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A minute of retrospection, a couple of decades back would reveal instant communication was a rare commodity, and a platform to express an individual's thoughts virtually was even rarer. The Internet boom has erupted easiness into social connection, and the arrival of smartphones further marinated the space with stellar accessibility. This culminated in the popularity enjoyed by the social media sites, flaunting over a billion users globally! Parler is a name to reckon with and lately has captured the attention of the social folks. Entrepreneurs looking to shine their stride are in for a treat.

At Appdupe, we offer you the Parler Alternative - an end-to-end customizable, magnanimous scalable social talking app solution that might storm the zone as the competent twitter alternative. With over a decade of experience and a bandwagon of high-profile entrepreneurs all over the world, we have emerged as the go-to name for the development of a Parler clone app. Align your trust on Appdupe, the best app development company in the market. Now available at an unbeatable price!

Parler Clone

What Is Parler Clone?

Parler clone is a white-label free speech social media solution that empowers you to plunge into the social communication market in a matter of a few days. With an ardent emphasis on free speech and open discourse, apps like Parler have witnessed jaw-dropping growth and user patronage, as depicted by the fact that the downloads are up by over a blinding metric of 2000%. Despite being nascent, Parler has experienced massive growth, a verifying testimony to the limitless potential of this vertical. With our Parler alternative app, you can tap into the ever-expanding space for free speech and rake millions in no time. Drenched in striking features and dashing functionality, the free speech Twitter alternative packs a punch. Why wait? Connect with us to launch your Parler app clone right away!

Key Features Of Parler Clone App Development

  • Instant PostEmpower your users to post their opinions with unwavering liberty within a predetermined word count. They can also post pictures, videos, gifs and audio files.

  • RepostTaking a cue from some of the world’s premier social media sites, the Parler app clone lets users to repost a certain content posted by another user.

  • Like/ UnlikeDepict the mandate of users by accrediting them to like any of the posts in an indication to their approval or disapproval of that particular post.

  • CommentsOur White-Label Parler clone democratizes the space by entitling users to express their reaction through text/ image comments on specific posts/ posts they are interested in.

  • Discover NewsThe advanced search bar functionality expedites nailing down of latest happenings on a variety of silos, including sports, politics and entertainment.

  • Private MessagingLet your users connect with the community with the capacity to send personalized messages through a secured private chat feature.

  • Verified UsersPamper your users by assigning them with verified badges. These digital icons exhibit their genuine presence and supersize platform credibility.

  • Influencer Program Business bees can leverage on the widespread user base being girded with influencer-specific tools and possibilities to indulge in crowdfunding.

  • HashtagsUsers can propel the visibility of their posts by incorporating hashtags, which are alternatively used to locate particular content or users.

The Voice For A Twitter Alternative That’s Free Of Biased Censorship Has Never Been This Vocal.

Our conservative social media alternative will make your business the global talking point.

How Free Speech Social Media App Like Parler Got Popular?

The equations of censorship and similar clutches are a consistent part of popular social media sites, and this has ignited the spark for an alternative - one that promotes free speech and is devoid of draconian regulations. Apps like Parler quickly rose to the occasion, by providing the best of the traditional media sites, superimposed with the refreshing undertone of clinging to the cause of unbiased, non-censored content. The fact that the Parler app topped the download charts is no mean feat and signifies its intruded reach. The wave of change exhibits an extensively attractive value proposition for apps like Parler, and the Parler clone might just be your turnkey to hit a home run in your turf.

Free Speech Social Media App Like Parler
Trending App Like Parler Different From Other Apps

How Will A Trending App Like Parler Be Different From Facebook, Twitter, And Reddit?

Despiting modelling on a slew of features of popular sites, it’s the subtle and vehement differences that set apart the Parler app clone from the rest. The Parler Alternative sports a particular emphasis on free speech and non-bias curation, and this is exhibited in its stack of utilities and functionality. Unlike other sites, the Parler like app displays posts from an account chronologically, and not algorithmically. Randomness is intently suppressed, and the non-systematic approach to content publication makes the posts ineligible for manipulation. Our free speech social media app development is also bereft of any affiliated or biased guidelines, empowering users to post any sort of content irrespective of their ideological alignment. Despite the non-censorship nature of the platform, the alternative to Parler holistically eliminates unlawful and obscene content. These exceptional attributes culminate in the skyrocketing popularity of apps on the lines of Parler.

Free Speech Social Media App Solution
We Can Customize With An App Like Parler

Conventional Social Network SolutionSail across societal silos and connect with people worldwide through our social network development. Discover people along with their likes, dislikes, preferences and much more.

Social Messaging App SolutionWe develop cutting-edge messaging applications for both iOS, Android and through web apps. Terrifically scalable, and imbued with ample infusions of security integrations.

Social Publishing SolutionsYour virtual brick and mortar social media platform. Users can create and post a diverse range of content, share and let fellow users interact with their content.

Video-Sharing Social SolutionExhibit your thoughts in a highly interactive manner through short videos. Leveraging latest technology, we develop superbly designed solutions for social sharing of clips.

Review and Polling SolutionOur class of avant-garde online review solution empowers users to collect, and create various polls in order to make reasoned purchase decisions.

Social Media Analytics SolutionGather, analyze, deduce and drench your users with insights from various social media sites. Backed by AI, our analytics platform can be tailored to your specific requirements.

How Parler Alternative App Works?

  • User RegistrationUsers need to register into the platform through their email address, phone number and get verified.

  • Home PageThe content posted by the people followed by the users are displayed on a chronological order.

  • Post MessageUsers can create, edit and post short text or multimedia content through their profile.

  • Like/ Share Message Users can unhesitantly like, dislike and share similar messages posted by fellow users in the platform.

  • LogOut Users are able to log out of their accounts anytime without a shade of hassle.

Features of Parler Clone Script

  • Live FeedLet your users explore the platform as their homepage is laden with posts of the popular users/ users they follow in a sequential manner.

  • Post CreationBlending the best of multimedia, text and geolocation, an alternative to Parler enables users to create and edit posts and publish them instantly.

  • Push NotificationsA slew of notifications pertaining to various posts and engagement invade the user app. Alternatively, the admin can alert the user base with the latest happenings, policy changes, etc.

  • User ProfileAccredit your users to ably configure a multitude of profile elements including user name, personal details, profile photo, short description, and much more.

  • In-App MessagingSpice up the social connectivity utility with the capacity to send messages to any registered user in the platform. The arrival of new messages is depicted by personalized notifications!

  • Master Admin PanelA bird’s eye view of the platform’s proceedings is willingly available to the admin, ensuring astute and pristine management of the free speech social space.

  • User ManagementAdmins are able to locate, sort and access the details of the users, and block any of them when found violating the platform’s regulations.

  • Advanced AnalyticsIn order to facilitate the expansion of the platform, the admins are drenched in all-important and eminent insights deduced from various crucial metrics.

  • Social SignUpBesides the generic email address and phone number authenticated registration process, users can storm into the platform using their other social media accounts.

  • Comment The phenomenal interactiveness of the platform is expedited as the users post comments on any of the posts published by fellow members.

Free Speech Social Media App Solution Are The Flavor Of The Season.

Stake your claim with the Parler Alternative.

Revenue Model Of Our Parler Like App Development

We don’t necessarily restrict the financial capabilities of the free speech social media platform to one revenue stream. Take a peek at the multiple income sources made possible by the Parler app clone.

Revenue Model Of Our Parler Clone

In-App AdsGiven that social media sites generate tremendous buzz, business owners can lease out their advertisement spaces like banners for third-party promotions. A win-win scenario!

In-App PurchasesIntensify your fiscal metrics by integrating an ecommerce functionality that allows users to search, shop and checkout, all within your social network application.

Freemium Business owners can mandate users with payment of a premium for the ability to leverage advanced features. Simultaneously, a basic version with staple features can be availed on for free.

SubscriptionsArguably, the most consistent source of revenue. A bundle of subscription plans with various perks and advantages are available for the users in order to gain access to the platform.

Affiliate MarketingWe don’t necessarily restrict the financial capabilities of the free speech social media platform to one revenue stream. Take a peek at the multiple income sources made possible by the Parler app clone.

Benefits Of Our Parler Alternative App Development

Appdupe’s comprehensive suite of social media app development is aligned with the rising need to funnel the social opportunities for businesses, and the design reflects an an-encompassing approach, quenching the needs of every single industry vertical. Engineered with path-breaking technological advancements, we milk out the best of concurrent market conditions to anchor your brand image and aid you in the journey of becoming one of the most used social media platforms in the niche.

Amplified User EngagementIn stark contrast to the contemporary technological approach, we imbue the social media solution with the elements that magnetize the target users towards the platform - factors like riveting UI, multilingual capability, zero-downtime. The result is immersive user experience and increased engagement levels!

Intensified Business ReachAd revenues are often underestimated, but anyone with sound knowledge of the happenings in the tech world will derive its impressive infusions. That’s why the Parler clone is built-in with the capabilities of tapping into third-party promotions, creating an exceptional undertone of business reach and accompanying profitability.

Streamlined Social BrandingThe ability of a social media site to retain its user base defines the agility and authority of it, and voila! Our free speech social media platform is stacked with gems of marketing brilliance, that would proffer a holistic user experience. Being freighted with rooted values of non-partisan conception, the app converts its users as brand ambassadors, propagating the gospel of your business.

Pronounced Community BuildingCapturing the essence of community feeling, the free speech social media app development of ours made sure that the solution sports the competence to bring together people with similar interests, yet maintaining a breathing space for non-agreeing folks. Devised to turn your users into loyalists of your app!

Our Process of Free Speech Social Media App Development

  • 1

    Product and Business DefinitionDon’t worry if your idea is nascent- Our market analysts converge their industry expertise to help you design, define and fix on your inherent app idea in a comprehensive manner.

  • 2

    Requirement AnalysisOur team of customer relationship executives scribe down your expectations and requirements and proffer you with a full-fledged planner as the result of our dynamic analysis.

  • 3

    PrototypingThe complete prototype of the social media platform- from its features and functionalities is crafted, leaving no stone unturned in the holistic app development process.

  • 4

    Product DesignWe meticulously wireframe and design every single app screen, based on the top-notch practices suggested by Google and Apple. Bespoked by best designers in the industry.

  • 5

    Development and Backlog ContractOur development team formulates the backlog plan that’s coherent with the customer. After approval, the contract is signed and proceeded.

  • 6

    Sprint PlanningTaking the degree of complexity of the app into consideration, a stack of development tasks are assigned to the nearest sprint event.

  • 7

    Complete DevelopmentLeveraging on groundbreaking technologies, our coding exponents set the stage on fire by building the platform at its totality, with requested features and functionality.

  • 8

    Testing and LaunchingThe Parler Alternative is subjected to numerous QA techniques to deem the non-existence of glitches and bugs. We take upon the mantle of installing and submitting your app at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Why are We the Perfect Social Media App Development Company
You are Looking For?

ExpertiseA decade-long experience, coupled with the access to cosmopolitan technology makes us the choice of leading entrepreneurs all over the world.

Client-Centric DevelopmentWe pride ourselves in prioritizing our clients over anything, and this is quite evident in the conferring of marvellous app solutions tailored to the exact needs and requirements.

Agile MethodologyDexterity is our instinct, as is our White-Label Parler clone! Marinated with superlative standards of design and development, we deliver our solutions on or always before the deadline.

Affordable PricingEven though the resulting product clocks the heights of world-class standards, we make sure that the solution is extensively affordable with colossal value for money.

360° SupportFrom the very conception to post-deployment, we express our riveting support to our clients across every possible assistance moment. We care for you!

The Best Time To Launch A Free Speech Social Media App Like Parler Is Right Now.

Parler Alternative App

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The flashes of brilliance and shades of agility simultaneously converge into the development lineage of Appdupe, the preferred leader in mobile app development. Every single product of ours immerse our clients into pure delight, and this can be attributed to the blazing mastery of our developers. Having deduced the nitty-gritty of social media since its inception, they exhibit the trait to create a splendid solution that caters to your target audience and beyond. Why wait, hire our social media app developers at affordable prices!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Parler Clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the App at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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