White-label Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution:
COVID-19 Proof Solution For A Sound Living

After WWII, COVID-19 is the next big problem that has affected every person and business across the globe. We never thought COVID-19 would cause such a drastic effect when we first heard of the virus spread. However, over time, we have started to live with it, with social distancing and wearing masks and gloves emerging as the ‘new normal.’

As our contribution to a better and more COVID-free world, we introduce the white-label Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection System - the new of its kind solution that can be installed across organizations to make people follow the safety norms more effectively. Backed by AI/ML and IoT capabilities, our solution employs existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras to detect people who do not adhere to the social distancing and other safety protocols and notifies the management for further actions.

  • Customizable solution

  • Detect up to 35 defaulters at a time

  • 95% Accuracy rate

  • Instant alerts

  • Real-time monitoring

Is Our Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution
A Customizable Solution?

Yes. The features and functionalities of our social distancing and face mask detection solution can be readily customized as per your business needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven everyone to follow social distancing - be it public or private premises. To help you function seamlessly and safely, we have come up with this white-label solution. Its branding elements can be personalized to go in line with your business and can be installed across your enterprise effortlessly in no time.

Contact us right away to install our avant-garde COVID-compliant solution across your organization!

How Does The Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution Work?


Download and install the solution in a dedicated computer system.


Integrate it with the existing IP and CCTV cameras.


Detects defaulters who do not follow social distancing and wear face masks.


The management is promptly notified upon identification of defaulters.


All details are instantly presented in the live feed section of the dashboard.


Data-driven reports are generated periodically to help you gain valuable insights.

Configuration Requirements Of Our COVID-Compliant Solution

A computer system running on the Windows OS with a minimum RAM capacity of 4GB.

YES! It is all we need to make our cutting-edge social distancing and face mask detection system up and running successfully, locating defaulters without a hitch.

The Range Of Services Offered
By Our Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution

Social Distancing DetectionYour IP and CCTV cameras, integrated with our social distancing and face mask detection system, installed in your office or public premises can quickly identify people moving in groups without adhering to the social distancing guidelines. It does so by measuring the distance between people in the specified location. Upon detection, it keeps you posted via real-time notifications.

Face Mask DetectionOur social distancing and face mask detection system employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify if people captured in the camera are wearing masks or not. It can be seamlessly detected by the cameras connected with our solution. The faces of people not adhering to the safety measures are captured and recorded in the dashboard, along with immediate notification of the respective team.

Live-feed DashboardThe intuitive dashboard provides you with live data like places where the social distancing and safety guidelines are least followed, along with the profile management of the defaulters. With these data, you can immediately notify the defaulters and ensure they adhere to the safety protocols. You can also view the analytics of the data recorded and generate reports if need be for documentation.

Features Of Our Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution

  • Instant alertsOnce people who do not follow the social distancing protocols and not wearing face masks are recognized, the management team will be fleetly prompted via instant alerts on the dashboard. SMS based alerts can also be set if necessary.

  • Multi-channel identificationOur solution has the parallel processing ability to process 16 video feeds concurrently. So you can detect people without masks or without following social distancing in any camera without any hassle.

  • Data analyticsAll data collected over a specific period of time is analyzed and presented to you with detailed information, including the list of defaulting activities, number of frames processed, number of defaulters, graphs on defaulting against time, etc.

  • Insightful reportsBased on the data collected, analytical reports are generated periodically for your reference. These reports, including the images of video frames with defaulters, are stored in the local computer. They can be downloaded in excel format if need be.

  • No hardware requirementOur solution can run on any Windows-based computer system with a RAM capacity of 4GB. Apart from this, no additional hardware is required to get started with our COVID-proof solution.

What Makes Our COVID-compliant Solution Stand Apart?

Quick detectionOur social distancing and face mask detection system is quite fast, detecting up to 35 defaulters at a time, without any delay.

Accurate dataOur deep learning based solution generates data with a 95% accuracy rate and possesses the capability to detect people without face masks up to a distance of 5 meters.

Valuable insightsThe reports generated periodically with the detailed information helps you gain valuable insights, assisting you in strategizing your safety measures accordingly.

Use Cases Of Our Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection Solution

  • Government Our solution can be installed in crowded public places like railway stations, metro stations, religious sites, etc., to ensure whether people follow social distancing guidelines and wear face masks or not.

  • AirportsThe system can be deployed at airports, which is predicted to be more prone to the COVID-19 spread. People who do not adhere to the safety guidelines can be quickly detected, and the concerned authorities can be notified.

  • HospitalsHospitals are yet another hotspot of COVID-19 spread, and monitoring the patients, visitors, and the hospital staff is extremely crucial. Cameras connected to our system can be installed at hospital premises for regular monitoring.

  • CorporatesThere is a need for organizations, be it small or large scale, to ensure the safety of their employees within the office premises. For the same, they can monitor the adherence to safety guidelines with our robust COVID-proof solution.

  • Schools/ UniversitiesUsing our leading-edge AI-powered solution, educational institutions can ensure their faculties and students abide by the social distancing protocols. If not, the concerned authorities can be immediately notified for further action.

  • Manufacturing plantsSafeguard your workers from the risk of the virus spread by embracing our resilient social distancing system. Notify workers to avoid close contact with one another, ensuring a safe and secure work environment.

  • Retail shopsRetail stores can effectively use our social distancing and face mask detection solution to ensure their customers follow the safety protocols and notify them instantly upon overruling them.

  • TheatresTheatres are places where people often tend to ignore social distancing and avoid wearing face masks. Restrict them by doing so with the use of our AI-based system, notifying them to follow the measures stringently.

Why Choose
Our AI Backed Social Distancing And Face Mask Detection System?

Customizable solutionThe solution can be readily available for customization to match your requirements. You can upgrade their capabilities anytime you want with ease.

Assurance to governmentHospitals, airports, corporate offices, and other organizations deploying our solution can assure the government that our safety guidelines are followed at all times.

Ensures safetyWhen installed across crowded places like airports, educational institutions, etc., people are ensured of their safety and security.

Third-party integrationsThe solution can be integrated with third-party APIs to offer features like an AI-based face recognition system and a lot more for extended functionality.

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our social distancing and face mask detection system can be readily installed on any Windows computer system with a 4GB RAM capacity. No additional hardware requirement is needed to get started with your safe COVID-proof journey.
Our deep learning based solution possesses the capability to detect people without face masks up to a distance of 5 meters, with an accuracy rate of 95%.
Yes. Serving our clients end-to-end is our top priority. We assist in installing our solution in your computer system and integrating it with your cameras. We support you until you effectively start using our solution.
We can give you the cost estimate only after analyzing your requirements. However, we offer our solution at an affordable price to help you offer a safe environment for people in your workplace, schools, colleges, etc.
Reach out to us via email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect through the chat option on our website.

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