Uber for e-scooters- Create the perfect on demand rental Scooter service

Get Your Own Custom E-Scooter Rental App

On-demand Electric Scooter Apps are rising since the advent of apps such as Bird and Jump. E-scooters are one of the most popular vehicles as they are green, convenient and manoeuvrable in the traffic. Bird App clone from Appdupe will help you develop your own uber like app for e-scooter business at the quickest time. With a user-friendly UI/UX, users can sign up on uber like app for E-Scooter service and rent an e-scooter. Using geo-location, the driver will be able to find the nearest vehicle, pick it up and then drop in the most convenient space destination. With most customizable features, our experienced support team will help you through the initial phase of the launch.

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Eco-friendly Transportation

Transportation of people is moving towards an era of On-Demand services as customers are beginning to prefer hiring over buying. Our Bird Clone is the newest entrant to the on-demand electric scooter business.

How To Make An App Like Bird Or Jump?

Design Concept

Pick an app design to suit E-scooter business and customize it according to your needs and market research.

Integrate Features

Select the features you want to implement in the application in a seamless and efficient manner.


Launch your Jump Clone on Android or iOS platforms for users to hire e-scooters and increase your revenue.

Best E-Scooter Rental Software

Put together the convenience of booking an E-scooter on demand. Order your own e-scooter rental management software app and get a fully white-labelled and ready-to-use uber like app for E-Scooters software. Have complete control of the app and let your customers enjoy their freedom while you enjoy the profits.

  • Choose From A Range E-scooters
  • Pay By The Hour
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reimbursement Of Extra Charging Expenditure
  • Doorstep Delivery/Parking Station Pickup
  • Cut Down on Waiting Time
Uber for E-Scooters

Track your E-scooters path from pick-up place to destination.

Uber for E-Scooters

Users and Admin can check the service history to see the previous points of requests

Uber for E-Scooters

Both users and admin can see the history of rentals with reviews so that they can get better.

Uber for E-Scooters

Your users and admin can create and maintain a profile to improvise the ecosystem.


Bird Clone
Social Media Login

Both users and admin can see the history of rentals with reviews so that they can get better.

Bird Clone
Select E-Scooter Models

You can select the type of E-scooter depending on the headcount and hire it easily

Bird Clone
Toggle Availability

Your E-Scooter can be removed from service at any time in case of service or maintenance.

Bird Clone
Easy Call

You give users the ease of communicating through the app to contact customer care.

Solutions We Offer

Turnkey Solution

We provide end to end solutions with ZERO time-to-market, enabling you to capture the market share at the fastest time.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Control your website and application easily through your admin dashboard. With a variety of features, you can send push messages, check revenue generated and add or remove e-scooters.

Scalable Product

The applications are ready for you to scale up rapidly. We got your back with the most scalable robust products in each category.

Whitelabel Solution

Our solution is entirely white-label and can be branded as per your requirements. Your users will only see your brand and not the brand of Bird or Jump.

Cost Effective

With Zero time to market, comes the advantage of reduced cost. Our products are one of the most cost-effective in the app development market.

Native Mobile Apps

Both iOS and Android apps are built natively so that they perform with the best user experience in respective platforms

Paid Plugin

Jump Clone

Bitcoin Wallet Integration $1000

Integrate our Bitcoin wallet and start accepting payments via Bitcoins in a seamless and transparent manner. Also, the admin can see the revenue generated through BTC.

Jump Clone

Schedule Bookings $699

Your customers can book and use the E-scooter later. This will enable E-Scooters to be available for your loyal customers when they pre-book in advance.

E-Scooters App Development

Live Navigation $499 Now Free!

With this feature, your users can navigate the E-scooters to the nearest point where they can drop off and go to their location. Also, you can track the movement of all your assets.

E-Scooters App Development

Promotion Codes $999 Now Free!

This feature enables your customers to share a promo code with others, thereby, getting a discount and makes your app viral.

E-Scooters App Development

Geo-Fencing $750

This feature uses GPS tracking to create a virtual geographic boundary and triggers a response when the E-scooter moves outside the perimeter.

E-Scooters App Development

Chat Integration $500

Once the user accepts to ride, he/she can communicate with customer support through the app, in case of clarification or an emergency.

E-Scooters App Development

God's Eye View $500

This feature allows the admin to view factors like overall earning, list of users, total number of trips and number of active E-scooters.

E-Scooters App Development

Multi Language $499

The Jump Clone app, log in, website, admin dashboard and other features can be translated as to different languages of your choice.

E-Scooters App Development

MLM Viral Marketing $750

Add multi-level marketing plug-in for your users to promote your business creating a win-win situation where you can increase your revenue while your users earn rewards.

E-Scooters App Development

Wallet System $1500

This feature helps your users top up money into his wallet account within the app and all the rewards can be deposited into their wallet.

E-Scooters App Development

Video Calls $2499

For a small cost, we will add plugins for video calls for your customers to share feedback or talk to customer care executives via video calls.

Bird Clone App

Voice Calls (VOIP) $1499

For a small cost, we will be able to build in voice calls inside of the app so that none of your providers and customers will be able to share each others’ numbers

Bird Clone App

Hire Hourly Ride

Users can book and rent the vehicle for a specific period of time, instead of paying for the distance travelled.

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