Postmates Clone
Launch an On-Demand Pickup and Delivery App like Postmates!

What happens when an online solution empowers a user to get anything and everything at their doorsteps, all within their fingertips? The 10 billion-strong customer base of Postmates with revenue expected to exceed the $16 billion mark slaps an emphatic reply that on-demand pickup and delivery apps are the future. Coupled with a ceaseless demand and universal receptivity, apps like Postmates design an extremely attractive value proposition for entrepreneurs worldwide.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Postmates clone- an exceptionally built on-demand pickup and delivery solution that is drenched with a stellar array of features and robust functionality. Made with path-breaking technology. Reliable, resilient and ready to launch. Now at an unbeatable price!

Our Postmates Clone App Supports
A Wide Variety of Delivery Services

A legion of delivery services. One Application.

  • Food DeliveryMake your customers' taste buds dance to the tune of their favorite food by delivering it to their doorstep at a jiffy. Delivering delight!

  • Grocery DeliveryAccredit your customers with the ability to get the essentials of the month delivered to their home at the touch of a button. Delay in delivering groceries is never to be witnessed again!

  • Alcohol DeliveryPlan out a perfect celebration with the capacity to deliver alcoholic beverages at any location, any time at your convenience! Never run out of high spirits again!

  • Bottled WaterBe it a corporate congregation or a community event, infuse a sense of professionalism by delivering packed water bottles almost immediately. All you have to do is tap a button!

  • Flower DeliveryPropagate the immersive freshness of blossoming flowers with your loved ones by sending it to their homes through our Postmates clone.

  • Medical MarijuanaThe on-demand pickup and delivery solution entitles customers to get their dosage of marijuana drop-shipped to their home without much of a hassle.

  • Pharmacy DeliveryWhy trail through the never-ending pharmacy queues when you can get the medicines delivered directly to your home! The Postmates Alternative makes it a reality.

  • Document DeliverySave the day by delivering treasured documents most securely and conveniently with our Postmates clone application. An exponentially viable utility!

  • Stationary DeliveryKeep the art ball rolling by delivering an entire spectrum of stationery products at a scorching pace. Pay through a multitude of available options!

Have a Delivery Idea?

We don't necessarily restrict ourselves to the verticals mentioned above. The Postmates clone is an all-encompassing solution, meaning any of the delivery silos can be annexed seamlessly.

The Complete End-to-End Digital Solution
For Your Postmates Clone App

Supersize your business traction with an avant-garde on-demand delivery solution drenched in stunning features, culminating in a delightful customer experience.


User-Friendly Interface

The highly intuitive user interface infuses the Postmates clone with immersive ease of usage, making the process of booking a delivery request a piece of cake. Devised for the masses!


Pronounced App Experience

Tap unexplored markets and user base with robust native iOS and Android mobile applications that power your customer to access the delivery management system at its totality at a touch.


Live Tracking

Crown your customers with the ability to receive real-time location updates about their orders besides periodical alerts about the order status through an elaborate ETA report.



Don’t let the pandemic deter you from reaching your business goals as our Postmates Clone is bestowed with features like ‘Contactless Delivery,’ ‘Safety Badges,’ ‘Takeaway,’ and much more.

Exert the Ability to Provide a Safe and On-Time Delivery with Our White-Label Postmates Clone.

Our Postmates Clone Supports These Customers Silos

  • Single Store OwnersIf you are managing a business located at a single location and looking to leverage the online frenzy, the Postmates Clone is your tool.

  • Multiple StoresConverging your chain stores' masteries is now a child’s play, thanks to our first-rate on-demand delivery solution.

  • SMBsExtend your delivery services on a global scale. Experience an unwavering business growth halted by none!

  • StartupsAnnex into the bandwagon of universal delivery empires with our white-label Postmates clone. Launch your dream startup in a matter of a few days!

  • Enterprises Bustling enterprises with the need to handle a stack of delivery utility are supplemented with an exceptionally automated delivery system, backed by our Postmates Clone.

  • Delivery and LogisticsBoost up your delivery functionality on-par with international standards. Your staple way to ascend into global logistics dominance!

How Does Postmates Alternative Work?


Users register into the platform through email address/ phone number etc.

Browse Services
From the endless list of services such as food delivery, grocery delivery, etc., the user selects the required delivery service.

Add to Cart
Users can add any of the products into the cart instantly and proceed to checkout.

Payment/ Order Confirmation
Users can pay through any of the available payment methods and confirm the order.


Receives Order Request
The entire delivery request details are showered to admin the moment the user places the order.

Stock Verification
The admin assesses the stock availability and reconfirms the delivery request immediately.

Packaging and Dispatch
The yet-to-be delivered product is packed and dispatched to be picked by the delivery team.


Order Pickup Notification
The delivery person nearest to the location is assigned through in-app alerts.

Visit Store for Pickup
The delivery executive storms into the store to pick up the package for delivery.

Out for Delivery
When the assigned delivery executive picks up the package, the delivery status is modified into ‘Out for delivery.’

Delivery Fulfilled
The user receives the package on or before the expected delivery time is indicated in the ETA report.

Our Postmates Clone App Package

Being the result of congruence of world-class technology and operating market sensibilities, the Postmates Alternative is devised to quench the needs of a multitude of customer base with its futuristic delivery capabilities. The business-grade stature makes the handling of millions of concurrent users and tractions a walk in the park, propelling your business traction into the levels of the stratosphere.

Appdupe’s bundle of world-class technological gems is nothing short of magic. Take a back seat and experience stupendous delivery functionality through an entire web, iOS, and android application. Take a peek at the extensive Postmates clone app package!

Native Apps
For a powerful performance, undeterred by nothing

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store iOS App
  • Delivery Executive Android App
  • Delivery Executive iOS App

Web Panels
Ultra-responsiveness is its anchoring virtue

  • Main Website
  • User Web Panel
  • Store Web Panel
  • Delivery Executive Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Master Admin Panel

Complete List of Features

  • Instant RegistrationLet your users storm into the on-demand delivery services platform by entering their email address, phone number, or social media credentials.

  • User ProfileEntitle your customers to configure any of the profile elements associated with the user account, such as name, delivery address, preferred payment method, and much more.

  • Advanced Search BarSieving through an ocean of plentiful products and services is no more a daunting task as users are aided with a powerful search bar drenched in filtering and sorting elements.

  • Real-Time TrackingBanish the anxious moments of waiting for delivery with the ability to track the location of the assigned delivery executive in real-time through the GPS integration.

  • Schedule DeliverySuffuse an overtone of regularity by concording the customers with the capacity to schedule the orders as per the tunes of their agenda.

  • Wish ListsWilling to get that favorite piece of the product, but not now? No worries! The Postmates clone empowers users to save a product and purchase them at a later date.

  • Order HistoryAccredit your users to access the entire list of previously ordered products along with their transactional details. This way, reordering is facilitated without a hitch.

  • Multiple Payment ModesFlood your users with diverse payment options ranging from credit/ debit cards. UPI, net banking, cash-on-delivery, and even an exclusive, rechargeable electronic wallet.

  • Push NotificationsKeep your users mesmerized with the scheme of your offering’s things by sending updates about the latest offers, discounts, add-ons, etc., through text messages or in-app push notifications.

  • Reviews and RatingsEncourage reasoned purchase decisions by enabling the customers to express their opinions about the delivery service through the ratings and reviews field in the app.

  • Swift OnboardingDelivery persons can kick start their activities instantly by registering on the platform by entering the mandatory information.

  • Accept/ Reject OrdersAny of the delivery requests assigned by the admin can be accepted/ rejected by the delivery executive without any hassle.

  • Availability ToggleDelivery executives can flag their availability pertaining to a particular delivery request or for the entire day by tapping the toggle button in the app.

  • Route OptimizationOnly the most optimized routes that are devoid of any traffic or blockades are proffered to the delivery executives to plummet the expected delivery time.

  • Order AlertsThe delivery executive nearest to the ordered store is alerted with the complete order and delivery location details through in-app push notifications.

  • Delivery PlannerArmed with an automated delivery planner that prioritizes delivery requests based on real-time factors, the executives can intensify their delivery effectiveness.

  • Delivery StatusDelivery executives can momentarily update the status of individual delivery orders such as ‘Delivered,’ ‘Returned,’ ‘Out for Delivery,’ etc.

  • Cash RegisterTo facilitate seamless management of cash-on-delivery orders, the executives are girded with a digital cash register embedded in the mobile application.

  • Contact CustomersTo eliminate misconceptions and miscommunications, the executives can directly place a call with the customer and resolve any location-related queries.

  • Earning ManagementDelivery executives can assess their financial performance with the capacity to retrieve their earnings report spanning across days/ weeks/ months.

  • Store ProfileThe broad spectrum of attributes of the profile of the stores, such as name, address, featured products, customizations available, etc., can be configured.

  • Order ManagementFurnished with an all-encompassing order panel, store managers are able to keep track of the incoming orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, etc., seamlessly.

  • Availability ManagerStore managers can set up the opening and closing hours (operational time) of their offerings in accordance with their convenience.

  • Products ManagementAny of the available products, along with their descriptions, pricing, etc., can be added/ deleted/ modified by the store managers.

  • Finance CornerStore managers are displayed with the revenue received per order besides a cumulative report of successful orders of the month along with their transactional details.

  • Drivers ManagementOnce a product is ready to be dispatched, the store manager can contact the delivery executive and share the accurate location details.

  • Instant NotificationsThe store version of the Postmates clone is thronged with push notifications after confirming an order placed by the customer.

  • Payment ManagementStore managers are accredited to activate/ deactivate any of the payment methods available based on the customer patronage and market conditions.

  • Web OrdersOrders placed on the main website can be fulfilled and dispatched by the store managers instantly, which are then delivered to the customers.

  • Support CenterStore managers can avail of the around-the-clock assistance provided by the admin regarding any of the existing technical issues related to the application.

  • Master DashboardWith a wall-to-wall view over the on-demand delivery platform's entire business proceedings, admins can assure seamless management.

  • Manage UsersAdmins can access the database of the users registered with the platform at its totality and export it for quality assurance purposes.

  • Manage StoresThe details about the legion of stores across any of the delivery verticals can be retrieved by the admin and can be blocked if found violating the regulations of the app.

  • Manage Delivery ExecutivesAdmins are responsible for recruiting and assigning delivery executives with delivery requests besides an automated order matching system.

  • Manage ProductsBased on the customer demand and market trends, admins can add/ remove/ modify any of the products available in the Postmates clone app.

  • Order ManagementThe admin panel empowers the business owners to diligently scrutinize the order-related operations and expedite the processes right away.

  • Commission ManagementAdmins can deliberately rewire the percentage approved for delivery executives' commissions and of the platform itself about industry trends and conventions.

  • Transaction HistoryThe detailed information about every order placed along with clear invoices is available in the master admin panel.

  • Manage PromotionsIn the view of aggrandizing the business traction, admins are enabled to devise enticing promotional activities such as offers, discounts, and exclusive give-away days.

  • Advanced AnalyticsThe all-important insights proficiently deduced from a plethora of crucial blocks such as customer engagement, order rate, cart abandonment rate, etc., are available to the admin.

  • Content ManagementEquipped with an intuitive content management system, admins are able to astutely strategize the visibility of imperative and must-have chains of the content displayed in the app.

  • Invoice GenerationThe moment a customer makes a payment, a comprehensive invoice is generated and is available for downloads for both customers and store managers.

  • In-App ChatConnect your customers with the platform's other stakeholders, a.k.a, store owners, and delivery executives through a secured internal communication channel.

  • Map ViewImmerse your customers with the list of available restaurants pinned over their locations in an alluring spatial view.

Safety Features that Make Postmates Clone COVID-Proof

Instill the seeds of trust into your customer base with our delivery management solution marinated with stellar Anti-COVID elements establishing the safety of all the stakeholders.

  • Contactless DeliveryDo away with even the slightest possibility of contracting the deadly virus by authorizing the delivery executives to drop the orders at a sanitized spot near the customer's doorsteps.

  • Take Away ServicesNot enticed by the capabilities of getting the ordered products delivered at your home? No worries! Customers can now place orders, pay online, and pick them up by themselves.

  • Safety BadgesCelebrate the spirit of adherence to the stringent COVID-19 precautions and regulations by awarding your delivery agents with safety badges, exhibiting the delivery's shielded nature.

  • COD DisablingSwitch on to the ever-relevant online payment method and deactivate the risky cash-on-delivery mode as currency notes are identified as a potentially contaminated object by international bodies.

  • Positive Case AlertsIn the case of any of the delivery executives being tested positive, customers, store managers, and the nearest health agency are notified instantly to check the spread of the dreaded virus.

  • Lockdown/ Containment ZonesEdify both the customers and delivery executives with real-time updates about the containment zones and proffer delivery routes that avoid potentially harmful locations.

  • Positive Case IdentificationDisable the services of delivery executives tested positive for COVID. The admins are supplied with the capacity to track their recovery period, all through the app.

  • Knowledge BannersDrum the extent of your reverence to the community's wellness by embedding banners with information about the precautions and safety measures to be followed to curb the spread.

Looking for Developing Your Own Postmates like App? Look No Further!

Experience the Ability of End-to-End Customization

Recreating anything in its entirety is one of our defining features. Want to launch an on-demand delivery service that’s in line with your expectations? Yay! You have landed at the right place.

Complete CustomizationEnrich your world-beating application with the ingenuity of never-seen-before features tailored to your needs and requirements. Always ahead of the herd!

Highly ScalableSturdiness oozes out the Postmates clone, having been constructed by some of the world’s best frameworks that are unfazed by the handling of millions of users and transactions concurrently.

100% OwnershipMobilize the fruits of the world-beating on-demand delivery solution in a limitless manner as you are crowned the sole owner of the platform and its IP with a ceaseless license.

Why Postmates Clone App Development Is the Best Bet For Entrepreneurs?

  • Extensively User-Friendly

  • Stellar Security

  • Regular Updates

  • Periodic Maintenance

  • 360° Support

  • Higher ROI

  • Pronounced User Experience

  • Less Downtime

  • One Time Investment

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

App Demo
Web Demo

A Look In To The Postmates Alternative Solution

The Postmates clone is a stunning repository of the complete spectrum of delivery services, extending from food delivery, Grocery delivery, Alcohol delivery and much more.

Workflow of Our Postmates Clone Script



User RegistrationThrough their phone number/ email address or social media credentials, users log into the app.


Browse CategoriesUsers can scroll through a legion of available delivery silos and select the required one.


Place an OrderUsers can add the required items to the cart and pay through any of the available options.


Track OrderUsers can track the live location updates of the ordered product through the in-app map feature.


Receive ProductUsers receive the product, and pay if the delivery is fulfilled by the COD option.


Review and RatingOn a scale of 1-5, users can rate their delivery experience besides reviewing the product quality.



Order NotificationThe entire details of the order the moment a user confirms the order.


Order DispatchThe ordered product is prepared/processed and dispatched


Amount TransferredThe profit amount excluding the platform commission is transferred to the registered bank account.

Delivery Executives


Delivery Request NotificationDelivery executives are alerted with the order details and the pickup details.


Pickup OrderDelivery executive visits the restaurant, and collects the package and heads to the customer location.


Deliver the OrderThe ordered product is delivered to the customer and collects the COD amount, if applicable.


Receive CommissionFor the fulfilled order, the predetermined percentage of commission is transferred to the bank account.

Our Process
of Developing Postmates Clone

  • 01

    Agreement SigningOnce we confirm our collaboration, we analyze your requirements and proffer you with a full-fledged planner and a demo application that exhibits what's in store for you. This is succeeded by a 50% upfront payment and signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • 02

    Customization & BrandingWe coherently conceive, wireframe, design, and develop the Postmates clone in line with your business identity's inherent elements, which is followed by rebranding with your logo, brand name, tagline, and much more.

  • 03

    Installation & LaunchUpon your wholehearted approval and vigorous testing in adherence to world-class quality standards, we install the app on the server of your choice and submit it in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for approval.

  • 04

    Post-Deployment SupportWe ensure the app is live and raging for user downloads, and the payment of the remaining 50% is mandated. This is accompanied by the transfer of the ownership rights in their entirety. Till then and further, we are available at your fingertips for support across any assistance silos!

Features That Set Our Postmates Like App Apart

  • Limitless LicenseWe bestow you with a ceaseless license that entitles you to harness the app's fruition as long as you want. You are made the true king here!

  • Web and Mobile AppsNot just mobile applications, your customers can avail themselves of an assemblage of delivery services through an exclusive web app.

  • Multilingual SupportLeverage a global user base by doling out the services of the Postmates clone in the world's significant languages seamlessly.

  • Multi-Currency SupportWhy restrict yourself to a particular location? Tap unexplored markets with the ability to offer delivery services in popular currencies of the world.

  • White-LabelingForay into the market with your own on-demand delivery solution embarked with your brand logo, name, UI palette, etc.

  • Free UpdatesSustain the relevance of your offering as we shower you with periodical updates, establishing a masterful technical finesse.

  • Free Annual Bug SupportUpon purchasing the Postmates clone, we vehemently remove bugs and glitches, if any, for a year at absolutely free of cost.

  • Instant LaunchWhy wait for months when you can launch your app in a matter of a few days! Our Postmates Clone is devised for hitting a home run instantly.

Tremendous Demand. Massive User Base. Exceptional ROI.

Are you ready to get into the fray with our Postmates clone?

Why Choose Us?

  • 360° SupportCustomer satisfaction tops the list of our priorities any day. From conception to post-deployment, we confer with you an unwavering sense of support any day, any time, anywhere!

  • 100% CustomizableEvery single iteration of our prestigious list of solutions can be customized end-to-end and can be rebranded entirely to resonate with your ingrained business needs and ideology.

  • Turnkey SolutionsBeing a business-grade delivery solution, Appdupe’s Postmates Alternative encompasses everything from an astonishing array of features to robust functionality, the staple for rousing business success.

  • NDA SigningWhen we assert that we emphasize on the privacy of our customers, we mean it. That’s why we intuitively strike a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your clients. Maximal trust!

  • Demo ApplicationUnlike others, we don’t castle promises in the air; we actualize them! This is evident by the fact that an immersive demo app is provided to you to drench in the nitty-gritty of the magnanimous to-be-developed delivery solution.

  • Flexible Packages You are entitled to get us on board to develop the on-demand delivery application on diverse engagement models and based on your unique requirements. Anything is possible with Appdupe!

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Dashboard with live ride details
  • View/Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • View/Manage Dispute Panel
  • Heat map
  • God’s View
  • View/Manage Roles
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Manage Provider Approval
  • Dispatcher Manager
  • Dispute Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Manage Account Statement
  • Mange Payrolls
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage shop types
  • Manage Cuisines
  • Restaurant Management
  • Order History
  • Manage Commission
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View /Manage Country and city
  • View /Manage Services History
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View/Manage Menus
  • View/Manage Ticket Categories
  • View Earning Reports
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Contact Page
  • Site Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Map/SMS configuration
  • Manage Email Configuration
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Search Radius
  • Manage Provider response time
  • Manage Manual/Automatic Assignment
  • Database backup
  • View/Manage Referral
  • Custom Push notification
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Change password
User Features
  • Social media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View Restaurant/Stores list
  • Book order service
  • View Offers/Coupons
  • View Featured Services
  • Search based on Restaurants/Dishes
  • Filter Range
  • View Item/Product List
  • View Cart
  • Order by Delivery/takeaway
  • Real-time tracking
  • View Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Call/Chat Delivery Partner
  • Rate/Review Delivery Partner
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Address
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Invite Referrals
  • Manage Order History
  • In-app Notifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout
Shop Features
  • Email Login
  • Dashboard
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Shop Open Timings
  • Manage Response Time
  • Manage Best Seller Timeline
  • View/Manage Promo codes
  • View/Manage Addons
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Items
  • Manage Item Discounts
  • Accept/Cancel Order
  • View Order Details
  • Manage Estimated Preparation Time
  • Manage Current/Past/Cancel Orders
  • View Live Order Status
  • View In-app Notifications
  • Manage Bank Account
  • Wallet Management
  • Order History
  • Revenue Statements
  • Change Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Social Media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Multiple Services
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Bank Details
  • Mange Payment
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage Language
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Live Order Status
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Live Navigation
  • Call/Chat Partner
  • View Order History
  • View Notifications
  • Raise Disputes
  • Invite Friends & Referral code
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Tech Stack


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Postmates clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and design to suit a specific location too.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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