MobiKwik Clone
Launch a Digital Payment and Wallet App Like MobiKwik!

The dawn of the 21st century is lit up by the rise of the Internet, the digital magic that has revolutionized the way the world used to operate, especially payments. We have come a long way from toiling in never-ending queues in the bank to transfer any amount of money in the touch of a button without any constraints. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an exciting business prospect, the mobile wallet industry offers you a perennially-expanding market, fantastic rates of ROI, and massive profits.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the holistic MobiKwik Clone- multifunctional, multipurpose mobile payments and recharge application that’s tempered with world-class features and an immersive UI that collude to impart a seamless recharge experience.

Staggering Statistics

  • 800 billion- total amount transferred through mobile wallets in India in 2019

  • 2.1 billion people make use of mobile wallets

  • 52.21% CAGR - Estimated growth of mobile wallets in the 2019-23 timeframe

  • 10x Increase in the number of mobile wallet users in India

Our Digital Wallet App Development Solutions
With MobiKwik clone

Our eminent MobiKwik clone can be tweaked to quench the entire spectrum of digital wallet needs.

  • Custom Mobile Wallet App Development

    We deploy an astonishing level of customization to develop mobile wallet applications that are coherent and consistent with your requirements and vision. Any range of features and functionality catering to your business sensibilities can be seamlessly integrated.

  • Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet Development

    By harnessing our in-house blockchain technology's power, we confer superlative cryptocurrency wallets that aid storage, purchase, and trading of a range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Wholesome security is it's defining deed!

  • Merchant Mobile Wallet Development

    Infuse the ingrained simplicity of digital payments into your business through our avant-garde merchant-centered mobile wallets that flaunt exciting features like automated cost-splitting, tax calculator, ACH interface, cloud storage of invoice, etc.

  • Mobile Wallet Design

    Our crafty designers squeeze out their mastery to diligently design spectacular iterations of UI/UX for mobile wallets aligned to providing a riveting transaction experience.

  • Prepaid Mobile Wallet App Development

    Capitalize the global receptibility of prepaid mobile wallets with our first-grade solutions that arm stakeholders like enterprises, service providers, etc., with advanced, innovative prepaid wallets that are sure to supersize their business.

  • Mobile Wallet Integration

    By immaculately integrating third-party mobile wallets that have a universal appeal such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, etc., into your business, the payment process becomes comprehensively streamlined and increases the probability of successful transactions.

Various Types of Recharge & Bill Payments
you can Integrate with MobiKwik Clone.

Mobile RechargeBrowse through a multitude of plans by popular service providers and avail recharge in a matter of seconds.

DTH RechargeGet access to unlimited, uninterrupted entertainment as you can recharge your DTH service from your home's comfort.

Bus/Train/Air TicketsEnsure stress-free travel by booking a bus, train, and air tickets instantly. Compare in contrast with the available list of fares and offers.

In-App ShoppingExtend the trending ecommerce services by integrating millions of online stores into your app. A golden opportunity to leverage massive revenue!

Credit FeatureEntitle your users to receive instant credits that are deposited directly into their mobile wallets expeditiously.

Bank TransferWith our MobiKwik clone, users can transfer amounts from their credit cards to bank accounts without any overhead charges.

Our Wide Range Of Billing Options Include These Silos

  • Prepaid

  • Postpaid

  • Electricity

  • Broadband

  • Landline

  • LPG

  • Piped Gas

  • Cable TV

  • Water

  • Insurance

  • Metro

  • Traffic Fines

  • Property Tax

How Do We Strengthen the MobiKwik Clone?

By drenching the app with the following features, we establish superior efficiency.

Profile Page In Mobile Wallet App

Near-Field Communication/NFCUnassailable payment security and privacy are assured as our MobiKwik clone is powered by NFC technology that clears the way of secure transactions around a short-range.

iBeacon and BluetoothOur MobiKwik clone eliminates the need for manual swiping of credit/debit cards by expediting lightning-fast transactions between two iBeacon-backed devices.

QR CodeWe have upgraded our arsenal of payment modes with an intelligent QR code scanner that instantly fosters rampantly secured and prompt transactions to another wallet.

Data BackUpEliminate the fear of losing sensitive data like account balance, transaction history, etc., as our MobiKwik clone automatically backups across multiple platforms.

Rewards and ReferralsPamper your user base with scratch cards and redeemable points for every successful transaction and referral of their friends and acquaintances into your app.

Transaction HistoryAccredit users with the capability to track their transaction activity with a database of previous transactions along with crucial information like timestamps.

Features that Sets Our MobiKwik Clone Apart From the Rest

  • Unique OTPUnauthorized transactions are non-existent as the MobiKwik clone app verifies through a one-time password sent via an SMS to the user and initiates it.

  • Smart LoginRegistrations are made extensively simple as users can storm into the mobile wallet app using their phone numbers or social media credentials.

  • Money TransferUsers are entitled to willingly add money into their wallet and then transfer it to any of the bank accounts using their unique ID/phone number/account number.

  • Share TransactionsBills and digitally generated invoices can be immediately sent to the respective users, and it is available to access anytime within an exclusive transaction field.

  • Push NotificationsUpdate your users with the complete status of their payments through in-app push notifications. Once the payment has been sent/received, users are notified.

  • Mobile Recharge & BillsUsers are flooded with options to swiftly recharge their mobile plans and essential bills like DTH, electricity, water, property tax, broadband, landline, to name a few.

  • ChatBotsDisputes amidst failed transactions due to technical glitches can be vehemently resolved by embedding AI-powered chatbots that confer your users with unrelenting support.

  • Offers & DiscountsSupersize your business traction by tailoring proficient offers and deals for every successful transaction. This leads to a steep rise in user engagement.

  • Payment HistoryUsers are able to access detailed information about their transactions, account balance, sent amount, received amount, etc., readily through this feature.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility Never miss out on an opportunity to leverage an enormous user base as the MobiKwik clone app is available in native iOS, Android, and even cross-platforms.

Enthrall a Global User Base With An Universal Mobile Wallet Solution.

An Interactive, feature-rich, multifunctional MobiKwik clone does the job for you.

How does the MobiKwik Clone App Work?

  • 1

    RegistrationUsers are prompted to register to create an account in the mobile wallet app by entering their phone number/email address.

  • 2

    Add Bank AccountTo ensure seamless transactions, users can link their bank account/credit & debit cards with their mobile wallet.

  • 3

    Home PageUsers are greeted with a range of payment options for recharge and bill settlements and can select any of them.

  • 4

    Transfer to ContactsBy entering the unique ID/phone number/account number, users can instantly send/receive money.

  • 5

    Browse Plans/ProvidersIn order to pay for recharge/pay bills, users can browse through the legion of plans devised by service providers.

  • 6

    Pay BillsBy choosing a plan from scores of service providers, users can pay their various bills securely.

  • 7

    QR ScanUsers can scan the QR code of the receiver and process the payment readily.

  • 8

    NotificationsUsers are informed with payment status alerts such as received, sent, payment processing, etc., through text messages or push notifications.

Key Benefits of MobiKwik Clone

MobiKwik app clone development

Trending SolutionGoing cashless is a virtue that seems to have gained a massive amount of traction. This is particularly evident in governments encouraging digital modes of payments for business operations. A genuinely revolutionary technology!

User-FriendlinessOur MobiKwik clone's innate ease of usage makes it a favorite among every section of the population, such as merchants, users, etc., and positions it as a highly-accessible mobile recharge solution.

Hassle-Free PaymentsBy facilitating secured transactions in a flash, the MobiKwik clone arms the users to engage in financial transfers without a second thought unconditionally. The presence of glitches/bugs are non-existent.

High TransparencyThe transactions and payments processed through the MobiKwik clone can be spontaneously traced as the entire process flow is highly transparent, ensuring avoidance of fraud and duping.

Secured TransactionsInfusing an agile overtone of mammoth security, our MobiKwik clone can be configured to allow access only after a two-factor authentication besides the biometric verification and the staple PIN/password.

Ecommerce IntegrationAccelerate your revenue by enabling merchants to sell their products through your platform and inflict a hefty commission on every successful transaction occurring through the MobiKwik clone.

Exhaustive List of Features

Swift RegistrationUsers can initiate the transaction process by promptly registering into the app using their phone numbers or social media credentials.

Link Bank AccountsAny bank account number can be linked with the mobile wallet after verification by the bank to make transactions an uninterrupted process.

Add/Check BalanceUsers can unhesitatingly transfer money from their bank account to the wallet. The balance of the wallet is also periodically updated to the user.

Transfer MoneyWith the aid of imperative contact details like phone number, unique ID, or account number, users can send money to anyone without any constraints.

Transaction StatusUsers are simultaneously updated with the current status of their payments within the app and also through email and text messages.

Bill PaymentA plethora of bills, including electricity, water, gas, DTH, and prepaid/postpaid mobile service plans, can be contentedly paid without any delay.

Offers & DealsUsers are elucidated with the latest offers, deals, and other promotional campaigns devised by service providers through push notifications.

Referral BonusElevate customer trust by rewarding them with cash and redeemable points for their referrals of friends, family, and acquaintances into the mobile wallet application.

Transaction HistoryEffective tracking of financial activity is assured to the users as they can voluntarily access the entire history of transactions and allied attributes.

Bill Splitting The Mobikwik clone allows users to split bills among their friends without leaving the app, superimposing its relevance.

Instant Onboarding Agents can enter the Mobikwik clone app with their smart login credentials or phone number.

Powerful DashboardProffered with an all-encompassing dashboard, users can effortlessly manage the entire proceedings of their business in the app.

Add PlansA wide range of recharge plans with various perks can be added into the mobile wallet and their complete description and pricing.

Push NotificationsAgents can keep their users engaged by updating them with the latest promotions, discounts, offers, rewards, etc., through push notifications.

QR GenerationAn exclusive QR code is assigned for individual service providers, which can be utilized by the users to pay their bills and recharge.

PromotionsAgents are enabled and encouraged to create impressive promotional events and discount days in the view of captivating their user base.

Payments CornerEssential metrics, like total commission earned, net profit, commission rate, etc., can be accessed by the agents and can be exported.

Staff ManagementAgents can assign various roles to their employees in managing the app and monitor them efficiently.

EMI FeatureService Providers can accredit users to pay the bills in installments through the in-app EMI option.

Analytical ReportsAdvanced reports compromising insightful comparisons, charts, graphs based on the critical business metrics are available to the agents.

Unified DashboardAdmins are armed with a culmination of control systems assorted into a dashboard, making the managing process a breezy affair.

User ManagementAdmins are authorized to access the details of the entire user base of the mobile wallet app.

Add/Block UserAdmins can add users, and in case of any malicious activity emerging from a user account, the respective user can be blocked without hesitation.

Contact ManagementThe contacts of the mobile wallet in its entirety can be cautiously evaluated and verified by the admin.

Agent ManagementAdmins are responsible for managing the entire plans and products accorded by the agents and can add/remove/block any of the service providers.

Revenue ManagementThe end-intention of the business, a.k.a revenue, can be viewed and tracked as metrics like total revenue, total growth, etc., are bestowed to admins.

Tax ManagementAdmins are aided with eminent tools for automatically calculating taxes, profits, and audits on the app's revenue.

Offer ManagementTo instigate a massive business spike, admins are required to devise ingenious offers, discounts, and other similar promotional activities.

Customer SupportImperious support to the customers can be rendered by the admins through separate query resolving fields and around-the-clock telephonic technical assistance.

In-App ChatIn order to share transaction/payment details such as invoices, users are endowed with an internal communication channel.

Geo-LocationHighly secured payments are assured by GPS integration that creates personalized geo-fences supporting meteoric transactions.

Schedule PaymentsNever miss a billing deadline as our calendar integration enables users to schedule payments and remind them through notifications.

Data Feeds IntegrationThe pristine functionality of the mobile wallet can be maintained by embedding astute data feeds into the app.

Cloud-based OperationsBy deploying the heavily intuitive cloud technology, peer-to-peer transactions and bill payments can be made as fast as possible.

Exceptional Addons for MobiKwik Clone

  • High-PortabilityRecharging your mobile plans and paying your bills can be done anywhere, anytime. The ability to facilitate offline transactions makes the MobiKwik clone a winner.

  • Back-UpDon't let the power outage and network issues detain your progress as the highly revered backup feature enables complete data security.

  • Digital ReceiptGhost transactions and any form of phishing are knocked out as any transaction processed by the mobile wallet automatically generates an untarnishable digital receipt.

  • Digital SignatureThe access to digital wallets can be authorized only after the verification of the user's digital signature and the already existing two-factor authentication.

  • Complete ProtectionOur MobiKwik clone app religiously adheres to PCI regulations, making it literally and figuratively immune against any kinds of phreaking activities.

  • Reward PointsAdopting a hugely successful marketing strategy, these features allow business owners to designate rewards such as cash, price cut, etc., to amplify customer loyalty.

Premium Features: Crypto Wallet Integration

Offer users with a trading add-on that is underlined by a powerful trading engine, liquidity and multi-layer security, and a wallet that safely protects the online payments through public and private keys and is easily accessible after a simple integration with high security. Along with it, let them experience an effortless, highly transparent and a super secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Pluses of Cryptocurrency:

  • Saves a lot of time

  • You can enter most profits while learning

  • No emotions involved

  • Stealing identity is impossible

An Holistic Mobile Wallet Application That Enables You To Scale Up Quickly.

Industries that can Benefit
from Our MobiKwik Clone

  • Finance Firms

  • Retail

  • Ecommerce

  • Bill Payment

  • Peer-to-Peer Fund Transfer

  • Internet Providers

  • Logistics

  • Transportation

  • Tele Communication

  • Merchant Deals

  • Educational Institutes

  • Ticket Booking

  • Pay Parking

How Do We make our MobiKwik Clone
the Most Secure Mobile Wallet Script

Money Transfer In Mobile Wallet App

Vulnerability ManagementWe infuse the MobiKwik clone with staggering quality testing standards to ensure that the end product oozes productivity and is relieved of vulnerabilities and threats of any magnitude. This is made possible by conducting intensely scrutinized vulnerability management practices in the mobile wallet app.

App SecurityOur innate understanding of mobile wallet applications' sensitivity made us inflict certain stringent security measures like debugging the source code and Black box to shield the app literally from any threats and security concerns. We compromise on anything but security!

Penetration TestingTo complement the extensive vulnerability management measures and security installments, a practical, deep-rooted penetration testing is also conducted on the MobiKwik clone. In conclusion, these anti-threat operations establish unparalleled security and privacy of the app.

Innovative Tech Advancements
that's coherent with our MobiKwik Clone

Back your Payments with BlockchainWhat can be called as 'completely secure' if it isn't operated through blockchain technology? Fortunately, our MobiKwik clone is competent enough to harness the unwavering security and prudent privacy proffered by blockchain.

Deduce Payment Patterns through Machine LearningOn the strength of intelligent machine learning techniques, the pattern of payment options preferred by users for various plans/subscriptions can be astonishingly broken down, stimulating business owners to strategize the placements of payment options in the app deliberately.

Biometric AuthenticationThe verification approach through biometrics like fingerprints and retina scan is by far the safest means of authentication bestowed by the current technology. And know what, we can engrave the MobiKwik clone app with this spectacular feature.

MobiKwik Clone App Development Process

Not just the MobiKwik clone, our development process too is superfast and streamlined.

  • 1

    Edify us with your RequirementsOur elegant customer relationship executives collaborate with you to scribe down your requirements, expectations, and picture the entire app vision.

  • 2

    Let's plan togetherA full-fledged action plan with concise milestones is churned out by our master developers' crew, crafty designers who work in tandem with mobile wallet industry stalwarts.

  • 3

    Finalize the engagement termsWe devise the entire development process - right from the conceptualization, planning, designing, developing, testing, and deploying the app based on your convenience and preferred time frames.

  • 4

    Versatile Payment OptionsIn confirmation, you are provided with a plentiful of payment options that are highly confidential. To secure the deal, we strongly recommend striking an NDA between us.

  • 5

    Let's Kickstart the Project!Once we verify the payment, we assign your project with our top-notch team of developers and deliver the MobiKwik clone before the mutually agreed deadline.

The Best of Technology in a Mobile Wallet. Synonymous with Security.

Waste no time because Appdupe's MobiKwik clone can be launched in a matter of days.

Hire an E-Wallet Developer

Typically, aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to make big with mobile wallet business expect the following three characteristics from any EWallet developer:

  • 1. Ingrained expertise on digital wallet development.
  • 2. The capacity to develop a highly secured and robust app.
  • 3. The ability to deliver the app on time.
What if we told you that these descriptions perfectly match the nature of Appdupe's EWallet developers? With an experience exceeding over a decade, we have mastered the nitty-gritty of what it takes to develop an industry-ready mobile wallet application.

Collaborate with us to equip yourselves with an all-inclusive, multifunctional EWallet with a particular emphasis on security. Connect with us to know more!

What Makes Appdupe the Best Candidate
for Your Mobile Wallet Development?

Profile Page In MobiKwik app

Supreme SecurityWe strengthen the MobiKwik clone with innovative layers of security features that includes two-factor authentication, biometric verification, penetration testing, etc., making the app unhackable.

Multilingual SupportOn the grounds of leveraging a global user base, our mobile wallet app provides its services in the major languages of the world. Local or international, we do have a solution!

Analytics SupportBreaking down monumental levels of data to deduce, decode, and derive the all-important business insights, the in-app analytics tools extend the relevancy and longevity of the business operations.

EWalletWe provide you with the delight of integrating an inventive and personalized Ewallet with the MobiKwik clone in order to impart a comprehensive payment experience.

White-Label SolutionBranding, rebranding the MobiKwik clone with your business identities such as name, logo, etc., is now a cakewalk as the former is a white-label solution. An original app for your own business!

No Tech Knowledge is RequiredThe MobiKwik clone is devised to be comfortable for both Tech-savvy individuals and Not-so-digitally inclined souls. Anybody with a mobile and internet connection could avail of your app!

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our premier MobiKwik clone solution script is 100% open source and can be modified as per your needs and requirements.
  • Web Server - Apache

  • Database - MySQL

  • PHP - 7.1

  • Linux-based Operating System

  • Cron Jobs Setup module

If you have purchased your server, we will host the script and install it with your FTP or Cpanel.
We integrate APIs in accordance with your preferences. Anything and everything is possible!
We handover a comprehensive usage guide along with documentation during the app delivery. Trust us, anybody with a pair of eyes can seamlessly work with it.
App cost depends on various factors such as features, UI, features, addons, etc. Reach out to us to get exact quotations.
You are entitled to one year of quintessential care and support. Bugs or glitches will be fixed for absolutely free.
Our strong industry presence arms us with references to top API providers. We help you find them with direct contact.
No, redistribution and reselling are strictly prohibited, and anyone violating this will be liable for legal action.

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