Contactless Facial Recognition Attendance System

Facial Recognition is the latest and one of the most cherished advances in technology, and honestly, it's time has arrived.

Everything's about to change in the post-corona world. Nobody thought that a touch could have world-ending consequences. "Contactless" is the way forward. Help is right here. Presenting to you, 'The Contactless Facial Recognition Attendance System,' that can be deployed in minutes and can both save time and trouble, forever! Read on.

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Go Contactless With Our AI-based Face Recognition Software

We are witnessing unprecedented events caused by COVID-19. Safety first, like never before. Nobody should have to touch anything anymore unless it's absolutely unavoidable. So, while we upgrade your workspace to accommodate these new challenges, let's start with the most basic of it - Attendance System. This product is so vital, given the circumstances, that we received inquiries for it even before we had it built. Now, it's ready and is being deployed extensively, as we speak.

The beauty of this solution is, it works even with your employees' mask on. It can tell you when someone's not wearing one, in case you want to step in and enforce it. You would have migrated to this solution anyways, COVID or not because it's super-efficient and really cool. It's the way forward for every responsible employer, like YOURSELF.

The Workflow Of The Employee Attendance Software Step-by-Step Breakdown

The face of the user is scanned using the device camera at the entry points, and facial features are analyzed.

The analyzed features of the user are compared with the known faces stored, and the user details are retrieved.

The user will be given a few seconds to put the face mask on, and the user's face is again scanned to ensure the same.

The specified area around the user is examined to make sure the social distancing guidelines are enforced.

Only when all these standards are observed, the attendance of the day for the user is marked.

Two Working Models Of
Face Recognition Attendance Software Solution

Based on the size of the business, you can avail of any of the following software solutions.

Tab-based Model

Your tablet with our software solution installed is set at the entry points. Employees scan their faces using the device camera and wait for it to confirm its checklist - face mask detection and social distancing.

Once confirmed, it marks the attendance of your employees and lets them in. Neat.

Mobile-based Model

Here, employees can walk into the office, connect their mobile phones with the local WiFi server and log in to their accounts, and scan their faces using the mobile camera. Once all criteria, i.e., face mask detection and social distancing detection, are met, the employee's attendance is marked for the day.

They both work like a charm, but the Mobile-based system adds more security because it requires your employees to log in from their mobile using your office WiFi, eliminating any prospects of them dodging the system.

Killer Features Of
Facial Recognition Attendance System

  • Face recognition

    Our software is powered with the latest AI Face Recognition technology to capture the accurate facial features of users.

  • Profile match

    The scanned facial features are compared with the stored data to find the matching profiles.

  • Face mask detection

    The device camera scans the user faces to ensure they are wearing their face masks in the office premises.

  • Social distancing detection

    The device camera scans a specified location around the users to make sure the social distancing guidelines are followed.

  • Mark attendance

    Once the matching feature is completed, attendance is marked for the users.

  • Advanced analytics

    The number of people and frames are processed for a specified location. The graphical representation is shown based on the processed data.

  • Alert notifications

    The admin is notified about the activities via live alerts on the dashboard. SMS alerts can also be shared if needed. This way, they will be able to recognize people who do not follow social distancing and do not wear face masks.

  • Real-time reports

    Based on the analytics shared, reports are generated in real-time with insights to help businesses make informed decisions.

  • Temperature detection (beta)

    The temperature of the user is detected using the contactless thermal imaging system, so users with higher temperature can be restricted from entering the office/ educational institution premises.

Configuration Requirements
Of Our Face Recognition Attendance Software

Here’s what you need to integrate our contactless employee attendance software into your business ecosystem.

Smartphone/ Tablet with 4GB RAM capacity

5MP Front Camera

4G/WiFi Internet Connectivity

Benefits Of Our
Face-recognition Based Attendance Software

Combined software solution

Attendance system, coupled with face mask detection and social distancing detection, helps in achieving desired safety measures within the office premises.

Assurance for the government

With the software on board, corporates can assure the government that the social distancing guidelines are observed within the office premises.

Ensuring the safety of employees

Employees and other users entering the office without wearing face masks are restricted from entering the office. Safety ensured.

Advanced analytics and reports

Images of people who did not wear face masks are captured and stored in the local computer system, along with defaulting time. You can interfere and enforce change.

What Makes Our Face Recognition Attendance Software, Your Pick?

Quick detection: The software can detect upto 35 persons at a time.

Accuracy: The software has an accuracy rate of 99% and can detect persons without face masks upto 5 meters away.

No additional hardware: The software does not have any hardware requirements and can be installed on any device with a minimum RAM size of 4 GB.

Multi-channel: The software has the capability to process 16 video feeds simultaneously, with its parallel processing ability.

Paperless reports: The reports are generated in real-time on the dashboards, eliminating paper documentation.

Software Package

Features Smarttendance - Lite Smarttendance - Pro
Face recognition
Face mask detection
Social distancing detection
Voice alerts

Built with cutting edge technology

We use the most advanced app building technologies to bring your smartphone software to life, such as:


All you need is a device with a minimum of 4 GB RAM. We will help you install the software on your tablet device if you prefer the tab-based model. Then, you are all set to enforce the face recognition-based attendance system. If you choose the mobile-based model, we will guide you in installing the software on your employee’s devices.

The software can detect up to 35 faces at a time, and generate reports based on whether they covered their faces with face masks or not.

There are variables - like the number of employees and the kind of customization required. It’s best we discuss this. You can call us or chat with us, and we’ll stitch you a perfect plan that fits.

Absolutely. And anytime after that as well.

You can connect with our support team via call - +91 938 484 3395, mail - [email protected], or chat option available on our website. Our support team will guide you through the entire process and clarify your queries.

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