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At Appdupe, we offer ready-made applications built with cutting-edge technologies to help businesses take benefit from the emerging on-demand sector. We worked with startups, small, medium, and large scale businesses to assist them in taking their services online with the support of on-demand applications. By doing so, these businesses were able to cut down operating costs to a great extent, increase their efficiency, and thereby maximize their productivity by 5x.

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Taxi App Development

With users turning to transportation modes that offer comfort, ride-hailing services are never going to cease its growth anytime soon. That being said, offering an online platform to avail of on-demand taxi services can help you earn a large user base, along with high returns. Here are some of our ready-made taxi app solutions that you can customize to launch your taxi app business in a short span.

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Food Delivery App Development

Food is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. But most people find it troublesome to cook daily among their busy work schedules. It is where food delivery comes into play. Users can now order their favorite food items through an advanced food delivery app right away. Below is a list of such solutions, helping you automate your food ordering and delivery business.

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Delivery App Development

Our delivery apps enable you to offer an extensive range of delivery services, expanding your business operations hugely. They include top-notch features, such as real-time tracking, instant notifications, last-minute delivery, and more to allow seamless delivery of the orders. Be it food delivery, medicine delivery, or flower delivery, empower your users to avail of your services through our delivery solutions.

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Grocery Delivery App Development

Build an on-demand grocery delivery app that permits your users to avail of your grocery delivery service in the comfort of their homes. Integrated with cutting-edge technology, the app can benefit you in offering instant and last-mile deliveries efficiently. Cut down operating costs and increase your delivery orders, leading to a high return on investment. Below, we have listed various grocery clone app solutions that we have in store.

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Multi-Services App Development

Multi-services apps are in vogue in recent times, empowering end customers to avail of all kinds of on-demand services in one convenient location. Most of these apps hold more than 50 on-demand services onboard, dropping the need for users to switch between multiple apps for availing a service. Cash in on the emerging on-demand trend by customizing any one of our advanced multi-services app clones given below.

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Uber Solutions For
On-demand App Development

Are you an entrepreneur looking to step into the on-demand industry or a business owner who wishes to take your services online? If yes, then you have to come to the right place. At Appdupe, we offer white-label Uber solutions for various kinds of on-demand businesses. Be it any sector, and we have a solution ready-made for you. Feel free to check our various app solutions below to scale up your business.

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Real-Estate App Development

With the real-estate segment flourishing, the time can never be right than now to launch your own real-estate marketplace app that can connect real estate service seekers with professionals. From selling to renting, offer a wide array of options for your users through your ingenious app. Look into our top real-estate apps below and choose the one that matches your business model and revenue stream.

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Rental App Development

We offer the perfect rental app solutions for all kinds of vacation businesses. You can now rent a car, bike, or boat, or launch an online marketplace to connect such businesses with end-users by customizing our white-label app solutions. The app comes with industry-standard features, allowing you to gain the most out of the thriving vacation rental industry. Below are some such ready-made apps available for you to count on.

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Travel App Development

Cater to the travel needs of your target audience by launching a spectacular travel booking app. Built with comprehensive dashboards and insightful data analytics, the app can assist you in leveling up your business in no time. Being a customizable solution, these apps enable you to craft every detail of the app to suit your business needs. Below are our travel booking apps readily available for customization.

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Logistics App Development

Logistics is a thriving business segment with the increasing demand for service providers each day. However, it becomes challenging to find the right service due to the lack of proper communication. Logistics apps bridge the gap and empower you in helping users to avail of the logistics service they are looking for. Allow them to book the services based on their availability, capacity, and more.

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Bike Taxi App Development

Bike taxi services are gaining traction among the end customers due to the multitude of benefits they offer. They are eco-friendly solutions, allowing users to avoid traffic congestion and reach their desired destinations on time. Choose any one of our ready-made app solutions listed below and customize them to match your business needs right away.

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Custom-built Software for

At Appdupe, we offer pre-built software solutions to efficiently manage the dispatch of buses and cars from your remote location. Minimize inefficiencies, bolster trust, and reliability in your niche. The software establishes a seamless connection between end-users, drivers, and the admin through in-app chat or call options. Connect with us to get started now!

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Gaming Apps

Gaming app solutions are gaining increasing popularity in the current times, with the emergence of the latest technologies. Enter this lucrative sector and watch profits flow your way. Allow your users to take part in betting with your cutting-edge application. Manage all betting activities taking place through the powerful admin dashboard. To get started, below are some ready-made gaming solutions that we offer at the moment.

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Hotel Booking App Development

The emergence of on-demand apps changed the way several businesses operated. The hotel sector is one such segment that has gone online, allowing users to avail of their booking services with a couple of swipes and a few taps on their smartphones. Customize our hotel booking app solutions below as per your business model for a quick app launch and have a rising hand in your niche.

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Doctor & Health Care App Solutions

The on-demand sector has gradually paved its route into the healthcare industry, establishing a secure connection between doctors and patients through app solutions. With these apps on board, patients can now avoid long queues and reach the clinic just before their appointments. Also, they can cancel or reschedule their doctor appointments without any interruptions. Below are the health care apps that we provide, with customization services.

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Social Media App Development

With people living apart from their families for various reasons, they are in the constant lookout for applications that can help them connect virtually. This demand led to the rise of social media platforms where users can connect seamlessly. Also, they get to share images, videos, documents, and more without any hassles. Join the lucrative segment by launching your social media app, integrated with the latest technology.

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E-Commerce App Solutions

Businesses universally started adapting the e-commerce business model, as it helps them save operating and warehouse costs to a great extent. Join them by customizing our ready-made apps and allow multiple vendors to offer their products through your app. Upon request, we provide a live demo session to help you understand the workflow of our applications. Below are the e-commerce solutions that we hold onboard.

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Entertainment App Development

With the high-speed internet connection, people are shifting to entertainment apps to pass their time and watch their favorite flicks and listen to their preferred music. It has pushed businesses to try their hands at the segment to attract a wider audience in a short period. If you have one such idea, you can avail of any one of our ready-made solutions below to launch your entertainment app in a jiffy at affordable prices.

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On-Demand Video Streaming App Solutions

At Appdupe, we offer white-label on-demand video streaming solutions that can help you deliver a glitch-free and personalized streaming platform for your users. These clone solutions come with built-in features that enable the seamless operation of the app. The app can be installed on any personal assistant device and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Reach out to us to know more.

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Our Marketing Services

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years, and it has now moved from print media to digital platforms. With people having 24x7 access to the internet, there are good chances for your business to capture their attention when promoted online. We help you develop an extensive marketing plan for your business, driving the potential audience to your business and convert them into loyal customers.

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Job Marketplace App Development

Launch an online job marketplace that establishes a seamless connection between businesses looking for freelancers with professionals offering freelancing services. This way, you can help both parties in getting their demands met, along with earning a steady income from the app. We offer various white-label job marketplace apps, as listed below. You can avail of any one of them as per your business requirements.

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Fundraising App Solutions

Offer a reliable online fundraising platform for entrepreneurs to give life to their groundbreaking ideas. We provide various fundraising clone solutions, from which you can choose the one that best fits your business model. Our solution includes a separate panel for investors, campaign owners, and the admin. Connect with us to customize and launch it in the short turnaround time at reasonable prices.

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Blockchain Development Solutions

In recent times, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction among the people looking to invest their money in a trustworthy sector. With Blockchain technology used to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies securely, people are getting more acquainted with the crypto sphere. Launch your own crypto exchange platform to connect traders and investors seamlessly. Below is our list of white-label development solutions.

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