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    Releasing a Grofers like App within three days is now possible using our white-label clone app services.

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    Grofers Clone

    Grocery delivery services are becoming popular among households because they provide convenience, save precious time and money. Using our intuitive Grofers clone script, you can launch your own grocery delivery service in no time. Our knowledgeable team of experts can help you develop a platform that is both white-label and customizable. We ensure that your platform is user-friendly and is protected with the latest security protocols.

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    Grofers Clone App Business Model

    Grofers and BigBasket are examples of popular grocery delivery services. They take grocery orders from their customers and affiliated delivery executives process these orders and drop them off at the customer’s location.

    Let’s take a quick look at how our Grofers like Android app works:

    Step 1

    The customer uses the platform to search for items or stores

    Step 2

    They select items, place them in a cart and check them out

    Step 3

    The order gets placed and the nearest store and delivery executive get intimated.

    Step 5

    The customer receives their order and can place their feedback on your platform.

    Step 4

    The store prepares the order and the delivery executive picks it up.

    Features of Grofers Clone App

    Our features have been developed keeping in mind your business needs and make your app stand out:

    Suggested Products

    Display products that are frequently purchased on your platform to help customers purchase instantly.

    Add to Cart

    Help customers place orders faster with an optimized check out portal that has an integrated payments gateway.

    Multi-platform Access

    Customers have the ability to view and place orders using any platform such as smartphones, tablets or PC.

    Inventory Management

    Your affiliate stores can track the status of their inventory to help them manage their stock efficiently.

    Incentive Programme

    Reward customers for using your platform by engaging them with a long-term loyalty programme and periodical promos.

    Data Management

    Automatically generate reports to understand customer behaviour and market trends.

    Personnel Management

    Efficiently coordinate between your delivery team and affiliate stores to help serve your customer better.

    Order Tracking

    Help customers track the status of their orders from start to finish.

    Schedule Orders

    Allow customers to automatically place orders for frequently purchased items that arrive at a pre-decided time and date.

    Grofers Clone App - Live Demo

    Go ahead, test out our demo Grofers clone app to gain a better understanding of our solutions. We have developed demos for different user platforms like Android, iOS and web.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Grofers clone is a fast and efficient way to launch your grocery delivery services. App clones help save precious time and money. It should be noted that our solutions are completely customizable which allows you to change the colour, design and UI thus making it vastly different from the original app in terms of look and feel.

    Depending on the platform, the following software is used:

    • Android: Java version 1.8 (supports Android versions: 4.4 to 9) and Android Studio
    • iOS: Swift 4.2 (Supports iOS 10 to 12) and Xcode
    • Web: Laraval 5.7 and MySQL 5.6
    Yes, it is possible to integrate the OTP feature and any other feature into your app during the development process.
    You can release promo codes for customers to commemorate events and festivals. Alternatively, the loyalty programme tracks the customer’s orders on your platform and incentivizes them accordingly.
    Yes, we offer a wide range of after-sales services that includes app update, upgrades and audits.

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