Reliable Fantasy Sports App Development

Enter the universe of fantasy apps with our customizable app solution that’s not just gorgeous, but highly scalable and bestowed with the best-in-class features. With a decade of experience and masterful expertise, our craftsy team of developers teams up with fantasy sports app industry experts to create a remarkable fantasy sports app that douches all your needs and buys you a huge competitive advantage over others.

Our Wholesome
Fantasy sports App Development Solutions

White-label Fantasy Sports App DevelopmentRebrand and launch your fantasy sports app instantly with our white-label fantasy app development solutions that enable the admin to create and modify games, manage players, receive notifications and payments, etc.

Fantasy Sports Software DesignOur versatility in fantasy sports software design includes software solutions for games like football, cricket, tennis, badminton, basketball, hockey, wrestling, golf, baseball, etc., with integrated APIs, enabling smart features and operations.

Social Fantasy Sports App Solutions Create a sports community with our avant-garde range of Social fantasy sports apps that connects sports fans with sports businesses, brands, startups, PR units in a unified platform giving rise to loyal social fan following with higher engagement.

Custom Fantasy Scoring System SolutionsOur customized fantasy scoring systems are based on the most popular scoring methodologies that work bigtime with users. They are Standard Scoring (SS), Points per reception system (PPR), and Individual player scoring system. Smart and agile!

Fantasy League Software DevelopmentOur fantasy league software prioritizes revenue generation by facilitating swashbuckling features like Total Points, Head-2-Head, Auction, Salary Cap, All Play, Keeper style, empire, dynasty, two quarterback, and other related fantasy sports options.

Fantasy Sports AR SolutionForay into the exciting sphere of AR technology with our custom-built virtual reality and augmented reality gaming software solutions for fantasy sports betting, enabling the AR option into every major sports league in your arsenal and creating or joining existing associations in hosting sites.

Fantasy Sports Web App DevelopmentGet ready to experience never-felt-before fluidity in fantasy sports web applications that's highly responsive, remarkable, and exemplary, providing edifying user experience.

Fantasy Draft SoftwareWe develop intuitive fantasy draft software solutions such as online, random, auto-draft, auction, bidding, serpentine, STATS, and SPORTSDIRECT like third-party API integrations.

Fantasy Analytic SoftwareWith our exhaustive range of analytic solutions, you could track accurate player statistics, real-time player data, team data, and performance metrics that mirror users' engagement ratio.

iGaming Software DevelopmentOur iGaming Software development solutions include complete game development, design, API integration, payment integration, affiliate systems, etc.

Data and eCommerce IntegrationWe provide secured data integration and migration services from mobile/web SDKs and APIs into data warehouses irrespective of whether the data type is raw or structured. A comprehensive eCommerce module has also been installed, granting you to sell sports products and merchandise.

Fantasy Sports App for Brand EngagementWe create dynamic fantasy sports apps that are designed specifically for increasing brand engagement and awareness. Incorporated with user-oriented features that reflect the overall smooth build, the app stands out as the perfect marketing tool that's rooted to appeal to millennials. Backed by blockchain technology.

Highlight Features
of our Fantasy Sports App

Daily and Season-long Fantasy SportsGet the mobile and web version of the fantasy sports league you wish, be it seasonal or daily league. Simply, we have solutions for your every fantasy league needs!

Fantasy DraftsOur new softwares for drafting includes an auction, live, offline, salary caps, pick’ ems, auto-draft, etc.with availability of any degree of customization as per your requirements.

Loyalty Programme IntegrationAffiliating is made easy with our smart loyalty program, where players turn into marketers where they earn for every referral. Chip in some extra revenue with this exciting feature.

Data IntegrationProvide manual or integrated data feeds in your fantasy sports app with our superb data integration modules flaunting efficiency.

LeaderboardsOur fantasy app can possess a simple dashboard or an advanced dashboard bustling with player metrics to promote the spirit of competitiveness among the players. Anything is possible with Appdupe.

Ad-modules IntegrationLeverage Google ads and third party sponsorship deals and gain revenue as our fantasy app features an in-built ad integration module.

Third-Party API integrationsOur fantasy sports app is precisely tweaked to facilitate third-party API integrations that are amalgamated with other sports websites and leagues.

Live ScoresBoost your players’ confidence as they can view the live updates of the score and also the highlights of the match, and after-match analysis.

One App-Multiple gamesOur fantasy sports app can support multiple sports leagues in a single app, thereby ensuring users’ stay in the app for all their fantasy sports league exploits.

Multiple Payment OptionsA versatile range of payment methods such as net banking, debit/credit cards, UPI, and even a custom-built e-Wallet feature is available in our fantasy sports app solution.

Cryptocurrency Enabled PaymentsComplemented by our in-house blockchain technology, harnessing the power of cryptocurrency-based payment systems ensures nothing but absolute security and privacy.

In-App Live ChatUsers can interact with other user communities and also with the customer support team that intends to provide 24x7 assistance, assuring customer satisfaction.

Push NotificationsEducate your users with updates of every match, event, and other statistics via push notifications and text message alerts.

Multi-Currency SupportOur app is designed to support different currencies seamlessly, forging a window to leverage the global user market.

Multilingual SupportGeographic constraints are not any more crucial as our fantasy app dissolves them with its multilingual support system.

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Get started with our immersive fantasy sports app development solutions to launch your dream startup.

Our Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions
for every available game!

FootballOur expert developers express their expertise in creating a feature-rich football fantasy app with efficient backend functionality.

CricketDrench into the glamorous world of cricket fantasy sports with our engrossing fantasy app bestowed with features that are very much in demand.

SoccerMade by professional developers with a strong soccer background, this app is the right mix of technological advancements with sports nuances.

TennisAggrandize your fantasy sports league empire into tennis with our powerful fantasy app that surges your popularity among tennis fans and players alike.

BasketballGet an all-encompassing duplex app for basketball that's compatible with every OS available like Android, iOS, Windows, and even cross-platforms.

Hockey/ Ice HockeyOur crew of developers collaborates with sports enthusiasts to create a superlative ice hockey fantasy sports league app that's sure to make big fans.

RugbyAssert your dominance over your competitors with our rugby fantasy sports app that's valued as the mark of excellence, among other offerings.

Horse RacingEngaging users is no more a hardship with our incisive horse racing fantasy app that's as splendor as stallions.

Motor RacingStroll over the finish line of success with our swift motor racing fantasy sports app engraved with terrific features.

HurlingStorm into the realm of opportunities by launching our hurling fantasy sports app and leverage the European fanbase.

BaseballOur expertise powers us to develop a baseball fantasy sports app that hits out of the park with ingenious user experience and features.

KabaddiOur kabaddi fantasy sports app is designed to perfection and enables you to generate revenue through multiple streams and is compatible with visionary third-party API integrations.

Our Non- Sports Based
Fantasy Games Development

  • Fantasy Reality TV Shows SoftwareCash into the season of TV Shows by launching our specially made fantasy apps for TV Shows on the lines of BigBoss, Fear factor, and popular series in OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

  • Fantasy Stock Market SoftwareOur proficient developers team has devised a fantasy software for stock market needs that delivers like NASDAQ with advanced features and fluid UI.

  • Fantasy Politics Software DevelopmentMobilize the power of democracy with our buzzing fantasy politics software development solutions compatible with your campaign/vote share/majority anticipation needs.

  • Fantasy eSports Development SolutionsLaunch an esports fantasy app made by the market leader and leverage the popularity of games like PUBG, FreeFire, CounterStrike, COC, etc.

How does
our Fantasy Sports App work?

  • 1

    User Selects a Match

  • 2

    Creates his/her team

  • 3

    Selects the Team captain and Vice-captain

  • 4

    Creates multiple teams

  • 5

    Joins a contest

  • 6

    Receives detailed analysis of the match

  • 7

    Wins/loses the match

  • 8

    Withdraws the winning amount

Complete List of Features

  • RegistrationUsers can register easily through their social media accounts or using phone numbers or email IDs instantly.

  • Fantasy Team CreationUsers are accredited to design a team for themselves based on players' statistics and strategic importance on a particular fixture.

  • Search Bar and FiltersUsers can view the list of matches played or scheduled and sort them using various filter options such as playing teams, dates, time, etc.

  • Join TournamentsUsers have access to join exciting tournaments based on their winner count, entry fee, number of teams allowed, etc.

  • Create TournamentsNot just join, but users can also create tournaments by entering essential information like tournament size, name, winner prize, and other similar attributes.

  • Referral BonusUses can receive a fee for every new user recruited by their referrals via unique URL or referral codes.

  • DashboardUsers can access their complete details on a single feature called dashboard and keep track of their progress, amount earned, etc.

  • User HistoryThe number of matches played, the number of games won, the number of games lost, and total revenue can be contemplated by the user.

  • Multiple Team CreationA single user can create any number of teams and increase his/her chances of winning through this fantastic feature.

  • Content Management SystemAlded with most optimized CMS, content management and support are made readily available for users.

  • Admin LoginAdmin can log in using a username and password.

  • Role-Based DashboardAdmins are armed with the bird's eye view of all statistics, matches played, users engaged, revenue earned, transactions done, etc.

  • User ManagementAdmins can edit/modify the details of users and can approve/delete user accounts.

  • League ManagementThe number of leagues played and other league related crucial information can be scrutinized by the admin.

  • Cash Prize ManagementThe entire report of cash bonus conferred to users is available for admin’s view, and he/she can process/reject a cash prize to a particular user for a specific reason.

  • Finance ManagementAdmins can have a say over the revenues earned from matches and tournaments.

  • Match ManagementAdmins can add/delete/modify matches scheduled.

  • Reward Points ManagementAdmin has the permission to proffer reward points to users.

  • Customer-Relationship ManagementAdmins can maintain healthy CRM by using push-notification, updates, alerts, and other promotional materials.

  • In-Built AnalyticsGain insights about the game with customized reports based on essential trade metrics.

  • Live Match ScoreFeed the users with real-time live updates and scores of matches played live, enhancing user trust and interaction.

  • Players Record ManagementAdmins and Users can view a particular player's statistics, records, and use it for selection purposes.

  • Push NotificationsEngage with your users even when they aren't using your app by push notifications with updates about events, matches, leagues, etc.

  • GPS TrackingAccredit players to participate in leagues in their geographical proximity using the GPS tracker feature.

  • Loyalty ProgrammePamper your users with unique features and bonus loyalty points and ensure their prolonged stay with your app.

  • Social Media SharingGet a free channel of marketing by enabling your users to share their winnings in their social media profile and gain more user traction.

  • Multiple Payment SystemUsers can pay through every possible and trending payment option.

Exciting Add-Ons
To Be Integrated With Our Fantasy Sports App

Sports QuizUsers can unwind themselves by playing these exciting quizzes and improving their grasp of the game's happenings. Winners can be honored with badges and redeemable points.

Playing 11 PredictionProspecting the correct list of players of the squad for a particular match is a beautiful game that can be integrated into the fantasy sports app.

Winner PredictionUsers can speculate the winners and scores they are expected to reach through this amazing add-on feature.

Player InsightsUses can get to know the depth of performance of players and compare them with other probables.

Live StreamingUsers of your app can be benefited from the live updation and streaming of matches.

Match Results and HighlightsUsers can view the final scorecard, individual performance, results, comparison graphs, and other critical data.

Follow and Chat ModelJust like Social Media, you can transform your fantasy app into a social space by using add-friend and follow feature.

Launch your own Fantasy Sports App instantly.

Your Fantasy Sports App Option

Live Game Data-Based ContestLGD based apps harness the power of real-time data of events happening during the season.

Historical Game Data-Based ContestWe make use of the previous year’s data for the app, curtailing API fees.

Multiple Game Formats

Our Live Client Demo

Benefits offered
by Fantasy Sports Games Software

Scale-Up Your BrandIncrease the brand presence and brand awareness of your business as our fantasy sports game solution acquaint you with a more extensive section of users.

Grow Your CommunityOur excellent fantasy app solutions attract legions of users from all over the world and become loyal customers increasing your overall customer base and traction.

Earn Through AdsOnce you have acquired a sizable user base, you can monetize your ad space by placing Google ads and other third-party sponsored ads, ensuring easy revenue.

Expand Your EmpireCollaborate with other top players in the industry and widen your offer spectrum, ensuring your entry into unprecedented quarters.

Fantasy Sports App Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement Study and Ideation

    • Understanding requirements
    • Visualizing app’s features
    • SRS & SSD
    • Project schedule
  • 2

    Design and Prototype

    • Design wireframe
    • Design implementation
    • Features superimposition
    • UI/UX evaluation
  • 3


    • Frontend development
    • Backend development
    • API integration
    • Cloud integration
  • 4


    • Unit Code Testing
    • Fixing Bugs
    • Quality Assessment
    • Final Inspection
  • 5

    App Deployment

    • UAT & Feedback
    • Deployment
    • App Store Launch
    • 360° Support

Extensive Solutions
for your every Fantasy App need

White Label SolutionsReach the market at the fastest rate possible with our world-class white label fantasy sports games solutions and reap the benefits of its inherent cost-effectiveness.

Turnkey SolutionsWant to launch an app that sports a splendid UX with excellent features? Our turnkey solutions do the job for you! You also get access to expert advice and opinion on running an online fantasy sports app business.

Bitcoin SolutionSecurity at the stratosphere levels is ensured with our bitcoin solution, where payments are made by the trending cryptocurrency technology backed by blockchain. Privacy, safety, and allied adjectives are secured with our first-class bitcoin powered apps.

Why choose us?

  • One-Stop SolutionWith every possible feature available under a single roof, our apps are inherently ingenious.

  • 360° SupportOur dedicated team of developers and customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.

  • Data Collection and AnalyticsOur app is accredited with the latest Big Data tools and effectively manages data collection and analysis.

  • White LabellingOnce the development is done, we’ll white label the app in your brand’s name and details.

  • App ApprovalThe installation and configuration process of web services, code and database on a website, App Store and Google Play Store will be accomplished along with the approval process.

  • Responsive Web PanelsThe main panel, customer panel, and doctor panel are deemed 100% responsive and compatible across major softwares and device models.

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Appdupe is the premier mobile app development company with enormous expertise in fantasy sports app vertical. Our team of extremely talented and experienced developers work in tandem with fantasy sports business resource persons to develop only the best app at a killer price.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our fantasy sports app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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