve any number of attendees concurrently.

Virtual AuditoriumBusinesses can conduct lectures, webinars, symposiums, and discussion forums in the virtual auditorium. All presentations are displayed in the form of videos. To extend the feeling of a real event, the presentation videos can be broadcasted in real-time. If not, recorded videos can be displayed for attendees' views.

It also facilitates businesses to conduct online surveys and tests and collect online feedback forms to comprehend the viewpoints of the event attendees. The live chat option allows participants to raise questions during or after the session.

The session's moderator can instantly answer all questions or collect and filter the questions to provide answers at the end of the presentation.

Lead Data AcquisitionThe value proposition of virtual event solutions is that they acquire every attendee's complete data, offering businesses a chance to convert them into leads.

Attendees can fill up a registration form if they are interested in the company conducting the event. Along with their data, their activities at the event, the virtual booths they have visited, the brochures, and the information they downloaded are collected.

All these details are put together to assess each attendee. By doing so, businesses can effectively follow up with the prospects shown interest in their products or services.

Features Of Our vFairs Clone Virtual Expo Software

  • Quick registrationThe registration process is streamlined to allow users to sign up for the virtual event without any hassle. They can fill up their registration form with the needed details and are all set to go!

  • Email marketingSend out professional emails to your targeted audience to inform them about your virtual event - a great way to boost engagement and increase registrations.

  • Exhibitor infoThe exhibitor's details, their products or services, their business cards, their marketing collaterals, multimedia content, etc., are displayed in the virtual booths so attendees can avail them if need be.

  • Live chatAllow attendees to communicate with booth representatives or the host of the event in real-time via the live chat option. An instant interactive tool!

  • Live video streamingSpeakers can connect with the event attendees through live video streaming, deliver their views about the topic of discussion, and answer questions raised by attendees, intensifying the engagement rate.

  • Video conferencingEnable speakers to connect over the HD video conferencing feature and kick-start their discussion or connect over 1-on-1 business meetings.

  • People finderAttendees can search for people with similar interests or market leaders in their niche to connect with them and gain knowledge. A truly sought-after feature!

  • NetworkingLet attendees engage in meaningful conversations with other attendees of the event by letting them exchange their contact details or connect with each other on social media.

  • Interactive toolsEmpower attendees to raise questions, upvote, and more to make the event more interactive, offering realistic event experiences and nurturing leads.

  • Virtual briefcaseAttendees can view the booths visited, marketing collaterals downloaded, business cards shared, people networked with, and the messages exchanged in their virtual briefcase.

  • Ratings & ReviewsLet the event attendees rate the virtual event and share their feedback on the online experience they confronted. A quick way to assess the attendee's outlook!

  • Exhibitor dashboardThe number of attendees visited the virtual booths, average time spent, the number of business cards exchanged, the list of attendees who downloaded the collaterals, etc., are presented for exhibitors' reference.

  • Event organizer dashboardThe total number of attendees registered and visited, the list of exhibitors participated, the number of meetings held, and their detailed information are shared for the quick reference of event organizers.

  • Insightful reportsA detailed report on the event, the details of the exhibitors and the attendees, and their complete information are shared to evaluate the event's success.

  • Cross-platform compatibleThe virtual event can be viewed in any device and any browser of choice, allowing attendees to visit the event anywhere without any constraint.

Organize A Successful Virtual Event
With Our Robust Software Solution

An enchanting landing page facilitating online registrationOur virtual event software comes with a mesmerizing landing page that aligns with visitors' thoughts, leaving them awe-struck.

All necessary details of the event are presented for the understanding of the visitors.

Visitors can fill up the online registration form with the necessary information to participate in the event. These data can help businesses in lead nurturing.

An interactive and easily accessible virtual environmentSet up a realistic virtual entrance and lounge to welcome attendees visiting the event. Display banners wherever possible to captivate their attention.

Each business can personalize their virtual booth with their logo, color scheme, and branding elements, creating a visually appealing setting.

The virtual booths can be packed with multimedia elements like posters, brochures, videos, etc., to make the visiting sessions more interactive.

Effective content sharing to gain potential customersLeverage the online marketing collaterals like presentations, videos, leaflets, etc., to educate your audience about your products and services.

Allow attendees to download the marketing collaterals and store them in a virtual briefcase to enable quick reference.

Easily track the details of attendees who have shown interest in your products or services for follow-ups, converting them into potential buyers.

Engage in conversations with event attendees and prospectsBuild audience engagement by connecting with them via interactive tools like Q&A sessions, polling, upvoting, and many more.

Foster attendees to engage in meaningful conversations with other attendees and network through real-time text/ audio/ video chat options.

Attendees can communicate with virtual booth representatives to gather information about the products and services they find interesting.

Collect attendee data and nurture prospective buyersComprehend the buyer persona and the demand for your products and services by tracking the attendee's response to the event.

Enable representatives to initiate conversations with prospects via audio, video, or text chat in real-time.

Respond to user inquiries immediately. Our platform assists you to handle any number of users at a time, never leaving anyone unattended.

Connect With A Leading Developer For A Resilient vFairs Clone Virtual Event SolutionAt Appdupe, we employ the best minds who strive to build a pragmatic Virtual event software that suits all needs of your event.

Packed with cutting-edge features, you can interact with the event attendees seamlessly and offer them a realistic event experience.

With our analytical tools, you can collect and sort out the vital data needed to nurture your leads after the event.

Why Choose Appdupe?

In-house expert teamThe best minds with several years of experience employed to build a resilient and scalable solution.

24x7 SupportAn efficient customer service team on standby to attend to client queries, delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

Industry ExpertiseWorked with startups to conglomerates to build a robust solution, empowering them to offer interactive virtual event experiences.

Transparency100% Transparent development processes. Keeping clients informed of the project’s progress periodically.

Tech Stack
That Power Our White-label Virtual Event Platform

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A virtual event platform is a software solution where exhibitors can present their products and services virtually, and users can attend events remotely. To give the feeling of a real-time event, visitors are presented with a virtual entrance and lounge, virtual booths, virtual conference rooms, etc., with interactive tools to connect with exhibitors and other attendees instantly.
Yes. We do offer free-of-cost maintenance support post-launch to ensure your software runs smoothly. However, it is free only for a limited time. After this, you can avail our paid services offered at an affordable price.
Our virtual platform is a robust and reliable solution that can handle any number of attendees at a time. You never have to worry about its operations, as it is seamless throughout without any downtime.
Absolutely! Exhibitors can completely personalize the branding elements of their respective virtual booths as per their needs. They can display their marketing collaterals, videos, posters, etc., as they find feasible.
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