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Launch A Fabulous Print-on-demand App Like Redbubble And Printful!

There are now many ways that have been springing up for artists to make worldly goods, unlike the olden days. Still and all, all artists do not share their experience because this couldn’t reach everyone. But who are we kidding? When technology and the saviour of on-demand apps are here, there is no melancholy about foregone opportunities and fizzled out income. Albeit there are still ways that have been a promise to the artists from their work, like Redbubble.

From this platform, artists can upload their work and print it on different products. The products can be anything ranging from clothing, utensils, device cases, etc. Because of the independence the platform proffers to the users, many creators are now getting used to this idea, and the stats say during the global pandemic, there was a surge of 56%. Aspects like low investment and hassle-free selling is what made this market more alluring.

If you want to get through this industry, just like always, we’ve got you covered in this too! AppDupe is here with a Redbubble clone. The Redbubble clone can be your magic potion to boost your success in your venture. Who knows, you might become the industry leader! We can’t wait to help you in growing. So, how about connecting a call?!

What Is Print On-demand?

Print-on-demand is similar to an ecommerce business. It refers to a business model where a user/creator will team up with a supplier to sell customised products like shirts, hats, mugs, calendars, bags, and so much more. On the purchase of a product from the customer’s end, a creator will place the order with the supplier, and the entire process from there will be carried by the print-on-demand company.

Key Features Of Redbubble Clone App

  • Cart An array of spellbinding collections and stunning designs to captivate the users is not to be a thing to be missed. A benevolent cart feature to allow them to reserve their rights over it beforehand!

  • Bio An offprint of the creators to showcase a quick glimpse of themselves. Amplifying the number of pops of one’s profile on the online search is a no-brainer!

  • Product Templates A myriad of splashy templates for the creators to hold a reception of millions of aesthetic ideas to entertain the users!

  • File Library An ensemble of files stacked up by the creators to sweep off awe from the entire population for their creativity.

  • Link To Other Sites Stagger your creators by showing the power your platform could bring to their skills! Now they can add their social media accounts and reinforce their customer base.

  • Add Products From the jarring range of different products, let the creators find their niche by choosing any products they wish to futz around. Design, paint and dibs!

  • Start Selling Allow your creators to brush all the prospects of gaining user traction with their quick-witted ideas and stunning creativity! With this feature, they are just a tap away from stealing the spotlight!

  • Add TagsPin down the works of all the creators amidst the constellation of categories. Gloss their designs with the feature to appear in the topmost search results. Increased visibility. Stately sales!

  • Review PricingAllow them to fine-tune the service fee percentage and stockpile their rewards to their liking! A win-win situation, as you can stash away hundreds and thousands of bills.

  • Add PaymentsSay hi to the newest ways of earning income with creativity. Give struggles and unstable income a run for the money! The creators can clip in accounts to the app and don’t have to sweat for the revenues anymore!

Bring Into Limelight Your Business With The Redbubble Clone!

What Is A Redbubble Clone?

Redbubble clone is a white-label print-on-demand application that allows the creators to sell their customized products online with their own branding. They can earn big fortunes without the hassle of fulfilment, shipping or order minimums. Henceforward, the creators can only concentrate on brewing the next design that will be worth its weight in gold for the global population!

What Are The Best Print-On-Demand Products To Sell With Printful Clone?

Drawing up the best products that creators could customise and sell using the Printful clone.

  • T-shirts

  • Hoodies

  • Scarves

  • Socks

  • Hats

  • Pillows

  • Mugs

  • Posters

  • Stickers

  • Phone cases

  • Tote bags

  • Wall Art

  • Photos

  • Water Bottles

  • Laptop cases

  • Door mats

  • Backpacks

  • Journals and planners

  • Invitations

  • Glasswares

  • Notebooks

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Attune Our Redbubble Clone To Befit Your Needs

CreatorsA unique solution for the creators to bring to life their skills and seize the audience population to their business as an independent artist or influencer. Redbubble clone would prove to them that making money is art too!

Ecommerce entrepreneursIf you are an entrepreneur who wants to annex the top position of ecommerce, then look further not, as our Redbubble clone contains all the embellishments to land you right there! Personalisation and ecommerce- a surefire hit in truth!

Global brands and enterprisesAn established online business looking to sell heaps of customised products? Wave down for our Redbubble clone!

How Print-on-demand Business Is Better Than Wholesale Business?


Payment is assured upon every order

There is a need for inventory

There are next to null investment risks or losses

Easy to diversify products


Investment and inventory are needed

Restocking has to be done by the owners itself

Product ranges are lesser in number when compared to print-on-demand services

Risks of leftover products

Are You Looking For Ways To Outshine Your Business? Consider Yourself The Leader In The Industry!

Benefits Tied Up With Launching A Print-On-Demand App Like Redbubble

  • Establish a unique brand Redbubble clone gives an amazing opportunity to the individuals to establish a niche in the market amidst the hard competition. They can have the upper hand over their products, and most importantly here, uniqueness speaks volumes!

  • Personalisation In this era of preferences and personalisations, to withstand the weather, one must be unique in their offerings. Nonetheless, this business is unique in itself. One can flaunt their creativity with the word using personalised colour schemes, name, message and whatnot.

  • Experimenting Compared with the conventional business models, where trying something new is like stepping on a slippery slope; this POD business is relatively a friendly ecosystem to mastermind ideas and designs. Also, with the platform’s reviewing option, the failure factor for designs is zilch.

  • Iota of overhead costs and investments You would have probably guessed that right now! Of course. There’s no rental fee, no warehouse fee, no products or investment costs. And you are obviously leading to minimum investment but maximum harvest.

How Does The Redbubble Clone App Work?

  • Creators should create or add any available designs and apply them to the product catalogue given in the app.

  • They can select any one product of their choice and list it in the store.

  • They can share the new merchandise across various social media platforms and start generating profits.

  • Customers order the product from the online store, and yay! They can become a leading creator now!

Our Process Of Redbubble Clone App Development

  • 1

    We gen up the requirements that you wish to implement in the white-label Redbubble clone app development and put in writing all your expectations.

  • 2

    Our quick-witted BA team will map the scattered thoughts into a plan that will be in favour of market trends and lay out a wireframe.

  • 3

    After we have you pleased with it, our development team will get cracking on meticulously crafted the back-end and front-end of the app and make it market-ready.

  • 4

    The app is exploited with several rigid tests and wiped away of any errors and glitches to bring to fruition a perfect app.

  • 5

    It is deployed on the service of your choice and open to receive credits and millions of users!

Why Choose Us For Developing Print-on-demand Platform Like Redbubble?

AppDupe is the best print-on-demand app development company for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality by offering you avant-garde solutions at an unbeatable price. Having dealt with the development of many such apps, our team of experts are proficient in forecasting the market and strategize an amazing plan for even the complex of projects. Our engagement-driven solutions are developed with tools and techniques that are tried and tested.

Our solutions are customizable, scalable and definitely profitable, which we have hand-crafted with crucial features and dexterous functionality. Thanks to our team’s resilience, expertise and acuity!

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Email & Contact Settings
  • Manage Social Media Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Image Settings
  • Manage Banner Settings
  • Manage Category Advertisement
  • Manage Category banner settings
  • Attributes Management
  • Manage Specification and Specification Group
  • Manage Countries/Cites
  • View/Manage Categories
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Features
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Manage FAQ
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Deals
  • View/Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • Manage Shipping Delivery
  • Manage Product/Store Reviews
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Customer
  • Manage Inquiries
  • View/Manage Merchants
  • Mange product approval
  • View/Manage Transaction
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Blogs
Merchant Features
  • Register/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Settings
  • View/Manage Account
  • Change Password
  • Attributes Management
  • View/Manage Deals
  • Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • View/Manage Shipping and Delivery
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Transactions
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • Fund Request Report management
  • Withdraw Fund request management
  • View/Manage Multiple Stores
  • View/Manage Commission
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • View Homepage
  • Search based on product/deal names
  • Product selection based on Category & subcategories
  • View Products
  • View Deal products
  • View sold out products
  • View Stores
  • View Banners/Best offers
  • Rate and review the products/store
  • View Product Description Page
  • Filter Range
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Manage Check out
  • Manage Shipping Address
  • Payment method
  • Booking Confirmation
  • View Nearby stores
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Manage Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Return/Replacement
  • View/Manage Wish list
  • Manage Password
  • Contact Us/Feedback
  • About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Customer service
  • Quick Links

Jump Into The Bandwagon Of POD Industry With The Beginning Of Redbubble Clone App Development

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Obviously, a print on demand business model is entirely capable of earning you a king’s ransom, as the e-commerce market size and people’s preferences are changing.
The time frame depends on the requirements of the project. However, when you take our services, on-time delivery in the shortest turnaround time is what you can expect.
Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.
There are a number of factors such as design specifications, project’s requirements, number of hours involved etc., which may vary depending on the client’s individual needs. So for an accurate estimate, contact our team, and we’ll help you out.
Yes, our flair in developing web applications along with mobile applications will help you launch both and earn heaps of bills!

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