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‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’. Though this saying might be true in most cases, we cannot blindly go on with this. When the pandemic situation arose, and people were forced to stay inside their residences, though on the one hand, some people went crazy because of the boredom, reversing it, there were like magic new chefs, habitant trainers, and novice artists born. In Spite of them being non-professionals, the views, followers and fans were thick on the ground on their social media accounts.

But why does fame always should stop with just influence and followers when the same passion can be turned into so much more, and specifically a career?

We are presenting to you our AppDupe’s phenomenal white-label Renown Clone. Our premium celebrity fan app solution contains best-in-class features sprinkled and a provident interface painted within it, owing to be a product that will be the buzz for upcoming years!

What Is A Renown Clone?

Renown Clone is a white-label influencers subscription app solution that is exclusively meant for the creators to turn their talents and passions into a career. Meaning it is the absolute destination for social media influencers to monetize their contents. Content creators can expand their reach, get collaborated with bigger opportunities and monetize their fan base.

Key Features Of Renown Clone App

  • Never before seen video contentCaptivate the attention of your users by offering them exclusive content that is straight out of the creator’s device. Hot deals for the users, pretty bills for the creator!

  • Personalized Video MessagesWho wouldn’t love surprises? And if it is especially from their idols? Users can request a personalized video message from their favourite celebrities on occasions they wish. See your user base multiply now!

  • Exclusive Live ShowCreators can show a sliver of their daily activities to the users. No more frowning over the missed live session, as the creators can record and upload it to the page for everyone’s convenience.

  • 1-1 Interaction Let users go fangirling digitally! They can have one-to-one interaction with their idols and go gaga due to their admiration. Make their eyes pop out with heart!

  • Audio CallWho would have dreamt of these days where they can connect in a call with their idol this easily? Again, insert technology and a Renown Clone; here we are! Users could have a heart to heart conversation now effortlessly.

  • Video CallFans deserve appreciation too! So why not give them the reward they deserve? Let them have a high-quality video call with the star they love and flaunt it with their friends.

  • Direct Messaging on InstagramOn a scale of 1 to 10, 1 or 2 is the rate where a celebrity would answer to their fans. Oops! But with the app, your user can be in that rare population. We bet any user would ever leave the app!

  • Brand Promotion on Insta StoryIf the engagement has a doppelganger, then Insta Stories it would be. Arresting the eyeballs of the users is the formula here. That’s why celebrities can leverage it by promoting the brands on these stories.

Hello! Wanna Subscribe To The Success? Join Us For Renown Clone App Development

Variants Of Digital Creators’ Subscription Solutions We Furnish

  • OnlyFans Clone The place where stardom meets the fandom! An influencer. A content creator. A celebrity. No matter what profession, our solution has an excellent array of features that, in just a few taps, could make one a millionaire by virtue of their fans!

  • Cameo CloneAn exemplary celebrity shoutout platform, meticulously crafted to attract a global audience. Commoners can receive personalized shoutouts from various celebrities, musicians, athletes, reality show stars and what not! Whoever you point out, the app will take the user to them directly, yay!

  • Patreon CloneNo bias. No one-ended revenue collection. The online membership platform offers a plethora of benefits to both creators and patrons. A one-stop destination for creators to monetize their skills and for the patrons to get unique access. ‘Pot of gold is its nickname!

  • Greetzly CloneA long-time dream for the aspirational users of the app is now becoming a reality! Users can now request personalized video messages, Q&A sessions and video calls for any occasions from their celebrities. An excellent chance for entrepreneurs to turn the craze into million-dollar revenue.

Who can leverage the Renown Clone and generate exemplary benefits?

  • Gym Coaches

  • Dancers

  • Cooks

  • Beauticians

  • Celebrities

  • Models

  • Artists

  • Yoga trainers

How Does The Renown Clone Work?

  • The user signs up for the app using the email address, phone number, or log in through any of the social media accounts.

  • From a wide range of idols, celebrities or inspirers given in the app, the user can select their favourite one and view their profile.

  • The contents of the profile will be hidden until the user pays for it. After paying the price, the user gets access to exclusive contents of their idol.

  • They could request a Q&A session, a shoutout video, a video/audio call and much more. They might as well attend the live session and enjoy being the digital companion of their celebrity.

Collaboration. Recurring income. Millions of users. Do you still wanna wait? Launch your Renown Clone anon!

Features Of Our Renown Clone Script

User App

Log in/Sign up
Here’s the entry point to the app, where the user will update their credentials. Login can either be by filling in their email address or via social media handles.

Advanced Filters
A crucial scrutinization of finding their favourite celebrities from thousands is a bygone story now, with the app’s advanced filter. Criteria set and the right idol they would get!

Video recommendation
Thanks to the app’s algorithm, now users won’t have to be dilly-dallying about what to watch next. The app does it all!

Tag users
The users can tag other users in a video and gush about their faves’ talents unlimitedly. Fan base increased, and so does the revenue!

Video for sale
Woah, look at it! When we say that we’re here to grow your business, we mean it. Users can only view the video if they purchase it, leading to a win-win situation.

The Unique Selling Point of your app is here! Now you can enable a feature to let users request exclusive contents or interactions from their esteemed stars.

Record and share
Life is all about treasuring the best moments, agree? Give your users the joy of recording the sessions and conversations they had with their idols and share them on other platforms.

Alert your users of the celebrities residing in their neighbourhood by using accurate GPS Navigation.

Multi-Tier Security
Presenting a check to piracy! Users get the first-grade content from their idols without worrying about its exclusivity. Because of the app’s robust security, the videos are protected with watermarks and other security features.

Instant notifications
Keep the audience engaged and intrigued by notifying them of new uploads from their faves.

Celebrity App

Influencers who would like to augment their fan base get started with the app by signing up or logging in through their social media accounts.

Link social media
Exponential growth is the word! Celebrities can grab the perfect chance to link all their social media handles within the app to establish their presence.

Video creation
Nothing compares to the satisfaction of looking at the reason behind your success. In this case, the reason is fans! Let the celebrities reciprocate the love for their fans by creating various personalized shout-outs, Q&A sessions etc.

Privacy settings
Celebrities need privacy too! Some might even consider piquing the interest of what’s in their profile to the multitude. We support it all because celebrities could restrict the view of their profile to either native locations or public access.

Real-time analytics
Stun the idols with an analysis of how well they are utilizing the app through video shout-outs.

Manage revenue
Insight your celebrities about their worth! Now they can get detailed information about the revenues they have earned from their followers.

Remove followers
For any valid reasons, the artists have the liberty to remove the followers from accessing their profiles.

Admin Panel

A god’s eye view of all the activities taking place in your platform is icing on the cake to scrutinize the activities.

Manage users
Keep at arm’s reach all the information about the users of the app, including their contact details.

Manage creators
Maintaining the crystallinity of your app by verifying the authenticity of the digital creators of your platform.

Manage rewards
You are the king when you have the proof! Get hold and manage the rewards sent by users to their favourite creators and the invoice details.

Manage commission
Hear your cashbox ringing?! Set the commission percentage to your requirement and manage the process every time the reward is processed via your app.

Manage alerts
Keep the curiosity alive in your users by alerting them instantly when their favourite creators when they add content to their profiles.

Remunerative Revenue Models Of Our Renown Clone

All the revenue models are interspersed with the trait to lend you a never-ending income. Choose one or multiple revenue streams for your business. The choice is yours!

Subscriptions Whether a celebrity or an app admin, this revenue stream can never let someone run out of cash. By charging the users a subscription fee, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly, both the creators and admin can leverage a steady stream of income. Strategy speaks here, though!

Live streaming The leading business model that is adopted by top apps like TikTok is here for you! Users can send tips or virtual rewards to their idols, and they can earn a handsome amount now effortlessly.

AdvertisingRun advertisements from third-party businesses relating to the interests of your users and creators. Have the upper hand in charging the ad fees based on attributes like the number of impressions, views etc. Adding more digits to your net revenue is now easy-peasy!

Our Process Of Renown Like Celebrity Fan App Development

Interpretation and planningWe just need approval from you for the collaboration. And then we let our crew of mastered subscription video service experts do wonders by decoding your expectations, your vision and requirements. In a trial with that, we will map the milestones and give you a full-fledged planner.

DevelopmentEvery single screen of the app will be given to you as a skeleton model with different design sorts of UI iterations. Being the easy adopter of trends, we code out the Renown Clone and stimulate with the strong backend functionality.

DeploymentAfter the development, the app goes through a stringent testing process to make it bug and error-free. From all aspects, it is tested for any vulnerabilities. In its absence, the app will be deployed on your server and submitted on major app platforms.

SupportOur vow to provide unwavering support is always at the forefront, and thus from conception to commitment, our support team will provide technical support forever and anon.

The bandwagon for commoners to meet stars! Launch our Renown Clone and reach a zenith in the market!

Why Choose AppDupe For Renown Clone App Development?

  • Experience
    We have helped many celebrity subscription apps come into life and spread their wings into the market. The result? Of Course, it came out with flying colours!

  • Satisfied clients
    Referrals don't just stop with the features of our apps. More than half of our projects are through recommendations of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Cutting-edge solutions
    We never have a habit of resting or missing a beat of trends and drifts. Applying the newest technology is what we have excelled in these years.

  • Transparency
    There is never a dark cloud looming over or even a shadow of a doubt that arises. All our services and stages we followed will be updated through every single step.

  • Cost-effective
    'Entrepreneur-friendly projects' is not just a slogan for our services, but that's what we always stick with—world-class services at affordable prices.

Technology Stack of Our OpenSea Clone

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are a number of factors such as design specifications, project’s requirements, number of hours involved etc., which may vary depending on the client’s individual needs. So for an accurate estimate, contact our team, and we’ll help you out.
The future is promising for these celebrity subscription apps and especially apps with live content broadcasting. Our Renown Clone is highly scalable to fit in even the world population, aiding the growth.
Definitely, our digital creator subscription app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
The time frame depends on the requirements of the project. However, when you take our services, on-time delivery in the shortest turnaround time is what you can expect.
Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.

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