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It is now out in the open for the world to witness how wonderfully flourishing apps like Clubhouse are. Though the social media apps were all about flashlights, fame and glam so far, the audio-based social media chat apps have rechanneled it all. They incited intimacy by not letting many people worry about their looks and their social status. Not to forget that it came out like a knight in shining armour during the days of professional video conferencing and TikTok feeds.

Though everything first got going because of the candid conversations and trifling consciousness of looks, now it has turned into a platform housing healthy and productive conversations. There are no judgments, only the sharing and discussions of all like-minded people in a single place. And people loved it! To judge by the predictions about the audio-chat app market, they all depict the same, nonetheless.

For anyone looking for a fair option to enter into the social media dominion, we bet there cannot be a better idea than to stem from the social video chat app development. With our decades of experience and a knack to provide trending applications, we are gleeful to introduce white-label audio-based social media app. You can get an audio chat app like Clubhouse and shoot straight into the market without hindrances. Contact us today!

Why Build An Audio-based Social Networking App Like Clubhouse?

  • More opportunities Whether a business person or startup, not just establishing, but you can also promote the services hugely, as you can interact with your target audience way better. Since audio-based social media apps are all about bringing the focus into a single topic, you can interact with groups that support your startup. Like forces attract here!

  • Beginning of meaningful networking The metrics of follower account and promotion is what social media apps have turned into. But things are like chalk and cheese in the social media chat apps. Everything here is a part of someone’s own interest. And, since the Clubhouse like app is about invites, chances are more than some friend of your customer can join as a listener. No incentives and no criticism.

  • Boosted engagement Human engagement optimization is a sure thing, as there is only a limited number of users that can join through invites. Exclusivity of this eliminates the need for fake followers.

  • Camera conscious? No thanks! Another aspect of why people would love your audio-only social media app is it is bare open with just rooms for talks, conversations and discussions. The users would just listen or talk, and that’s all. A stable internet connection is all one needs and not a good camera or lighting. Who would not love it when comfortness is abundant in a place?

  • Opinions matter, and only they do! Though this might be a slogan you might have spotted for every social media app, the audio-based social media app will totally empower users to share their opinions on any topic they feel they can put a word or two about. Either it can be discussed by being a member of a room, or they can start their own room.

Instantly Launch an Audio Based Social Media App
Like Clubhouse With Appdupe!

Base Features Of Audio Chat App

  • HallwayAn effective display of all the audio meeting rooms posted by people or communities from all over the world.

  • Feed A myriad of interests and thousands of listeners' conversations revolving around that would spark off the users' curiosity. What's more? Engagement is at its zenith!

  • Rooms What could be more vivifying than knowing something more about your favourite topic? Users could either pay heed to ongoing conversations, or they can start their own room for any discussions.

  • Clubs Social media app without a group? Nah! Our audio-based social media app lets users create or join clubs and vibe with their most interesting topics.

  • Invitations Decamp away from the usual social media apps by chartering exclusivity in your app with invitations offerings. No more coupons or reward points, just the fruitful reach and visibility!

  • Calendar Kindle the curiosity and enhance engagement of your app by alerting the users with reminders of any upcoming events. Add zest to your app in a jiffy!

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Pivotal Features Of Voice Chat App Development Solution

Registration After downloading the app, the users can sign in just with their phone number, and they are ready to dwell on different stories and interesting topics happening in the app.

User Profile A virtual identity card for users to create and edit their profile by adding a picture and a short description of themselves. A little glimpse about them for the others.

Create A New Room Especially integrated for the users who won’t fit into the frames of society or normal creativity and for those who might set their sights on more deep or tricky topics and discussions.

Settings This is the feature where users can choose their interests like language, theme and audio setting of their choice. The hallway will be curated according to this. Personalisation is at its best!

Leave Button If users want to exit the room in any situation, they can leave by clicking on the exit or leave button. No constraints or compulsion, just liberty!

Groups A tittle-tattle or a professional speech; everything is beholden by the app. Users can form a community and join the relevant group, interact, add new members and start a discussion on their niche.

Activity A brief history of users of the activities they have done in the application. Data like name of the rooms participated so far, account history and roles in the groups etc.

Moderation A healthy conversation is worth a book! Ministering a conversation is crucial, and thus the hosts of a room can report the account of the users who use inappropriate languages or words.

Hand Raising Views and beliefs from everyone are always effective to have a holistic view of a topic. So, here’s a feature for the users to voice out their opinion after unmuting themselves.

Polls Some might get a chance to speak in a crowded room, but some may not. Would they miss out on sharing their opinion? Definitely not! The users may now participate in polls and vouch for their view.

Admin Panel Features

Dynamic dashboard A broad-gauged view of the audio-based social media app only for you to observe how engaging and thriving your app is.

User management Get control over the users who use your app to maintain the good ambience of your app. You can block, activate or even restrict certain actions in your app.

Events and calendar management Have charge of all the upcoming events of the app in a single panel and call the shots in pushing the engagement to the zenith by reminding your users with push notifications.

Room management As an admin, you can call the tune of how your app is functioning by accessing any rooms. What’s next? Quality at its best, obviously!

Analytics Become a voguish business in the audio-based social media app market with statistics of the total number of users, active users, retention rate, average time spent etc. Take the gravy train to reach the market top!

Roles And Permissions Management In Audio Chat App Solution

  • Founder The one who has cruise control of the virtual cloud and who can add descriptions, send invitations and modify the rules of the app.

  • Admin Moderate the whole event, accept/reject invitations and add or confirm members and manage the privacy settings.

  • Members The app users can create rooms for discussions and can join both private and public meetings.

  • Followers They can follow public club activities, and they will not be able to create separate rooms or join any private or public events.

How Can White-label Audio Based Social Media App Fortify Your Business?

  • An exemplary concept that centres around engagement only makes the app gilt-edged

  • An instant connection within communities with a blend of interests in a single platform

  • Zero visual elements, but ideas and inspiration break the record!

  • A spectrum of features and functionalities to define an excellent quality. But mind it, there are no worries about quantity!

  • Radical algorithm and personalization options to offer only an individualized experience that can beat Twitter and Instagram

Monetization Model of Our Audio Chat App

  • In-app Advertisements Plugin this revenue model and witness wondrous revenue generation in your audio-based social media chat app.

  • Freemium Offer a free platform to voice out their opinions and to indulge in interesting stories. Boost your revenue by charging them for premium services or for upgrading their accounts.

  • Premium Or Paid Anything exclusive comes with a price, so why not try the same for your app? You can follow this straightforward monetization model to let the users access your application.

  • Send Virtual Gifts And Coins Establish a new way of showing kindness and empowerment by offering virtual gifts or coins that users can purchase with real money to gift to hosts or speakers.

  • Paid Events And Seminars Words of wisdom deserve value. Create an event that can be attended by the followers on payment of a certain amount.

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What Are The Different Use Cases Of Our Audio-based Social Media App?

  • Community Building Entrepreneurs, influencers or social workers, there are immense opportunities to build their community by hosting events.

  • Association With Professionals Celebrities and influencers can affiliate with brands and endorse them through virtual promotional events. The best marketing strategy that is set to augment.

  • Hosting Events Virtual events are everything at present. Why not align to the trend then? Users can attend seminars on topics that interest them.

  • A Perk For Podcasters For anyone who wants to establish a community, there can not be a better place than this. We bet, and you take in!

  • Unequalled Networking As networking is the key for everything, the same is attained without a hitch in the audio-based chat app.

What Makes Our Voice Based Social App Solution Ideal For Businesses?

A voice-only social networking app to be this engaging is not everything expected. Let alone take it as the best place to market their business. However, it has opened up ways of innovation, connection, and, of course, reach. Thanks to the strong bond it has created between hosts and audience.

  • Entrepreneurs and startups can target their potential customers and find new easy to raise the budget for the product.

  • Experts from different niches can conduct masterclasses, training sessions for novice and prospective learners.

  • Media personalities and entertainers can get instant feedback from their audience and know their taste to come up with more amazing contents.

Our Audio Chat App Development Process


You can bring us your ideas about audio-based social media platform development, and we’ll jot it down.


We’ll show you the demo of your voice chat app that will contain all the necessary information and customizations you gave us. After your approval, the next step begins.


Our development team will get their skills worked up in developing the backend and frontend to align with every minute details you mentioned.


After which, the app will be tested through various QA tests to not face any technical issues or lags.


The app will be launched on the app store you have specified to us, and your app will be alive and kicking in the shortest possible time.

Process Of Clubhouse Clone App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Clubhouse?

The cost of developing a feature-rich voice chat app depends on numerous factors. However, we can always provide you with an overview of what might influence the cost.

  • Time for app development
  • Designing a prototype and wireframe
  • Integrating features and add-ons
  • Tech stack used
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • App UI/UX development
  • App maintenance post-launch

Do You Have Any Unique Feature Ideas To Integrate Into The Audio Chat Social Networking App?

Our Clubhouse Like Audio Chat App Solution Screens

Clubhouse Clone App Screens

Why Should You Choose Appdupe For Social Voice Chat App Development?

Appdupe is an audio chat app development company that has immense experience in developing the finest social media apps. We always focus on what our clients want, and thanks to our knowledge and quick-witted strategies, we have achieved so far. Our development will never start off with hands down the development process, but we make sure that your app ideas will stand out from the crowd and align with the users’ trends. Our technology stack will always be updated, and we implement only those tools that will help in creating robust apps. So, in a nutshell, we are not just your app developers but your partners too.

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Pricing Package

9999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Dashboard
  • View Overall Statistics
  • View/Manage Recent Users
  • View/Manage Recent Events
  • User Management
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View Uses Invites
  • Event Management
  • View/Manage Event History
  • View/Mange Event Payments
  • View/Manaage Scheduled Events
  • View/Manage Event Polls
  • Category Management
  • View/Manage Sub-Categories
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Revenue Management
  • View/Manage Subscription
  • Manage Event Duration
  • Manage Event Participants
  • Manage Subscription Pricing
  • Manage Bulk Action on Subscription
  • Wallet Management
  • View/Manage Withdrawals
  • View/Manage Subscription Payments
  • Admin Account Management
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Config Settings
  • Manage Invite Limits
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Event Admin Commission
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Mobile Settings
  • Manage SEO Settings
  • Manage Google Analytics
  • Change Password
  • Logout
User Features
  • Mobile Number Registration/Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Create Open/Social/Closed Event
  • Manage Start Event
  • Add People
  • View/Search People
  • Follow People
  • Invite People
  • View/Manage Calendar
  • Apply Filters
  • Manage Upcoming Events
  • Manage Self Events
  • View Cancelled Events
  • Manage Event Notifications
  • Manage Event Name/Description
  • Manage Event Date and Time
  • Share Event on Social Channels
  • Manage Chat with people
  • Manage Heads up
  • Manage wave hand
  • Raise Hand
  • Listen Audio
  • Leave/End Event
  • Manage Mute/Unmute
  • View User profile
  • Manage Followers, Following, Club
  • Manage Event Topic
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Notifications
  • Manage Interests
  • View Updates
  • View FAQ/Contact Us
  • Report an Incident
  • Community Guidelines
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Logout

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The main reason for their popularity is because they can feel much more familiar and comfortable than other text-based chat apps.
The audio chat social networking app allows people to participate in discussions freely, host rooms and listen to topics that interest them. These conversations are not recorded, making everything more candid and lively.
Once you share your app idea, we will have a planned mechanism to share the updates and discuss various project-related topics. Even if there is the smallest improvement, our team will update it.
Sure! We bring life to your app idea by making it more engagement-driven based on the needs of your potential users and the current market situation.
Yes. We offer app strategy consulting services which cover analysing your app ideas to define the mobile app journey for your business.

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