Bet365 Clone

Bet365 Clone App
That Covers All Conventional And Non-Conventional Sports

We provide Bet365 like app development services that encompass a variety of popular and niche sports.

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Horse-Racing
  • Esports
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Golf

Bet365 App Clone Scripts
That Have Robust Oddsmakers

We include all the popular types of oddsmakers to give you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

Fractional Odds:

Popular in Britain, here, the odds and payouts are denoted using a fraction value.

Decimal Odds:

Over here, the odds are represented by decimal numbers and are preferred around the globe.

American Odds:

Also known as Moneyline, the odds are indicated by a (+) sign, meaning loser, and (-) sign meaning winner.

Bet365 Clone
That Comes With A Galaxy Of Betting Wagers

Our premium Bet365 clone app development comes with a wide range of betting wagers that are guaranteed to keep your users entertained.

Head-to-HeadThe simplest and most popular wager where the user has to pick the victor to win rewards.

SingleThe user places a bet on only one of the many betting combinations available for an event.

MultiplesThe user places bets on multiple betting combinations available for an event.

DoubleThe user places bets on only two of the many betting combinations available for an event.

TrebleThe user places bets on only three of the many betting combinations available for an event.

Full CoverThe user places bets on all of the betting combinations available for an event.

Totals (Over/Under)The user can place a bet on any match statistic predicting whether it will be over or under a predetermined limit.

HandicapAn advantage is given to one of the teams, usually, an underdog, to create a more level playing field.

Each WayThe bet identifies not only the winning team, but also the placement of the runner-ups in the second, third, and fourth place.

Get A Headstart
In The $250 Billion Sports Betting Industry

With an estimated market capitalization of $250 billion, sports betting is one of the fastest-growing industries. Sports betting also helps fans engage with their favorite sports and athletes on a whole new level. Globally, sports betting accounts for 40% of the revenues generated by the gambling industry. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North America (NA) regions are witnessing aggressive growth. Finally, the widespread presence of smartphones and the Internet has made the activity accessible to many!

  • Sports betting has a global market cap of $250
  • The activity allows fans to engage with the sports and athletes in new ways
  • Sports betting accounts for 40% revenues of the overall gambling industry
  • APAC and NA regions are registering exceptional growth rates
  • Smartphones and the Internet has made sports betting accessible

Stay Ahead With
A Feature-rich Sports Betting App Like Bet365

We offer premium Bet365 clone scripts that are fitted with the best features. Our applications are divided into three modules - User, Bookmaker, and Admin. Each module is enriched with its own set of dedicated features.


Users can create and personalize their account


Following different sports events and matches is now easy

Match Livestream

Enable users to view and enjoy the match live


Users can rank their skills against other bettors

Social Media Integration

Allow users to share their achievements on social media

Payment Gateway

Users can deposit/withdraw funds without hassles

Data Feed Integration

Get the latest match results from trusted sources

Auto Oddsmaker

Set betting odds that are in line with market trends

Betting Advice

Engage users with insights from experts

Push Notifications

Alert users with match updates or bet status

User Management

Bookmakers can accept/decline requests from users


Protect users against external threats such as hacking


View and manage different activities on the platform effectively

In-app Currency

Introduce a virtual currency that appeals to users


Attract users to the platform by distributing discount coupons

Marketing Tools

Promote your platform better using in-built marketing tools

Bet365 Clone App Development Services With Super Functionality

On top of our core features, we integrate additional functions that further enhance your app.

  • Clean UIThe app arrives with a clean user interface that is easy to understand and navigate.

  • Multi-language SupportBe confident when venturing into other regional markets, thanks to our multi-lingual support.

  • Multi-order TrackingYour platform will not face any issues accepting and tracking multiple orders placed by multiple users.

  • Scalable BackendWe have kept the backend architecture modular, so that it is easier for you to scale it up as your business grows.

Build Your Bet365 Clone
With The Best App Development Company

We create captivating betting applications that are dependable and scalable.

Short Time-To-Market

Our experienced developers build apps in record time, thereby cutting short the development time from months to weeks.

Agile Methodology

We abide by the agile method to speed up the development process to deliver apps that are robust and beautiful.

Diverse Team

With developers, marketers, and salespersons on the team, you are assured that your product gets an all-round exposure.

Subject-Matter Experts

We also have subject matter experts on-board who are well-versed with the different types of trends in the betting industry.

We Follow A Structured Workflow
When Developing An App Like Bet365

For us at AppDupe, building an application is an artistic endeavor. We aspire to create beautiful and functional apps that are in-line with your business’ ethos.

  • 1

    CommunicateOur business analysts gather all your requirements and customizations and relay the information to our development team.

  • 2

    VisualizeNext, our team will build preliminary drafts of sports betting app like Bet365 and will integrate the feedback received from you.

  • 3

    DevelopThis stage will see the app development progress in full steam. We use an agile workflow, helping us complete the app quickly.

  • 4

    AuditThe app will be put to several levels of testing to uncover any bugs and glitches that may affect the user experience.

  • 5

    LaunchWe will install the app on your servers, and we will also list the app in Android and iOS app stores.

  • 6

    SupportWe offer 3-months of free post-sales support, where you can upgrade and update the application.

Bet365 Clone Scripts
Built With The Best Technology

Our developers create attractive and user-friendly betting applications that are built natively for Android and iOS. During the development process, we also harness leading APIs and integrations that help enhance the overall experience for the users.

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In sports betting, a bettor (the person who bets) will visit the bookmaker (the person or platform who accepts and manages bets) to place their bets on the sports and odds available. After the match results are declared, the bettor will receive rewards based on successful outcomes from the bets placed.

The betting odds are decided by the oddsmaker who sets it based on historical sports data and other factors.

The legality of sports betting varies from country to country. However, many promoters are turning towards online betting to offer betting services that are regulated and compliant.

Yes, our Bet365 app clone script comes with referral and promo code add-ons that allow you to offer a loyalty program to regular users and discount coupons to new users.

Yes, after the launch of your Bet365 app clone, we offer upto three months of support during which you can upgrade and update the platform.

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