Foodpanda Clone
Launch a Food and Grocery Delivery App like Foodpanda Today!

If anyone hasn’t heard of or availed of food delivery apps, they must probably live on Mars. With over a billion-strong user base steering forward a colossal market size of $2 billion, the numbers say otherwise. We highly doubt that there is any other industry that flaunts a tremendous profit margin and a ceaseless user base as the food and grocery delivery industry does. If you are an entrepreneur looking for launching and scaling up your own on-demand food/ grocery delivery business, Yay! you have arrived at the perfect place.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Foodpanda clone - an avant-garde food and grocery delivery solution that’s ingrained with a stack of features envied upon by your competition. Now with a few taps, your customers can browse, search, order, pay, and get their taste bud smacking dishes delivered right to their doorsteps without a twitch. With Appdupe on your side, nothing can stop your sustained ascendance anymore!

What is a Foodpanda Clone Script?

Foodpanda clone is a white-label food and grocery delivery solution flaunting the best of what the original has to offer, besides an assortment of business-grade features and functionality. Suffused with a special bundle of utilities such as the ability to track your order and pay through a diverse range of payment options, the Foodpanda clone ramps the arsenal of any entrepreneur looking to seize the monumental opportunity. Being available in a holistic package of native iOS, Android apps, and ably complemented by a functionality-rich admin panel, enticing a legion of the user base has never been easier. Strike gold from the word go by getting our Foodpanda clone script at an affordable price!

Chief Differentiating Features
Of White-Label Foodpanda Clone App

  • Contactless DeliveryDodge away even the minutest probability of contracting the dreaded virus with the ability to get the food items delivered at a sanitized spot near your doorstep without any contact with the delivery executive.

  • Advanced Search BarSailing forward through an ocean of similar food items is now a breezy affair as customers are girded with a powerful search functionality embedded with filtering and sorting elements.

  • Live TrackingMarinate your customers with the capacity to receive real-time location updates of their orders consistently through the intuitive GPS integration.

  • Astute Product ManagementStore managers can competently cluster products into various categories and subcategories in the view of supersizing their visibility and subsequent sales traction.

  • Multilingual SupportTap into unexplored markets by proffering the food delivery functionality of your business offering in the world’s major languages seamlessly. A truly international solution!

  • Route Optimization Reign as the lord of the streets as the delivery executives are powered with only the most optimized route to a particular location that is devoid of any traffic or allied blockades.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsFlood your users with the capability to pay through a wide range of methods, including credit/ debit cards, net banking, and even a rechargeable in-app electronic wallet.

  • SEO-FriendlyTop the search results of major search engines as our Foodpanda clone is drenched with crucial SEO elements, culminating in an ultra-responsive design.

  • Reviews and RatingsEntitle your customers to pour down their genuine opinion about a particular food item/ restaurant or the service of your food delivery solution on the whole.

  • Superfast Checkout ProcessProficiently aided by an agile checkout design, customers can add any of the food items into the cart and storm out at the blink of the eye.

Wish To Launch Your Own On-Demand Food Delivery App?

The stars have aligned in your favour. Expected to cross the historic $2 billion mark, the food delivery sector is the hottest business in the corner. The 5 billion-strong smartphone user base adds icing to the cake.

of our Food and Grocery Delivery Script

  • Instant RegistrationCustomers can storm into the online food ordering platform by entering phone numbers, email addresses, or social media credentials.

  • User ProfileAny of the profile elements such as name, delivery address, preferred payment option, etc., can be configured by the customers anytime.

  • Advanced Search BarSteering through an ocean of similar food items is now made a piece of cake as customers are girded with a powerful search utility flaunting an array of filters and sorting elements.

  • Schedule OrderSuffuse a sense of structure into your customers’ routine by entitling them to schedule orders in accordance with their convenience and agenda.

  • Order HistoryReordering becomes a child’s play as customers can unhesitantly access the list of previous orders with their transactional and delivery information.

  • Multiple Payment ModesWith the availability of plentiful payment methods ranging from credit/ debit cards, UPI, net banking, third-party getaways, etc., processing of payments are made in the blink of an eye.

  • Order TrackingPowered by astonishingly accurate GPS integration, customers can keep track of their orders in real-time. An excellent way to depict the transparency of your offering!

  • Offers & DiscountsCustomers are accredited to avail of any of the offers, discounts, and promotional campaigns devised by the store owners.

  • Referral BonusBy referring their friends, family, and acquaintances to the platform, customers are awarded with redeemable rewards points and special discounts.

  • Reviews and RatingsCustomers are authorized to lash out their honest opinions about the food/ grocery products ordered by them through short reviews besides a 5-point rating scale.

  • Store ProfileManagers can execute their branding strategy effectively by modifying the store name, address, featured items, contact details, and much more instantaneously.

  • Order DashboardAn all-encompassing view of the ordering process, including the numbers of incoming orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, etc., is available to the managers.

  • Menu ManagementManagers can uncomplicatedly add/ delete/ modify any of the products in the menu in conjunction with their description, ingredient, and allied details.

  • Manage CategoriesIn order to deliberately elevate the product visibility and subsequent sales conversion rate, managers can cluster the products into various categories and subcategories.

  • Order AlertsThe moment a customer confirms an order, a swarm of notifications throngs the restaurant panel indicating the complete information about the order.

  • Payment TrackingThe whole gamut of successful and pending transactions, along with the respective payment mode, can be retrieved by the store manager proficiently.

  • Customer ResponseOn the grounds of sustaining customer loyalty, managers can connect with customers directly and resolve queries, if any, straight away.

  • Assign PromotionsStore managers are able to intently devise a variety of promotional strategies and execute them flexibly and flawlessly.

  • Finance CornerThe entire spectrum of financial information, such as total earnings, total revenue, profitability rate, profit per sale, etc., is available to the managers.

  • Support CenterStore managers are made eligible to receive unwavering telephonic technical support and assistance of any kind from the platform administrator.

  • Swift OnboardingDelivery executives can kick-start their activities by registering in the platform through the phone number or email address.

  • Route OptimizationOnly the most optimized route devoid of any traffic or unusual blockades for a given location is proffered to the delivery agents.

  • Availability ToggleAt the touch of a button, delivery executives can flag their availability for a particular delivery request or for the whole day.

  • Real-Time RequestsAn advanced delivery planner prioritizes the real-time delivery requests based on a number of operating factors devised to increase the efficiency of the agent.

  • Pickup RequestsDelivery agents can promptly head to the restaurant to pick up the order as a dispatch notification, and the location details automatically get received.

  • Delivery DetailsA comprehensive suite of information regarding the number of fulfilled orders, delivery time, customer location, etc., are displayed for the reference of delivery agents.

  • Earning ManagementDelivery agents can assess their performance through holistic revenue reports compiled on a day/ week/ month span effortlessly.

  • In-App ChatIn the view of dismissing any of the misconceptions and miscommunication regarding the orders, delivery agents can be updated on every information right away through a secure internal communication channel.

  • Master DashboardWith a wall-to-wall view over the business proceedings of the app, pronounced operations management is made possible by the admin.

  • Customer ManagementAdmins are authorized to get drenched in the registered customers' database at its totality and export it for quality assessment.

  • Restaurant ManagementAny of the restaurants/ stores can be onboarded and can be blocked if found to violate the regulations laid down by the management.

  • Delivery Agent ManagementBeing responsible for recruiting and assigning various delivery executives to the agents, admins can facilitate the swift onboarding of them.

  • Product ManagementAdmins are authenticated to add/ remove/ configure any of the products available in the menu pertaining to the market environment and industry conventions.

  • Order ManagementMolded with the same sturdiness as the admin panel, the order panel empowers the admin to manage the incoming, dispatched, and returned orders effortlessly.

  • Notifications ManagementAdmins can intently formulate crips alerts about the latest offers, new food items, discounts, etc., to the customers through in-app push notifications.

  • Commission ManagementBestowed with the capacity to marshall the commission rate based on their convenience, admins can establish sound financial regulation.

  • Payments ManagementAdmins can relentlessly acquire detailed reports about the earnings on a variety of scales, parameters, and attributes in addition to all-inclusive transactional details.

  • Advanced AnalyticsAll-important insights deduced from customer behavior are available to the admin to aid formulations of impactful business action plans.

  • Website OrderingNot just mobile applications, customers can now order their taste-bud enticing food items and essentials through a wholesomely-built website.

  • Logistics IntegrationElevate your delivery productivity by integrating third-party logistics partners. This way, nascent markets previously unknown can be conquered effortlessly.

  • Payment Gateway ManagementAdmins can activate/ deactivate any of the available payment gateways based on customer patronage and market relevance.

  • Advanced SettingsTo leverage a global user base, admins can dazzlingly modify the currency, language, cuisine availability, time zone, meta titles, and description accordingly.

Our Foodpanda Alternative Solution
Supports A Variety Of Food Grocery Businesses

Single Food StoreWish to expand your business into the horizons of the online world? Our Foodpanda clone app development may be your turnkey to massive reception and success!

Food Delivery StartupsEntrepreneurs can supersize the reach of their offering and tap on unexplored opportunities with an avant-garde food delivery solution through our Foodpanda Alternative.

Cloud KitchenFunnelize this remunerative silo by coming up with an innovative cloud kitchen functionality, made possible by our Foodpanda like app development.

Food ChainsCulminate the elements of your chain of food outlets, all in an overarching online solution. A stellar way to forge ahead a loyal user base!

Grocery StoresExperience the magic of your products getting delivered to your customers’ doorsteps through the online ordering and delivery utility of our Foodpanda clone.

Demo Video
of Our On-Demand Food Delivery Script

Get yourself immersed in the holistic food and grocery delivery functionality of your Foodpanda clone.
Watch the complete app experience, from registration to checkout!

Plunge into Our Food Delivery App
like Foodpanda

  • Web & Mobile AppsNever leave out the opportunity to stamp in the ingenuity of your solution by launching native iOS and Android apps and an ultra-responsive web application.

  • Take AwayNot enticed with the ability to get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep? No worries! Customers can order online and collect the food item themselves from the restaurant.

  • On-Demand Doorstep DeliveryEmpower your customers to dictate the terms of delivery as far as location is concerned. This way, the food and grocery products can be shipped to any address wished by the user!

  • Single Store DeliveryDelivery executives are assigned with delivery requests on priority from a single restaurant/ grocery store instantly.

  • Multiple Store DeliveryWhy restrict your business sphere to a particular location when you can converge the offerings of a multitude of stores, all in one place! The Foodpanda clone leads the way.

  • Safety BadgesInstill a sense of immense safety by awarding digital badges to stores and delivery executives for their strict adherence to the COVID preventive regulations and measures.

How Does Foodpanda Alternative App Work?

  • 1

    User RegistrationBy entering the essential information, users can register and log into the app.

  • 2

    Browse Restaurants/StoresUsers then navigate to the home page and nails down a particular store/ item.

  • 3

    Add to CartAny of the selected food items can be annexed to the cart by the user seamlessly.

  • 4

    CheckoutThrough any of the available payment options, users pay and confirm the address to be delivered.

  • 5

    Track OrderUsers can track the live location status of their orders through a designated, unique in-app tracking feature.

  • 6

    DeliveryThe food item/ grocery product is delivered to the customer by the delivery executive.

  • 7

    Reviews and RatingsUsers can rate the delivery experience/ quality of the food through the app's ratings and reviews field.

Business Benefits
Exerted By Our Foodpanda Clone App Development

Instant Online PaymentsKeep your revenue boxes ringing as customers can pay through a variety of online payment methods without any hassle.

Brand PositioningAnchor the nuances of your brand image into the hearts of your customers by intuitively defining your products, their pricing, availability, etc.

100% CustomizationRecreate the food delivery solution at its totality in order to resonate with your ingrained business sensibilities and existing market conditions and conventions.

Groundbreaking TechnologyBeing derived from the latest technology, our Foodpanda clone exhibits a tremendous performance capacity that’s rivaled by nothing.

One-Time InvestmentGet rid of the nagging occurrence of recurrent payments as our online food delivery system is a single time investment which entitles you to harness its fruition limitlessly.

Data SecurityBeing infused with military-grade security protocols, our data and privacy is completely secured with us. We value your trust more than anything else!

360° SupportFrom app conception to post-deployment, we proffer you with unwavering assistance across every possible support silos. We are always available at your discretion!

Revenue Streams Made Possible
By Our Foodpanda Alternative

  • Restaurant/Store CommissionFor every single transaction or sale of a food item/grocery product, a substantial percentage of the total value is suffused to the business owner as of the commission fee. Arguably, the most consistent source of revenue!

  • Promotions FeeBusiness owners can lease out the in-app spaces such as banners to third-party advertising. Considering the fact that food delivery platforms generate massive traffic, a monumental surge in advertising fees is inevitable.

‘87% of US Citizens Agree That Food Delivery Apps Makes Their Lives Easier.’

The best time to launch a Foodpanda like app is now!

100% Ownership Rights
With Complete Source Code

We believe in unshackled freedom and access to the fruits of world-changing ideas to everyone, and this is evident by the fact that we pamper you with the complete source code of the Foodpanda alternative app development, making you the undisputed king of the game!

Being in the universe of trade for a handsome period, we have deduced the nitty-gritty of what it takes to launch and sustain a timeless success - personalization! Every single nuance of our on-demand food and grocery delivery solution can be terrifically modified to reverberate with your ingrained business values and sensibilities. The end result is a world-class solution envied by everyone!

Conquer the Food Delivery Vertical
With Our Foodpanda Clone

  • Superfast DeliveryCulminating the advantages of lucid UI, prompt checkout process, and a legion of payment methods, the whole spectrum of the delivery process is marinated with immersiveness.

  • Customer ConvenienceWho wouldn’t love to get the savor of a hot dog on a cold winter morning? We bet no one! Superlative customer comfort stands as the USP of our offering!

  • Pay at a BlinkLiberate your customers from the commotion of never-ending queues and sticky currency notes with the capability to pay through secure online methods, all at a single touch!

  • Definite Order ManagementGet ready to say goodbye to chaos and bonjour to effortlessness! Our study master admin panel reimagines the management of orders and agile enough to handle millions of concurrent orders!

  • Superb ROIA slew of superlative financial elements paves the way for harnessing a scintillating range of returns on investment, ably backed by the inherent robustness of our food delivery solution.

  • Wide-Reaching PromotionsThe master admin panel arms you with the necessary tools and insights to create and implement referral programs, loyalty programs, and allied activities dexterously.

Our Foodpanda Clone App Development Process

  • Requirement AnalysisOur crew of graceful customer relationship executives collaborated with you to scribe down your requirements, needs, and extended app vision, besides a holistic view of your expectations.

  • Prototype ApprovalA prototype based on your requirements is molded out, and a full-fledged planner with clearly defined deadlines is conferred to you to present you with a first-hand experience of the Appdupe way even before development.

  • Development and LaunchUpon your whole-hearted approval, we vehemently ideate, wireframe, design, develop, test, and install your application in the server of your choice and launch it in the major app platforms immediately.

Hire Our Experienced Food Delivery App Developers

Now available at a multitude of engagement models!

What makes Appdupe’s Food delivery solutions
stand apart from others?

  • ExpertiseWith an experience exceeding a decade, we have cracked the right formula to come with gloriously successful apps, much like the Foodpanda clone. Made by mavericks!

  • High ScalabilityOur array of food delivery solutions are constructed with streaks of resilience, catering to the needs of your business expansion plans. Scalable to the core!

  • End-to-End CustomizableBeing an avant-garde white-label solution, our Foodpanda alternative can be imbued with any add-ons, features, functionality to resonate with your brand personality.

  • Instant LaunchSeize the indelible competitive advantage of time as our online food delivery platform can be launched in a matter of a few days. Sounds staggering, isn’t it!

  • Encyclopedic SupportBeing available around the clock to resolve any of your queries, our pool of extensively skilled and experienced professionals is available at your fingertips!

  • Global AlignmentThe ability to concorde your offerings in multiple languages and in major currencies of the world crowns the Foodpanda clone with the cosmopolitan status.

Various Other Food Delivery Solutions
Provided by Us

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application Demo

App Demo
Web Demo

Enterprise Application Demo

App Demo
Web Demo

Pricing Package

Premium Installation Most Popular

    • Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant


    • "Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant
    • Add on Mandatory
    • Combination of service
    • dining
    • Takeaway
    • Membership for delivery boy"
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Tech Stack


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Foodpanda clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and design to suit your business model.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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