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Launch All-in-one Super App to Offer 50+ On-demand Services!

Anywhere you see it nowadays, you can spot a smartphone and, in it, an on-demand app. Needless to say that this is by virtue of the astronomical results and advantages they have been offering. And, that’s an ample supply to why you should start investing in the super app business. Toy with the idea that if one on-demand service could result in larger returns, what would be the result if you offer multiple services? Undoubtedly you could have the upper hand over winning the tight race.

Our Appdupe is providing you a multi-services app solution that will get you nowhere but to the apex position of the industry! You can leverage the solution to launch over 50+ on-demand services and back most of the global population as your user base.

If you need to provide a land of possibilities to people and turn it into a flourishing kingdom, then our Careem clone script is the right solution. The script is compatible, white-label, and above all, it is end-to-end customizable; all that you need to put in columns with your business needs! What more do you need on top of this?

Empower your business with this solution and get ready to witness it come out like clockwork!

White-Label Careem Clone

What Is Careem Clone?

Careem clone is a ready-made super app solution that packs multiple on-demand services. From on-demand taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery, and pharmacy delivery to home services, the solution lets you integrate any on-demand services without a hitch. The clone can be customized to add new services, features, and plug-ins and launched on any platform like Android or iOS according to your demands, as it is well-suited and scalable.

50+ Premium On-Demand Services Embodied In Careem App Clone

The white-label app like Careem is a miracle package of over 50+ on-demand services. Look at what it has to offer!

  • Taxi Ride

  • Motor Ride

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Pharmacy Delivery

  • Water Delivery

  • Bouquet Delivery

  • Perfume Delivery

  • Baby Sitting

  • Fitness Trainer

  • Mechanic

  • Plumber

  • Electrician

  • Car Wash

  • Tutors

  • Dog Walkers

  • Security Guard

  • Pest Control

  • Pet Care

  • Maids

  • Snow Plows

  • Massage Therapy

  • AC Repair

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Doctors

  • Barber

  • Carpenter

  • Party Cleaning

  • Workers

  • Tour Guide

  • Home Painting

  • Physiotherapy

  • Catering

  • Photography

  • Vet

  • Travel Agent

  • Dj

  • Insurance Agent

  • Tow Truck

  • Beautician

  • Tutor

  • Painting

  • Dog Grooming

  • Lock Smith

  • Fuel

  • Helpers

  • Lawyers

  • Mobile Technician

  • Sofa Repairer

  • Spa

  • Translator

  • Psychologist

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Interior Decorator

  • Carpet Repairer

  • Computer Repairer

  • Fire Fighters

Key Features Of Our Careem Clone App

Address SavingWho would want to type out the address every time to get their services? Literally, none! Users can save an address to their profile. They won’t have to type it every time and just tap to select a service.

Social Media Sharing Increase your brand visibility to the edges of the world by letting users share about your app on social media platforms!

Real-time TrackingWith the in-built GPS tracking, the users can track their orders or delivery in real-time seamlessly, without any costs. Whoa!

Manage ProfileUsers can edit their profile anytime they want in case they want to add or remove the information like adding photos, a bio, and DOB. Privacy will be at its best as the app doesn’t store any information.

Schedule BookingsGive users the best advantage of availing of the services by booking the app instantly or by scheduling it for later. The app will trigger the request at an accurate time, and the services will be at their doorstep on the said date and time.

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White-Label Super App Solution

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Launch Super App like Careem

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Be The Top Player In The Market With Our White-label Super App Solution

Need For A Super App In Middle Eastern Countries &
How Careem Raised Through Other On-demand Business

For the most part of the Middle Eastern countries, if you had to ask someone randomly about a ride-hailing app they use, you might get Careem as their spontaneous answer. Started off with just a ride-hailing app, the Careem app has grown up into the biggest startup, which was then sold to Uber in 2020 for $3.1 billion. However, the company was doing the groundwork for diversifying its services.

It started integrating various rides, grocery to restaurant delivery, and digital transactions across over 100 cities. And just like you might have guessed, it turned out to be brilliantly efficient for users, as they can carry out several tasks from just one app that already has their information stored. The company states that its users have increased by 900%, aiding 48 million users. Whoo!

For now, it is the pioneer in introducing the Super app market to the MENA region and surely, the only supereminent player now!

How Unique Is Our White-label Super App Solution?

App like Careem

Careem clone is a customizable, super app solution that provides a nonchalant service booking option to the users. With a single app, users can avail of any number of on-demand services like in-home services, auto-care services, beauty, etc. As they bail out users from logging in every time for these services, it has become one of the prominent driving factors for the success of super apps. For many years, entrepreneurs have been looking for a cost-efficient and time-saving way to develop a White-Label Super App. And guess what, the time is here!

We offer development services in which entrepreneurs can specify the preferences to the development, and our clone app can be customized to fit those criteria to make them successful appreneur. Some unique metrics of our Careem clone are:

  • White-label script suitable for rebranding

  • Multi-scale platform to fuse any services

  • Unlimited service offerings

  • Flexible for any expansion of services

  • Smart payment interfaces

How Does Careem like app Work?

Ride services

User logins the app with personal credentials or through social media account.

They type in the pickup and destination address through the app.

The nearby driver receives ride requests, and they can choose to accept/decline it.

User can track the ride in real-time after the driver accepts the request.

The driver reaches the location and starts the trip.

After the trip completion, the user pays for the trip by choosing the preferred payment mode in the Careem clone.

Lastly, the user and driver rates the service and gives feedback on the app.

Delivery Services

Users sign in to the app after registering their details.

They select the delivery type they want from the list of the different services.

After they select different items, they add them to the cart and place the order.

The user can track the items through GPS navigation until the order gets delivered.

Once they receive the order, they can either pay via cash or online and give a review.

On-demand Services

As an initial step, the user logins to avail of the services.

After which, they choose the service they want.

From the list of service providers, they choose one service provider and place a request.

After getting the request, the provider may accept/reject it within the time limit.

After the service is done, the users pay for the service through any payment mode they prefer.

And at last, the user and service provider both rate the service experience.

Our Careem App Clone Package

A chance for every entrepreneur who is looking for ways to create a universal user base and to attain the maximum returns is right at the spot!

  • User app for iOS

  • User app for Android

  • Driver/ Service provider app for iOS

  • Driver/ Service provider app for Android

  • Service provider web panel

  • Store/Restaurant app for iOS

  • Store/Restaurant app for Android

  • Store/Restaurant web panel

  • Dispatch panel

  • Main landing website

  • Admin panel

Significant Features Of Our Careem Clone App

  • Email/Phone login Forget the boring registration processes for entering the app. We make it so simple that it takes just seconds to sign up for the app. Pintsized that users would even forget that they did register!

  • Social media login Social media accounts are always at the rescue when we face tediums. Tada! It is no less here! Not even email or phone number, just they have to click one account handle like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn and they are all set.

  • Access multiple services A mixture of top on-demand services all pinned in one place. They could flail their arms all they want as a farewell to other on-demand apps right away!

  • Select vehicle A one-size-fits-for-all solution that lets your users choose any vehicle type for ride-hailing service. Whether a thin or fat wallet, there are no more requirements for enjoying luxuries.

  • Filter store A stunning bunch of smart filters for the users in this spot! Based on their requirements, the user can find the nearest store and choose one from many of the partnered restaurants that have offers or ratings that attract them.

  • Add to cart An option for the users to stack up the items and place the order through single checkout without many complications. A budget-friendly price assurance with options like modification or removal of the items is a bonus in our Careem clone.

  • Fare estimation The things technology does! Users can get the idea about the fare for the transportation services they will avail. Just a pickup and destination address is all that is needed, and the app will disclose the details.

  • Order history People might forget to keep a check on their expenses, but the app doesn’t! Thanks to the data storage tech that ensures to display all the rides, delivery, and on-demand services completed so far.

  • View available providers User, user, and user preference are what on-demand app is all about. Then how can we miss this feature? From the list of available providers, with all the details such as name, pricing information, package, and ratings, users can select one service provider of their choice.

  • Cancel ride or order No more awkwardness to say no to the order or ride like in conventional methods. Just a single tap, and they can cancel the order or ride. Revolutionization at its best!

  • Invite friends Augment your user base by alluring your users with rewards for referring your service to their friends.

  • Manage profile The driver updates all the information for the world to see, like their first name, last name, address, and profile picture.

  • Manage document Driver or delivery person can add or modify the documents they have submitted, such as driving license, ID profile, and vehicle insurance for verification.

  • Earning report Let the delivery executives or drivers get the best look at their accomplishments with a total number of complete, ongoing, and pending ride/order requests.

  • Manage bank details Earning through the app is so much easier than one could imagine. The agent or driver can add or modify their account details, link it with the app, and yay! The revenue generated from the admin will be credited directly.

  • Social login Drivers can log in or sign up for the app easily through social sites such as Facebook, Google to get started with the successful opportunity!

  • Order/ride request A separate feature for the driver or delivery agent to make the most out of the on-demand Careem clone script! They can receive instant ride/order requests and start gaining handsome income right away.

  • Live chatTo protect privacy and to promote efficiency and communication, the app has an in-app chat feature. For any queries related to the ride or order, they can chat with the user in real-time.

  • Invoice detailsZero hidden details or hide and seek! The drover/delivery agent will get a complete invoice stating the details like total distance, tax, and payment details.

  • Cancel order/requestIf the driver or the delivery executive doesn’t have any will to take up the ride request, they can cancel it by entering the cancellation reasons in an app like Careem.

  • Customer feedbackThe chance to be more efficient and to improve can be leveraged by the driver. With a clear view of all the feedback of the drivers stated by the users, their date, name, and ratings, they might get to know the pain points easily.

  • Availability toggle Convenience is at its best! A store owner can now set the online or offline mode to let the people know about their availability to take orders.

  • Earning report A comprehensive view of all the progress that the business has made. Store owners can view completed, ongoing, pending, and canceled orders with details.

  • Estimated delivery time Now, kindling the curiosity is easier than ever with our Careem clone! The store owner can set an estimated delivery time for them to deliver order requests.

  • Manage offers Attracting people and retaining them is never easier. But who are we kidding? With this feature at hand, the store owner can add or modify the store offer and enlarge the order scale from them.

  • Delivery service radius The brilliant way to target the customers of the business. Store owners can now set a particular delivery service radius to a kilometer to which they can deliver the order.

  • Minimum order amount Let them set the bar for their service and have a handsome revenue and earn a fair reputation among the customers.

  • Customer feedback Allow the store owners to view all the feedback given by the user. Name, rating, feedback, date, and time are all displayed upfront.

  • Setting Our Careem clone script lets the store owner manage all details like delivery time, tax, opening and closing time, and everything they need.

  • Dynamic dashboard An entire panoramic view of the Careem clone for you! With a set of advanced features and functionalities, you can manage the app like a king!

  • Service provider/fleet management You can manage or add any details of the service providers or drivers swiftly. Whether it is the profile, services, charges, or anything more, you could manage it all.

  • Manage users Have the upper hand over the entire information of your customers from the name, address, their payment details, and so much more.

  • Analysis and reports Our Careem clone makes it possible to have complete data-driven insights about customers, service providers, requests, earnings, etc., at your fingertips

  • Ratings and reviews Manage all the ratings added in your app by different stakeholders and get insights into where the pain point lies and how you can improve. After all, gaining progress is a success too.

  • Billing panel Keep tabs on all the earnings and currencies filling your cash box. You can add or manage any of the revenue streams and percentages according to your will like a boss!

Discover Your Empire In The On-Demand Market By Getting Hold Of Our White-label Super App Solution!

Addons To Make Your Careem App Clone Grander

Make your business exceptional with the stunning add-ons given here.

  • VoIP Establish the most secure way of communication between users and service providers without revealing the phone numbers.

  • Notifications An engagement-driving feature for the better measurement of user retention. You can send notifications and broadcast notifications to all the service providers, users, and drivers.

  • Kiosk app Amplify your user base to greater heights for your Careem like app by allowing travelers to reserve services from a Kiosk stand.

  • Real-time currency Keep the users to your app, literally! Now you can provide users with updated currency exchange rates and calculated fare in local currency.

  • Share admin roles Managing an entire app of 50+ on-demand services and being an efficient owner can be quite overwhelming at times. But don’t worry! You can now create a sub-admin to manage orders, run promotions and manage all the disputes.

  • Real-time tracking With the utmost accuracy, users and you can check the ETAs and track the service providers and drivers in real-time utilizing the Careem clone script.

  • Business analytics Plot your points of progress and success by finding the repeat orders, customers, and revenues. The throne will be yours soon!

Safety Add Ons Of Our Multi Services App Solution

  • Contactless delivery Bearing the current pandemic situation in mind, here we have integrated a feature ‘contactless delivery’ for service providers to deliver the orders without getting in contact with the users. To maintain the integrity of the same, users can take a picture or video of the place they want the service providers to drop the order off.

  • Take away With this feature, users can now follow the safety protocol by preferring to order online and collect it from the stores/ restaurants.

  • Knowledge banners There’s nothing much better than letting people know how much of a threat the COVID-19 outbreak is to the entire world. As a preventive measure, now you could display the banners that will inculcate knowledge in your users and delivery partners. A little act like this can never let you down.

  • Safety badge Encourage and spread awareness among the multitude by offering safety badges to all the stores that follow precautionary measures while passing the user orders to delivery partners.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Revenue Making Streams With Careem Like App

  • Commission fee Get the best advantage of developing an on-demand multi-service app by filling your pocket with commission-based earnings. You can earn a percentage of the whole service payment and directly credit it to the service provider’s account. The more the sale, the more the currencies.

  • Subscription plansEnsure maximum user retention by providing exclusive services to the people who sign in for subscription plans. Manage the demographics of your target audience and make them your permanent user effortlessly.

  • Feature fee This is quite different from what you see in other on-demand apps. Of Course, giving something special is a part of our Careem clone! This revenue model will let you get the best of cash from your service provider since service providers want to get to the top of the searches.

  • High priority fee Make a huge fortune by offering the services of different levels. Fulfill the orders that have been mentioned as a top priority and charge a special fee. A give and take the situation for you and the service provider!

  • Delay fee Line your pocket by charging for the biggest intervals between the services. For instance, waiting for charges from users can be a good revenue stream to add additional revenue to the service provider's pockets.

How Does Our Careem App Clone Differ From Others?

  • Lifetime license You can get a license for a lifetime, using which you can modify or customize the solution to any degree you want. Get the best of your creativity and imagination, for your app it is!

  • Better compatibility Whether it is the Android platform or iOS that you choose to deploy your app on, the compatibility will be at its best. Because the latest technologies and our expertise together can never go wrong!

  • Upgradation You can’t sail through the on-demand market if you lag behind technology. Upgrading your app is imperative and inevitable. Make the most out of upgrades with our leading annual upgrade service.

  • White-labelling Veil and nail the Careem clone with your brand’s name and logo with the white labeling. We revamp it in a way that no soul can point out to be familiar with anything else!

  • Payment modes integration Don’t constrain the app from gaining the most income and, most definitely, the users. Without multiple offerings, here’s a significant one you can’t miss! Integrate any payment gateways to the app and nurture a safe and secure payment system.

  • Free bug support Spotting a defect from our solution can be a toilsome thing, and if you do spot any, our team will be happy to help with free bug support for one whole year!

A Look Into Our Careem Clone App Development

Why Choose Us For Careem Clone App Development?

  • Native apps You could take your on-demand business globally now without much exercise. We proffer solutions for both native Android and iOS apps for all the stakeholders.

  • Enticing UI DesignMarinated with awesome color schemes and the best user interface to ensure that you can not just win the hearts of the people but the market too!

  • Complete white-labelSince our solutions are purely white-label, you can revamp, twist, tweak, or whatever you want to turn into your brand name and logo. It’s all yours, after all!

  • CustomizableYou can customize the script to your will. Whether it is the features you want to modify or the plug-ins, do it all without a hitch and to the hilt.

  • Cost-effectiveOur solutions are considerably less expensive when compared to all the order Careem clone scripts available in the current market. There’s no compromise in the quality, though!

Want To Make An Ingress Into This Flourishing On-Demand Market? Do It Now With Our Exemplary White-label Super App Solution!

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.
Definitely, we provide a product that will be similar to the demo shown to you. The product can be modified to your requirements.
We have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is never compromised. Our Quality Assurance team will make sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the Careem clone that is going to be developed.
The future is promising for these on-demand delivery apps and especially apps with live content broadcasting. Our Careem Clone is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.

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