BigBasket Clone App Development

Storm into the astonishingly profitable online grocery delivery vertical with our white-label BigBasket clone. Enticingly Feature-Rich. Highly Scalable, 100% Customizable & Ready to Launch!

What We Offer

You can create your delivery subsystem using our driver apps and dispatch panel. Setting your online store can help you know how to customize it for your customers.

We help in building your app in the following platforms:

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Panel
  • Delivery iOS App
  • Delivery Android App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Panel
  • Admin Panel

How it Works


Locate the closest outlets from your location


Place item to your cart, check out the same and pay


The System will dispatch your request to closest drivers. Meanwhile, the respective shop will be packing the order


Partner arrives at the shop and picks the order up


Partner delivers the order to your location


Reviews & Ratings


  • Categories/SubcategoriesCustomers can sort through the entire range of products into categories and subcategories and select them instantly.

  • Instant/ Schedule OrderEntitle your users to place the order immediately or schedule the order to be delivered later per their convenience.

  • Multiple OutletsCustomers can browse through multiple outlets based on their location or search down a specific store by name.

  • Filter OptionThe advanced search bar enables customers to filter through location, availability, price, ratings, items, and much more.

  • Live TrackingCustomers are able to track the delivery executive's location in real-time through the ingenious GPS integration in the app.

  • Favorites/ WishListAny of the products/ stores can be added as favorites and can be reordered in the blink of an eye.

  • Store ProfileThe entire spectrum of information of a store, including its products, ratings, and reviews, can be accessed.

  • Push NotificationsCustomers are altered with in-app push notifications about their order confirmation, processing, and delivery status, etc.

  • Add to CartQuicker checkout process is facilitated as the customers can instantly annex products into the cart without a twitch.

  • Payment OptionsA wide range of payment methods extending from credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, and an electronic wallet is available.

  • Order HistoryCustomers are authorized to access the complete list of previous orders along with their transactional details.

  • Change AddressThe delivery address can be modified by the customers through the auto-complete suggestions or through pinning on the map.

  • OTP VerificationIn order to register with the app, the providers need to verify the code sent to their official phone number by the admin.

  • Submit/ Verify DocumentsDelivery executives are authenticated to upload essential documents to be verified by the admin in the app.

  • Delivery RequestMultiple delivery requests from a diverse range of restaurants can be accepted by the delivery executives in a unified platform.

  • Availability ToggleAt the touch of a button, the delivery executive can flag their availability for a particular request or for the entire day.

  • Earning DetailsDelivery executives can assess their financial performance through consolidated reports on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.

  • Bank DetailsAny of the bank accounts can be added as the active account which would receive the commission transferred by the admin.

  • Referral BonusDelivery executives are entitled to share the referral code with their friends, family, and acquaintances through social media.

  • Request OptionThe delivery requests assigned by the admins can be accepted/ rejected by the executives based on their convenience.

  • Transaction RequestsDelivery executives can view the entire list of wallet transactions and can request the admin for immediate deposit.

  • Route OptimizationOnly the best possible route to a particular location devoid of any traffic or blockades is proffered to the executives.

  • Delivery HistoryDelivery executives can retrieve the assortment of reports pertaining to completed, pending, and canceled deliveries seamlessly.

  • Calling & MessagesTo eliminate misconceptions, the delivery executive is connected to the customers with the in-app chat and call feature.

  • Manage Order In an integrated platform, the entire order metrics, such as received orders, processed orders, dispatched orders, etc., are available.

  • Manage DeliveryStore managers can track the status of delivery of their products to the customers after the dispatching process.

  • Manage ProductAny of the products can be added/ removed/ modified by the store manager, along with their description and pricing details.

  • Add ItemStore managers are authorized to add new products and modify their descriptions, availability, pricing, etc. without a hitch.

  • On/Off ProductBased on inventory and market conditions, store managers can turn off a product's availability right away.

  • Multi-Selection OptionStore managers can cluster out similar products into various categories to supersize their visibility and sales conversion.

  • Favorite ItemNew arrivals and popular products can be clamped into the store profile as favorite products by the store managers.

  • Earning DetailsThe whole gamut of earning information right from earning per order to income based on various business attributes is available.

  • Earning StatisticsStore owners can edify themselves through figures concerning the number of orders accepted, rejected, and fulfilled.

  • Delivery Service RadiusThe order acceptance radius outside of which no requests will be entertained can be altered by the store managers.

  • Order Cancellation ChargeStore owners are empowered to inflict a charge as the cancellation fee. The percentage of charge can be modified willingly.

  • Extra ChargesBesides the product's primary price, allied charges like tax, service charge, customization fee, etc. can be imposed.

  • Vehicle ManagementAdmins are accredited to assign individual vehicles to delivery executives and manage the status of existing vehicles.

  • Add CountriesSeamless global business management is ensured with the ability to change currency, zip code, units, phone number length, etc.

  • Add CitiesAdmins can expand the business operations into multiple cities by adding them through their code, time zone, latitude, and much more.

  • Referral BonusAdmins can structure out and set up the referral bonus scheme for customers, delivery executives, and store managers.

  • Profit ModeAdmins can intently devise the profit percentage on each of the products or categories available in the BigBasket clone.

  • Payment ModeAdmins can necessarily add/ remove any of the available payment options and retrieve the associated transactional reports.

  • Wallet ManagementAdmins can extract the in-app wallet's financial report at its totality besides the database of availed users.

  • Service RateAdmins can set up and modify the base rate, price per unit, minimum fare price, in addition to the fee per mile/ kilometer.

  • Manage CustomersThe broad range spectrum of customer profiles can be accessed and exported by the admin for quality assessment purposes.

  • Manage Delivery ExecutivesAdmins are sanctioned to recruit, verify, and onboard the delivery executives and assign them with delivery requests.

  • Store ManagementAdmins are displayed with the database of grocery stores and warehouses registered with the BigBasket clone.

  • Push NotificationsAdmins can shower the customer, delivery executive, and store manager communities with the latest regulations, promotions, etc.

  • Registration/Login/Social LoginUsers can foray into the grocery delivery platform by entering their email address, phone number, or social media credentials.

  • Create a ProfileBy entering the essential information, users can create and edit their profiles as per their requirements and needs.

  • Multi-Outlets AccessWith a single profile, users can access the entire list of stores and products peppered around a particular location.

  • Product DetailsUsers are entitled to monitor over the details of products in their entirety, such as availability, pricing, ratings, etc.

  • FiltersUsers are armed with a powerful search utility that sieves out products based on a range of sorting and filtering attributes.

  • Add to BasketEvery single product available in the platform can be selected and added to the user's cart without any hassle.

  • Online PaymentUsers can make payments through diverse methods such as credit/ debit cards to the available online options.

  • Payment HistoryThe detailed invoice generated after every successful payment can be accessed and downloaded by the user.

  • Referral CodeUsers are awarded redeemable referral points for every sharing of the referral code with their friends through social media.

  • Rate & ReviewUsers can express their genuine opinions about a product or the BigBasket clone's service on the whole.

  • Real-Time TrackingAccredit your users to receive live location updates of their assigned delivery executive besides the order status.

  • Add FavoriteUsers are furnished with the capacity to save any of the products/stores and purchase them at a later date.

BigBasket App Clone Script Development Live Demo

Want to see how our advanced customizable BigBasket App Clone operates like?
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Pricing of our BigBasket Clone

Premium Installation

  • Signup(Mobile Number)
  • View shop
  • shop banner
  • Order from single shop
  • Order multiple items
  • Add addons
  • Product wise discount
  • Card/cash payment
  • Address addition/skip
  • Custom notes to admin
  • Delivery charge
  • Tax
  • Live order track
  • OTP during delivery
  • Dispute order
  • Commision to admin
  • Notice board to delivery boy
  • Manage address
  • Promotion
  • Coupon
  • Search for dish and shop

Enterprise Installation

  • Signup(Mobile Number)
  • View shop
  • shop banner
  • Order from single shop
  • Order multiple items
  • Add addons
  • Product wise discount
  • Card/cash payment
  • Address addition/skip
  • Custom notes to admin
  • Delivery charge
  • Tax
  • Live order track
  • OTP during delivery
  • Dispute order
  • Commision to admin
  • Notice board to delivery boy
  • Custom push
  • Shift/Break for delivery boy
  • Past and ongoing order track
  • Manage address
  • Promotion
  • Coupon
  • Search for dish and shop
  • Rating/offer/DT for shop

How you get benefited with our Bigbasket clone?

Retailer Commission

A major source of revenue is from the commissions you get from the different retailers with whom you collaborate.

Benefit on each product sales

As an admin, you will be benefitted by the sale of each product. You will be getting the commissions for each product.

Brand establishment

Brand establishment leads to more advertisements from the third parties, which helps in revenue generation through the placement of banner ads.


Yes, it is completely customizable as per your wish, you can add different features to it.

Yes, we offer complete post-launch maintenance and support for our products.

Yes, we ensure that the app is completely glitched free before the launch, we have an internal testing team to test the app for any glitches.

Yes, we provide free installation for the clone.

There’s no limit to it but we can specify one for you as per your requirements.

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