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ShareChat Clone - A Short Video Sharing App For Quick Launch!

The advent of video-sharing apps like TikTok, ShareChat, etc., have paved the way for people to showcase their video creating and editing skills. Notably, these apps have driven them to implement their creativity by presenting short videos. The segment is growing, and several businesses are starting to launch their video sharing platform to be a part of this booming economy.

At Appdupe, we extend ShareChat like app development to help you join this lucrative market. Our solution is ready-made, reliable, and offers exceptional app experience to your users. Connect with our support team to get started right away!

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How Does The ShareChat Clone Work?


Users can sign up with your ShareChat clone with their email IDs or phone numbers.


Users can verify their accounts by entering the one-time password shared via emails or text messages.

Log in

Users can log in to the app using the registered credentials.

Manage profile

Users can create and manage their profiles with details, including their name and contact details.

View trending hashtags

Users are presented with the trending hashtags in the app. They can view videos posted with that specific hashtag.

Create and Upload videos

Users can shoot videos and upload them to their profiles after applying the special effects and filters available in the app.


Users will be updated about new followers, new likes and comments, etc., via push notifications.

Like, Comment & Share

Users can like and comment on the videos of other users. They can also share it with their friends.

Channel creation

Users can create their own channels and upload videos to them.

Killer Features Integrated Into Our ShareChat Clone Script

Video editor

Users can record the videos in the ShareChat clone and edit it using the in-built editor.

Special effects/filters

Users can apply special effects and filters to their videos to make it more interesting.

Channel creation

Users can create their own channels to share with their friends or enable it for public viewing.

View & Like Posts

Users can see the posts shared by other users on the platform. They can like it if they find it engaging.

Privacy settings

Users can share their posts to their profiles for public viewing or restrict it to only their followers.

SEO friendly

The apps we develop include in-built SEO features, helping them rank on the top of search results.

Benefits Extended By Our ShareChat Clone App

Launching a social video sharing app like ShareChat in your niche can yield a multitude of benefits. You can earn a fortune when you offer the exact solution that your target audience is looking for. Also, you can leverage marketing strategies to maximize your success in the long run.

Multiple revenue streams

Unlike other businesses, a video-sharing app business can help you generate revenue from various strategies. This way, you can start receiving income in one way or another.

Boosted brand visibility

Our ShareChat clone app includes features and functionalities that are sure to attract audience attention. You can effortlessly gain maximum visibility in a short period.

Quick turnaround time

Our ShareChat clone is a ready-made solution that can be quickly customized and launched in the market in the shortest possible time.

Effective business management

As part of our app package, we offer an advanced admin panel where you can effectively manage all your business operations. You can view and manage your users and their related details, implement available revenue-generating strategies, and many more via the intuitive dashboard.

Looking To Launch A Social Video Sharing App?

Allow your users to record, edit, and share videos effortlessly by developing an advanced ShareChat clone app.

Features That Make Our ShareChat Clone App Stand Apart


Users can register with the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

User profile

Users can create and manage their profiles with their personal and contact details. They can also edit them whenever they want.

User feed

Users can view the videos shared by other users that they follow. It keeps regularly updating to maximize the user engagement rate.

View profiles

Users can view the profiles of users they are following and the users that follow them. They can watch their videos as well.

Like/Comment/Share Videos

Users can double-tap to like the videos that they find unique and captivating. They can also comment on them and share it with their friends and followers.

Explore videos

In the 'explore' section, trending videos or videos with trending challenges or hashtags are listed for users to view.

Record videos

Users can record their short videos through the app. They can lip-sync to the songs available, dance, or showcase their talents in these videos.

Edit videos

Users can edit the recorded videos using the in-built video editor. They can add animations, AR effects, etc., via the intuitive editing tools.

Share videos

Users can upload the edited videos to their profiles. They can restrict their access to friends or enable public viewing.

Special effects and filters

Users can enhance their videos' look and feel by adding special effects and filters. This way, these videos can be more interesting to watch.

Channel creation

Users can create their own channels to upload videos to be watched by only their followers or the public.

Private messaging

Users can chat with other users who share similar interests via the in-app private chat option. They can share media attachments as well.

Privacy settings

Users can personalize their privacy settings and opt for public viewing of their videos or give access only to followers.

In-app alerts

Users will be notified about new followers, likes, comments, and app updates via in-app push notifications.

Search posts

Users can search for videos by entering a hashtag or keyword. All videos that match the keywords will be displayed in search results.

Audio list

Users can save their favorite music listed on the app or upload their own tracks to the app to create music-dubbed videos.

Verified badges

Users can verify their accounts by confirming their identity. After this, they will be given a verified badge that appears in their profiles.

Report users

Users can report profiles of other users that include inappropriate content that violates the video-sharing platform's regulations.

Customize stickers

Users can personalize the stickers available in the app and save them to their devices. They can also share it on WhatsApp.


Users can reshare their previous posts using this feature. The reshared videos appear on feeds of other users, gaining more visibility.

Intuitive Panel

The admin can manage all operations taking place in the app via the powerful admin dashboard.

Manage users

The admin can view and manage all user profiles and their details via this section.

Remove content

The admin can remove videos from the app that promote inappropriate and obscene content.

Manage comments

The admin can monitor the comments posted by users on every video shared on the app.

View feedback

Users can review the feedback shared by the users about the app, helping them to improve it.

Upload music tracks

The admin can upload audios and music tracks to the app to allow users to utilize them for their videos.

Generate Steady Revenue From Your ShareChat Clone

There are several revenue-generating options when it comes to video-sharing apps like ShareChat. Though using a ShareChat clone is free, accessing some advanced features and viewing it without ads comes with a price. Here are some revenue streams to earn a constant income from your ShareChat clone app.

  • Freemium model Allow your users to access the basic features of your app free of cost. However, you can charge them a fixed fee for accessing the premium features. For instance, you can offer video editing services for free and charge a certain amount for using filters and special effects.

  • Advertising Earn by promoting brands of all sizes by displaying their promotional content as in-feed video ads among the user-generated content. You can charge these ads based on various parameters such as impressions, views, clicks, etc.

  • In-app purchases Let your app users purchase in-app valuables like virtual currency with real money. They can either gift it to their friends and other video creators, or exchange it for gifts. It is a great way to earn money from your video-sharing app.

  • Fundraising Gather funds from individuals and organizations by conducting several rounds of fundraising. Several businesses have launched their businesses successfully by deploying this monetization model.

Launch A Robust And Engaging Video-sharing
App Like ShareChat In A Few Days!

Step-by-step Process Of Our ShareChat App Clone Development

After operating in the app development field for several years, we have developed a three-step workflow process that employs the best practices for a successful social video-sharing app development.

Requirement and competitor analysis

As you get on board with us, we will work with you to understand your business model and its goals. We analyze the competitors' apps operating in your niche. After a thorough understanding of your needs and selling point of other businesses, we devise your business's unique selling point.

Design and development

After gathering the requirements, our designers strive to come up with an intuitive user interface that offers an enhanced user experience. On the other hand, our expert developers ensure to deploy the latest technologies to build an advanced app that offers cutting-edge performance.

Testing and deployment

The fully developed app is tested to ensure its speed, security, and many more. If any issue is identified, it is resolved promptly. Once the QA engineers ensure that the app is ready to extend a glitch-free functionality, it is sent for deployment. Lastly, the error-free, robust app is launched on all major app platforms.

Why Choose Our ShareChat Clone Application?

Ready-made, customizable

Our ShareChat clone app is a readily available solution that is 100% customizable. It is pre-packed with all necessary and advanced features to ensure its seamless functionality. You can personalize them as per your preferences, without any hassle.

Scalable scripts

The clone scripts of our solutions are highly scalable, enabling you to modify your app in the future to go in line with varying business landscapes. This way, you can stay on top of your users’ favorites.

Multilingual, Multi-currency

The app supports multiple regional languages, allowing users to access the app in their preferred languages. Also, it accepts payments in various currencies, helping you scale your business globally.

Secure solution

Before deploying the app, we run a series of tests to ensure its security. We have integrated required APIs into the app to safeguard user data stored.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A ShareChat Clone?

The development cost of a ShareChat clone varies from project to project. It depends on various parameters, such as

  • The business model
  • The feature set integrated
  • The technology stack deployed
  • The development team size
  • The time needed

We can’t give you an exact estimate without understanding your requirements. After analyzing your needs and considering the aforementioned parameters, we can share a detailed proposal. Connect with us right away to discuss further details!

Ready-made ShareChat Clone App Available For Instant Launch!

100% customizable, readily scalable, and robust solution, offered at affordable prices.


The entertainment industry is revolutionizing, and people are driven to mobile applications that entertain them anytime, anywhere. If you launch a social video sharing app like ShareChat in this peak time, you can earn a massive user base in a short period.

Also, there are various streams to generate revenue from these applications. You can earn by offering premium features or display in-app feed ads for a fixed amount.

There are several monetization strategies available to earn a steady income from your ShareChat clone. Those are:

  • Freemium model
  • In-app purchases
  • Advertising model

You can also gather funds through fundraising for your app business.

Yes. We do offer app rejection support as part of our development process. Right from planning to deployment, we stay with you 24x7. Also, we provide post-launch maintenance support free of charge for a specified period of time.

We, at Appdupe, strive to deliver exceptional development service to our clients. We possess several years of experience in the field and employ the best minds to develop your ShareChat like app. Our app solutions are reasonably priced and are deployed in the market in the shortest turnaround time. Also, we ensure our solutions are robust, reliable, and highly scalable.

Connect with us over the phone - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or the chat option available on the website. We will be on standby to offer you the best possible solution.

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