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To minimize the spread of COVID-19, many face-to-face services shifted to online platforms without any choice. This turned out to be challenging for traditional investment brokers who have got accustomed to communicating in person. However, it triggered something to try remote trading, and when people started to try out the digitization of their traditional stockbroker business, it had turned into something more positive.

One of the early adopters to this digital revolution is Zerodha, which offers trading services with discounted brokerage fees and a user-friendly experience. By launching many products and services into the FinTech industry, this Indian startup worth $2 billion has a client base of over 2.5 million and also increased its revenue by 15% to 1093 crores in 2020.

Over and above the familiar investors and traders, the Zerodha Stock trading app, has also attracted the younger generation to give it a whirl in stock market trading. And it is also anticipated that with an increase in smartphone usage, and digitization, the penetration rate of personal finance apps will increase.

AppDupe offers a Zerodha Clone that contains powerful features like price alerts, real-time trading, and watchlists, that let anyone invest and trade in the stock market on the go. There can never be a better time to buy and launch a Zerodha clone script than now. So, call us right away!

What Is A Zerodha Clone?

Zerodha Clone is a white-label stock trading app solution that lets you launch an app similar to Zerodha in the market. The clone’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is to encourage users to follow their personal investment strategy that would suit their budget efficiently. Traders can get insights about their own investments with insights about market movement, real-time analysis, and dodge the various risks swiftly.

The Trading Trends Have Evolved
Emerge On Crypto Trading Platform Development!

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has enhanced the trading space. It has not surpassed the exposure of stock trading but most definitely indulged many individuals into trading. Cryptocurrencies have been well-received in many industries and have also been legalized in many countries to make business purchases or deals. By demonstrating a promising future, these digital currencies seem to be evolving significantly.

Many popular trading platforms which have only supported the trades of stocks, bonds, etc., have also extended their services in supporting the crypto trades. Keeping up with the evolving trends is an essential factor in having your audience engaged with your platform. So, launch a trading platform that enables crypto trades with our cryptocurrency exchange development solutions!

Build Your Feature Loaded Crypto Trading Platform With Our White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions

Key Features Of The Stock Trading App- Zerodha Clone

  • AuthorizationDefend any hacking and phishing attacks easily. We promise extensive security by enabling bio authentication like Face ID, Touch ID, or their counterparts—multi-layer armor for a highly secure trading platform.

  • Social Media LoginAllow them to log in easily through social media account handles like (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter). Come up with great tactics for them with their social profile analyzing: a brownie point again!

  • Manage ProfileA maximal view of the user’s account, where the trader or investor can edit and manage profile data. They can track transactions and monitor all quotes in real-time.

  • Stock SearchIt allows beginners to easily find stocks through this feature. Thanks to the powerful tech stack of the script, users will find assets and learn to trade stocks easier than ever before!

  • Purchase/SellOptimize your user’s returns easily by displaying the stock’s current status. The users can now get insights and latest news about the well-performing stocks and finalize their trading decisions suitably. The capability to reap profits is on edge!

  • Profit/Loss StatusAnalysis of their purchase and distribution of the holdings can be made more clear-cut with this feature. Users can now analyze the profits and losses in a few seconds through a percentage and ranking pattern.

  • Robo-advisorPowered by cutting-edge technologies like algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and mathematical formulas that are taking the world by storm! Important statements and Personalized investment tips are shared with the users to make firm decisions.

  • WatchlistA user could keep any stock in his watchlist and get daily and real-time updates of the market price. For example, traders can add e-commerce platforms and logistics companies to their watchlist on the trading app, Zerodha Clone!

  • Favorites And Discovery PaneTrending stocks, stable stocks, etc., can all be viewed in just a single panel and be added as favorites. All in just one place, just like the user would want it!

  • NotificationsAlert and update your users about the exchange rates, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and details like trading stock prices, fire off, etc., when the buy/sell has been over.

Get The Newfangled Stock Trading App Like Zerodha And Sail Through The Industry Soon!

Launch Your Custom Trading App With Zerodha Clone

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Zerodha Kite CloneMake trading as easy as shopping on an ecommerce site with the powerful Zerodha Kite app. Now users could trade on the go using their smartphones. Features like Good Till Triggered (GTT) Orders, Online fund transfer options, Streaming quotes, etc., can make the user choose your app over any other digital trading app!

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Zerodha Coin CloneMove forwards with a mutual fund investment platform like Zerodha Coin and let anyone utilize lucrative investment opportunities. Easy navigation, instant payments, and real-time tracking of holdings are on the spot!

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Benefits Of Investing In A Zerodha Clone App Development

  • ConveniencePeople nowadays have become multitaskers, and they do not wish to spend the most time on just a single task anymore. They are demanding automated solutions and high-performing apps. Therefore, developing a stock trading app like Zerodha would help them dislodge hitches like inadequate services, poor results, and unstable platforms.

  • Growing number of investorsThe upthrust in the number of startups and the zest of millennials and Gen Z in earning passive income is rising consistently. This signifies that the number of investors will grow rapidly in the future.

  • Superior securityIn the traditional stock trading business, there are high chances where the traders end up sharing confidential information while taking advice. However, with the app’s superlative security, they can sidestep these risks.

  • Reducing risksFor an investor to complete fair trading, he/she must gather information from the brokerage companies, but unfortunately, that is quite implausible. Hence, the investors are flocking towards online stock trading applications like Zerodha that would contain all the straightforward, thorough, and verified information. So, there is a huge scope in this lucrative field for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • Real-time updatesSince the prices of financial assets and the demand and supply conditions in the stock market always fluctuate, the users have grown accustomed to getting real-time updates while investing. Applications that meet the demand seem to have escalated profits and depreciated potential risks, ergo luring them to use the app.

Perks Of Developing A White Label Trading Platform Like Zerodha

  • SublimityZerodha clone is nothing like the app that only people who are tech-savvy can use. New investors or seasoned pros, we have got you covered with pending orders, stop-loss, take-profit, and tiered leverage! After all, our innate and intuitive user interface coupled with powerful tools are not for nothing.

  • MonopolizationCustomize or paint the design and textures of your online stock trading platform from our pre-set vibrant themes or create your own. Your app, your brand!

  • Risk RegulationSet the model risk, profit/loss limits that suit your unique business needs. Account-based risk, tiered risk, and many more options can be orchestrated by you impeccably.

Market Your Stock Trading App By Covering The Legal Bases

  • To let the world know about your online stock trading app, you need to register as a broker-dealer.

  • There is bureaucratic paperwork that needs to be done depending on the regulations of the country you are set to launch your app in.

  • Comply with government laws and introduce investor protection programs to increase your business’ credibility.

  • Protect the money and data of your traders through AI-based fraud prevention, multi-factor authentication,, and other security tools.

  • Keep track of the penalties that bind upon your company and employees.

Digitize Your Investment Business To Yield Bountiful Returns Today!

Revenue Model Of Zerodha Clone App

  • Transaction ChargesFor every trade initiated through your Zerodha like app, you can set a minimum percentage. Though the percentage limit is lower, as the trading app grows to a user base worth several millions, come hell or high water, you will start earning a significant profit.

  • Premium SubscriptionAnother revenue stream to make a killing is the subscription service. Charge the service either monthly or yearly from experienced investors who earn huge returns and bestow them additional buying power and extended trading hours. They can also borrow money to buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and stocks.

What Are The Different Trading Software Development Services We Can Offer?

  • Hedge Funds We implement the latest proprietary trading algorithms or trading bots on your projects to make it upto the mark! We also develop custom hedge fund software based on your requirements.

  • BrokeragesWe provide best-in-class algorithmic trading software for internal brokers to conduct their operations and for their exclusive customers as well. Our services will be on point, perfect enough to let them win the Fintech industry!

  • Stock ExchangesOur development services extend to providing software that will help clients monitor the liquidity of popular stock exchanges.

  • BanksNot just entrepreneurs, but we develop trading and wealth management software for banks, which they can integrate with their infrastructure. A global business opportunity right in your hands!

  • OTC BrokersOur developers are proficient in implementing smart order routing algorithms to the Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading desks that will help both institutional and retail investors to obtain the best prices for their deals. We also develop custom OTC trading software projects for clients all over the map.

Key Functionalities To Turn Unrivalled In The Stock Market!

Plug in these elements into your stock trading app solution like Zerodha and drive the engagement to the zenith!

Educational elements Provide learning materials like articles, blogs, and tips related to the basics of the stock market industry to novice traders or investors to allow them to sail through the path of experts.

Research spaceLet the master the art of trading in the stock market via thorough analysis, the drifts of the market. Allow them to get insights about the increase or decrease of the stock value and what they could expect from the stocks they have invested in.

Discussion forumEncourage the users to have a finesse over the trading and investments by giving and taking the knowledge from other investors of the app through a decentralized online forum.

Our Zerodha Clone App Development Process

  • 1

    The idea that you tell us will be validated by our experts in the business analyst team and will be turned into a viable business model. They design a detailed development roadmap followed by which they will jot down all you have got as requirements like app’s features, design, and line-up, etc.

  • 2

    Our skilled development team will consider the mobile app’s platform, the third-party APIs, along with the core and non-core features that will spike your online stock trading app’s visibility.

  • 3

    The crucial process of designing the visual analytics will be initiated by our talented team of designers. They frame a pattern over the line and bar charts, candlesticks, and other graphs that will be suitable for your Zerodha clone.

  • 4

    After everything gets finalized, our team will start the front-end and back-end development for iOS and Android apps or your preferred app.

  • 5

    Once the newly established stock trading app is ready, it is put through various testing processes to test its performance. After ensuring a high quality of resilience, it is deployed on the server of your choice.

Why Choose Us For Zerodha Like App Development?

Our team’s developers have been in the currency and stock trading industry for more than a decade to know the pulse of this industry like the back of their hands. We have always been very keen on digitizing various stock trading businesses and succeeded in delivering profit-driving solutions across the world.

We are renowned experts in creating stock trading app solutions like Zerodha that will flourish for now and forever. So stop twiddling thumbs and discuss with the best developers! Wind up to know the infinite possibilities that financial technology can offer you.

A Future-proof Investment. Unfading Revenue. Make It All Yours With Zerodha Clone!

Tech Stack


All the stock trading apps are both reliable and safe. They conform to the laws and regulations regarding trading in the respective countries, which implies that they do everything possible to keep the data and money safe.

Investors who hunt for the best and secure trading solutions will never simmer down. Online trading apps like Zerodha will help them in suggesting solutions for investing. This increases the demand. When there is demand, there needs to be an adequate supply of valuable financial assets. If you are supplying those demands, then your next stop will be the leading position in the market.

The development cost is influenced by features, type of technologies, and the UI/UX design, and the type of business. So, there is no fixed cost. However, you can help yourself by reaching out to our support team, and they will give you an exact quote.

We follow proper encryption and incorporate all the latest security techniques while we develop your app to make it a highly secure mobile trading app.

Obviously, we sign a mutual confidentiality agreement with you to protect your precious app ideas and we assure you that your project details are always safe with us.

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