Let’s Party Every Day by Launching the Houseparty clone app

Video calling is a pioneering feature introduced into our lives. Before it, connecting with our loved ones in faraway places was very hard; seeing them was out of the question. Now you and your friend can be on the different sides of the globe yet be a screen away. This is the revolution video calling bought in our lives. Various apps have integrated video calling into them. However, new innovations are still being born, with video conferencing apps providing different kinds of experiences. Houseparty is one such app that has introduced a totally fun experience for the users in video calls. Our Houseparty clone is an app similar to the Houseparty app that will get all your users to have a virtual party through video conferencing.

What is Houseparty Clone?

Houseparty clone is a video conferencing solution developed specifically for friends and family to stay in touch and socialize. It comes with all the features along with the engaging UI of Houseparty app. The users can have group video chats with their friends. They can have fun, surprise their friends by sneaking into the video call, even play games like Trivia, Guac, and Chip using the app. It is a complete package of a group video chat entertainment. Customizing it based on your target audience and good marketing launching our Houseparty clone can yield you great revenue.

Core Features of Houseparty Clone App

  • Effortless Sign-upThe user signs up in the app by using their email address, contact number, or any other social media login credentials effortlessly.

  • Find FriendsThe Houseparty clone fetches the user's friend list from their Facebook friend list, Instagram followers, phone contacts, and more.

  • Online StatusThe status of a user, if he/she is online, is visible to their friends. This helps their friends to know if they are available for a video call.

  • Group Video CallsThe most integral feature of this app is group video calls. The mobile screen splits so that the user can see the faces of all the members in the video call.

  • ChatsThe users can chat with their friends via text messages if they are not available for a video call at the moment.

  • Filters and AnimationsThe video call experience turns funnier when filters and funny animations are integrated into it. These filters can make the group more fun.

  • End-to-End EncryptionEvery chat app needs fun, but more importantly, it needs to be secure. To ensure this, our Houseparty clone comes with an end-to-end encryption feature.

  • Push NotificationsThe user is notified every time a friend of his/her gets in the app and is available for a video chat.

Planning to Launch a Video Chat Startup Loaded with Fun?

Why Launching a Houseparty Clone App is a good choice for an Entrepreneur?

Video conferencing apps are on a never-seen-before surging after the lockdown. Video conferencing was the only way people could see their friends and family other than the people staying with them. Video calls are now part of all our lives, and people prefer video calls over normal calls as they can make fun of staring at the faces of their friends. Along with the growth of this video call culture Houseparty app exclusively witnessed a 100% surge in their audience. This surge is seen as a result of all the fun integrated into it. Every entrepreneur aware of this rapid rise in both video call culture and the Houseparty app would want to put their creativity and make customizations in the Houseparty app and launch one for themselves. As it is very explicit with proper marketing, the app is definitely going to plunge into the clouds.

Houseparty Clone- The Perfect Virtual Hangout Spot with your Friends

Not all our friends are still living in the same city. Most of them have split up and moved to different cities and some even to different countries. Hanging out and having fun has gone out of the question for most of us. Our House Party clone is our virtual solution for entrepreneurs who dream of launching a group video chat app someday.

Fun ChatAll friends meeting up face to face after a long time via video call is a fusion of various emotions and, most prominently, fun. Chatting on various old memories, making fun of each other, applying funny filters and animations on each other, and more all this makes it a complete package of fun.

Fun GamesIf meeting and chatting with friends are fun, then playing games with friends is extremely fun. This lockdown got us all introduced to online games with our friends. Having both games and group video chat in a single app is a bonus for the users.

A Tour on How the Houseparty Clone Works


Onboarding To host parties and have fun with friends first, the users have to register in the app. The user signs up with their email address, contact number, or any social media login credentials.


Contact Synchronization Once the user has been registered in the app, the house party clone app starts to sync contacts from their phone, their Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and more, automatically.


User Availability Notifications Now that all the contacts of the user are synchronized, it's time to start the fun. The user is notified when any friend of the user gets online. This helps the user to be informed on who are the friends online so they can chat with them.


Chat RoomsThe user can start a video chat with their online friends by creating a chat room. Any of their friends can join the chat room and have fun. But if the user has locked the room, then their friends have to request the user to join the chat room.


Games and FunWhile chatting with friends and having fun is an advantage, the game's features come as a cherry on the top of the ice cream. The user can play games like Trivia, Heads up, Quick Draw, and more with their friends in the chat room. The users can also share their phone screens with their friends if they wanna show some pictures.

Our Houseparty Clone Pack

Our Houseparty clone is a complete package of a cross-platform video conferencing solution that offers fun and entertainment as the prominent aspect.

  • A User-Friendly Android AppA robust fully functional app that works good on all Android devices guaranteeing fun to all the Android users.

  • A Cozy iOS AppA resilient back-end with a carefully crafted design working great on all the iOS devices triggering the child in all iOS users.

  • An All-in-One Admin PanelAn admin panel with all the features for the admin to oversee all the happenings in the app.

Essential Features to Host a Virtual House Party

  • Text MessagingThe Houseparty clone app is not just a video conferencing app; it can also be used to text with friends. The user can even share photos or videos with their friends.

  • FacemailThis is an interesting feature in our Houseparty clone. The user can send short video messages to their friends. These videos play as soon as their friends open the app.

  • Sneaking into Chat RoomsIf the user plans to give surprise visits to their friends, then they can sneak into the chat rooms their friends are having fun without any intimation. But for this, the chat room door should be left open.

  • Ghosting PeopleNow it is very easy to ghost people whom you don’t wish to chat with. The user can make them unavailable for the person whom they want to ghost, and the Houseparty clone does not show the user’s availability and doesn’t permit them to chat with the user.

  • BitmojisThe user can have fun by creating emojis of themselves and sharing it with their friends. This is an add-on to the fun elements.

  • Block Contacts There is no need to tolerate toxic people in the app. The user can just block them and stay in peace.

  • Lock Chat RoomsChat rooms can be locked if the user does not want any random contact of theirs to enter the room. This allows the user to have private video chats with their friends in a way that anyone else cannot interrupt or intrude on the chat.

  • Games with FriendsThis is a very interesting feature as it offers users to play games with their friends in real-time.

  • Analytic DashboardThe dashboard provides the admin with the user data and also keeps the business owner aware of the current market trends.

  • User Management The Admin can remove any user at any time if the profile seems to be fake or has been reported by many other users.

  • VerificationThe user accounts are verified by the admin by using various methods like OTP verification and more.

  • Push NotificationsThe updates on the app, the changes in privacy policies, any news the admin wants to share with the users can all be updated to the users as push notifications.

  • Review/Feedback ManagementThe admin keeps track of all the reviews and feedback of the user to make changes and provide a better user experience by updating the app.

  • End-to-End Encrypted Chat Offer your users the most secure and safe chat system by which only the intended person to whom the text is sent can read it.

  • Voice-to-Text Conversion The user no more has to keep on typing, even on busy schedules. They can just speak, and our app converts it into text.

  • Multilingual UI Language must not be the reason to limit users to plunge into your group video chat app. The multilingual UI allows the user to set the UI in their native language and access all the features.

  • Low Power Consumption Video chat apps have been termed as one of the most power-consuming apps. Building a group video chat app with low power consumption is something users would love to have.

Earn While Your Users Party

Every business needs to be monetized to be in the show for a longer period of time.

Advertisements Placing advertisements in the app is a way of generating revenue on a regular basis. It acts as a passive income to the business.

In-App Purchases The filters, games, stickers are all products in the app, and the user can be charged to buy new filters or to get to the next level in a game.

Premium FeaturesThe features like lock the room, ghosting can be added as premium features and can be charged a fee from the users. The users will come forward to pay for these features as they are intimidating and also add up security.

Dreaming of a Video Chat app Overloaded with Fun

Houseparty clone has Games in Store for Added Fun

The practice of playing online games with friends has always existed after the evolution of the internet as a powerful source. Although it had been in practice, the surge for online multiplayer games began after the pandemic. The lockdown restrictions forced people to find a way to be in touch with friends as well as have fun. The multiplayer online games were the solution for this. From then, it has been the new form of fun with friends. Our Houseparty clone comes along with these online multiplayer games allowing your users to play games with their friends and chat simultaneously. The games our Houseparty clone is embedded with are, Chips and Guac, Quickdraw, Trivia (18 games), Heads Up, and more. These games are loaded with fun when played with friends, and it takes your users for a ride to their childhood. This makes them stick to the app for a very long time.

Our Process of Launching the Houseparty App

  • Client Meet

    As the first and foremost step of developing an app, we have a meeting with our clients to understand their business requirements, niche crowd, and other information.

  • Planning

    Now that we have a good understanding of the client’s requirements, we make a plan to fulfill them on time. The job is broken down and distributed to different teams to get it done in a very short time.

  • Sound Design

    The design team starts working on a design that would attract the target audience of the client and also on the customization parts to make the app look more authentic.

  • Back-End Development

    The team of experienced developers gets their hands on developing an app that would provide the best user experience.

  • Testing and QA

    The fully-functional app is now undergone various tests to make sure it is free of bugs.

  • Launch the Party

    Now, we share the fully-functional app with our clients for their approval. If they are satisfied with the outcome, we launch it on the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Should You Hire Appdupe to Host your Houseparty Clone App?

  • Scalability Factor Every business must aim to grow. We are always happy to witness our client’s earth-shattering growth. For that, we always support our clients anytime for any upgrading process.

  • 24/7 SupportOur dedicated support team never misses resolving an issue the client requests for. They work round the clock so the clients can call for support at any time.

  • Ready-to-Launch SolutionOur Houseparty clone app is a script that can be launched right away if the client requires no customizations.

  • Deploy on a server of your choiceThe fully-functional app is deployed on the server the client prefers; in case the client has no opinion about the server, we launch it by ourselves.

  • White Label SolutionBuilding an app for a business is a huge moment for business owners. This app should look authentic as all other apps in the Android or iOS store. We design the app with the logo of the business and also the color palettes in the logo to design the UI. This makes it authentic.

Launch an app to have fun with your friends

Pricing Package

2999 - Web Only
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Admin Account
  • Change Password
  • View Overall Subscription Statistics
  • Meetings Overview
  • View Currently On Live Meetings
  • View Today Scheduled Meetings
  • View/Manage Users
  • View Meeting History
  • View Scheduled Meetings
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Manage Subscription Payment
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Lead Contacts
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Mobile Settings
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Google Analytics
User Panel Features
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Forgot Password
  • User Dashboard
  • View/Manage Meetings
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • Manage Invoice Details
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • Recordings Management
  • Instant Meetings
  • Enable/Disable Video
  • Enable/Disable Audio
  • Host Access
  • Public Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Share Notes
  • Mute Other Members (For Host)
  • Restrict Members from Specific Features (For Host)
  • Create Break Rooms
  • Record Meeting
  • Settings
  • About
  • Help
  • Create Keyboard Shortcuts (For Meeting)
  • End Meeting (For All)
  • Leave Meeting
  • Annotation
  • Multi-User Whiteboard
  • Screen Sharing
  • Create a Poll
  • Upload/Share Presentations
  • Share External Video
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account

The technology stack of Houseparty Clone

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A Houseparty clone app is the replica of the app Houseparty which is making a huge buzz among the millennials. It can be customized for your business needs.
Our clients are our first priority, and we know how precious your ideas are to you. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.
Yes, of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the app, making it unique.
Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for service.
Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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