Uber Health Clone - Launch a Medical Transportation App for Healthcare Workers and Patients

Provide the best on-demand, app-based Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) service in your location with our specially designed Uber Health clone that flaunts an user-centric UI that is made possible by the quality robust build

Proffer prompt patient service without compromising on cost with our Uber Health clone solution that’s been perfected by Industry giants and fine-tuned for reliance, quality, and hassle-free service.

One Medical Transport Solution for all!

With the assistance of our holistic medical transport solution, it is far easy to confer your service to meet the requirements of principle users - Health care providers and patients.

For Healthcare providers
Our Uberhealth clone is precisely designed to aid the frontline healthcare providers who are always required to be available 24/7. Getting around swiftly is now possible as traveling from healthcare facilities to their homes and vice-versa is simplified by our exclusive Uber Health clone.
For Patients
Partner with healthcare facilities and ensure active patient mobility that allows pre-scheduled travel from patients’ homes to the healthcare facility sans inconvenience. Promising, safe, and assures patients never to miss an appointment.

Built for Healthcare Transportation

We understand the sensitiveness and the importance of swiftness in healthcare. That’s why our Uber Health clone is developed with an overview of medical business sensibilities, and shortly, it is built for Healthcare transportation.


Book rides for patients at the touch of a button Our Uber Health clone app is user-friendly and allows healthcare facilities to book trips immediately for patients that are devoid of the painstaking process of paperwork. Schedule rides for patients that’s either one-way or two-way days, weeks, and even months before. Ensure your patients are notified by circulating text-message or call based alerts- everything encompassed in a single app.


Deduce patient satisfaction with our in-built analytics tools Explore your performance statistics by examining a wide range of critical metrics and reports in an immersive analytics dashboard and track the numbers that matter like conversion rate, satisfaction, etc., through a variety of filters like geography, specific health condition, month, time, etc. Maximize patient engagement with our powerful data investigation tools.

Service Management

Call the shots on benefitsOur Uber Health clone app has been bestowed with several administrative control features enabling you to leverage different market conditions. Plummet the overhead costs with sharp control override cost, rebooking charges, ride distance ceilings, and surge pricing amalgamated to master your business strategy.

Highlighted Features

  • Smart Scheduling Simplify the riding process by scheduling only the most appropriate transportation mode for a particular client and a single trip. Optimized scheduling results in minimal idle time and, eventually, higher efficiency.

  • Real-time serviceAccommodate immediate requirements like last-minute booking, cancellations, and will-calls on the same day without a dent in your productiveness by instant notification to the concerned drivers.

  • Astute route planningAutomatically plan your route with digital maps that sketches the shortest route possible with a multi-stopping facility envisioned to limit waiting times and tedious process of manual route planning.

  • Powerful Admin DashboardManage your fleets and patient engagement by an integrated dashboard entrusted with productivity management tools and analytic reports generated in real-time.

  • Agile routing toolsRouting is made easy with an optimization system that boasts of GPS and custom meta fields and spawns a proof of delivery designed to reduce fuel costs.

  • Recurring route managementDrivers are relaxed from the tiresome process of re-routing the same routes, and instead, it gets updated automatically as the default course.

  • Client ManagementDocumentation of clients is made easy with all the essential data that is stored in a secured manner. Manage your resources with the complete database of personal IDs, driving licenses, and certifications of drivers and their vehicle.

  • HIPAA ComplianceMultiply the trust of your customers with our HIPAA compliant apps developed under the strictest regulations and rules to promise patients' data privacy.

  • Analytics CenterObtain performance insights from the data of total rides, cancellations, re-routings, delays, idle time, trip modes, and trip purposes and efficiently refocus your marketing efforts and operational strategies.

  • Participants information managementMonitor your participant base with their general information, addresses, contacts, and establish emergency guidelines and SOP for individual patients.

  • Home healthcare visit managementReceive instant updates from home healthcare visits and identify a potential gap in service and quench the need, increasing patient loyalty all managed by task completion-reward system interspersed in the clone app.

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Create a unique transportation experience for non-emergency patient transportation(NEPT)

We have devised our Uber Health clone not to be another medical transportation app. Still, a unique platform exhibiting distinctive features that strives to present a seamless transportation experience free from pain points to every stakeholder of the service. Highly integrated, efficient, and what’s not.

Our Software is adapted to the COVID-19 crisis with add-ons for safety.

Our Uber Health clone is updated with the latest safety protocols in the view of COVID-19 and also offer safe transportation of patients at-risk of COVID-19 from their homes to healthcare facilities and prominent contact tracing mechanism for patients and even drivers.

Additionally, our transportation solution borrows from its core delivery model to extend food delivery services to potentially affected areas and patients. These services can be proffered by installing intelligent add-ons in the app that are developed following the guidelines of WHO.

Face mask verification
To go online or accept rides, drivers must upload selfies wearing face masks for safety purposes. They should also share selfies before accepting fares. The selfie technology 'Real-Time ID Check' is integrated with the app for the same.
Protocols follow-up
Before accepting or requesting a ride, drivers and users must confirm to a checklist that encompasses a set of safety measures like wearing face masks, sanitizing their hands, and more.
Selfie-smart technology
The technology 'Real-Time ID Check' uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to match the driver's selfies with their profiles before entering the app or accepting rides. If safety regulations are not met, they are restrained from taking trips and can only resume their service after passing through the app business investigation.
Safety first approach
Both users and drivers are given the liberty to cancel their rides if either one of the parties does not feel safe taking the trip due to the negligence of safety protocols by the opposite party. Especially when the other party hasn't worn face masks, kept their concerned items sanitized, etc.,they can report this activity.

One-stop Technology for all Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) needs

Live-tracking of Vehicles

Real-time automated tracking of a ride ensuring patient safety and enhancing reliability factor.

Smart fleet management

Easy, convenient control of fleet aligned to liquefy discomforts and multiply mobility of patients in need of immediate care

Effective dispatch module

Untangling every medical transportation need with a unified, single mobile application oozing productivity

How the Uber Health clone app works?

  • Patients who’re deemed completely healthy are discharged from emergency care.
  • Doctor fixes a follow-up visit on a later date.
  • Patients are sent are reminder of their appointment
  • Patients confirm the ride on the specified date
  • The driver receives ride details and picks up the patient
  • Drops the patient at the medical facility
uberhealth Clone
  • 1
    Patient is discharged
  • 2
    Followup visit fixation
  • 3
  • 4
    Patient confirmation
  • 5
    Driver pickup and drop at medical facility

Complete Features of our Uber Health Clone

DashboardHealthcare service providers are equipped with a centralized dashboard enabling them to request rides for patients

Smart SchedulingHospitals can book rides in real-time without any hassles.

Digital BillingPatients and providers receive digital receipts eliminating disorganized paperwork and insurance documents.

Multi-payment systemPatients/Providers can pay using different online payment methods and also through credit/debit cards.

HIPAA CompliancePatients need not worry about their medical data privacy as the app is HIPAA Compliant, meaning privacy is ensured by following HIPAA regulations

Ride TrackingProviders can track rides with patients and present any updates in real-time.

AlertsProviders can alert patients regarding their appointment schedules via SMS, Email, Phone number, etc.

Ratings and ReviewsProviders and patients can confer ratings to the drivers and overall experience.

DashboardDrivers can view and manage schedules and routes of the day.

Compatible appsDrivers can download the app irrespective of their OS (Compatible with iOS/Android/CrossPlatforms)

Real-time RequestDrivers can receive real-time requests for pickup/drop services from patients/medical facilities.

Medical officer signatureDrivers can collect signatures from nurses/doctors as confirmatory challan during pickup/drop services.

Recurring route managementDrivers are relaxed from the tiresome process of re-routing same routes, and instead, it gets updated automatically as the default course

SOS Drivers can receive emergency alerts via their apps

Powerful DashboardA compact dashboard featuring important metrics and highlights.

AccessibilityThe admin panel is easily accessible from any browser providing quick control.

Manage FleetView and modify vehicle information, availability, and condition.

Manage DriversView and modify the details of drivers, their certifications, availability, and health status.

Manage TripsView and modify trip records, canceled trips, re-routed trips, trips duration, etc

Manage ClientsAdd and Modify clients' information and maintain a clean record.

Robust Dispatch moduleIt automatically or manually assigns new ride requests to drivers.

Manage categoriesAdmin can manage the fleet's condition in categories like SUV, MUV, Sedan, Hatchback, etc

Manage PricingAdmin can set up pricing concerning distance, time, and type of vehicle.

Manage paymentsAdmins can store and modify bills and receipts from drivers and healthcare providers.

Analytics CenterObtain performance insights from total rides, cancellations, re-routings, delays, idle time, trip modes, and trip purposes.

Find how our Uber Health clone can help you transform the medical transportation scene.

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Benefits of choosing our Uber Health clone

  • Cost Reduction

    Features like smart scheduling, optimized route management avails a significant slash in your expenditure.

  • Flexiblity

    Our apps are incredibly compatible with any possible mobile operating system present in the market- be it android, iOS, windowsOS, and even cross-platforms.

  • Scalablity

    Our Uber Health app facilitates your business expansion dreams as it is a highly scalable solution

  • Security

    Operating in a data-sensitive industry is made easy by our HIPAA compliant app, that confers the highest privacy and security levels.

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We make healthcare transportation seamless!

Whatever be your requirement in medical transportation; Whatever be the risk factor; Our Uber Health clone perfects the magic of seamless integration of ingredients that makes success by creating a value-driven customer experience and surging satisfaction. This is made possible by our intuitively developed application backed with the best technology available. It is worth mentioning that our solution harmoniously integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) to the mainframe.

Why choose us?

One-Stop Solution

With every possible feature available under a single roof, our apps are inherently ingenious.

360° Support

Our dedicated team of developers and the customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.

HIPAA Compliance

Multiply the trust of your customers with our HIPAA compliant apps developed under the strictest regulations and rules to promise data privacy of patients.

Gorgeous UI/UX

Specially crafted by master designers, our app’s UI provides a smooth in-app experience.

White Labelling

Once the development is done, we’ll white label the app in your brand’s name and details.

App Installation care

The installation and configuration process of web services, code, and database on a website, Appstore, and Google Play store will be accomplished along with the approval process.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Uber Health app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, redesign its user-interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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