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A Simple google search would reveal that launching an online store or an ecommerce store is one of the top business ideas of this part of human history. Why is that? Projected to exceed the momentous $6 trillion mark, the profitability levels this particular industry offers are straight out of fantasy. But the most exciting part is, only 30% of the market is reported to be utilized. All these premises infer on a single conclusion: It's the best time ever to launch an E-store!

We, at Appdupe, are synonymous with mobile application development with a holistic process that seamlessly integrates real-world business sensibilities with futuristic technology. Secure massive competitive advantage over your contemporaries with our avant-garde E-store development solutions. Get started right away!

That Set Our E-Store App Apart

Live Order TrackingProve that customers are king by proffering them with the ability to receive real-time location status and updates on their orders.

Ravishing MultimediaConfer your customers with a delightful shopping experience as our app flaunts the images and clips of every product.

Social SharingInfuse the sense of joy by accrediting your customers to share their purchases over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Price CalculatorRelieve your financial stress as our app is embedded with a feature that automatically calculates base price, profit, and tax instantly.

FeedbackEnhance user experience exponentially by resolving customers' queries through reviews and rating fields.

360° SupportConnect with your customers and concede them with complete support, ranging from technical queries to shopping experience suggestions.

Versatile Payment ModesOur first-class E-store application can host several most-demanded payment systems such as cards, UPI, net banking, and even an eWallet.

Exclusive DiscountsCreate a storm in your business traction by acceding seasonal offers and jaw-dropping discounts.

Push NotificationsNever lose the warmth of our customers by updating them with the latest arrivals, offers, etc., through push notifications.

Why should every retailer start
an E-store app-based business?

  • Global ReachReach out to a global customer base with a simplified shopping solution through an intelligent E-store app.

  • Skyrocketing RevenueCometh customers; cometh profit! By extending your sales channel across a unified mobile application, it's imperative to grow unabashedly.

  • Customer LoyaltyConvert legions of users into loyal customers by proffering value-adding features. Fortunately, our E-Store app is one such solution!

  • Shop Anywhere, Anytime!Provide universal shopping experience in the comfort of home to your customers. Constraints are now non-existent.

  • Out-and-Out CustomizationLaunch an online store that mirrors your field business's goodness and simultaneously capitalize on the perks of ecommerce.

  • Targeted Shopping ExperienceDevise personalized shopping experiences to customers based on their likes, dislikes, and preferences, all possible with our E-store app.

  • Secured PaymentsEliminate the reliance on cash by accrediting your customers with a multitude of payment options and enhance their trust.

  • Cross-Platform FunctionalityLeverage the entire smartphone user base with an E-store compatible with platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

  • One-Time InvestmentInvest once and reap the benefits forever! The possibilities that emerge with starting an E-store are endless.

Types of stores that can be started through our E-store App

Ours is a single app that can be bent as per your industry requirements. A multi-purpose, multi-functional solution. Take a peek at some of the types of stores that can be incubated with our Estore app.

  • Clothing/Apparel store

  • Grocery Store

  • Electronic Goods Store

  • Skincare Products Store

  • Medications Store

  • Footwear Store

  • Jewelry Store

  • Culinary Products Store

  • Luxury Products Store

  • Home Appliances Store

Our Estore App Development Solutions

  • Social Ecommerce App DevelopmentEffortlessly fuse the advantages of social sharing and online shopping into a singular solution with our headliner social ecommerce app development solutions.

  • Digital Wallet/Mobile Payment App DevelopmentMake the most of the internet boom with our new mobile payment apps that enable lightning-fast transactions between customers with ramped up security.

  • Price Comparison App DevelopmentLet your users find the precise price of any products with our spectacularly developed price comparison app development solutions.

  • Discounts/Deal App DevelopmentConquer the lucrative deal creating service for a range of online shopping businesses with our discounts and deal app development solutions.

  • Coupon App DevelopmentOur comprehensive coupon app development solutions enable you to launch an exclusive coupon app on the lines of

  • Shopping App DevelopmentThe crown jewel of the arsenal, our shopping app development solutions, arms you with the most advanced and sophisticated online shopping app for your business.

How does our Estore App Solution Work?

  • 1

    LoginA Customer logins into the app through their smart credentials.

  • 2

    SearchThe customer then searches through various categories through the search bar.

  • 3

    Add to CartCustomers select a single or number of products he/she intends to buy and adds them to the cart.

  • 4

    CheckoutThe customer enters the delivery details and pays through one of the various payment methods.

  • 5

    Track OrderThe customer can track the delivery status of his/her ordered products.

  • 6

    DeliveryThe products are delivered to the customer.

Extensive Range of Features

  • Instant LoginAccredit swift entry into your online store to users through their phone numbers or social media credentials.

  • Entry PageOnce your users enter the platform, they are welcomed with an immersive home page sprinkled with utility features.

  • Search BarProduct browsing is made streamlined as our intelligent search bar can sort out the massive assemblage of products without any fuss.

  • Product CategoriesInstant browsing over the entire range of product categories and subcategories is assured through this feature.

  • Add to CartImmediate purchase of a product is not complicated as users can willingly add products to the cart in a matter of seconds.

  • Locate StoresUsers not opting for door delivery can very well collect the ordered product themselves from their nearest stores.

  • Order HistoryReordering becomes a cakewalk as users are provided with the complete information of previous purchases.

  • FavoritesUsers can readily save a particular product that they’re interested in and purchase it in the future.

  • Chat OptionPrompt action can be taken on user queries and suggestions as they are connected through the in-app chat feature.

  • Account SettingsAccount details like username, password, payment preferences can be modified by the users then and there.

  • Customer RegistrationRegistration and login are processed at the earliest through social media accounts or email addresses.

  • Profile SettingsCustomers can update their profile details such as profile names, security questions, and delivery details, etc.

  • Support CornerCustomers are entitled to receive any assistance from the store admin through a dedicated support helpline available in a variety of languages.

  • Search and BrowseThe ocean of products can still be sorted effectively by an advanced search bar embedded with various filters.

  • View CategoriesA range of product categories and subcategories can be viewed right away through the product categories feature.

  • Add to CartCustomers are accessed for prompt addition of products into the cart for purchase.

  • Save/WishlistIf a customer likes a product but not in a position to order immediately, he/she can save it for later.

  • ReorderAs customers are proffered with the complete history of their purchases, they can immediately reorder a product.

  • Offers and DiscountsCustomers can avail of flash offers and discounts made available by the platform.

  • Reviews and RatingsCustomers can register their opinions about a product through the ratings and reviews section.

  • Centralized DashboardSellers, armed with a telescopic view of the business operations on the platform, can effectively manage them.

  • Store ManagementSellers can plunge into the online marketplace by registering their brand and adding various products.

  • Account SettingsThe various attributes of the seller account can be patterned according to the seller’s preferences.

  • Manage ProductsSellers can diligently add/remove/modify product and their allied details, descriptions, etc. with a choice for bulk selling.

  • Manage Deals/OffersIncreasing the business traction is now made simplified as sellers can proffer exclusive deals and offers on their products.

  • Manage OrdersEssential metrics, like the total number of orders, fulfilled orders, returned orders, replaced orders, can be monitored by the seller.

  • Manage ListingSellers can deliberately assemble similar products in listings and willingly manage them.

  • Manage PaymentsSensitive payment details related to overall business transactions can be viewed and exported by the seller.

  • Manage StoresAdd/remove/modify a new store or an existing store per the market and business needs.

  • Replace OrdersStrike a healthy relationship with your customers by replacing any faulty orders immediately.

  • Powerful DashboardThe entire proceedings of the marketplace can be effortlessly monitored by the admin using the dashboard feature.

  • Content Management SystemAdmins can decide and devise what content should be on display in your E-store application using advanced CMS.

  • Billing ManagementAttributes like total revenue, profits, income goals, and complete billing are available to the admin’s discretion.

  • Listing ManagementAdmins can add, delete, and edit the various product listings present in the online marketplace.

  • Customer ManagementAdmins have access to the complete details and database of the user base of the shopping platform.

  • Seller ManagementThe admin can retrieve the sales facts and revenue figures, along with other details of sellers and their products.

  • Product ManagementAdmins can manage the intricate details of products, such as descriptions, prices, and other allied attributes.

  • Deals ManagementAdmins can confer customers with irresistible offers and explosive deals to dramatically increase business traction.

  • Inventory ManagementWith smart integrations, admins can carefully scrutinize fine inventory points and ensure prompt quench of demand.

  • Customer Relationship ManagementThrough a comprehensive customer support system where telephonic and email support are provided to users, ensure customer satisfaction.

Demo Video

Ecommerce Store App Solution Highlights

Ingrained User ExperienceAn innovative blend of most-sought-after features and an immersive UI ensures a terrific performance and delivers the all-important nuanced user experience.

  • Highly fluid User Interface

  • Fast juggling of categories

  • Instant Checkout process

  • Diligent customer support

  • Elevated privacy and security

Stunning Seller ExperienceThere cannot be a better place for sellers to trade over their products than our ecommerce store as every attribute of selling is actively aided and streamlined.

  • Effective order management

  • Easy store management

  • Uncomplicated product management

  • Advanced analytics support

  • Effortless transaction management

Highly Scalable SolutionOur ecommerce store app is super scalable and can handle millions of concurrent users without any hassle. Sturdiness is our definitive deed.

Ultra-Responsive Web PanelIntuitively designed for tremendous responsiveness, our web panels exceed the general speed expectations and tender an alluring user experience.

Ecommerce App Development Process

  • 1

    RequirementsThe very moment you decide to partner with us in your ecommerce store development, our highly listenable customer relationship executives get in touch with you and draft your exact requirements and app vision.

  • 2

    Full-Fledged PlanningExpressing master project planning skills, we work in tandem with ecommerce store stalwarts and present you with a comprehensive working plan.

  • 3

    UI/UX DesignDesign is in our DNA, and our crafty design professionals superimpose their creative artistry to mold out an arresting UI that’s sure to keep your customers hooked into the app.

  • 4

    Backend DevelopmentDeploying futuristic approaches to development, we code the entire app with finesse and sturdiness that imparts longevity.

  • 5

    Quality AssuranceTesting is the most crucial part of our holistic development process as our testing engineers diligently score out bugs or glitches if any.

  • 6

    DeploymentOnce we receive the nod from you, we initiate the app deployment process and make sure that your ecommerce application is ready for user downloads in a few days.

Our E-Store Development Cost

Our quest for proffering only the best-in-class ecommerce store app demands thousands of hours of meticulous ideation, planning, and grinding. And trust us, that isn’t a big deal as we focus precisely on recreating your vision of the app. Hence, we deploy our top talent that flaunts iOS, Android, and Website developers working in synergy with industry experts.

A variety of factors, including customizations required, tech stack employed, features to be integrated influences the cost of development. But we could assure that our experts will churn out an amazing application that’s worth every single penny. Connect with us to know the exact cost!

E-Commerce App - Live Demo

    App Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Email & Contact Settings
  • Manage Social Media Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Image Settings
  • Manage Banner Settings
  • Manage Category Advertisement
  • Manage Category banner settings
  • Attributes Management
  • Manage Specification and Specification Group
  • Manage Countries/Cites
  • View/Manage Categories
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Features
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Manage FAQ
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Deals
  • View/Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • Manage Shipping Delivery
  • Manage Product/Store Reviews
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Customer
  • Manage Inquiries
  • View/Manage Merchants
  • Mange product approval
  • View/Manage Transaction
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Blogs
Merchant Features
  • Register/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Settings
  • View/Manage Account
  • Change Password
  • Attributes Management
  • View/Manage Deals
  • Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • View/Manage Shipping and Delivery
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Transactions
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • Fund Request Report management
  • Withdraw Fund request management
  • View/Manage Multiple Stores
  • View/Manage Commission
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • View Homepage
  • Search based on product/deal names
  • Product selection based on Category & subcategories
  • View Products
  • View Deal products
  • View sold out products
  • View Stores
  • View Banners/Best offers
  • Rate and review the products/store
  • View Product Description Page
  • Filter Range
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Manage Check out
  • Manage Shipping Address
  • Payment method
  • Booking Confirmation
  • View Nearby stores
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Manage Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Return/Replacement
  • View/Manage Wish list
  • Manage Password
  • Contact Us/Feedback
  • About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Customer service
  • Quick Links

Why choose us?

  • White-Label SolutionGrinding is ours; glory is all yours! Our white-label solution makes branding and rebranding a piece of cake.

  • User-FriendlyOne doesn’t need to be a techie to operate an ecommerce store, especially if Appdupe developed the app. Robust yet easy to use!

  • Immersive UI/UXOnline shopping becomes a luxurious experience as our app entices users with a drool-worthy user interface.

  • First-Class FeaturesOur exploits in ecommerce enable us to handpick some of the most exciting features an E-store must-have.

  • Complete SupportFrom planning to subsequent deployment and even post-deployment, we confer you our constant support of any kind.

  • CustomizationDeveloping ecommerce store apps that resonate with your business needs is our favorite pastime. 100% customization is available!

Tech stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Estore App script is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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