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Gympass Clone
Ready-made Fitness And Wellness Discovery Platform For A Surefire Hit!

A healthier workforce assures better decision making, therefore generates higher profits. Many organizations acknowledged this saying that made them lookout for options where their employees can find an activity they love, keeping them energetic. It is where fitness and wellness discovery solutions like Gympass come into the picture. Corporate entities can sign up with such platforms so their employees can have unlimited access to various facilities present worldwide.

The fitness and wellness sector is an ever thriving industry that will never cease to grow. As long as there is a human race, there will be a constant demand for fitness facilities - be it for individuals or corporates. Entering this segment is sure to get you victory in the long run. Contact us to get started right away!

Gympass Clone - Explained

Gympass clone is a ready-made fitness discovery platform that allows users to access sports, fitness, and wellness facilities worldwide. That is, users have unlimited access to gyms, martial art studios, yoga centers, and many more.

At Appdupe, we help you launch a cutting-edge fitness discovery platform to scale as a corporate fitness service partner. You can effortlessly connect leading organizations with global fitness and wellness facilities. Connect with us to explore this emerging business space swiftly!

Elite Features Of Our Gympass Clone

Activity log

Maintains the records of diets, workouts, health and activity data, etc., daily / weekly / monthly. An excellent way for users to compare the data and intensify or modify their fitness regime.


Help users keep track of their activity with an in-built timer. Easy to manage intervals and record workout durations.

In-app calendar

Includes the complete details of training sessions for a specific date. Easy way to track down the activities to do.

Sync devices

The app can be synced with wearable devices like Android / Apple smartwatches, etc., tracking all needed data effortlessly.

Track activity

Records fitness activities from running, jogging, walking, etc., and their duration, distance, heart rate, calories burnt, and other associated details.

Custom alerts

Notify users of the upcoming workout sessions or other fitness activities via in-app push alerts. Much needed option to keep them going with their training sessions.

Compare & Analyze

The fitness activities for specific dates can be compared to allow users to analyze and improve their overall fitness performance.

Social sharing

Enable users to tell the world about their achievements by letting them share the results of their fitness activities on other social media platforms.

Personalized suggestions

Analyze the user interests and preferences to provide them with customized recommendations of different fitness programs.

Looking For A Reliable Fitness And Wellness App Development Partner?

Look no further. At Appdupe, we specialize in developing industry-specific fitness and wellness apps that are sure to get you on top of your business.

The Influence Of Pandemic On Fitness And Gym Discovery Apps - The ‘New Normal’ Way Of Virtual Workouts Amid COVID-19
A sneak peek into the stats

Online health and fitness apps witnessed a 67% hike in their installations globally since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The increased install rates led to a 61% rise in app usage in May 2020. Sunday is the peak day with the maximum usage of these health and fitness apps.

What do the stats say?

With the shutdown of gyms due to COVID-19 lockdown regulations, people have shifted their workout habits drastically. They prefer virtual workouts, which are more convenient and safer. Due to the feasibility of these apps, a long-lasting shift in user preferences is foretold.

Following this prediction, several leading brands have started unveiling their online fitness and wellness solutions. They expect these apps to gain massive reception among their audience, considering the current situation. If the predictions are authentic, and people start going digital for their fitness sessions, there will inevitably be a significant shift in the fitness industry in the long run.

Integrate At-home Workouts And Online Wellness Classes Like Gympass Wellness

Offer at-home workouts and online fitness classes for your users seamlessly by integrating programs like Gympass Wellness into your Gympass clone. When users subscribe to this membership program, they will have unlimited access to digital wellness platforms. These platforms house online workout classes, nutrition planning, therapy, and many more.

In a nutshell, it is a program that has the potential to captivate more users to your platform by offering unlimited access to on-demand wellness content.

What Other Fitness App Development Solutions
Can You Integrate With Gympass Clone?

Activity tracking app

Allow users to track their physical activity, like running, swimming, jogging, or even walking. It can be performed by syncing the app with their wearable devices. Along with the activity, other details such as distance covered, duration, heart rate, etc., are also tracked and presented for users’ reference.

Workout app

Enable users to workout out of the gym with the assistance of a personal fitness trainer. With such a solution, users can exercise anytime, anywhere hassle-free. Users can search for fitness trainers based on their requirements and schedule their sessions effortlessly.

Diet and nutrition app

Diet and nutrition app helps users track their food habits, water consumption, coffee intake, body weight, and so on. Users can set personal fitness goals and follow a diet regime with the help of these solutions. Also, users can use this to manage their nutrition intake levels.

Yoga and meditation app

Let users explore yoga and meditation programs and join them to enhance their physical and mental wellness. Also, allow them to find yoga and meditation trainers and attend sessions with them regularly.

Various Types Of Fitness and Wellness Facilities Available In Our Gympass clone

Our Gympass clone houses a wide variety of fitness and wellness facilities to empower the app users to choose the program they love. Ranging from fitness workouts to meditation classes, your users can access anything, everything in our cutting-edge fitness discovery solution.


Fitness studios

HIIT workout classes

Yoga & Meditation centers

Martial arts studios

Boot camps

Cycling sessions

Running sessions

How Does Our Gympass Clone Work?

Our Gympass clone is a corporate fitness platform where users can register with their email or employee ID. After signing up, they can choose and activate a fitness plan that suits their needs. They can start visiting gyms or attend online classes right away.

  • Sign up with the platform with email / employee ID
  • Choose a fitness plan that best fits the needs
  • Start visiting the gym or taking online classes
Features Of Our Gympass Clone App Solution

Secure onboarding

Users can sign up with their email IDs or phone numbers. Also, allow them to register effortlessly with their social media accounts. By registering, they can maintain their account even if they change gadgets.

Profile set up

Users can add their basic details to their profiles like name, email ID, contact number, etc. They can also add their weight and height.

Social sharing

Users can connect their profiles on other social media platforms with their accounts so they can share their fitness results with their friends and family.

Set goals

Let users set their fitness goals for a week or month. They can devise plans to achieve them and update their status from time to time.

Device sync

Syncing the app with wearable devices offers several functionalities like activity tracking, health monitoring, stress tracking, etc.


Users can track the locations with their detailed pathways when they run, walk, jog, or cycle. It helps them in planning their routes in advance.

Activity log

Enable users to log all their workout and fitness activities regularly so they can compare their activities and make needed adjustments.

Compare data

Let users compare their past and present data and analyze their activities. It helps them in intensifying their fitness routine if need be.

Online tutorials

Integrate video tutorials into your Gympass clone so users can access them and learn to exercise by themselves.

Barcode scanner

Scan barcodes with the help of an in-built barcode scanner to find data like ingredients, calories, and other related information.

Nutrition tracking

Enable users to track their food intake, their nutritional value, etc., to analyze the needed consumption of nutrients.

Push alerts

Keep users updated about their upcoming fitness sessions, diet routine, and similar classes or share motivational quotes via in-app push notifications.

Set reminders

Users can set reminders to keep them informed of when to intake food or water to maintain balance in their diet.

Custom suggestions

Based on the preferences of users, provide them with personalized guidance to enhance their fitness regime.

Online consultations

Allow users to connect with fitness professionals over voice/video calls or text messages to receive tips and advice on fitness topics.

Gympass Clone: Empower Your Users To Workout Whenever, Wherever, And However They’d Like!

Custom Revenue Models Worth Including In Gympass Clone

The market for fitness and wellness apps is growing, and people invest in these sectors like never before. Make the most of this opportunity to earn multi-millions. Integrate any of the below revenue streams as you find feasible into your Gympass clone to generate maximum ROI.

Freemium model

Allow users to access the basic functionality of the app for free. However, let them use the premium features of the app by paying a certain fee. It is an excellent option to attract more users and generate revenue altogether.
Users are requested to register into the platform by entering their essential information like email address, phone number, and once registered; they are assigned with individual wallets.

Paid version

Enable users to use the app only after subscribing your membership packages. Consider this revenue model only if you have a well-established name in the market and a strong user base.

In-app purchases

Combine both free and paid revenue models here. Let users access the app for free. However, allow them to use notable features only after they pay for it.

Advertising fee

Boost third-party businesses on your platform and earn income for each view and click. Ensure these businesses are related to your sector like health and wellness, so users are not dissatisfied with the irrelevant ads.

Our Process Of
Gympass Clone App Development

  • 1

    Requirement studyFirst and foremost, we sit with you to understand your fitness and wellness app needs and goals. We use the understanding gained to plan further.

  • 2

    White-labelingThe Gympass clone is white-labeled end-to-end to make its branding elements suit your business, establishing you as the sole proprietor.

  • 3

    Back-end personalizationOur skilled developers will customize the back-end of the ready-made Gympass clone as per your business requirements.

  • 4

    Quality checks After customizing the app, it is run through a litany of quality checks to ensure it is free from all possible bugs and errors.

  • 5

    VOILA! After passing through all stages, the fully developed app is deployed on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms to offer its hassle-free functionality.

  • 6

    Deployment Upon approval by you, we initiate the app development process and submit your full-fledged, ready to roar Target clone at various app download stores.

Cost Involved In The Gympass App Clone Development

We cannot give you an exact cost estimate to develop a robust fitness discovery app without understanding your needs, features, and functionality to include. These aspects highly influence the development cost. Apart from these, other factors like development time, team size, etc., impact the Gympass clone app development.

If you wish to get a detailed estimate to plan your budget in advance, kindly connect with our support team immediately. They will sit with you, understand your needs, jot down the needed details, and put everything together to determine the cost involved.

Why Choose Us For Your Health And Fitness App Development?

Being a leading app development company in our niche, we have worked with both startups and well-established businesses. Our domain expertise, combined with our experience, helps us develop leading-edge apps that can bigfoot your rivals right away.

We employ only the best minds who can deploy the latest technologies to develop a robust health and fitness app for your business. We build native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Be it a fitness activity tracker app, workout app, or any similar app; we are here to help you develop the best possible solutions.

Our seasoned experts will help you foray into the ever-thriving fitness and wellness industry in no time. Reach out to us today!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can either build the app from scratch or customize a ready-made solution like Gympass clone. While the former demands a considerable sum of money and time, the latter saves you both. Connect with our support team and get a consultation to understand which development type best fits your needs.
Yes, definitely. There are several revenue streams to generate income from a fitness and wellness app. To name a few, freemium model, paid subscription model, and in-app purchases.
Once you get on board with us, we will assign you a project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the project. He/She will communicate with you the project progress and other deliverables.
Yes. App launch support is a part of our app development package. Not only this, but we also offer app rejection support for free.
Contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or via the chat option on our website.

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