Ethereums Cash Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

Avail our white-label Ethereums Cash clone script to build a remunerative Smart Contract based MLM business in the quickest time possible.

Launch An Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM Platform With Our Ethereums Cash

Ethereums Cash clone script is a ready-made solution that includes all advanced features and functionality similar to the Ethereums Cash MLM business. Adding to this, the solution is also integrated with some additional features to offer an extended performance. Being built on the Ethereum Smart Contract, the system is entirely secured and decentralized. Hence, no human involvement is allowed, leading to faster transactions and efficient operations.

Launching an MLM business with our Ethereums Cash clone is sure to give you a competitive edge in the market that includes popular MLM businesses like Million Money, Forsage, Doubleway, and more. Contact us to get started right away!

What Is Smart Contract MLM Clone Script?

Smart Contract MLM clone script is a white-label Smart Contract based MLM clone script that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a ready-to-launch solution that enables you to customize and launch a popular MLM platform, similar to well-known MLM businesses like Million Money, Ethereums Cash, Lionshare, etc.

Choosing such a ready-made solution to build an MLM platform offers a range of perks. You can save a lot of money, time, and effort to develop the solution from scratch. In short, the Smart Contract MLM clone script is the best solution for launching a profitable MLM business at an affordable price.

At Appdupe, we offer white-label clone scripts of all leading MLM businesses. Our solutions are automated to provide maximum efficiency and are hack-proof to offer secure crypto transfers. Reach out to us if you wish to join the emerging MLM business trend!

Ethereums.Cash Clone - Explained

Ethereums.Cash clone is a secure, efficient, and risk-free Smart Contract based MLM platform that empowers its users to generate an income of more than 55000 ETH for every 180 days. It is one of the few MLM businesses to allow users in the MLM network to earn Ethereum from several downline transactions depending upon their active levels. Also, it is built similar to the Ethereums.Cash MLM, which is a trending platform in the MLM segment.

The Complete Workflow Of Our Ethereums.Cash MLM Clone Script

The entire functionality of our Ethereums.Cash MLM clone script can be summarized in five steps, as mentioned below.

  • 1

    Users can sign up with the MLM platform by processing their first transaction of 0.025 ETH.

  • 2

    Once signed up, users can easily sign in to the MLM system. Here, their default Ethereum address is activated, and they become a part of the Level 1 in the Forced Matrix. Here, no password is required for signing in.

  • 3

    Users can start making income only after directly referring at least one or two members to the platform. A part of the signup fee paid by the newly joined members is shared as commission to the users who referred them.

  • 4

    Upon successfully referring two users, the Team Matrix gets activated.

  • 5

    To activate a particular level, users have to cross the time period of 180 days. Users can also extend the period of their level if need be.

It is important for users to stay ahead of their downlines and keep moving to the subsequent levels. Else, they will start losing their commission.

Profit Table


Sign Up Fee

Commission From Downlines

Total Earnings


0.025 ETH

0.005 ETH from 5 Downlines

0.31 ETH from 62 Members


0.06 ETH

0.01 ETH from 6 Downlines

1.26 ETH from 126 Members


0.28 ETH

0.04 ETH from 7 Downlines

10.16 ETH from 254 Members


0.64 ETH

0.08 ETH from 8 Downlines

40.8 ETH from 510 Members


1.44 ETH

0.16 ETH from 9 Downlines

163.52 ETH from 1022 Members


3.2 ETH

0.32 ETH from 10 Downlines

654.72 ETH from 2046 Members


7.04 ETH

0.64 ETH from 11 Downlines

2620.16 ETH from 4094 Members


15.36 ETH

1.28 ETH from 12 Downlines

10483.2 ETH from 8190 Members


33.28 ETH

2.56 ETH from 13 Downlines

41937.92 ETH from 16382 Members

Wishing To Launch A Smart Contract MLM Like Ethereums.Cash? Reach Out To Us Right Away!

Features Of Our Ethereums Cash Clone

  • No human involvementThe MLM system is entirely decentralized, discharging the need for manual intervention or admin management. The processes are automated, running hassle-free.

  • Smart contractThe Ethereums Cash clone is built on the Ethereum Smart Contract that ensures the operations are carried out by automated protocols, guaranteeing that the system cannot be hacked/ blocked/ deleted.

  • E-walletOur Ethereums Cash clone script supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies and stores them in the secure e-wallet to enable quick fund transactions.

  • P2P transfersThe transaction of cryptocurrencies takes place between one user wallet and another seamlessly and quickly, exhibiting extended performance.

  • TransparencyThe information of all transactions is stored in the distributed ledger, allowing all users to view them. Thereby, the platform ensures 100% transparency in its operations.

  • View levelsUsers can effortlessly view their levels, earning details, information of downline members, and more in this section.

  • High-end securityThe primary value proposition of a Smart Contract based MLM platform is its security. Our solution ensures maximum security, keeping thefts and frauds at bay.

  • Risk-free systemOur MLM clone script is built with detailed MLM levels that assure users that their payments will be processed regularly, earning their trust and confidence.

  • Global supportGo global with our Smart Contract MLM clone script that offers multilingual and multi-currency support. An excellent opportunity to expand your business vertical!

Benefits Of Ethereums.Cash Smart Contract Based MLM Clone

The major selling point of Ethereums.Cash clone script is its low signup fee, which is 0.025 ETH, to enter the first level. It is extremely low compared to the registration fee needed for other MLM platforms. Other perks include:

  • Managed by the Smart Contract

  • Risk-free MLM system

  • No third party control

  • Hack-proof, Scam-free

  • Faster wallet transactions

  • Opportunity to earn huge income

How Appdupe Is Unique In MLM Smart Contract Development?

Our smart contracts ensure the MLM platform is entirely decentralized, and the highest level of encryption is enabled to offer secure transactions. With this reliable attribute of the Smart Contract, we built the highly rated MLM software for your business. The MLM platform can be

Created with your own business model and MLM levels
Offered by combining two or more MLM tree structures altogether.

Have An Idea To Kick-start A Smart Contract MLM Business Like Ethereums.Cash? Wishing To Grow Big?

At Appdupe, we offer white-label Ethereums.Cash clone script for businesses looking to start a Smart Contract MLM business in the shortest time possible. Our solution is decentralized, 100% transparent, and risk-free.

How To Build A Smart Contract Based MLM Platform Like Ethereums Cash?

The major reason for the success of the Ethereums Cash clone is that its business model is risk-free, allowing users to earn more Ethereum with minimum investments. Building an MLM platform like Ethereums Cash is also quite simple when you opt for customizing a white-label Ethereums Cash clone packed with all features and functionality similar to Ethereums Cash.

At Appdupe, we offer ready-made Smart Contract MLM clone script and its customization services to ensure it goes in line with your business's requirements. We will also assist you in launching the solution on the platforms of your choice. Connect with us to get started on this incredible business journey!

Customization Services We Offer

Integration of wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet
Smart Contract auditing and integration
The tree structure can be modified
The number of levels and days needed to complete a level can be changed
The entry fee for each level can be revised
The ETH value can be altered

Why Choose Appdupe For Your Smart Contract Based MLM Development?

Supported by the in-house blockchain team who excel in developing high-end blockchain solutions, we build secure and scalable Smart Contract based MLM platforms. Our solutions are hack-proof, eliminating all possible phishing activities and unauthorized access. Our clients choose our development solutions for a variety of reasons, including:

24X7 Customer support
White-label solution
Quick launch
Cost-effective solution
Seasoned expert team
Free maintenance support post-launch (for a limited time)

Hire A Smart Contract MLM Script Developer

Hire us to get started on your MLM business successfully in the shortest turnaround time possible. Our development team includes business analysts, Blockchain developers, skilled designers, proficient developers, and a project manager. They all strive together to build a highly efficient MLM clone script like Ethereums Cash that empowers businesses to scale big in the MLM segment. Reach out to us anytime to discuss further and start the development process.

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Ethereums Cash clone script is a smart contract based MLM platform that is secure, hack-proof, and decentralized. The major benefit is, users can earn 55000 ETH for every 180 days.

No human involvement is required to manage the Ethereums.Cash clone script. It is managed by a Smart Contract that self-executes all processes seamlessly. You do not have to worry about anything if you invest in this excellent MLM solution.

Our Ethereums Cash MLM Clone Script is a reliable solution that can handle any number of users at a time. It will extend its hassle-free performance throughout its operations.

The development cost to build a pragmatic MLM platform like Ethereums.Cash is influenced by several factors, including features, technology stack, and a lot more. We can arrive at the development cost only after understanding your business model and needs.

Feel free to connect with us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected]. You can also connect via the chat option on our website.

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