USPs of our Airmeet Clone Script


Why opt for those staggeringly sized conference halls that drill a hole in your wallet when you can brainstorm through virtual meetings at the comfort of your homes! Our Airmeet clone does the job for you.


Transcend the scores of conventional constraints associated with seminars by ameliorating into webinars. With our Airmeet clone, one strikes an instant connection with participants sans trouble.

Business Conferences

Experience the streaks of never-seen-before ranges of efficiency by conducting virtual business conferences with our Airmeet clone. A perfect business communication tool in every sense of the word!

Screen Recording

Push, pause, and play the salient excerpts of your virtual meetings. Record anything and everything operational during the conference. Your de facto notes scribbler!

Screen Sharing

From the dry depths of business presentations to the instantly gratifying college albums, share every little thing through the screen sharing utility of our ingenious Airmeet clone.

Remote Access

Retrospect and resolve critical issues, even not being present with our stellarly integrated remote access feature. With the Airmeet clone, Co-working is now go-working!

Unique Attributes of our Cloud Meeting Software
Airmeet Clone

  • Stellar Collaboration ToolsWith an assemblage of excellent tools like audio and video chat, text messages, remote access, screen sharing, the entire spectrum of business and personal communication is suffused with relentless accessibility.

  • Military-Grade SecurityComplete security and privacy of the stratosphere levels are established with ravishing anti-phishing elements, making the facilitation of our Airmeet clone an immersively secure experience. Reliability at its zenith!

  • Virtual Events HostingWant to conduct a national-wide discussion event devoid of massive lecture halls and conference dorms? Trust us, we got it covered as with our Airmeet clone, piloting virtual meets assorted with thousands of participants is a cakewalk.

  • Online EducationLit away the time-imposed limitations and distance-induced restrictions by proffering the student community with a superlative range of online lectures, mimicking classrooms' old world charm. Virtually authentic!

  • High-Quality Video/Audio CallingGive no room for the preposterous incidents of misconceptions arising during remote working with the capacity to make crystal clear video and audio calls on the go. Virtual collaboration has never been this easy!

Cloud Meeting Software for Varied Purposes

  • ECommerce and EnterprisesLeverage the instant connectivity conferred by our Airmeet clone to reach out to your customers swiftly, tap the unexplored markets, and deduce queries through video-conferencing, all culminating into massive business success. With a personalized communication channel with your clients, what could ever stop your march towards glory!

  • Virtual Educational MediumCapitalize the ever-relevant and bustling edtech vertical with a superlative video-conferencing and virtual events platform solution like our Airmeet clone that recreates a rooted virtual learning experience. With a vehement emphasis on online classroom structure, there is no better time to plunge into this perennially profitable business silo than now!

  • Teleconferencing and BroadcastingArmed with terrifically devised tools like screen sharing, audio and video calling, screen recording, and virtually connecting thousands of participants on a singular platform is now a breezy affair. Airmeet clone lets you pave the way for conducting anything from seminars to group-gaming sessions expeditely.

  • Social Chat and CommunicationWhy just restrict to those ceaselessly serious business conversions and meetings when you can open the door for exciting chitchats and virtual meetups! Our Airmeet clone, despite being an avant-garde business communication solution, can also morph into an electrifying social space for networking and casual connections. A genuine all-rounder.

Special Features of our Airmeet Clone

Private/Public ConferencingOpen up your meet's horizons to the public or restrict access to a specified group of participants mandated with a unique meeting ID generated by the host.

Schedule MeetingDodge the nagging overtone of irregularity by scheduling your meetings at any time of your convenience. Meeting notifications and reminders does the job for you!

Blur the BackgroundConfer a thoroughly professional outlook by blurring out your background and reiterating your speech/lecture focus. A highly revered and a regular feature of our Airmeet clone.

Record MeetingsReview and reflect on the salient happenings and points ushered in the virtual meeting by recording both audio and video conferences, killing the chances of missing out anything important!

Mute/Unmute ParticipantsThe meeting host and moderators can willingly mute anyone to sustain the meeting's sanctity besides the ability of individual participants to mute/unmute themselves.

Text MessagingEliminate your doubts and outbursts of miscommunication through the capacity to send live messages to the meeting participants. Group messages can also be sent readily.

Real-Time Document EditingSupersizing the productivity into elevated heights, the Airmeet clone accredits you to upload, discuss, and edit various documents and presentations in real-time.

Live StreamingTelevise your live video-conferencing in various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, ramping up the visibility and ensuring the content's diverse reach.

Raise Hands and ReactionsTransform the way online meetings are held by enabling virtual hand-raising alerts, besides an array of personalized emoticons and reactions. This way, greater participation can be assured.

What do We Provide with Our Airmeet Clone App Package?

Step up the ladder for your ascendence in the entrepreneurial journey with the world-class elements of our Airmeet clone app package. Take a peek into them.

An Intuitive iOS Application

A perfect congruence of robustness and resilience, the Airmeet clone iOS app is built with groundbreaking technology and devoid of any threats, vulnerabilities, and bugs. A potential top-grosser in the Apple App Store.

A Top-Notch Android Application

Drenched in a whole spectrum of world-beating features, the Airmeet clone Android application works like magic. Meticulously tested and meritoriously developed, it is designed to extrapolate your user base.

A User-Friendly Web Application

Extensively accessible solution with an unwavering sense of security and privacy. Whatever be the browser, whatever be the network, the Airmeet clone web application delivers it!

A Centralized Admin Dashboard

Proffered with a wall-to-wall view over the entire range of business proceedings of the Airmeet clone, the admin dashboard immerses the business owner with vital information almost consistently.

The Exhaustive List of Highlighting Features

Host MeetingEntitle your users to host a video/audio meeting anywhere, anytime. It could either be configured to be public or private as per the user preference.

Join MeetingNot just hosts, users can also storm into an ongoing meeting by entering the designated meeting ID, which is not required when the meeting is deemed public by the host.

Waiting RoomStructure out the meeting in its entirety by allowing participants to enter the conference one-by-one, which is preceded by a waiting period in the virtual lounge.

Mute/Unmute In addition to the meeting host, individual participants can turn off their microphone and web cameras willingly to cancel out distractions during the meet.

Live ChatPower your users to indulge in both video-conferencing and communicate through text messages concurrently by means of a real-time internal communication channel.

Share FilesConcorde your users with the capacity to upload a diverse variety of files such as text documents, presentations, images, video clippings, web links, etc., without a hitch.

Personal NotesSuperimposing its relevance in educational space, the Airmeet clone authorizes participants to take virtual notes during the span of the online meeting/webinar.

PollsDemocratizing the online meeting space, hosts can circulate and conduct polls on various elements and topics discussed in the meet to evaluate the effectiveness of the session.

Account Settings Users are bestowed with the ability to configure their profile settings such as profile name, virtual icon, password, etc.

Schedule MeetingBusiness and personal meetings that are to be conducted periodically can be scheduled seamlessly, eliminating the need to start from the scratch every single time.

Powerful DashboardStocked with an all-encompassing dashboard, admins can diligently scrutinize over the operations of the video conferencing platform with extreme efficiency.

Analytical ReportsCrucial insights from a range of visually appealing reports are available to the admin, which depict the app's comprehensive performance and the status of health metrics.

Subscription ManagementAdmins can deliberately modify the various subscription plans, their associated perks, etc., based on the existing market trends and business performance.

Payment Method Manager Airmeet clone can be embedded with a multitude of payment options that inject convenience to the users, culminating in surging conversion rates.

Role ManagementAdmins are able to recruit sub-admins and assign them with critical parts of the managerial bandwagon to establish smooth execution of business operations.

User ManagementThe holistic access to the database of the registered users in its entirety is conferred to the admins besides the ability to export it for quality assurance.

Membership ManagementAdmins can upgrade/downgrade the account status of any users from free to premium instantly based on the activity of subscription to premium features.

Private SubdomainsAdmins can entitle users to create their own subdomains with the brand name and logo integration in the Airmeet clone platform. This is facilitated by subscribing to a specific plan.

One-to-One StreamingExcluding business communications, the Airmeet clone can also be deployed to connect face-to-face virtually, enhancing the nuances of personal relationships.

Attention TrackingBacked by an impeccable AI integration, the hosts can intently track the customers' activities from their browser activities and notify them of potential action.

WhiteboardThe Airmeet clone can be embarked on by the whiteboard feature, which sanctions the tutor to present stunning graphics and animations, resulting in an immersive learning experience.

Presence IndicatorMeeting hosts and moderators can keep track of the conference's progress as the availability of each participant is displayed in real-time.

Use Cases of our Airmeet Clone


The Airmeet clone can be leveraged by educational institutions, especially schools, as they can emphatically digitize their entire range of learning and co-curricular activities.

Safe Learning

Adhere to the globally imposed regulations such as social distancing by facilitating a hybrid learning environment with our Airmeet’s clone video-conferencing tool.

Record/Share Lessons

Teachers can vivaciously record their lectures for the day, upload, and share with their students besides real-time seminars. This way, the learning curve can be maximally completed.

Virtual Trips

Don’t let the prolonged lockdown hamper your students’ spirit as with the Airmeet clone teachers can guide students with enticing virtual trips and even laboratory visits.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Resolve the questions and queries of a legion of doting parents by orchestrating with their wards’ teachers virtually through the Airmeet clone’s video-conferencing feature.

Businesses and Corporations

Devised to infuse an overtone of ease into business communications, anyone from startups to massive corporations can leverage the video conferencing elements of the Airmeet clone.

Business Meetings

Wholesome business decisions and consensus can be succulently made by virtually connecting with the whole spectrum of employees through secured meeting rooms.

File/Presentation Sharing

Mobilizing the screen sharing functionality, project presentations can be extensively made, which is further superimposed with end-to-end security.

Record Meetings

Quality assessment of the meetings can be readily analyzed as they can be recorded thoroughly. This way, the probability of missing out on salient information can be eliminated.

Corporate Webinars

Edify your employees with relevant skills through massive virtual skill development sessions. Embedded with options to raise hands and request doubts.

Cooking and Culinary

Spread the gospel of taste-bud smacking recipes through edifying your clients with virtual cooking classes. Suffused with stellar communication features.

Schedule Classes

Login, generate, and send the invite link to your clients at a time based on your convenience. Alternatively, one could pre-schedule the meeting seamlessly.

HD Video Streaming

Never miss a chance to express even the minutest nuances of your culinary art through uninterrupted, high-definition streaming of your live classes.

Screen Recording

Accredit your clients to record the video classes through the screen recording feature available in the Airmeet clone. The recorded clips can be shared without a hitch.

Attention Tracker

The meeting host can vehemently scrutinize the cooking class proceedings and send personalized notifications to make them stay focused.

Dance Training

Make the audiences dance to your tunes by proffering them with virtual dance training sessions. The preferred way to showcase your mastery over movements!

Live Dance Classesclasses

Through the capacity to facilitate HD video conferencing over multiple platforms, virtual dance classes can be conducted without any hassle.

Record Dance Sessions

Streamed dance videos can be recorded for quality purposes and also be shared with clients who weren't able to drop into the live session. A must-have feature!

Real-Time Discussions

Concorde the users with the ability to spill out their opinions and inquiries about the happenings of the dance class through audio/video and text messages.

Customized Meet Links

Kick start your online dance class's proceedings by creating and sharing customized meet invite links with your clients. One-click and boom!


Conquer the most demanded telemedicine vertical through pristine video-conferencing capabilities of our Airmeet clone. Proffer medical support to patients residing anywhere at any time.

Virtual Consultations

Patients can promptly connect with medical professionals through the cloud-based video conferencing facility of the Airmeet clone without any constraints.

Real-Time Assistance

Doctors and allied healthcare experts can provide their expertise and guidance remotely through stressful or emergencies.

Medical Records Sharing

Owing to the Airmeet clone's file-sharing valency, medical records and reports circumventing the patients' diagnosis can be instantly shared with the doctors.

Clinical Collaboration

Medical professionals can join forces with experts in parallel diagnostic fields, enunciate their findings, and novel treatment techniques. A med-educational potboiler!


Shatter out the shackles of legal misconceptions and miscommunications through ultra-clear video conferencing actuated by the Airmeet clone.

Online Conferencing

Reach out to your clients and deduce the case proceedings by an online meeting. The documents imperative to the operations can be shared seamlessly.

Restrict Access

Users are licensed to create private meeting rooms that mandate passcodes for plunging into the meeting, thereby eliminating the chances of privacy breaches.

Q&A Sessions

Senior legal professionals can supersize their associates' engagement levels by organizing virtual meetings and answering questions in real-time.

Schedule Meetings

Users can devise the virtual meeting agenda as per their preferences and proceedings by scheduling them at a time of their convenience.

Government & Public Sector

Accelerate the effectiveness of government schemes and officials' efficiency as they can keep a close vigilance through virtual meetings and video conferencing.

Virtual Calls

Deduce the inner voice and workings of democracy's principal subjects through ably connecting with them via ceaseless video conferencing facilities

Public Polling

People of a specified ward/constituency can band together online and make crucial decisions by virtual polling option available in the Airmeet clone.

Report Creation

The meeting host can grasp over the salient meeting metrics such as the number of participants, the number of active participants, meeting duration, etc.

Record Meetings

For the purpose of documenting and quality assessment, the meetings can be recorded and be submitted through emails to the respective officials.

Media and Entertainment

Channelize the global receptivity for self-made and professional video content through the Airmeet clone. Enriched with eccentric entertainment elements!

Casting Management

Wish to recruit actors all over the world without actually traveling to those locations? The Virtual meeting and conferencing functionality is your savior!

4K Video Sharing

Enhance your chances of securing an opportunity by sharing 4K video testimonies to anyone, anytime. Arguably, the most effective way to connect with a global audience!

Live Streaming

Creators can stream their pre-recorded content in other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube. An inventive approach to entice a massive user base!

Instant Messaging

Strike an amicable relationship with your audience by answering to their reactions and questions while streaming your content through in-app messaging features

Video Conferencing Software Development Process
we follow for Airmeet Clone


    Requirement We scribe down your extended iterations of requirements, needs, and app vision and come up with a full-fledged planner.

    Architecture Ideation of building blocks coupled with the identification and integration of database modules into the architecture.


    Wireframing Every single app screen is wireframed along with functional specialties and clickable prototypes are present in the application.

    Design Validation Intently caricaturing Google’s design sprints, we validate the UI/UX iterations in a stretch where the end-result expresses class.


    Code Validation We coherently code out the entire app, subject it to a quality assurance process operating with cutting-edge technological advancements.

    Delivery The Airmeet clone is deployed in the server of your preference and is submitted to Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Our Airmeet Clone

Information Technology

The original actuators of work-from-home, the IT silo can harness the dexterity of the remote working ability of our Airmeet clone.

Banking and Finance

Grease the wheels for a superfast transaction and banking experience through video-conferencing enabled banking.

Global Businesses

Miscommunications and misconceptions can be vehemently eliminated through secure video-conferencing channels.

Government Affairs

Officials can reach out to the masses in geographically disconnected locations and promptly attend their quandaries and queries.


Provide relentless medical care and support without any constraints through the video-conferencing and file sharing facilities.


Case preparation and judicial consultation can be proffered to clients in remote locations without the need to meet in person.

Tap the Unexplored Markets with our Stellar Webinar Solution

With the ability to host upto 10,000 view-only participants and 250 interactive participants, scalability is a definitive deed.

  • Cross-Platform CompatibilityOur Airmeet clone can be proficiently integrated with any of the platforms or websites, regardless of their operating requirements and functionality.

  • History DisplayWatching over the proceedings of the meeting can get tiresome, but no worries! Our Airmeet clone provides you a comprehensive history of meetings and recordings.

  • Subdomain CreationRise above the ordinary designating an individual subdomain for your business that could be accessed only by persons authorized by you.

  • Remote AccessBlending the best of remote access technologies with augmented reality, the Airmeet clone arms you with the capacity to dissolve problems seamlessly.

Top-Notch Virtual Conference Halls for Businesses

Organizing a supremely secure and uninterrupted virtual business meeting is now a child’s play with our Airmeet clone.

Schedule Meetings

Without leaching out of the confined business ecosystems, one can schedule meetings with your team inside the organization by linking with the calendar utility. This way, responding to recurring meetings is streamlined and simplified.

Our Airmeet Clone is the Best Bet for Your Business Communication.
Here’s Why!

The legion of 21st-century businesses is moved by the wheels of technology, with video-conferencing being its rims. With the business world aligning towards a permanent/hybrid remote working culture, there could be no better time to storm into the scheme of things than now.

  • Neo-NetworkingClamped with tools like live chat, virtual waiting lounge, one-on-one conferencing, etc., the Airmeet clone recreates a perfect visual platform for business networking, all under a single roof.

  • Virtually UnassailableMade with groundbreaking technology, our developers at Appdupe have diligently strengthened the architecture with ingenious integrations, rendering with an impeccable outlook wrapping in a robust backend functionality. Military-grade stuff!

Airmeet Clone - Live Demo

    Web Demo

Pricing Package

2999 - Web Only
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Admin Account
  • Change Password
  • View Overall Subscription Statistics
  • Meetings Overview
  • View Currently On Live Meetings
  • View Today Scheduled Meetings
  • View/Manage Users
  • View Meeting History
  • View Scheduled Meetings
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Manage Subscription Payment
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Lead Contacts
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Mobile Settings
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Google Analytics
User Panel Features
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Forgot Password
  • User Dashboard
  • View/Manage Meetings
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • Manage Invoice Details
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Recordings Management
  • Instant Meetings
  • Enable/Disable Video
  • Enable/Disable Audio
  • Host Access
  • Public Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Share Notes
  • Mute Other Members (For Host)
  • Restrict Members from Specific Features (For Host)
  • Create Break Rooms
  • Record Meeting
  • Settings
  • About
  • Help
  • Create Keyboard Shortcuts (For Meeting)
  • End Meeting (For All)
  • Leave Meeting
  • Annotation
  • Multi-User Whiteboard
  • Screen Sharing
  • Create a Poll
  • Upload/Share Presentations
  • Share External Video
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account

Tech Stack


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Airmeet Clone is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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