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Quiqup clone:
Build an on-demand delivery app for your business

If your business requires logistic support to make deliveries, then in this day and age you need a smartphone application. With a mobile software, you will be able to seamlessly deliver all of your products and services to your customers. Our Quiqup clone app is studded with core features that will ensure that your deliveries are accurate and on time.

Our developers at AppDupe are well known to build applications that are easy and fun-to-use. Experience our minimalistic user interface design that is fast, responsive and glitch-free. With our logistics app development services, you will have happy customers and in turn a spike in profits.

What will you get with our Quiqup Clone App Package?

We have curated a set of industry-winning elements to bring you the perfect Quiqup clone package. By purchasing it, you get access to pivotal features that you can customize and scale to create an outstanding on-demand delivery app.

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    Android App
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    iOS App
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Quiqup Clone App Features

We offer customers a plethora of features that will give them a personalized app experience

  • Browse StoresCustomers can peruse through and select from all the available stores that are registered on the application.

  • Product DetailsOn selecting a store, customers will be able to view product details such as description, price, and more.

  • GPS TrackingCustomers can look at the whereabouts of delivery agents via maps.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsCustomers will be able to pay through either cash, debit/credit card, or online wallets.

  • Feedback SystemDepending on how customers feel about the services they avail, they can give feedback.

  • NavigationDelivery agents will be able to navigate to customers accurately with the help of GPS.

  • EarningsThe amount of money earned over time can be viewed from the earnings dashboard.

  • Customer InformationAfter confirming an order, details of the customer such as name, contact details and location can be viewed by delivery agents.

  • Accept/Reject RequestsDelivery agents can choose to either accept or reject a service request according to their convenience.

  • Time of AvailabilityThe time period in which delivery agents want to be available for accepting service requests can be set.

  • Feedback SystemDelivery agents can give feedback about their customers.

  • Order HistoryCustomers will be able to view all of their order histories so that they can reorder from them.

  • Manage PaymentsThe preferred choice of payment, preferred card to be used and more can be managed with this feature.

  • Brief ReportsAllows agents to view their performances and service requests frequencies at different times.

  • DashboardDelivery agents will be able to get an overview of all of their earnings, ratings and more from the dashboard.

  • Register DocumentsNew delivery agents can upload documents via the web panel.

  • Custom NotificationsAdmins will be able to send out custom notifications to customers and delivery agents via in-app chat alerts and SMSes.

  • Code AdjustmentsThe code of the smartphone application can be modified to add new features.

  • Manage Delivery AgentAdmins can regulate the activities of delivery agents to ensure smooth business operations.

  • Manage RefundsRefund requests can be accepted and rejected according to their eligibility.

  • Manage ContentContent such as media, descriptions and more can be changed at any time via this feature.

  • Global LanguageCater to a global audience without any language discrepancies by incorporating multiple languages in your Quiqup-like smartphone application.

  • Chat within the AppConnect with your customers and agents seamlessly using in-app chat.

  • LocationProvide your customers with information on where exactly the store is and how long it would take for agents to pick up the items for delivery.

  • OffersGive out periodic discounts and offer codes.

Benefits of our Quiqup Clone

Our seasoned team of developers makes it possible for you to develop and launch a fully functional on-demand delivery app in no time.

Completely CustomizableAdd, edit and modify every element of your application. Our app gives you the complete freedom to turn the Quiqup clone app into your own unique and original software.

Payment IntegrationYour customers can choose from a multitude of payment gateways to pay through. Be it cash, debit/credit cards or online wallets.

Fully ScalableIncrease the size and reach of your app as your business grows. Our Quiqup clone is scalable at any time.

Responsive SupportWhenever you have a query, you can reach out to our support team for a quick resolution.

Quick DeploymentWe put your app on the fast lane to completion and ensure that it goes live on app markets in the quickest time possible.

Launch your on-demand delivery app with Quiqup clone in 7 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Getting to know youThe very first step to launching your on-demand delivery app is contacting us.

  • 2

    DiscussTo understand your requirements, we will find a suitable date on which we can briefly discuss more about what exactly you’re looking for.

  • 3

    Demo AppWe will build a demo app that you can test out to see what your fully functional app is going to be like.

  • 4

    Confirmation of the Demo AppOnce you are satisfied with the demo app, your confirmation will enable us to move on to the next step.

  • 5

    DevelopmentWe will begin developing your application and consult with you regarding color themes, design and feel of the app.

  • 6

    TestingYour application will be put through various tests to make sure that they perform uninterruptedly.

  • 7

    LaunchOn your final confirmation of using the fully built app, we will launch your smartphone application on the stores you want it to be available on.

Quiqup Clone - A Complete On-demand delivery solution for all kinds of niche business setup

No matter the size of your business, we craft our quiqup clone to fit all your operational needs perfectly.

  • Grocery Delivery Services

  • Medicine Delivery Services

  • Marijuana Delivery Services

  • Alcohol Delivery Services

  • Courier Delivery Services

  • Food Delivery Services

  • Flower Delivery Services

Why Us?

Offering the best app development solutions and services is our forte. At AppDupe, we’re always looking out for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to break into the market with an innovative application. We strive only for the best.

Post-Launch SupportWe don’t only assist you during the development phase but we also assist you with all your queries even after your app goes live in the market.

ExpertiseWe have built several applications in various fields and in return have gained amazing testimonies from satisfied customers.

Best PriceOur Quiqup clone is built to save you plenty of development time and resources. Contact us, tell us your requirements and we’ll give you our best price.

Choose your ServerBe it shared, cloud or hosted. We give you the complete freedom to choose which server you want to host your app on.

Technology we use in our Quiqup Clone Script

We use cutting-edge technology to build your app. Our app development solutions makes sure that your smartphone delivery software runs smoothly without any hiccups.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You will be able to hire and manage delivery agents and ensure smooth operations all through the compactness of an easy-to-use smartphone application.
By using a Quiqup clone you will save plenty of time in the development phase and also you’ll save a lot of resources.
You will be able to completely customize all the facets of your app and rebrand it with your own logo.
All you need to do is call us or write to us.
It will depend on the number of features you add into your application.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Gojek. We use the terms Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.

Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Gojek. We use the terms Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.