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Kick-start the launch of a futuristic on-demand video streaming service with our ready-made YouTube Clone solution. Success is just at an arm’s reach!

Launch a fabulous video sharing app like YouTube

By the famous sentence goes, YouTube is the massive respiratory of any video content. It quickly gives us the denotation of how powerfully the app has crept its way in all our lives. As days pass by, the love for the app is boosting among the millennials and teens, and so is its revenue.

YouTube Clone script offers you a mass audience that enables the users to share videos over the internet. Containing all the imperative features needed for any video sharing app, it can be considered as the success ladder to help you rise to a crescendo in a tick!

What is YouTube Clone?

YouTube Clone is an efficacious video-sharing solution that aids you in launching your video streaming software that has the power to rival YouTube itself. The app allows admin to add an unlimited collection of videos to keep the users hooked to the app. It comprises all significant and advanced features like playback option, download, and recommendation section, that will be personalized upon the users’ playlist and so many other exciting features. Our solution is developed with cutting-edge technology to ensure the best app for users and the admin. An admin dashboard is like a cherry on top, as to be it enhancement or monitoring, everything is a cakewalk.

YouTube Clone

Gravitating Business Ideas

Create/Manage Channels

Let users leverage the platform and make big bucks with their skills. They can create and manage multiple channels through the app’s facile navigation.

Unlimited Video Contents

Tap into the video-sharing industry and create a universal user base by uploading unlimited videos and catering to their needs of accessing entertaining content.

Ad Management

Apart from earning revenue, you can now transfix users’ attention with the advertisements. You can customize the ads to your business needs and target a particular community, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Top-notch Features Of The Youtube Clone

  • LoginUsers are allowed to register and log in with their email addresses, or they can log in with their social media accounts.

  • SearchThe app’s advanced search feature displays users various content suggestions instantly as users search for their favorite videos, movies, etc.

  • WatchlistSearching for the favorite content can be a strenuous task. Let them add the content to their watchlist and watch it later whenever they want.

  • Subscription PlanUsers can access a wide range of video content based on the subscription model they choose. The plan can also be upgraded to their choice.

  • Diverse Content:Users can search any shift through any content, as the app contains videos of the different genres such as comedy, drama, horror, etc.

  • Download VideoUsers may download any content and watch it numerous times, even when there is no internet connection.

  • PlaylistUsers can personalize their preferences by adding their favorite songs or videos to the app.

  • Multi-channel Support Users can create separate profiles, share videos, playlists, and manage all the channels skilfully.

  • Social Media Sharing It lets users share their most-liked content on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in just a few taps.

  • Live Streaming With this feature, the users can reach a massive audience and engage with them through a video feed, chat, and so on.

  • Thumbnail Frame PreviewUsers can add attractive thumbnails to their videos to gain audience attention. They can also change or customize the thumbnail according to the preview frame within the app.

  • Dashboard The cruise control is with you, as you can check all the contents that are recently added, check users and other data of the app with this dynamic dashboard.

  • Subscription PlanManage all the subscription payment details, revenue models and make changes according to your requirements.

  • Manage Site SettingsIt allows you to manage settings like different payment options, commissions, etc., all in just a single panel.

  • Video Management As an admin, you can remove or disable contents that violate the policies from this impressive panel.

  • User and Categories ManagementYou can add or edit any categories using the panel, and they can manage users and their package of subscriptions.

Build a video streaming platform and gain a maximum ROI.

Versatile YouTube Clone Solution

Mobile Friendly

Technology is evolving, and so is our state-of-the-art YouTube clone script. The mobile-friendly apps will be designed and developed to be compatible with all the latest and existing smartphones in the market.

YouTube Clone Script

Highly Customizable

Our Video streaming app solution will provide end-to-end customizable solutions that will incorporate all the client's requirements with ease. And the best part, it is pocket-friendly.

YouTube Clone Script

Easy Install

The development team analyzes the functionalities and performance of the app and ensures the end product to be easily installable in the planned smart devices. So, be it smart-phones or desktops, the installation will be a cakewalk.

YouTube Clone Script


An App like YouTube will perform seamlessly under an increased load with ease via advanced coding designed to anticipate a possible surge in service requests in near future.

YouTube Clone Script

Ad Management

Clients can easily infuse google ads within the app. Video or moving ads can also be placed for a particular section or channel of videos that commence before the beginning of the video or can be placed systematically in-between intervals.

YouTube Clone Script

Earn Money

App service providers can earn monetary benefits via targeted advertisements and even give out special subscription packs for ad-free streaming and for other special services for subscribed users.

How Do We Develop Your Dream YouTube Alternative App?

Converting your idea into execution requires domain understanding, proficiency, and dedication. We provide custom app solutions for YouTube like app development. Please take a look at how we add value to your business idea.

YouTube php script

We work on the minimum viable product (MVP) by inspecting the market size and segment, target audience, etc., to look for the positive outcome of your idea.

YouTube php script

Our Business Analyst team will present you with the analysis and vision that foresees the future.

YouTube php script

We will sift out the features that are needed along with the UI, which will help significantly in engaging the audience. Either you could offer a reference of any other video streaming sites, or we would also be happy to create a unique design.

YouTube php script

After a nod from you, our development team will start the backend development and carry out the customizations as specified by you.

YouTube php script

We believe in perfection, and true to that, we will carry out various testing processes to ensure agility, security, and server load balancing.

YouTube php script

Finally, we will help you deploy the app on your desired server to go live.

How does the Live streaming app like youtube work?

Users register/login with their social media accounts.

They can search and watch millions of videos from different genres that are uploaded by the admin or other users in their dedicated channels.

The users have the choice to also like or dislike the video contents and can add a review for any videos. They can also report the channels if the contents seem displeasing.

The channel admins of each channel can upload the videos and monitor the number of viewers, and can share the same link to other social media channels.

Why Choose Appdupe’s YouTube Clone App Solution?

As an expert YouTube app development company at Appdupe, we will help you to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream into a joyful reality. We have years of experience in developing video-sharing apps like YouTube, and our army of successful clients and a bunch of YouTube alternatives are the proof.

Enthralling AppearanceOur design team takes care of providing an app with the most interactive and intuitive UI/UX, that the navigation in the app is just a breeze. The colors, themes, and designs of the app are done in such a way that even the eye-catching would not suffice!

Assertive FeaturesFeatures are the backbone of any app. Our YouTube app clone comprises zealous elements that represent the future! Just a glance, and users would find it enticing and unrivaled without doubts!

100% CustomizationWe offer solutions that let business owners completely customize everything from the logo, brand name, theme, etc., to make sure that our clients can customize it according to their business needs. Rebrand and reach to a crescendo!

Amplified CodeWe develop a robust backend that helps you multiply and scale your business to heights! Our server is sturdy enough to hold even millions of users simultaneously.


Check out our detailed product demo designed to showcase
our advanced integrated functionalities and powerful admin dashboard.

    App Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • View/Manage Customer
  • View/Manage Moderator
  • View/Manage Sub-Admin
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Sub-Categories
  • View/Manage Cast and Crew
  • Manage Movies and Series
  • View/Manage Videos
  • Manage Streaming Upload
  • Manage Video Resolutions
  • Manage Video Subtitle
  • Manage Video Display Image
  • View/Manage Banner Video
  • Manage Videos Downloadable
  • View/Manage PPV
  • Manage Revenue Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • View/Manage Subscription
  • Manage Subscription Payments
  • Manage PPV Payments
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • Manage Moderators Redeems
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Video Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage App URL Settings
  • Manage SEO Setings
  • Manage Home Page Settings
  • Custom Push Notification
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Email Templates
  • Mail Camp
  • Manage Kids Videos
  • Video Approval (Moderator)
  • Manage Original Videos
  • Age Restriction for Videos
  • Admin Account Management
Moderator Panel Features
  • Moderator Dashboard
  • View/Manage Videos
  • Manage Streaming Upload
  • Manage Video Resolutions
  • Manage Video Subtitle
  • Manage Video Display Image
  • View/Manage PPV
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Redeems Request
  • Manage PPV Payments
  • Manage Kids Videos
  • Age Restriction for Videos
  • Moderator Account Management
User Panel Features
  • User Registration
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Homepage
  • Manage Multiple Profiles
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account
  • Manage/Change Subscription Plan
  • Manage Billing Details
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Payment History
  • Browse/Search Videos
  • Watch Videos (Movies/Series)
  • Watch New Releases
  • Watch Trending Videos
  • Watch Recommended Videos
  • Resume Videos
  • Add Videos to Wishlist
  • Like/Dislike Videos
  • Watch Categories based Videos
  • Watch Originals
  • View/Manage Notifications
  • Watch Kids Videos
Application Features
  • Registration
  • Email Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Google Account Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Change Subscription Plans
  • Manage Subscription Plans
  • Add Videos to Wishlist
  • Manage Wishlist
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Manage PPV Videos
  • Manage Watch History
  • Delete Account
  • View/Manage Sub-Profile
  • Watch New Releases
  • Watch Trending Videos
  • Watch Recommended Videos
  • Resume Videos
  • View/Manage Download Videos
  • Watch Originals
  • Choose Language
  • Manage Application Settings
  • Manage Push Notifications
  • Manage Account Settings
  • Manage Email Notifications
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View Terms of Use
  • Manage Diagnostics
  • Switch Plans
  • Watch Categories based Videos
  • Search Videos
  • Watch Kids Videos

Deep-pocketed Monetization Models of the YouTube Alternative

Enlarge Your Revenue Graph With These Super Profitable Monetization Models

  • Subscription Making money is a child’s play with our solution. Convert the casual viewers into permanent subscribers using the money-spinning subscription model. You can offer various flexible and economical subscription plans and attract the world population easily!

  • Advertisement The golden ticket of any app’s success in this model, and it’s no different here. Promote the third-party brands in your app through ads, and hit the jackpot in next to no time.

  • Pay Per View Boost your business by charging users to watch a live event of their favorite and inspiring personalities through your app. Let them not miss any chance to have fun!

Our Package Includes

We design and develop the next level applications for your business with our avant-garde solutions.

video streaming software

Android and iOS App

Our cutting-edge Android and iOS app offer next level performance for users and providers.

Website Installation

Apart from our dedicated development solutions, we offer website installation service to our clients.

Admin Panel

A sturdy admin panel coupled with a powerful and efficient monitoring system for glitch-free functioning.


Yes, YouTube Clone has established itself as a profitable model, and Appdupe is here to help you with every step of the process.

Yes, our team will be delighted to help you with enhancing your application that you seem fit post-launch.

Your idea is completely safe with us. And to assure it we sign a non-disclosure agreement that states all the ideas and strategies stay between us.

Yes, we provide a similar app, as shown in the demo. You can also modify the product to your liking.

You get everything you need to run a top video-sharing app business like Powerful admin dashboard, user iOS app, user Android app, and web app for users.

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