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Attract Potential Customers for Your Business on YouTube!

The dynamics of digital marketing have evolved starkly over the years and have shifted seamlessly from word-based niche to video-centered marketing, thanks to the staggering accessibility of YouTube. With more than 2 billion users and 1 billion average views, it's one of the world's most happening social media platforms. This possesses an extremely attractive value proposition for businesses and entrepreneurs, who can leverage on the magnanimity of YouTube to drive traffic and supersize conversion rate in a jiffy.

Wish to harness this monumental opportunity? Appdupe, a leading YouTube Marketing Services Company, is here to steer forward your business with our stellar array of YouTube marketing services that's content-driven and designed to elevate the ROI mark. Deduced from past metrics, we have formulated a way to drive your business to ceaseless success with our YouTube promotional services. Highly recommended!

Add Youtube SEO Marketing
in your Digital Marketing Strategy

In a world driven by video-clip based multimedia, a brilliant digital marketing strategy isn’t complete without an intelligent YouTube SEO marketing in it. Why so? A 30-second clip will anchor your brand image into the hearts of your customers than a 300 word-long blog/ article. Coupled with its ability to seamlessly adapt to mobile viewing, YouTube marketing is arguably the chief-conversion driver for your business at the current scheme of things. Being a top-tier YouTube marketing company, we at Appdupe have expertise in creating, curating, and circulating content and strategizing it to appeal to the masses.

  • Superior Visual Appeal

  • More Customer Engagement

  • Increased Conversion Rate

Our Youtube Video Marketing Process

We gird you with a holistic approach towards positioning your brand in the YouTube world that’s sure to elevate the visibility of your offerings into Himalayan heights.

  • 01

    Customized Youtube Channel Creation Incepting your upward journey by creating a personalized and customized YouTube channel, we skillfully immerse the channel elements in line with your brand image, delivering a masterful mix of entertainment and pronounced marketing.

  • 02

    Content/ Audience Discovery and Targeting It is imperative that the marketing efforts are channelized perfectly into tangible targets. Hence, we crack our brains to identify and develop potential customer segments and deduce their content taste, likes and dislikes, and general viewing habits.

  • 03

    Text-Video TranscriptionIn order to leverage a global user base, our tools enable the generation of accurate text transcripted from the created video content that runs simultaneously as the clip progresses.

  • 04

    Keywords and Title GenerationBeing in the SEO vertical since its inception, we are famed for intuitively coming up with catchy titles and keywords that enable your video to top the search rankings seamlessly.

  • 05

    Google Analytics IntegrationWe extrapolate what’s working and what’s not by competently clamping your YouTube campaign with the Google Analytics API. This way, we can track down the process and progress instantly.

  • 06

    Campaign ManagementTo drive traffic from a multitude of sources, we embed a customized YouTube button that redirects the users to our video content at a speed of lightning. No diversions are allowed!

  • 07

    Video PromotionWe brainstorm and scheme various marketing campaigns for the video in similar social media platforms or through blogs, newsletters, 10-second short clips, and much more.

  • 08

    Video SEO OptimizationThe latest advancements in SEO tactics are implemented to enrich the video content and align the campaign to reach the objectives in an immersive manner.

  • 09

    Efficient Video SyndicationThe created content is curated to be compatible with major social media platforms and morph into the podcast format to generate synergy between diverse marketing efforts.

Looking to generate massive traffic with YouTube campaigns? We are here to help you!

Youtube Video SEO Services
to help your Business Videos Reach the Intended Audience

Keyword ResearchSEO is one of our fortes, and it is only logical to assert that we specialize in researching keywords that reflect the optimization propositions and processes. We converge our expertise to come up with target keywords for your video titles, tags, descriptions, etc., in a world-class fashion.

Video Thumbnail OptimizationAggrandizing your CTR, a crucial metric in sale conversion, has never been this easier as we effortlessly strategize and optimize the video thumbnails based on customer preferences, trends, and the keywords to be embedded in the cover.

Video Title OptimizationFlaunting an alluring yet relevant video title is made a commonality with our YouTube video marketing services as we prudently optimize the title of the video content to make it click-worthy and concurrently ascend the search rankings.

Description OptimizationPeppering the target keywords into the incepting lines of the video description is an art, and yay! We are those artists who can craft your descriptive content to reflect the best SEO practices that are enticing enough to make a prospective click.

Tag OptimizationOnly an expert team with a clear understanding of the nitty-gritty of the YouTube algorithm can appreciate the eminence of tags, and luckily, we are one such firm. We don’t leave any opportunity to mold the video content and optimize the tag for a significant reach.

Benefits of our Youtube SEO Services

Branding your company on YouTube has an enormous impact on your digital presence and might possibly be your chief driver of sales. Have a quick glance at some of the prime benefits.

Skyrocketing Business ReachYouTube is the largest non-word based social media platform and handles billions of users on a daily basis. With a perfect marketing plan, the site's grandiose can be intently tapped, culminating in far-extending business reach and response.

Pronounced BrandingBeing a visual medium, exhibiting the nuances of your products/ business is spectacularly facile and can have a rooted effect on the viewers. On top of that, YouTube video links can be effortlessly shared across the internet, facilitating a greater sphere of influence.

Targeting the Right AudienceReach out to your target audience with astute video content campaigns that'll quickly upgrade them from being an unexplored prospect to a potential customer, providing more excellent value to your business offering in the long run.

Expanding User BaseBesides your targeted customer persona, propagating your business gospel is no more daunting as the video content format directs users into your offering, who would have possibly never visited your site in the first place if not for the campaign.

Overall Video Marketing Services We Provide

  • Video CreationWe design, devise, and direct action plans to create highly-interactive and engaging content suffused with the best version of your business offering/ product. Your key to massive customer reception!

  • SEO Video AuditWe diligently go through each frame and every single content element to draw projections and compare the standard with the best-in-industry practices. A 360° introspection of your video content!

  • Video OptimizationA well-optimized video content is the initial touchpoint of the extended customer experience initiating from the clip. We make sure the piece of content is striking yet professional concurrently.

  • Video StrategyTaking care of everything from conception, creation to marketing, we formulate proficient procedures that can supersize your likes, views, and subscribers count to the pinnacle.

  • Video PromotionHaving an imposing presence in the social media space is a necessity, and we make it a breezy affair by transmitting the video content across sites and platforms without any hassle.

  • Performance AssessmentTracking how your video content campaigns are performing is an integral part of the larger scheme of things. Our experience and adroitness with various measurement tools will come in handy for your business marketing plans.

Over a Billion Users Enjoy Watching YouTube Videos Every Single Day.

Harness the wide-reaching capabilities of YouTube with an intuitive video content campaign.

Our YouTube Advertising Services

Besides a bundle of optimization processes, we proffer you with top-notch advertising services that transcend the platform boundaries to surge up your business traction.

In-Display Video AdsWe set up and execute In-display videos that are placed next to the YouTube videos but don’t play automatically unless prompted. An extensively economical solution as Google charges only for thumbnail clicks.

Overlay In-Videos AdsClickable text headlines with a crisp description define the overlay ads integration, and they are an able alternative to video-based promotions. Connect with us to set your overlay ads now!

In-Stream Video AdsAt $0.04 per view, these video ads confer a rare blend of superior marketing capabilities at an affordable price. We also have the capacity to choose which ads are skippable and which are not.

Remarketing Video AdsAn intuitive marketing tool, we also implement a remarketing video strategy to target those who have viewed the video on YouTube.

We are Competent with a multitude of YouTube Marketing Tools

  • Hubspot
  • Google Analytics
  • BuzzSumo
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Ahrefs
  • SEM Rush
  • Get Response
  • Active Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • Moz
  • Zapier
  • Send Grid
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • Tag Manager

White-Label YouTube Marketing Agency

Appdupe is one of the leading YouTube marketing agencies in the industry - the preferred facilitator of marketing and promotional activities for a conglomerate of global companies, ranging from startups to corporations. Our YouTube marketing services are entirely white-labeled, meaning that we funnel our potential to its fullest behind the scenes and let you secure the full glory. We diligently stitch out the crucial parts of your YouTube marketing strategy and implement it at an impeccable level.

We religiously adhere to the white-labeling agreement and never interact or contact your customers unless directed by you. Our B2B business marketing services are conceptualized to plummet your stress and experience an elevated investment return. At the end of the day, happy customers are what our YouTube channel management agency strives for!

Why Choose Us?

Holistic Video OptimizationAt Appdupe, our in-house YouTube marketing experts give their 100% to optimize the video content at its totality. Your one-stop solution to reach out and tap on your target audience without a hitch.

Affordable CampaigningWe understand that a significant chunk of our clients is entrepreneurs, and unlike others, we value your time and investment. Hence, we handle the entire spectrum of promotional activities and provide you with results that’ll exceed your expectations.

Accurate Video ReportingAt the completion of each campaign, we proffer you with a comprehensive report depicting the particular video content's performance with precise results derived from analytical tools provided by Google and YouTube.

Intensify TrafficThe specialists in our YouTube influencer agency have drenched in the scheme of things since the platform’s inception and have bestowed with the ability to devise marketing strategies that’ll drive a tremendous response and, eventually, massive organic traffic.

Hire Our Expert YouTube Marketers to Boost our Brand Visibility.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

YouTube marketing is an umbrella term to describe the strategies to create, curate, market, and measure video content in the YouTube platform for businesses and personal brands.
We also provide avant-garde marketing and promotional services on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more.
The hiring rates depend on a diverse number of factors, including the nature of the content, complexities involved, expected results, and selection of your campaign mode.
Feel free to contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through our website's chat option.

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