Food Delivery

Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, full-service restaurants witnessed a massive decline in their traffic. They couldn’t cope with the losses, driving them to look for ways to keep their business running. Food delivery app solutions emerged as the next best alternative to save them from hitting rock bottom. Also, people who couldn’t dine-in find food delivery convenient.

Our SolutionAt Appdupe, we offer UberEats clone app solutions to help you join the lucrative online food ordering vertical. It is high time to launch a cutting-edge food delivery app that draws restaurant owners and customers towards your business, generating high profits.

Why Go For Our Food Delivery App Solution?

  • Pre-packed with COVID-19 safety add-ons
  • Zero-delivery feature
  • Take-out option
  • Separate panels for users, restaurants, and delivery executives
  • Instant food ordering and delivery
  • GPS-enabled navigation system

The Stats

Online restaurant sales and food delivery requests hiked tremendously due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the restaurant industry, driving full-service restaurants to join online app platforms.

Grocery Delivery

With people stuck in their homes in the wake of Coronavirus, the online grocery shopping business is rising in sales at unprecedented rates. Grocery stores are rushing to be a part of the existing online platforms to reach their target audience. People are also opting for online deliveries to keep their demands supplied.

Our SolutionTake your grocery delivery business next level with our Instacart clone app. Our grocery delivery app package comes with separate panels for customers, delivery drivers, and grocery stores. With an intuitive user interface, robust back-end, and seamless functionality, it is a solution that you should never miss out on.

Why Choose Our Grocery Delivery Application?

  • Integrated with COVID-19 safety features
  • Online checklist for delivery drivers
  • Safety badges for grocery stores
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Delivery dispatcher panel
  • Instant order status alerts

The Stats

The download rates of online grocery delivery apps saw a massive increase since the breakout of the deadly Coronavirus, compared to the previous years.

Telemedicine & Healthcare Consultation

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the telemedicine segment to the forefront, gaining widespread acceptance from its stakeholders. People with chronic health conditions or emergencies can reach out to their doctors via video consultation and voice consultation features, rather than paying direct visits.

Our SolutionWe offer ready-made telemedicine app development solutions that cover all aspects of healthcare to provide a hassle-free user experience. Join this thriving market to connect healthcare professionals with patients seamlessly.

Why Opt For Our Telemedicine App Solution?

  • Prompt video/voice consultations
  • Electronic Medicine Records (EMR) integration
  • Store and forward medical records
  • Blockchain-based data sharing
  • Compliance with regulatory protocols
  • Virtual waiting rooms

The Fact

Telehealth solutions permit healthcare services to be delivered without in-person contact, reducing the risk of disease transmission and frees up in-person healthcare resources for COVID-19 patients.

Medicine Delivery

With people socially distancing amid COVID-19, there rises a need for businesses that deliver medicines to people in need at their doorsteps. Pharmacies are stepping in with their medicine delivery solutions that allow people to access their medical supplies while staying safe at their homes.

Our SolutionIf you are looking to set up a business or take your medicine delivery services online, we are the best fit for the job. We offer Uber for medicine delivery app solution that can be readily customized and delivered in the shortest time possible.

What Sets Our App Development Service Apart?

  • Loaded with COVID-19 features
  • Contact-free deliveries
  • Order tracking options
  • Reasonably-priced solutions
  • Instant app launch on time and budget
  • App launch and rejection support

The Fact

COVID-19 sparks surge in U.S. online pharmacy purchases.

Pickup & Delivery

Even amid the COVID-19 crisis, some businesses are witnessing an uptrend in its growth. One such sector is the pickup and delivery business. People are adapting to these services faster than ever before. Extend all kinds of delivery services to join this bandwagon with an increased success rate.

Our SolutionAt Appdupe, we provide a wide range of on-demand delivery app development solutions that can be modified to fit any business type to increase operational efficiency. From food delivery to essentials delivery, we have got everything covered.

What Makes Our Delivery Solutions Your Pick?

  • A range of delivery options
  • In-app wallet integration
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Robust admin panel
  • SEO optimized solutions
  • Quick turnaround time

The Stats

With more people staying home and taking preventative steps to isolate due to the Coronavirus outbreak socially, companies that offer delivery services are seeing a surge in business.

E-learning App

The COVID-19 breakout has driven educational institutions to undertake teaching remotely on digital platforms, leading to a sudden surge in e-learning app downloads. This sudden shift is predicted to last even post-pandemic, bringing a significant impact in the educational segment worldwide.

Our SolutionEnter the thriving e-learning sector with our Udemy clone app solutions. Our solutions are ready-made, allowing you to personalize and launch them promptly. Contact us to know more.

How Does Our E-learning Solutions Stand Out?

  • Customized learning experiences
  • Student and tutor dashboard
  • Efficient learning management
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Multiple language preferences
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations

The Stats

The download rate of educational apps jumped up as educational institutions worldwide turned to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On-Demand Doctors/Nurses/Caretakers

If you are in the lookout for the best Coronavirus business ideas, then look no further. An on-demand app that establishes a seamless connection between patients and healthcare professionals is the best future-proof idea you can invest in. Several businesses are launching their solutions driven by the assured success rates.

Our SolutionConnect with us to build a high-end on-demand doctors app with our Practo clone to accelerate the remotely delivered healthcare services. Embracing this opportunity will help you survive in current times and the coming days.

Why Invest In Our On-demand Doctor App Development?

  • Robust and reliable solutions
  • Team of seasoned professionals
  • Glitch-free functionality
  • Free server set up and app launch support
  • Cost-effective products
  • 24x7 project support

The Fact

Telemedicine is essential amid the COVID-19 crisis and after it.

Video Conferencing

With the socially distanced world emerging as the new normal, businesses are moving to video conferencing platforms to operate remotely. Using these solutions goes a long way in keeping businesses running smoothly and maintaining customer relationships effortlessly.

Our SolutionLaunch a robust Zoom clone application that captivates the attention of businesses globally. Our ready-made clone solution has all features pre-loaded to ensure its seamless functionality.

Extensive Offerings Of Our Video Conferencing Solution

  • HD video call capabilities
  • Webinars with unlimited attendees
  • Instant messaging option
  • Screen sharing feature
  • Direct live streaming
  • Audio/Video recording

The Stats

As more people stay home due to COVID-19, video conferencing apps have seen a surge in downloads.

Medical Transportation Booking

The demand for medical transportation services has risen monumentally amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is attributed to the narrowing down or complete closure of the public transportation services. Notably, highly vulnerable older people find this option extremely beneficial to visit nearby hospitals during emergencies.

Our SolutionAt Appdupe, we extend non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) booking app development solutions to assist business people willing to enter the on-demand healthcare segment. Built with advanced technology, the app will help you assist more people in getting medical transportation services.

What Makes Our Development Services Unique?

  • Ready-made app solutions
  • Feature-rich products
  • Integrated with COVID-19 safety features
  • Instant app launch
  • Post-launch support
  • Reasonably-priced solutions

The Stats

COVID-19 lockdown leads to a rise in demand for ambulances.

Ecommerce Marketplace For Essentials

In the event of the COVID-19 chaos, people are turning to online shopping platforms, leading to increased opportunities for online retailers. Notably, online purchasing of essential commodities like health-related products, groceries have surged in sales in the current times.

Our SolutionSeveral businesses are entering this segment to earn high profits. We provide reliable Amazon clone app solutions to help you launch your ecommerce site in the shortest turnaround time.

What Choose Our Multi-vendor Ecommerce Solution?

  • Packed with COVID-19 safety add-ons
  • Assured zero-contact delivery
  • Multiple vendors, One-stop shop
  • Efficient shipping management
  • Detailed products page
  • God’s eye view

The Stats

E-Commerce sees a surge in demand as online shopping increases due to COVID-19 transmission fears.

Video Streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the rise of digital content consumption across the globe, as people staying indoors explore in-home entertainment. This upward trend in the usage of video streaming platforms has generated high returns for organizations functioning in the segment.

Our SolutionDeploy a top-notch video streaming service with our Netflix clone app to cater to the changing user behaviors. Offer any content of your preferences through your platform. We assist you in customizing the app as per your business needs.

Why Choose Our Video Streaming Solution?

  • Effortless content management
  • In-built video player
  • Interactive user interface
  • A solution that meets all industry needs
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Android, iOS, and Web solutions

The Stats

The content streaming sector is witnessing a huge surge in demand amid covid-19 lockdown; the global market is expected to be worth $50.3 billion in 2020.

Finance App

Governments across the world have started advising their citizens to move to contactless digital payments amid the COVID-19 impact. Along with safety and security, fintech apps offer increased transparency and convenience. People are adapting to this change at a faster rate. Also, cash advance apps are gaining increased traction as people are in need of immediate cash to manage their household finances in this frightening time.

Our SolutionAt Appdupe, we provide ready-made fintech apps for all kinds of business models. Build a highly secure P2P payments app or cash advance app with our Fintech app development solutions as per your business requirements. Connect with us to get started!

Why Should You Invest In Our Finance App?

  • Hassle-free payments
  • Enables instant fund transfers
  • Data confidentiality
  • Cross-platform compatible solutions
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Built with agile technology

The Stats

Cash advance apps like Dave, Earnin see a drastic surge in usage amid COVID-19.

Freelance Marketplace

With the havoc caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are moving to freelance marketplaces to find skilled freelancers to get their jobs done. It is seen as a cost-cutting measure as they couldn’t afford to hire full-time employees in this terrifying moment. It might also lead to a permanent shift in both work from home and freelancing policies of several companies.

Our SolutionConnect job providers with job seekers by launching an active, revenue-generating Freelancer clone app. We also extend various clone solutions, helping you pick the one that goes in line with your business requirements.

Why Choose Our Freelance Marketplace Solution?

  • Cutting-edge mobile and web apps
  • 100% modifiable source codes
  • Highly scalable products
  • White-labeled solutions
  • Robust admin dashboard
  • Hassle-free installation

The Fact

The pandemic has boosted freelance work - hiring for jobs is booming.

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