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Welcome to AppDupe! As you browse around our clone offerings, you will notice that we are able to reverse engineer, extremely sophisticated apps that are appreciated for their features world wide. Here is how we clone the famous apps: We download them to our phones, use them for two or three weeks and in that time, understand all the features. We then try and guesstimate the app & server work involved in that and start replicating it. There are thousands of mobile app developers out there in the world and we are the only ones with, an app as complicated as Tinder, in our offerings. Doesn’t mean we are better than everyone, but just that we are in the top.

Highly Complicated Projects: (Challenge Us!)

We are a small and agile team that looks for adventurous projects (It is one such search that evolved us form a mobile app development company to where we are). Other mobile app development companies will have a checklist to tick off when someone approaches them for a project. First and foremost would be the cost-benefit ratio. If your project is more time consuming and not billable in huge numbers, they wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot stick…because it is too much work and not as rewarding. Had we wanted that, we could have stuck with a safe app development company banner. We ventured into that unknown and are setting the scene for mobile clone scripts. Here is my promise: We will take your order no matter how twisted it is, even if it means that we will just break even with what you can afford.

Our Expertise

As you may have seen from our offerings that, not only do we conceptualize, design, develop, test and deploy mobile apps, we also architect, build, test and integrate the servers running the apps. So that makes us, your end to end solution for getting kickass products out to the world. Come to us with an idea, a modest sum of money to cover our costs 🙂 and we will build it for your audience, create the perfect version of your vision and launch it. All the while, you are in the loop via Skype, Webex or Phone, giving us feedback and beta testing your product and helping us forge a mobile marvel, the world has never seen before!

45 Days promise!

Whatever your needs, we will build your version 1.0 or failing that (if it is the most complicated app we have ever encountered) the MVP in 45 days. We go by that even for our most complicated apps like Tinder clone, Uber like app, WhatsApp Clone, SnapChat Clone, Instagram Clone and More. And a couple of customisations that we did for our customers will make any other mobile app developer nauseous for the number of lines of code and complex algorithms.


We will never divulge or abuse knowledge or details about your development requirements, period. We are your confidential white labeled custom mobile app developers. We have a nice thing going and we are leading a profitable and fulfilling life as a mobile product development company for Android & iOS. We have many other interesting ways of making money like evolving our products to become highly lucrative etc. So, fill this form up, if you have an awesome idea for a mobile app and we will get back to you as soon as possible! or if your like to Hire Dedicated Resources for your Projects we can help you with it.

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