Clubhouse Clone

What is Clubhouse clone?

Clubhouse clone is an audio-based social network app solution where users host meetings and discuss various topics. It can be customized based on the client's requirements and delivered as a white label clubhouse app.

Launch A Stellar Social Audio App Like Clubhouse For Android And iOS Platforms

Over the years, like any other industry, social media also has been evolving and branching out itself in different forms. Facebook-To connect with a lot of people, Twitter-To make short tweets, and Instagram-To upload photos. With all this in the account, social media now looks upon an audio-based app. This new sensation in social media is making its statement in a slow but steady phase. This is an invite-only social media platform, and you get to use it only if an existing user invites you. Although the invite-only social media option abates it from exponential growth, it provides exclusivity to the users and keeps a buzz around it.

This buzz has created a curiosity for users to join the audio-based platform, but most of them don’t get an invite. To serve a larger audience, there is a need for an alternative where every user gets an opportunity to relish this new form of social media.

Appdupe has come up with the Clubhouse Clone script to assist entrepreneurs looking out to build an audio-based social media app and grow exponentially, where all the users can lend their ears and feel involved.

Instantly Launch A Stellar Audio Based Social Media App With Appdupe!

Key Features
Of Our Clubhouse App Clone

Building an invite-only social media app is now made easy with our readymade solution for the all-new voice-based app. The salient features of our app like Clubhouse are,

  • HallwayThe hallway displays the audio meeting rooms posted by the people or the communities the user follows.

  • RoomThe user creates a meeting room with any topics of his/her choice, and the meeting will take place at the exact time.

  • CalendarThe in-built calendar reminds the user of the up-coming meetings the user has marked that he/she was interested in joining.

  • InvitationThe user gets invited considering his/her user activity and the meetings hosted by him/her. The number of invites a user is credited with is displayed here.

  • NotificationsThis feature of our voice-based social app enables the user to get notified if any of his connections get on stage to speak in a room and if someone follows the user.

  • ClubThe user can create and join in clubs he/she is interested in. The clubs can create rooms for the members to discuss in private and in public.

Audio Based Social media app solutions we provide

We build custom invite-only social media apps concerning your purpose of business.

Social Networking AppDevelop a brand new social app where users connect with each other, form groups, communities, and share content.

Business Network AppDevelop an app where professionals connect and hold meetings to discuss and debate topics related to business.

Social Publishing AppDevelop an app for users to publish, listen to, and share audio content similar to a podcast.

Community AppDevelop an app for a particular community or people of the same town or apartment to discuss topics that concern their community.

Women’s Social Networking AppsDevelop an app exclusively for women. Where they can have private meetings and discussions on topics, they are interested in. This app provides women their privacy.

Social App for Shopping Customise your audio-based social media app for people who are interested in shopping. They can host meetings and discuss their shopping experiences, review products, and also sell products.

Unique Social Media App - Clubhouse Clone

A Unique Social Media App
Like Clubhouse

The distinctiveness of this new social app is that it stays away from the crowded social media formula and gives its users a new experience of sharing their voice instead of writing content or creating videos.

In the other social media apps, users post content, and the others write their comments later. But in audio-based apps, users create as well join virtual rooms and discuss and debate on topics they are interested in real-time. This makes the conversation more interesting than just writing down comments later.

Any random person can log in and create a profile for themselves on all the social media platforms. The White Label Clubhouse clone users are allowed to download the app and reserve their name. Still, they can’t create a profile unless they are invited by an existing user making it more exclusive and opulent than the other social media apps.

In most social media apps, the chat of a user with their friends stays in the chat section. But here once a user has a conversation with another user, the discussion is deleted, providing privacy.

Our audio-based social network app
and its positive use case

Social media has always aided its users with enormous positive use cases. The audio-based social network app also has its positive use cases for the users.

Community building for coaches and trainersThe coaches and trainers can build communities by hosting meetings and discussing topics they like to present. On a roll, people would follow, keep track of meetings and attend every meeting hosted by the coaches and trainers.

Virtual EventsVirtual events are on surge after the pandemic. However, privacy and security have been an issue along with it. Our social media app solution offers an exclusive group or community where people can attend events. Once the meeting is over, no data regarding the meeting is saved.

Curating contents of meetingsEvery user does not get access to every meeting he/she wants to join as the host must accept considering privacy issues. Also, once the meeting is over, the content gets deleted. Content creators who get to join in meetings conducted by high-profile people can host a meeting themselves and curate discussions about that particular meeting or even about one or more meetings.

Collaboration with other professionalsIn our invite-only social media app, any user can start a private conversation with another user. This helps professionals to chat with each other on collaborations and various other endeavors. This is a private chat, and the chat gets deleted once the conversation is over.

Podcast CommunitiesPodcast creators can build their following in our audio-based social media app. They can keep their following engaged with meetings and discussions on their previous podcasts in the time interval for them to create the next podcast.

Network with experts in other disciplinesNetworking is the key to growth whether you are a business person, artist, or content creator. Networking with people of various disciplines provides insights to users on disciplines other than their niche. Apps like Clubhouse serve as a hub for that.

Rooms And Clubs Are Now Virtual With Our Clubhouse App Clone


The meetings and discussions take place in rooms similar to the normal world. The users scroll down the hallway by glancing at the meeting rooms, the topics discussed, and the people who are in the room. The user can enter any room and listen to the speakers or the user can create a private room and have a conversation with his/her friend.

1 ListenerListeners are the users who are in a meeting room and can listen to the discussion but do not have access to speak in the particular room. The listener can scroll through the hallway. It enables them to check on other rooms and what they discuss without getting out of the room he/she is listening to currently. The listener can also raise his hands if he has something to tell and the moderator decides if he can be brought up to the stage to speak or not.

2SpeakerA speaker is the user who has the access to speak in the room. The speaker can mute his microphone when he is not currently speaking and unmute to speak again. The audience can be promoted as speaker by the moderator.

3Moderator A moderator is the user who either created the meeting room or was promoted as moderator by a speaker. A moderator is the user who holds the decorum in the room. A moderator has several options,

  • Turn on/off the ability for audience members to raise their hands.
  • Invite people from the audience up to speak.
  • Accept requests from the audience to speak.
  • Promote other speakers to also moderate.
  • Mute other speakers.
  • Send other speakers back to the audience.


A stage is the platform where the speakers and moderators are seated. If any member of the audience wishes to speak, they can speak only if they are promoted to the stage by the moderators.


Club is a community of users within the app. Rooms started within a club are private and only the members of the club have access to join, in some cases, they can be public to introduce their club to the other users.

1 Founder The founder is the owner of the club. He has access to edit the description on the club and rules. He decides if the users have to wait for approval to join the club or can join without a request.

2Admin An admin is appointed by the founder of the club or by another admin of the club. The admin has the authority to accept or reject the user’s request to join the club and also to start a meeting room either private or public.

3MembersA member is a user approved by the admin or founder to join the club. The members can create private rooms in the club but do not have the authority to create public rooms. The members can invite other users to join the club. They can participate in both the private and public meetings hosted by the club.

4Followers A follower is a user who follows the club but is not a member of the club. The follower is notified if the club hosts a meeting. The follower cannot create a room in the club.

Are You An Entrepreneur Who Dreams To Create An Audio Based Social Media App But Lacks The Tech? We Got Your Back.

The Categories on which meetings can be held
In Your White Label Clubhouse Clone

Users can conduct meetings on topics they are interested in, the most common topics users create rooms to discuss are as follows

  • Sports

    MMA, Cycling, Golf, Cricket, Baseball, etc

  • Life

    Weddings, Parenting, Traveling, Support, etc

  • Faith

    Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Atheism, Taoism, etc

  • Places

    Nigeria, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, India, etc

  • Wellness

    Outdoors, Meditation, Veganism, Psychedelics, etc

  • Tech

    AI, Engineering, SaaS, Angel Investing, Crypto

The Workflow Of Clubhouse App Clone

Sign up

1 The user downloads the app and reserves his name

2 The user gets an invitation

3 The user registers his profile with his details


Create a Room

1 The user creates a room and schedules a time

2 The notification related to the room is sent to the followers

3 The user waits until the scheduled time to go live

4 The user starts the discussion with the joined users when it's time

Join a Room

1The user receives notification regarding the meeting room

2The user joins the meeting room

3The user listens to the speakers

4Suppose the user wants to speak, he waves a hand requesting the moderator to invite them to the stage

5If the moderator invites the user to the stage, the user unmutes and speaks out his views

6Now, the user is sent back to the audience by the promoter

7The user continues to listen to the other speakers

8Suppose the user wants to leave the meeting in between, he leaves a note that he is leaving and leaves

What We Offer?

We work to provide our clients with all possible solutions to launch an app. With our pre-built solution, you will get,

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • Website solutions

  • Admin Panel

Compelling Features Of Our Clubhouse Clone

Our white-label solution is used to develop an audio-based social media app. It comes with various exciting features.

  • Sign-up or RegistrationOur Audio-based social media solution is an invite-only platform, which means everyone cannot create a profile unless they get an invite from an existing user. But the user can download the app and reserve their name. Once the user gets an invite, he/she can sign up with their mail id or contact number.

  • Profile ManagementThe user profile feature has the patron’s information with a bio, a profile picture, Twitter and Instagram handle, joined date, the nominated person, and more. The user can edit it at any time.

  • RoomThe user can create a meeting room to host discussions on any of their interesting topics. The participants in a room are speakers, moderators, and listeners.

  • ClubsThe user can create or join clubs that interest them. These clubs can create rooms privately with their club members and also the public. The club has Founder, Admin, Members, and followers.

  • NotificationsIn an app like Clubhouse, the user gets notified when someone follows them, or a connection of the user is speaking in a room or a club the user follows schedules a room.

  • Find friends and clubsThe user can browse to connect to the users they intend to and clubs they are interested in joining.

We develop a robust admin panel so that you have complete control of the social media app in it.
We create an admin panel with features to assist your business.

  • Analytic DashboardAnalyze the user's behavior and target them with meetings and clubs they would be interested in participating in.

  • Manage Users and ClubsManage all the users and the clubs in a single app and try building a good relationship with them in any possible way.

  • Category ManagementManage all the different categories of content by users in your custom made audio-based social media app.

The Clubhouse Clone App comes with numerous unique features that are exclusively available on it.

  • ReminderThe user can set reminders of specific events he/she does not wants to miss at any cost.

  • Raise a handWhen a user is in the audience in a room and he wants to speak. He can raise his hands so that the promoter can bring him up to the stage to speak. This is a feature that maintains a decorum in the room.

  • Leave quietlyThe user can leave the room if he does not want to stay anymore in the room without disrupting the meeting.

  • Multi-taskingIn apps like Clubhouse, users can scroll through the hallway looking out for other meetings while they are already in a room listening to the speech.

  • Small Group DiscussionsThe user can join in small group discussions and listen to stories of people, and also share their stories with them.

Check Out The All-New Paid Addons Clubhouse Clone Has In Store

Spatial AudioIntegrate a pinch of the real-world experience into the digital app with spatial audio. The listeners will now be able to hear voices from all sides of their room instead of just a flat voice sounding from a centralised speaker.

WavesMake your audio-chat app easier, more fun, and more personal with the wave feature. Let a user wave at a friend and on their approval, a new room is created for them to start their personal conversation.

BackchannelHand over the most comfortable feature of chatting with friends to the users. Let them send messages to each other on topics to discuss, share questions, and have a little bit of fun chatting simultaneously while speaking in rooms.

ClipsWhile the trend of short 30 second videos are on a roll, the audio social app comes up with clips. The users can now record certain clips of their conversation in rooms to save and share it with the members of the room. Funny and good moments in the room can be saved as memories.

How to generate revenue with Clubhouse clone app development?

Social media apps are focused on business-centric community building. It aids other businesses to grow by creating rooms and making speeches on their business. But as a social media platform and as a business, you also have to earn money.

AdvertisingThis is the most popular method of monetizing using a social media app. You can allow other businesses to advertise on your platform without agitating the user experience.

Premium SubscriptionsExclusiveness can be witnessed throughout the app right from the invite-only social media strategy. Clubhouse like app development can be customized by adding various premium features to it. The addition of exciting and compelling premium features can definitely put a lot of money in your pocket.

Physical MerchandiseWith a strong following for your brand, merchandise products can be sold, which is both a marketing strategy and a revenue generation method.

In-App PurchasesCreate a provision for your users to purchase digital products like podcasts or e-books through your app. This is also a revenue-generating strategy.

Monetization Of Clubhouse Clone App

Are you looking out for developers to build your audio-based social media platform?

Reasons Chat Room apps are going to stay here with us for a while

The voice-chat apps can have certain unique features that make them stand out from the crowd and the potential to keep the users engaged, thrilled, and excited.

  • True Viral PowerUnlike other social media apps, the followers in a chat app are more real. They don’t follow you for just the content posted by you but for your speeches.

    The user is notified if any person he follows gets on stage and speaks even if the phone is locked. Once the user taps the notification, he gets into the room as a passive listener. Once the user’s follower count increases, he will be able to pull in a massive crowd in the room.

  • Looks Don’t matterThe user no longer has to worry about his looks before starting a live or creating content as this is an audio-based platform. The user can just hop out of his bed, create a room, and start speaking. This gives the users the comfort which no other social media app had ever given.

  • Rapid growth of Business ConnectionsIn the voice-based social app, it is all about your voice, and nothing else matters. A user can conduct meetings on his business and the opportunity it provides to other people. These are similar to the conference meetings held in real life. By these kinds of conferences and approaching people through private chats, the user can build a client base as well as people to collaborate with.

  • Everyone gets listenedIn other social media apps, the users with a high follower base only can have a voice, but in chat-based apps everyone gets a chance to speak and hear. What the user speaks in the meeting is all that matters. If the speech makes sense and has value, people would follow without wondering how you look.

  • Virtual Coffee ShopCoffee shops have always been a place to tell and listen to stories from all kinds of people. Similar to that, this audio social app provides a virtual space to have small group discussions. Here, users can have chats and listen to random people and their stories.

Our Process of Clubhouse Clone App Development

Process Of Clubhouse Clone App Development

Sound DesignOur developers focus on designing a dazzling UI that excites the user every time they use it like the very first user experience.


Easy IntegrationIntegration of other social media profiles is made easy. It helps the users connect and grow on all platforms.


SecurityPrivacy and security are essential traits for a social app. The Clubhouse Alternative is built on privacy and security as the foundation. Your users will feel secure using this app.


Choosing the Right platformWe work on platforms that support all devices to have uninterrupted functioning and a delightful experience for the users.

What Makes Clubhouse Clone Stand Out From Other Social Platforms?

  • Fresh ExperienceThe voice-only platform hands over an undreamed experience igniting a sense of delightness to the users.

  • Diverse CommunityThis audio-based app is susceptible to attract audiences from different regions contributing to the creation of a diverse community.

  • A Platform To Share IdeasWhile all the social media platforms focus on aesthetics, the audio-based app takes a U-turn and celebrates ideas.

  • Quality Is KeyTo make it big in a voice-based social app influencers need to share quality content instead of going for quantity.

  • Contents Based On User’s InterestThis social audio app bestows the listeners with meetings based on the interests they have fed to the app instead of hitting them with random contents.

  • Attention GrabberThe audio-subscription apps have made a lot of noise announcing their entry, gathering the notice of a huge audience.

Take a Look at Our White Label Clubhouse Clone App

Clubhouse Clone App Screens

View Demo

Pricing Package

9999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Dashboard
  • View Overall Statistics
  • View/Manage Recent Users
  • View/Manage Recent Events
  • User Management
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View Uses Invites
  • Event Management
  • View/Manage Event History
  • View/Mange Event Payments
  • View/Manaage Scheduled Events
  • View/Manage Event Polls
  • Category Management
  • View/Manage Sub-Categories
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Revenue Management
  • View/Manage Subscription
  • Manage Event Duration
  • Manage Event Participants
  • Manage Subscription Pricing
  • Manage Bulk Action on Subscription
  • Wallet Management
  • View/Manage Withdrawals
  • View/Manage Subscription Payments
  • Admin Account Management
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Config Settings
  • Manage Invite Limits
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Event Admin Commission
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Mobile Settings
  • Manage SEO Settings
  • Manage Google Analytics
  • Change Password
  • Logout
User Features
  • Mobile Number Registration/Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Create Open/Social/Closed Event
  • Manage Start Event
  • Add People
  • View/Search People
  • Follow People
  • Invite People
  • View/Manage Calendar
  • Apply Filters
  • Manage Upcoming Events
  • Manage Self Events
  • View Cancelled Events
  • Manage Event Notifications
  • Manage Event Name/Description
  • Manage Event Date and Time
  • Share Event on Social Channels
  • Manage Chat with people
  • Manage Heads up
  • Manage wave hand
  • Raise Hand
  • Listen Audio
  • Leave/End Event
  • Manage Mute/Unmute
  • View User profile
  • Manage Followers, Following, Club
  • Manage Event Topic
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage Interests
  • View Updates
  • View FAQ/Contact Us
  • Report an Incident
  • Community Guidelines
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Logout

Why should you send us a friend request
For Clubhouse Like App development?

  • We are a new-gen team that updated itself with next-generation technology and methodology to create social media apps.

  • In-depth knowledge of social media and the required features of it.

  • An experienced team in developing social media apps with strong domain expertise.

  • Creating customized app solutions that match business requirements.

  • High-end apps at a very reasonable price.

Social Media Is Turning Towards Audio-Based Apps. Create An Audio Based Social Media App With Us And Be The Leader!

Tech Stack

We work on the most advanced and durable tech solution to build apps. They are,

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.
Our clients are our first priority, and we know how precious your ideas are to you. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.
Yes, Of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the App, making it unique.
Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for service.
Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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