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Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) Software
for Scheduling, Dispatching, Routing, And Billing

With several businesses emerging to make the lives of end-users simple, non-emergency medical transportation software has recently made it to the list. Its popularity is owed to the added convenience offered to people seeking transportation services to avail of medical consultations and other health-related services.

Our leading-edge software solution allows you to dispatch vehicles, schedule rides, share optimized routes, process payments, and many more. Our seasoned experts have built the software with advanced tools and technologies to offer seamless functionality. You can also upgrade the app's features and functionality as per changing business landscape without any hassle. Connect with us to launch a robust NEMT software at cost-effective prices.

NEMT Software - Simplified

Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software is a solution that assists people who could not afford transportation services to avail of their medical appointments on time. Research dating back to 2005 has found that around four million U.S. citizens have missed or delayed their healthcare consultations as they didn’t have the privilege to access transportation services. NEMT software is specially launched to resolve such issues.

The services offered via NEMT software are exceptionally cost-effective, and people can reach the healthcare centers on time effortlessly. It saves a lot of time and money for the end-users.

Exclusive advantages extended by the NEMT scheduling software are listed below. They

Prevent people from missing or delaying their healthcare appointments

Play a significant role in minimizing the impact of life-threatening ailments

Help people gain easy access to transportation services

Assist them in reducing the overall costs for medical treatment

Highlight Features Of Our NEMT Software

Allow drivers to be a part of your service after a thorough audit of their driver and vehicle documents, training and insurance papers, and other related certifications.

Scheduling and dispatchingAutomate your scheduling processes and save time with our NEMT software. Once scheduled, each batch is automatically processed for dispatch.

Real-time changesLast-minute requests, cancellations, and alterations of schedules are readily updated without disrupting the operational efficiency.

Instant notificationsUsers are promptly notified about their upcoming trips, online booking details, etc. Drivers are also updated about their schedules, trip cancellations, and more.

BillingAutomate your billing process to offer maximum accuracy and assist users in applying for reimbursements with ease.

Import/ExportImport or export documents with trip details and other related information. Receive trip requests and share trip completion details with healthcare providers effortlessly.

Data managementMaintain and protect the complete details of users, vehicles, and drivers in one convenient location.

Customer supportAttend user queries and requests in a timely manner with the 24*7 customer support options, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing the cancellation rate.

Cater To The Rising Non-emergency Medical Transportation Needs Of Your Community!

We strive to build a reliable and secure NEMT dispatch software to automate your business operations flawlessly. Take your non-emergency patient transport services online with our solution and increase your operational efficiency and extend assistance to more users.

Our NEMT Software Development Solutions

  • Scheduling & Dispatch solutionAutomate and streamline the trip scheduling and vehicle dispatch processes with an efficient software solution. A great option to maximize business operations.

  • Customer portal solutionIntegrate our white-label customer portal into your existing business to let them book, reschedule, or cancel their appointments independently.

  • In-vehicle solutionSupports the exchange of data between drivers, service providers, and the admin in real-time, keeping everyone in the business ecosystem updated.

  • Instant NEMT alert solutionsImprove the operational efficiency of the NEMT services by receiving real-time updates on the trip progress, trip reminders, and more via in-app notifications or emails.

  • Certification managementEnable only certified drivers and fleets to join your business by conducting a thorough verification process. Helps service providers in maintaining proper audits.

  • Hosting support solutionsAllow us to handle your software, its server maintenance, and other related services. We are popular among our clients for the end-to-end development solutions we offer.

Benefits & Operational Enhancements Of Our Non-Emergency Medical Transport Software

Built with cutting-edge technology, our custom Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software offers superior transportation services to end-users.

Increased efficiencyWith the end-to-end automation of the business process, the NEMT software increases the operational efficiency of the entire system. This way, business owners can significantly reduce the time involved to carry out these processes.

Cost reductionBy automating the scheduling and dispatching process with our NEMT software, you can reduce your operational costs to a great extent. Schedules that are canceled or rescheduled are updated in real-time, assisting in instant trip adjustments.

Highly scalableOur software solution offers high-level flexibility to accommodate any number of fleets and service requests. Hence, you do not worry about the expansion of your business in the future. You can readily scale your software to match the rising demand.

Optimized routesThe drivers of the NEMT fleet are provided with the most optimized routes via the GPS-enabled navigation system. They can reach out to the patients’ pick up or drop off locations on time.

Builds brand trustThe software solution offers 100% transparency in its business processes and keeps every stakeholder informed of the trip progress. By doing so, it helps in building the trust and loyalty of the users towards your business.

GPS-enabled visibilityThe admin can track the drivers who travel to user locations to pick them up. They can be held accountable in case of delay without valid reasons. Also, the traffic updates of the routes are shared with the drivers regularly to help them make informed decisions.

NEMT Software -Step-by-step Workflow

  • 1

    Registration/ Log in

  • 2

    Profile setup

  • 3

    Schedule a NEMT service

  • 4

    GPS-enabled tracking

  • 5

    Avail service

  • 6

    Process online payments

  • 7

    Share feedback

Features Of Our NEMT Dispatch Software Solution

  • Admin dashboardThe admin can view all activities in the app with the god’s eye view feature and manage them effectively from the admin dashboard.

  • Manage usersThe admin can manage the profiles of all app users who are registered with the platform to avail of the NEMT service.

  • Manage driversThe admin can manage all driver details and dispatch drivers promptly to fulfil user requests.

  • Manage fleetThe admin can maintain the details of all vehicles available to serve the patients. The details of new vehicles and their availability can also be updated.

  • Manage trip requestsThe admin can view and assign drivers to serve the received user requests instantly. The trip progress can also be tracked.

  • Manage alertsThe admin can manage the notification settings to keep everyone in the ecosystem informed.

  • Pricing The admin can set the pricing for each vehicle, considering the distance, vehicle type, and other associated factors.

  • Manage paymentsThe admin can receive payments from patients, cut down the commission, and share the rest with the drivers.

  • Insightful reportsA detailed analytical report with insightful data is generated regularly to help the admin make informed choices to revise the marketing efforts.

  • Setup hospital panelThe admin can add a hospital panel to the user/patient app where the patients can directly book appointments with nearby hospitals.

  • RegistrationDrivers can sign up or log in to the app using their email addresses or phone numbers.

  • Profile setupDrivers can create and manage their profiles by providing their details, such as name, photo, license details, experience, and more.

  • VerificationDrivers can start serving the trip requests after verifying their accounts and getting it approved by the admin.

  • Driver dashboardDrivers can view and manage all completed, ongoing, and scheduled trip details in one convenient location.

  • Toggle modeDrivers can go online or offline based on their availability, with the assistance of toggle mode.

  • Instant updatesDrivers are notified of the trip requests from patients in real-time via in-app push notifications.

  • Digital signatureDrivers can collect digital signatures from patients or healthcare professionals at the time of the patient’s pickup.

  • Optimized routesDrivers are presented with the best-optimized routes supported by the GPS system to enable seamless pickups and drop-offs.

  • SOS buttonAn emergency SOS button is integrated into the driver app so drivers can alert the support team or hospital in case of emergencies.

  • Payment detailsDrivers can view the payments received for each trip with their detailed invoices in this section.

  • Easy onboardingProviders or patients can register with the app using their email IDs or phone numbers to avail of the NEMT healthcare services.

  • Provider/Patient dashboardProviders or patients can view the details of their completed and upcoming NEMT trips in their dashboard sections.

  • Schedule tripsProviders or patients can book the NEMT services in real-time or schedule it for a later date as per their requirements.

  • Choose vehiclesProviders or patients can choose the vehicle they want to travel based on medical needs.

  • Real-time trackingProviders or patients can track the status of the vehicle assigned to process the trip in real-time.

  • Trip notificationsProviders or patients are notified of their trip status in real-time via in-app push alerts. For patients who do not use the app, these updates are shared via SMS and email.

  • Flexible paymentsPatients can pay for the services availed via one of the multiple payment options available in the app.

  • Generate invoicesDigital invoices with the complete service details are shared with patients via emails. They can also download it directly from the app..

  • Share feedbackPatients can share their reviews for the NEMT healthcare service availed and can also rate it, helping other users to make informed choices.

  • Change trip detailsLast-minute trip requests, trip cancellations, and other alterations are promptly updated, without disrupting the other operations of the app.

  • In-app communicationPatients or providers can readily reach out to NEMT fleet drivers in case of delays or related enquiries.

  • Automated billingThe admin can automate the billing process to offer maximum accuracy in the operations and help patients to apply for reimbursements quickly.

  • Import/ExportPatients can import or export their trip details and other related information in a document to claim reimbursements.

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NEMT Software: Real-time Route Optimization

When it comes to Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, the management of fleets and trip requests is quite a challenging task. Patients or providers will often request for a change in their schedules. The cancellation of trips demands a quick change in the entire plan. All these trip changes might reflect on the efficiency of the whole business operations.

To manage such issues, our NEMT software solutions are integrated with an algorithm-based advanced route optimization system. As soon as a trip is rescheduled or canceled, it is updated in real-time, or the changes are made promptly to keep the operational efficiency in check.

Artboard 14

Faster dispatching

Maximum operational efficiency

Reduced vehicle usage

Real-time Scheduling & Dispatch

Our custom-built NEMT software is developed to serve people who need specialized transportation services for their regular hospital visits. Our software solution supports an automated trip scheduling and dispatch functionality for a streamlined booking process. Here, the trips are processed promptly in real-time without any delay.

  • Efficient use of vehicles.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Enhanced customer service.
  • Personalized scheduling and dispatch settings.

Accurate Reporting

An accurate trip data is vital to make informed business decisions and increase your operational speed in the upcoming trips. To ensure this, a real-time report is generated at the end of each trip. Business owners can view or download it in any file format.

  • Export the real-time reports in PDF, Word, Excel, or any other file format.
  • Receive reports on productivity.
  • Insightful data to make informed choices.
  • Statistics generated for each app operation.

GPS-enabled Mapping

The Non-emergency Medical Transportation software is packed with the GPS-enable navigation system to assist drivers in reaching user locations on time. It helps in maximizing the fleet operations by providing the best-optimized route suggestions to drivers.

  • Add start and final destination.
  • Discover the shortest possible route.
  • View trip details like distance covered and time.
  • Instant update of the map routes.

Online Payment & Invoice

The software includes a responsive payment system to maintain all payment and billing details in a convenient location. Also, business owners can quickly track failed and successful payment processes. Also, invoices for the trip are automatically generated and shared with the respective users.

  • Automated billing and payments.
  • Share invoices with patients via email.
  • Collect payments online.
  • Offers discounts and offers that can be used during payments.

Build A Resilient NEMT Software To Digitize Your Non-emergency Medical Transportation Services Today!

Why Choose Our NEMT Scheduling Software Solution?


Being a white-label solution, the branding elements of NEMT software can be quickly modified to suit your business needs.


A leading-edge technology stack is deployed to build a robust solution that can be scaled up hassle-free in the future as per varying business requirements.

HIPAA Compliant

Our NEMT software complies with the rules and regulations of HIPAA, protecting user information with end-to-end encryption.

API integration

Our customizable solution allows you to proceed with third-party integrations effortlessly, expanding its functionality for seamless operations.

Personalized dashboard

Our app package includes a separate panel for every stakeholder involved in the business. This way, everyone can manage their functions with convenience.

24x7 support

Once you get on board, your app development is our sole responsibility. We offer dedicated help 24x7 to resolve your queries and update you on the project’s progress.

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Technology we use

We employ world-class technologies to build our exceptional smartphone applications.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We do provide source codes while delivering our NEMT software if you opt for our premium app development package. Whereas, our basic development package does not come with source codes.
The development of a robust NEMT scheduling software takes a few days if you choose to customize a ready-made solution. If you opt for developing the software from scratch, it will take up to a few months.
Our NEMT software development team includes a project manager, business analysts, skilled UI/UX designers, back-end developers, and qualified QA engineers.
Yes. We do help you in launching your software solution on the server of your choice, as part of our development services. This service is completely free of charge.
Contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or via the chat option included on our website. Our support team will help you schedule a live demo at the time of your convenience.

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