Entrepreneurs can take their rental business to the next level with this best-in-class Airbnb for X app. The on-demand rental app comes with a seamless workflow and cutting-edge features to boost your ROI substantially.

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Create a robust rental with Airbnb for X

Airbnb is a travel smartphone application which is widely used by customers all over the world. At AppDupe, we harness the concept of Airbnb and craft applications that will help you use an exceptional software to effortlessly and effectively cater services to customers. Our Airbnb for X app pushes the frontiers of what the original application can do with more innovative features and more versatile tools.

Our 100% customizable Airbnb for X app is crafted to suit rental businesses of all kinds. Whether you want to provide rentals for boats, workspaces, retail spaces, parking and more, our app development services will build a smartphone app that will perfectly fit all your business requirements. Reach a wide customer base and watch the scope of your business rapidly grow. Contact us to get started right away.


What will you get with our Airbnb for X app package?

We have made the process of developing a world-class smartphone application a hassle-free task for you. Key components that comprise the terrific app were put together in one complete package. By choosing our Airbnb for X app package, your app ideas will be put on the fast lane to completion and success. You will get:

  • Customer
    Android App
  • Customer
    iOS App
  • Agent
    Android App
  • Agent
    iOS App
  • Agent
    Web Panel
  • Admin
    Web Panel
  • Official


Our tailor-made app solutions will help you create a perfect virtual medium, connecting businesses with customers without any hassle. Both the hosts and users can navigate the Airbnb for X platform and enjoy an enhanced app experience.

For your hosts


Hosts will be able to effortlessly sign up and log in to the application.

Put items up for rent

Products and services can be listed on the application.


Hosts can go through service requests and choose which ones to accept


Once a service request is complete, they will receive payments with commission deductions.

For your customers


Customers will be able to easily sign up and log in to the application.

Browse services

Customers can peruse through a wide range of services.

Booking confirmation

Once the host confirms the customer’s request, the customer will receive a confirmation notification.


Customers can pay through multiple payment gateways.

Airbnb for X App Features

Customer App

  • Registration

    Customers can sign up and sign in to the application to save and retrieve preferences.

  • Browse

    According to the type of service the customer chooses, they can select what they want to rent out.

  • Cart

    This section will enable customers to see what they have chosen along with the estimated fare of how much it will cost.

  • Discount/offer codes

    If the rented items are eligible for a discount, customers can use offer codes.

  • Real-time GPS tracking

    Customers will be able to view the location of the item they want to rent out via maps.

  • Feedback system

    Customers can leave feedback for the rental services they used.

  • Multiple payment options

    According to the convenience of customers, they can choose to pay via cash, debit/credit card and online payments.

Agent App

  • Profile

    Agents will be able to create their account with a profile picture, contact details, description and more.

  • Manage services

    New rental options with images or videos can be uploaded onto the database.

  • Earning reports

    Agents can view how much they’ve earned over time through this feature.

  • Pricing

    The pricing of the services can be adjusted and set.

  • Analytics and reports

    Agents can observe the performance of their services and optimize them for better results.

  • Feedback response

    Agents will be able to directly address feedback given by customers.

Agent panel

  • Detailed analytics

    Enables agents to identify Key Point Indicators that will help them enhance the performance of their services.

  • Dashboard

    Agents will be able to get a bird’s eye view of all their revenue, the number of customers they’ve had and more.

  • Manage customers

    Agents can choose to accept and decline rental requests.

Admin Panel

  • Manage content

    Admins will be able to change the content within their app according to their business requirements

  • Custom notifications

    SMSes or In-app chat alerts can be sent to agents and customers.

  • Code configuration

    In case the fundamental code of the app needs to be modified, admins will have access to do it.

  • Manage agents

    Admins will be able to manage, monitor, and regulate agents.

  • Dashboard

    An overall view of all of the on-going processes within the application will be displayed to the administrators.

  • Media tools

    Admins can upload and remove images and videos from services

  • Refunds

    If refunds are applicable, they can be validated and issued.

Advanced Features

  • Multi-language

    Make it easy for audiences from around the world to use your smartphone application by incorporating multiple languages.

  • In-app chat

    Provide your app users with an in-app chat they can use whenever they need answers to inquiries.

  • Deals

    Offer subscription programs that provide customers with discounts.

  • Location

    Give customers elaborate details of where they can rent services from such as distance, the time it will take to reach there and more.

Addons for Airbnb clone

Add extra premium features to zip through your competition to the top easily. We offer add-on features such as

Copyright image

Protect the images on your application from being reproduced by adding a watermark on them.

Voice messages

Allow customers and agents to communicate with each other using voice messages.

Tutorial videos

Show new joinees on your app how to use it with informative videos.

OTP security

Provide your customers with extra security measures with One-Time Passwords during login and transactions.

Multimedia chat

Liven up communications between agents and customers by implementing GIFS and emojis in your chat feature.

Business opportunities to start
your own Airbnb for X App

Airbnb for Hotel

The economy of the hotel industry has surged up since smartphone applications emerged. Offer customers who are looking for hotels with the best deals a comprehensive Airbnb for hotel app. For each booking, the administrator will receive a portion of the profits.

Airbnb for Vacation Rental

Finding a good place to rent out for accommodation can be a hassle. But not with an Airbnb for vacation rental. With elaborate information on where space is, with their price tags and more, your smartphone app will quickly become a customer favorite.

Airbnb for Cars

The convenience of getting around from place to place is sometimes most convenient in one’s own vehicle. With an Airbnb for cars, you can have agents list up cars on your app. It is a lucrative niche.

Airbnb for Food

Be it cooking classes, food tasting and more, an Airbnb for Food application will seamlessly connect food event hosts with guests. With security features such as making it mandatory to upload government IDs, your application facilitates a rich and safe environment for food cultural activities.

Airbnb for parking

Finding parking spaces, be it for two-wheelers or four-wheelers can be cumbersome. Whereas with an Airbnb for parking app, customers can view vacant parking lots and book them for a specified time period. Admins will receive earnings from parking listing and booking fees.

Airbnb for Retail spaces

Make it easy for customers who want to sell products and services for either long durations of time, or just want to rent a retail booth for a couple of days by providing them with Airbnb for retail spaces. Quick and simple booking process.

Airbnb for camping gears

Camping gears can be expensive. Customers can rent them instead of buying them. Our custom app development solutions offer a comprehensive app - an Airbnb for camping gears in which a wide catalog of camping equipment can be browsed through and rented.

Airbnb for Clothes

Whether your customers are looking for a special suit or they want to wear a costume that stands out from everybody else at the party, an Airbnb for clothes app will be perfect for them. Allow your customers to sort by color, fabric and more.

Airbnb for Workspaces

Offer a wide range of workspaces that would suit your customer needs. Ranging from sizes, facilities and more, our Uber for X app can be customized fully. Develop a fully functional Airbnb for workspaces app today.

Airbnb for Boat

Sailing across the water is fun. There’s so much you can do - Fishing, cruising, party and more. Develop an Airbnb for boat app that your customers can book. From small boats to big cruise liners, make renting a boat an effortless process.

Airbnb for Outdoor equipment

Going outdoors is rejuvenating, provided you have the right equipment. Most customers don’t want to buy outdoor equipment because they use it only once in a while. Instead, they prefer renting the equipment when it’s needed.

Airbnb for Authentic Food Experiences

Our Airbnb for X clone app can be fully customized and tailored to exactly fit your culinary experience service. Attract more customers as they don’t have to leap across countries to taste authentic foreign food, connect local hosts and guests together at the tap of a button.

Airbnb for Space

Launch a feature-loaded app to help customers rent spaces for various activities. Be it for an occasion, for work, or for anything else. An Airbnb for space will fetch you plenty of customers in no time.

Airbnb for Phone

Cater phone rental services to your customers with an Airbnb for phone app. By displaying information such as the price of the phone per day, phone model and more, your customers will find it useful to decide which phone would best meet their requirements.

Airbnb for Freelancers

Professional services like website development, graphic designing and more can be hired on an hourly or daily basis. The best way for your customers to connect with such professionals will be through an app, an Airbnb for freelancers. In the same way, freelance professions will be able to connect to a wide pool of audiences with the help of your smartphone software.

Airbnb for Pets

Pets are absolutely adorable. But they need a lot of care. Your pet-owning customers might be going out of town, or they might need a pet-sitter or groomer. Those are the times when an Airbnb for pets will come in handy for them. Get started today.

Airbnb for Language

Learning a new language is challenging, yet it is equally rewarding as well. To be able to learn and communicate with multilingual groups, customers can use your Airbnb for language app to connect with linguists.

Airbnb for Cameras

Build a great smartphone application that will cater a large catalog of cameras to photo and film enthusiasts An Airbnb for cameras app will provide an information-rich platform to customers from which they can know the price and specifications of different cameras.

Airbnb for Music Studio

Offer a plethora of music recording, mixing and mastering services to singers, musicians, directors and more with a robust Airbnb for music studio app. They can find nearby music studios to hire on an hourly basis. Develop a mobile software today.

Airbnb for Bikes

Getting around town on two wheels is the quickest way to reach places. Offer your customers bike rental services through an Airbnb for bikes smartphone application. It has the potential to garner a massive customer base in no time.

Why choose us?

100% customizable

Be able to fully redesign and change every minute detail of your Uber for X app to meet your business requirements.

Revenue models

Choose from a range of business models with which you can general profits.

Responsive support

From the time you discuss your app idea with us and even after launching the software, we will provide technical support.

Launch quickly

We help you organize your ideas, plan, develop and launch your application in no time.

Simple scaling

Scale up your app according to the growth of your business at any time.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • User Management
  • View/Manage Owners
  • View/Manage Managers
  • View/Manage Employees
  • Hostel Management
  • View/Manage Payments
  • Shelter Management
  • Tracking Active/Inactive Hostels
  • Tracking Active/Inactive Users
  • Manage Recommended Hostels
  • Manage Amenities
  • Manage Tariff Plans
  • Manage Promocodes
  • Manage Cities
  • Manage Localities
  • Manage Pincodes
  • Manage Banners
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Terms and conditions for User/Owner
  • FAQ's for Users/Owners
  • Policy for user
  • About Us
  • Settings
  • Referral Management
Owner Features
  • Owner Login
  • Dashboard
  • Booking Statistics
  • Booking Management
  • Manage Scheduled Bookings
  • Manage Inhouse Bookings
  • Manage Completed Bookings
  • View Tariff Plans
  • Shelter Management
  • View Earnings
Manager Features
  • View Employees
  • Hostel Management
  • Manage Property Approval
  • Accept/Reject Properties
Employee Features
  • View/Manage Hostel properties
  • View/Manage Owners
  • Hostel Management
  • View/Manage Tariff Plans
  • Tracking Active/Inactive Hostels
  • Tracking Total/Rejected Properties
User Features
  • Mobile Number Registration/Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Manage Referral code
  • Homescreen
  • Search Locality/Shelters
  • View Promotional Banners
  • View Exciting Offers
  • View Recommendations
  • Manage CheckIn/CheckOut dates
  • Manage Guest Count
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Past/Upcoming Bookings
  • Profile Management
  • Manage KYC Documents
  • View/Manage Favorites
  • View/Manage Shelter Money
  • Manage Quick Move
  • Manage Gender preference
  • Manage Daily/Monthly bookings
  • Manage AC type booking
  • Manage Filter Range
  • Manage Price Range
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Accommodation Type
  • View/Manage Amenities
  • Check In Features
  • View Hostel Gallery
  • View Booking Details/Summary
  • Manage Payment
  • Invite Friends
  • Ratings
  • List your Property
  • View CMS
  • Logout

Built with cutting edge technologies

We use the most advanced app building technologies to bring your smartphone software to life, such as:


You can use it to offer services like pet grooming, car rentals, space rentals and more.

All you need to do is give us a call, that’s all it takes.

Certainly, you will be easily able to captivate a large customer following in no time.

You can customize just about everything.

It will depend on a variety of factors, such as the number of features you wish to implement in your Airbnb for X application.

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