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Alexa Skill Development Company

Internet of Things simply refers to facilitating the communication between everyday electronics such as refrigerators, coffee makers, speakers and more, by connecting them to the Internet. This technology helps automate processes while also improving the user’s productivity. Internet companies such as Amazon are releasing virtual assistants like Alexa, that are aimed at helping users manage tasks better and access information or services easier.

AppDupe is a top Amazon Alexa skill development company. We can create customized skills that sync well with the products and services of your business. Our experienced team and diverse solutions enable you to harness all the advantages of Alexa’s “conversational AI” which in turn enhances your business offerings.

Hire Us - Alexa Skill Development

Reasons To Choose Us

  • We are one of the first companies to provide exclusive Alexa skill development services.
  • We have extensive experience with IoT technology.
  • We have unparalleled knowledge of this domain which helps us deliver exceptional results.
  • We house a passionate team of developers and voice service integrators who are always keen on pushing the boundaries.
  • We provide services and products that are both, competitively priced and scalable.

Our Alexa Skill Development Features

Our solutions are feature-rich and are focused on giving your business an edge.

Tailor-Made Solutions

White-labelled and highly customizable skill development that match your business requirements

Multi-platform Accessibility

Integrate your Alexa skill to different platforms such as Android, iOS, PC and console

ERP System Integration

Simplify your business processes by introducing voice-driven Alexa skill to manage and track operations

Detailed Auditing

Comprehensive testing of your Alexa skill to ensure a bug-free user experience

Multilingual Support

Ability to localize your Alexa skill to cater to different languages and other region-specific requirements

Customer Care

Excellent after-sales services that help you update and upgrade your products at no extra costs

Internet of Things Holds Promise Of A New And Better Tomorrow

Experts believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the way humans interact with devices as well as one another. This technology that promotes interconnectivity arrives with a whole slew of advantages that are listed below:

  • Enhances Security and Safety
  • Automates and Optimizes Processes
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Asset Management
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Opens New Business Avenues

AppDupe understands the potential of IoT, and our premium Amazon Alexa skills solutions help your enterprise harness on the power of this emerging technology. We can help you integrate the skills functionality into your existing applications or even create a new platform from scratch. To know more about our services and pricing model, feel free to drop us an email at - [email protected]

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Programming languages such as C#, Java, Python and Node.js are used in conjunction with open source skill development software to create innovative and proprietary skills.
Publishing an Amazon Alexa skill is relatively easy. At AppDupe, we take care of every stage of development to help you launch your Alexa skill effortlessly and in no time.
We follow a very rigorous methodology to produce innovative and intuitive Alexa skills. We begin with defining the purpose of the skill and understanding the requirements of your business. This is followed by developing an elaborate script for the UX flow which covers the potential questions and answers shared between the user and the skill. We also conduct numerous tests to ensure a bug-free skill at the time of deployment.
Given the convenience Alexa skills provides, it finds applications in a variety of industries. Some of the prominent sectors that have begun adopting this revolutionary technology include - Smart Homes, Restaurants, Healthcare, Entertainment, Education, Travel, Transportation and Logistics.
We offer an exhaustive after-sales programme that allows you to update and upgrade your Alexa skills to keep it in sync with the latest trends.

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