An Extensive Fancy Clone

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a Fancy Clone app that ticks all the boxes, look no further! AppDupe’s innovative Fancy Clone app development process enriches you with an offering that lets you stand out from the crowd and take that first step towards success.

A highly useful Fancy Clone Script
for your E-commerce business

Ecommerce platforms are all the rage in today’s business world. A great alternative to physical shops, multi-vendor Ecommerce platforms like the fancy clone and the Wanelo clone fulfill a lot of the same functions with a lot more ease and efficiency.

Accessibility and ease of use is the name of the game when it comes to the way the retail business functions. Our fancy clone script gives Ecommerce vendors a great deal of both those things. Through our streamlined approach to the development process - one that has been tested and proven over many years, we have helped numerous companies attain the pinnacle of their respective fields.

Come and be a part of the success story by partnering with Appdupe.

A custom made E-Commerce Clone Application

At AppDupe, we tailor world-class solutions to meet the needs of customers from all corners of life.


Our Fancy clone script is a perfect solution for budding entrepreneurs who want to jump into the lucrative E-commerce industry.

Existing Businesses

Every business owner should consider taking their business online to keep up with the technological and cultural shift in the retail industry. Our Fancy and Wanelo clone apps let you make that jump with ease and efficiency.

Joint Ventures

Grow your joint venture to new heights with our immaculate Fancy clone - a robust multi vendor social commerce script.

Our extensive range of
E-commerce app development solutions

Social Shopping App Development

With this innovative approach to retail services, customers can not only shop, but also interact socially with their friends while doing so.

Digital Wallets and Payment App Development Solutions

A secure digital wallet goes a long way in boosting the credibility, as well as the functionality of the E-commerce platform

Price Comparison App Development

Giving your customers the ability to compare prices is an added initiative that can provide a lot of comfort to them and in turn help turn them into loyal customers.

Discounts and Deals App Development

A helpful app for many large retailers, this niche offering gives companies the opportunity to provide their customers with a stand-alone app that is dedicated to offering deals and discounts.

Coupon App Development

A customer favorite, a coupon app , is a great place to find a collection of coupons that can be availed across retailers. It is a viable option for entrepreneurs to extend their list of services.

Shopping App Development

A shopping app that is easy to use, attractive to look at ,with an intuitive user interface and design.


Easy Sign-Up

A hassle-free sign-up process is a must for any competent application.

Native App

A dedicated, platform specific offering that acts as a standalone application.

Categorized Inventory

Users can sort through consolidated categories to find the item they’re looking for.

Easy Search

Users can find items quickly by looking for it in the search bar.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay through a multitude of options such as all kinds of cards, online payments etc.

Multi-language Support

A very useful feature in today’s globalized marketplace. Offer users around the globe your services.


A place for all the selected items to be consolidated and stored prior purchase.


Real time notifications to keep the consumers informed and boost interactions.

Social Media Integration

Users can connect the app with their social media accounts, helping them interact with family and friends.

Profile Settings

Give your customers the ability to customize their experience with advanced profile settings.

Admin Dashboard

An intuitive, detailed dashboard that gives all the necessary information to the admin

Product Management

Admins have complete control over the products in their inventory.

Store Management

Admins can manage the stores that sell products in their app.

Employee Management

Admins can manage all the employees in their payroll from one convenient location.

Order History

A detailed list of all the orders that have been placed and delivered

Track Orders

Admins can track all the orders that leave their stores and see their live location.

Customer Data

Useful data from the customers that can be accessed by merchants.


Detailed reports give admins very informative insights into business.

Cart Monitoring

Merchants can monitor the items in the cart or the ones abandoned by the users.


Merchants can provide coupons for admins and customers to use and avail rewards.


Merchants can give their customers the option to pay through a variety of methods.

Third Party Integration

Our tie-ups with third party applications allow us to serve our merchants better.


CMerchants can change the setting parameters of their application from here.


Merchants can view a complete, detailed report of the payment and shipping history

Buyer Notifications

The buyers are notified in real time of the status of their order, confirmation and payment.

Product Notifications

Merchants get notified of the status of their inventory, the availability of a product etc. .

Detailed Reports

Periodically generated reports give rare insights into the happening of your business.

Product Discussions

A great feature that allows users to discuss products that they would wish to purchase, give insights about previous purchases, etc.

Curate Collections

Users can create a collection of the products that want to curate and showcase their friends.

Relevant Articles

Useful articles based on the products curated by the admin to both inform, and entertain users.

Follow Products and Categories

Similar to social media, users are given the opportunity to follow the products and categories that they like.

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Benefits Of Our Fancy Clone App

Fully Customizable

We bring a great deal of customization to the table to make your app feel unique to you.

Intuitive UI/UX

Our User Interface and User experience design is built with the latest tech for a modern feel and look that works great.

World-class Quality

Built with cutting edge technology, our products have the highest of standards and adhere to utmost regulations.

Highly Interactive

Our Fancy clone app is built to be highly interactive to provide a more immersive experience to users and have them coming back for more.

Effective Marketing

Boost your reach with our tried and tested marketing strategies that have helped numerous companies get where they are.

Our Streamlined App Development Process


Understanding Your Requirements

We value the input of our customers greatly. Our team will listen to your needs and requirements to build the perfect Fancy Clone App for you.


Forming A Plan

Once we understand your requirements, our team will put together a carefully crafted execution plan for the same.


Front-End Design

Our designing team will come up with a design that is simple to use and attractive to look at.


Back-End Coding

Our coding team will work simultaneously on the back-end functionalities of the app, aided by the latest in app development technology


Quality Analysis

Once the app development process is done, our testers get on it to check the robustness of the app and make sure that it’s good to go!



Post the testing process, your dream Fancy clone app is ready to go! We will deploy the app in all the relevant market places to give you maximum reach.

Why choose Appdupe as your
E-commerce platform provider?

Extensive Experience

Our tried and tested model for E-commerce platforms allows us to approach the project in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Modern and Attractive UI

We deliver solutions that not only promise performance but also look great. A sleek, contemporary user interface that your customers will love to use.

Highly Scalable

We understand the needs of a growing business so we always leave from expansion. Our fancy clone app can be scaled up to meet the needs of your enterprise efficiently.

Highly Customizable

Our E-commerce platform scripts are built to the specifications of our customers, giving them a unique, highly customized experience.

Fancy Clone - Live Demo

    App Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Email & Contact Settings
  • Manage Social Media Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Image Settings
  • Manage Banner Settings
  • Manage Category Advertisement
  • Manage Category banner settings
  • Attributes Management
  • Manage Specification and Specification Group
  • Manage Countries/Cites
  • View/Manage Categories
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Features
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Manage FAQ
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Deals
  • View/Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • Manage Shipping Delivery
  • Manage Product/Store Reviews
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Customer
  • Manage Inquiries
  • View/Manage Merchants
  • Mange product approval
  • View/Manage Transaction
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Blogs
Merchant Features
  • Register/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Settings
  • View/Manage Account
  • Change Password
  • Attributes Management
  • View/Manage Deals
  • Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • View/Manage Shipping and Delivery
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Transactions
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • Fund Request Report management
  • Withdraw Fund request management
  • View/Manage Multiple Stores
  • View/Manage Commission
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • View Homepage
  • Search based on product/deal names
  • Product selection based on Category & subcategories
  • View Products
  • View Deal products
  • View sold out products
  • View Stores
  • View Banners/Best offers
  • Rate and review the products/store
  • View Product Description Page
  • Filter Range
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Manage Check out
  • Manage Shipping Address
  • Payment method
  • Booking Confirmation
  • View Nearby stores
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Manage Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Return/Replacement
  • View/Manage Wish list
  • Manage Password
  • Contact Us/Feedback
  • About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Customer service
  • Quick Links

Technology We Used in our Fancy Clone

At AppDupe we use the latest technology to develop the Satta Matka game app.

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