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At Appdupe, we provide premium, custom-build freelance marketplace apps on the lines of Toptal. The global recognition for freelancers has increased, thanks to the availability of superior talent of exceptional quality, increasing demand for freelance marketplace clone apps on the lines of Toptal.

Toptal is a $100 million global freelance marketplace acting as a top talent network in the business, technology, and design, enabling firms to scale up their teams. The prime mode of operations is through the Toptal app and the Toptal website.

Our Toptal clone apps are exceptionally resilient than those available in the marketplace as our apps are developed with customer satisfaction and service in mind. Our apps are armed with powerful features and sport a robust built that’s astonishingly similar to other leading freelance marketplace clone apps.

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The Standalone features of
Our Toptal clone

Advanced/Enhanced Search

Users are able to search through various freelancers/projects through the filters of experience, specific skill set, domain, hourly rate, date posted, profile match, etc.

Secure and Verified Registration

Registration is made simpler and secured by imparting information such as photo, short bio, and a CV and verified using an ID or through Phone verification.

Comprehensive Job Listing

Users (Companies) are accredited to post their projects and job offerings to reach matching freelancing talent.


Companies and freelancers are facilitated to communicate across private chat rooms to potentially discuss job offers to increase the probability of the most suitable match.

Project Management Tools

The clone app employs a time-logging feature leading to transparency in tracking the performance of the selected freelancers.

Transparent Payment System

Popular payment methods and gateways are integrated into our app, providing a secure and seamless payment experience.

CV Generator

Our Clone app features an intelligent CV Generator that provides a downloadable version and can be used to apply for freelance jobs.

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Types of Freelance Marketplace Apps you can develop with Toptal clone

The Toptal App clone script provides a multitude of options that facilitate entry into different marketplaces. There are various types of freelance marketplaces appealing to specific categories of companies and freelancers. Some of the most popular include

General Freelance Marketplace

It involves different areas of knowledge and expertise and projects that need to have a collective input. The best example of a general freelance marketplace is Freelancer.

Niche Freelance Marketplace

It is preferred if your prospective customer market focuses on a narrow skill or a domain, hunting for specialized freelancers. is a famous example of a Niche marketplace.

Short-term projects availing Marketplace

It is suitable for small projects requiring mostly a single job and could be finished in a quick time. Platforms like Fiverr specialize in Short-term projects.

Local Freelance Marketplace

If your future customers require freelancers from a particular geographic area or of a specific skill, Local Freelance Marketplace is your choice. For example, Workhoppers connect freelancers from a specific ZIP code of your interest.

Global Freelance Marketplace

If your potential customers' project criteria are devoid of geographical constraints, Global Freelance Marketplace is your niche. IT projects are mostly location-neutral and appeal to eligible freelancers around the world. Behance is a solid example of an app related to the Global Freelance marketplace.

Long-term projects availing MarketPlace

Projects requiring long schedules and high budgets generally require a massive number of recruited freelancers. Upwork is a specialist in this niche.

Our Toptal clone app is convertible to any of the Freelance types, as mentioned above, Marketplace platforms and based on customers' specific requirements. In short, it is versatile at its peak.

What’s a Freelance Marketplace: Explained with working

A Freelance Marketplace is an online platform that enables its customers (companies & freelancers) to post project details and hire freelancers suitable for their firms all in a virtual medium. This has allowed anyone with relevant skills and experience to find appropriate freelancing job contracts anywhere.

Freelance Marketplaces facilitate this process by using a range of analytical tools and software aids.

The working of a Freelance Marketplace is simple:

  • It connects companies with fitting freelancing candidates based on their specific projects and needs.
  • It connects freelancers with suitable companies based on their skill set, relevant experience, and expertise.

How does your Toptal Clone work?

Sophisticatedly designed and robustly built, your Toptal clone works for freelancers, small employers, professionals, and even corporates by serving the two ends of the spectrum.

    Employer Zone

  • Register, Login, and Search

    Log in and Search in a flash for the required service/talent needed.

  • Modify details and Requirements

    Post the necessary qualifications and requirements of specific projects

  • Place the Order

    Post the order in the platform after selecting one of the bids

    Freelancer Zone

  • Efficient Onboarding

    Get induced at lightning speed sans issues.

  • Manage Profile

    Update the necessary details and manage dashboard

  • Into the Action

    Search for freelance jobs befitting you

Features of our Toptal clone app

Jobseeker App

Jobseeker Registration

The Freelancer/Jobseeker can register on the platform using Email Id/Facebook/Linkedin

Jobseeker Profile

Jobseeker can build their profile by entering relevant information such as education details, previous experience details, and bio

Search Jobs

Jobseeker can search for jobs using suitable keyword, domain, work location, and company name

Apply for Jobs

Jobseeker can apply for jobs based on their profile and choice

Save Jobs (Favourite)

Jobseeker can mark a job as a favorite and can apply at his/her convenience

Applied Jobs

Jobseeker can view the list of applied jobs on the platform.

Job alerts

Jobseekers can enable job alerts for specific jobs based on location, domain, company name, compensation. The job alerts can be integrated with his/her registered email address.

Generate CV

Jobseekers can use the in-app CV generator to devise a ready-to-use CV by entering the relevant information

Manage Profile

Jobseeker can edit (add/delete) information regarding education, experience, and other personal information if needed


Jobseeker can use the in-app built chatroom to engage with their potential employer and discuss job details

In-App payments

Jobseekers are equipped with in-app payment option for subscribing different freelancing plans and also for premium features

Review and Ratings

Jobseekers can assess their interview experience/job experience with ratings and reviews

Support and Helpline

Jobseekers can utilize support feature for troubleshooting technical issues if any and also regarding any payment/profile issues

Employer App


The Client/Employer can register on the platform using Email Id/Facebook/Linkedin/Phone Number

Membership Plan

Employers may apply for membership plans (fee/paid) as per their relevant requirements

Manage Profile

Employers can view and edit (add/delete) information and change sensitive data like password and profile picture

Create Job

Employers can create jobs by entering a Job title, Job role, Job category, Description, Required education, Required experience, Job hours, Compensation, Company profile, and other relevant information

Search Freelancers

Employers can search for fitting freelancers based on their skill set, experience, profile and invite them for an interview

Save Candidates (Favourite)

Employers can save particularly interesting candidates who could be the right match for their job offering

Manage Jobs

Employers can view and edit(add/delete) the jobs posted, and update/remove them

Employer Dashboard

The Employer Dashboard allows to manage various jobs posted, applications received, interviews conducted, and can access productivity using multiple analytics tools present in the app


Employers can use the in-app built chatroom to engage with the shortlisted candidates and discuss job details

In-App payments

Employers are furnished with in-app payment option for subscribing different membership plans and also for premium Features

Review and Ratings

Employers can rate the specific candidate’s performance and post reviews

Support and Helpline

Employers can utilize support feature for troubleshooting technical issues if any and also regarding any payment/profile issues

Admin Panel

Secure Login

App admin can securely enter the platform without hassles

Admin Dashboard

Admin has access to a centralized dashboard containing all the details about freelancers and Jobseekers. He/She can manage the domains, categories, users, and profile at the speed of a click.

Manage Configuration

Admin can view and modify the details of app and entitlements such as User Name, Password, Contact Details, Payment Details, Plans, and other details

Role Management

Add/remove sub-administrators and provide access/restrict the existing admins based on their roles

Manage Jobseekers

Admin can view the number of freelancer profiles and add, delete, modify job seeker lists, deactivate inactive profiles, and issue/manage certificates.

Manage Employers

Admin can view the number of employer profiles and add, delete, modify job seeker lists, deactivate inactive profiles and verify them

Manage Jobs

Admin can view and edit (add/delete) job descriptions, details and see the metrics for a particular job such as the number of freelancers applied vs. job

Manage Site Content

Admin can create and edit site content such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and seamlessly link these pages to the landing page

Manage Blogs

Admin can add and modify various official blogs and guest blogs intended for marketing and educational purposes

Manage Newsletter

Admin can access the email list and send/abort email marketing and can unsubscribe disinterested users

Manage Banners

Admin can view the list of banners and add/edit/delete them

Manage Commissions

Admins are provided with an integrated feature and can view the proportion of commission received from various subscription plans and other revenue streams

Manage Payment portal

Admins can modify the configuration of Payment gateways and view the payment slips of previously received commissions

SEO Assistance

Admins have access to the analytics concerning keywords and their performance with real-time support

Support and Helpline

Admins can utilize support feature for troubleshooting technical issues if any and also regarding any payment/profile issues

Advanced Features

Customizable Design

Align and realign the look and feel of your app having absolute freedom over the design dynamics. Add, remove, and edit widgets at a single click.


Our Toptal clone API allows you to integrate your platform with third party players, giving you access to primary dashboard data and analytics regarding jobs, employers, freelancers and orders

SSL and Server Monitoring

If you are hosting in our dedicated servers, SSL and Server monitoring services are provided ensuring a safe and secure environment for app operation.

Course Board Integration

You could leverage not just the freelancing market but also educational services by providing certifications on various professional courses attracting both freelancers and potential employers at a single platform using continuous value creation

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Innovative Features and Solutions for Toptal clone

Apart from the must-have configurational attributes, our Toptal clone app possesses some of the breakthrough features that’ll exponentially ease your app experience. Some of them are

AI-Powered Machine Learning Algorithms

This payment solution allows users to process payments for contacts that are not saved or pay for bills in physical stores. Users can scan the QR code and process payments, making the entire payment process effortless.

Chatbot incorporation

Increase the efficiency of your support system with our Chatbot feature as it makes registration and onboarding easier. It also avoids tenacious technical intervention by providing relevant and automated responses to the queries and subsequently increases client and freelancer satisfaction.

Blockchain-based payment system

The integration of Blockchain application development with payment has resulted in remarkable security. It provided access to distributed records in the blockchain ecosystem, effectively making it the most secure payment option available and increasing the trust factor among customers. This process is made much more straightforward as we flaunt in-house blockchain experts and help you leverage this cutting edge technology.

Revenue models of our Toptal clone

It is of utmost importance to critically analyze and strategize a proper revenue model that could facilitate different streams of income and not be affected by changing market conditions and the environment. We at Appdupe have conceived our Toptal clone app that could anchorage every possible revenue inflow. Some of the revenue streams of our app are

Toptal app clone

Subscription Fee

Subscription Fee model normalizes constant revenue in the form of monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans. It is one of the best models that could be adopted by startups as it enables the inflow of much-needed revenue regularly, which strengthens the startup to survive the most turbulent times. Subscription plans are panned out to cater to the platform's entire user range- freelancers, employers, and enterprises.

Toptal app clone

Seller Fee

Seller Fee is another steady-income based revenue model that primarily allows you to get commission every time a payment is made through your marketplace. The seller fee takes various forms, such as Flat fee, a Percentage-based fee, or sometimes, both. It can be imposed on Freelancers for every connection they make on your platform and on employers for every talent they hire on your marketplace.

Toptal app clone

Payment Processing Fee

Payment processing fees are inflicted whenever a transaction is made on your platform. You receive a small amount of charge as a monetary transaction is processed and hosted in your marketplace. Though it is an excellent contributor to income, the payment processing fee is generally considered a pain point and disliked by freelancers and employers alike.

Toptal app clone

Sponsored Features Fee

Users of the marketplace can be charged a substantial amount in exchange for a feature in the top portion of your platform. This is symbiotic as it increases attention to the sponsored user. Some of the standard mediums of sponsored posts are featured near headers, newsletters, blogs, and custom recommendations. It is a widely accepted revenue convention

Toptal app clone

Advertisement Fee

Advertisement fee can be inflicted in the same manner as done in Sponsored Posts. The difference is here, third-Party materials are advertised on the possible mediums. It creates a good revenue and has a widespread adaptation among various marketplaces.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Email Login
  • Dashboard
  • Order Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Referral Settings
  • Google Recaptcha
  • Manage Order Auto-completion days
  • Manage Layout Settings
  • Manage Footer Layout Settings
  • Manage Home Page Section
  • View/ Manage Landing Page Slides
  • View/ Manage Cards
  • View/ Manage Boxes
  • Manage Custom Css
  • Manage Payment settings
  • Manage Withdrawal
  • Manage Featured Proposal
  • Manage Price Settings
  • Manage Commission Settings Based on levels
  • Manage Payouts Settings
  • Manage Payoneer Settings
  • Manage Mail server settings
  • Manage Application Update
  • View/Manage Plugins
  • Proposals/Services Management
  • Manage Proposal Approval/Decline
  • Manage Accounting
  • View/Manage Payouts Status
  • Manage Order Reports
  • Manage Message Reports
  • Manage Proposal Reports
  • View/Manage Inbox Messages
  • View/Manage Reviews
  • Manage Buyer Requests
  • View/Manage Restricted Words
  • Manage Alerts
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Sub-Categories
  • View/Manage Delivery Times
  • View/Manage Seller Languages
  • View/Manage Seller Skills
  • View/Manage Seller Levels
  • Manage Customer Support
  • Manage Support Settings
  • Manage Support Requests
  • View/Manage Enquiry Type
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Slides
  • View/Manage Terms & Conditions
  • Users Management
  • View/Manage Orders
  • View/Manage Referrals
  • View/Manage Proposed Proposals
  • View/Manage Proposal Files
  • View/Manage Inbox Files
  • View/Manage Order Files
  • Manage Knowledge Bank
  • View/Manage Article
  • View/Manage Article categories
  • Manage Languages
  • View/Manage Admin Logs
  • View/Manage Admins
  • Profile Management
  • Logout
User Features
  • Email Registration/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Home Page
  • Search/Find Services
  • View Categories/Sub-Categories
  • View Sellers/Freelancers
  • Message Sellers
  • View Notifications
  • View Messages
  • Favorites
  • View Promotional Banners
  • Manage Account
  • View/Manage Wishlist
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Dashboard
  • View Order Statistics
  • Filter Categories/Delivery Time/Seller Level/Seller Language
  • View/Request Proposals
  • View/Request Featured Proposals/Services
  • View/Request Top Proposals/Services
  • View/Request Random Proposals/Services
  • Become a Seller
  • Create a Proposal
  • Manage Proposal Pricing
  • Manage Proposal Requirements
  • Manage Featured Proposal
  • View/Manage Proposals
  • Manage Proposal Modification
  • Manage Proposal Revision
  • Manage Vacation Mode
  • View Recent Buyer Requests
  • Manage Coupon
  • Manage Requests
  • Manage Contacts
  • Receive Offers
  • Manage Order Summary
  • Manage Purchases
  • Manage Payment
  • Revenue Management
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Withdraw Requests
  • Manage Referrals
  • Profile Management
  • Mange Skills/Languages
  • Manage Profile Settings
  • Manage Account Settings

Why Choose APPDUPE?

Inaugurate your dream Freelance Marketplace app with 360° complete care

Toptal app clone
Reliability and Expertise

Appdupe is the one-stop-shop for all our app needs that has tremendous expertise in developing clone apps customized to specific customer needs.

Toptal app clone
No Recurring Charges

You pay only once - for the app development process and the subsequent development and deployment process from its nascent stage to the moment, it is launched in the app store, Appdupe provides engrossing support and charges no additional fee.

Toptal app clone
Ownership and IP Rights

The moment your app is developed, the entire ownership and IP rights are transferred to you, making you the king and valid owner of the app. Appdupe is just your development partner.

Toptal app clone
GDPR Compliance

All the apps developed in Appdupe comply with international laws in privacy and security, including the GDPR. This equips you to virtually incubate your dream startup anywhere in the world, including the European Union.

Toptal app clone
Futuristic Built

The offerings of Appdupe are envisioned as a lever for future development and wait; your app is already a component of the future! Aided with revolutionary technological backup, your Toptal clone app walks the talk.

Toptal app clone
Multi-Platform Compatibility

We are proficient in developing apps that are compatible with Android as well as iOS. Appdupe parades its expertise both in building native applications and cross-platform applications. In short, whatever need you may have; Appdupe has a solution!

Toptal app clone
Centralized Console

Your app is enriched with a powerful admin console that operates efficiently, providing an on-the-moment view of the app's various operations and data. Dissipating difficulty through a single feature!

Toptal app clone
Immersive Care post-development

We don't develop apps; we develop experiences. Appdupe takes off your stress by providing complete technical support and complimentary suggestions throughout the maintenance period.

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Tech Stack Powered In Our Mobile Wallet App Development


The development cost involved to build an app like Toptal varies from project to project. It usually depends on several factors, including technology stack, features, functionalities, development team size, and many more.

After understanding your requirements, we brainstorm to finalize the development cost, considering the parameters mentioned above.

Our Toptal clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, redesign its user interface, and, without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Apart from the regular email communication, the Toptal clone can also include WhatsApp API integration, Facebook messenger API, Customer support chat, Freelancer text messaging, Freelancer calling, and Google Hangouts API integration.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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