On-demand Super App Development
Deploy A Multi-service On-demand Super App Like Gojek & Grab!

With the rising popularity and usage of on-demand app solutions, this is the right time to launch a super app like Gojek and Grab that allows you to extend 60+ on-demand services. People can opt for your services from a single app, eliminating the need to switch between several apps.

From small startups to established companies, everyone is giving their best to be a part of this booming economy. The only way you can stand out from the crowd is to offer services with their unique selling points. To ensure this, we are offering super apps that provide seamless home services and deliveries. Drive your revenue engine seamlessly by entering this lucrative business segment!

The Super App Clone Solutions Created By Appdupe

Super Apps are the talk of the town. Every app irrespective of their niche is trying to build themselves into a super app in order to stay in the race. Appdupe has come up with clones of some of the most successful super apps globally. Check them out and connect to us to build a super app like any of them.

Gojek CloneOur Gojek Clone App is a white-label solution of a super app like Gojek, an Indonesian based app that offers multiple on-demand services in a single app. The services range from on-demand taxi-hailing, food delivery, household services, maintenance services, online payment, video streaming, and more. It is more like the one app solution for all the needs of a user.

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Grab CloneGrab Clone is a ready-made super app solution that offers multiple on-demand services like the Asia-based super app Grab. The Grab app, which was formerly named Grab taxi, was a taxi-hailing app at the beginning—understanding the need and the rise of on-demand services, Grab has now built itself into a super app with services like taxi-hailing services, food delivery, cashless payment, and more. Be like Grab, and don’t confine yourself with just one service. Grow and get everything your user needs in a single tap.

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WeChat CloneWeChat began its journey into the digital world as an instant messaging app. But it is not the story now, WeChat has transformed into an app that is more than a messaging or social media app. It is now a lifestyle of people. Our WeChat clone is developed with the same intention of providing a lifestyle to your users instead of just an app. With WeChat Clone, your users will be able to chat, make calls, make online payments, read the news, hire on-demand services, and also have fun playing games.

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Hugo CloneHugo is the new sensation in the family of super apps. It is an app-based in El Salvador. It has introduced enormous new features into it from the entertainment industry to the service industry recently. Our Hugo Clone App is a customizable app that replicates the Hugo app. It comes with features such as Hugo cash, event ticketing, insurance, grocery delivery, and more. Get this Hugo Clone App customized for your business and be the Hugo of your country.

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Yandex Go CloneYandex Go is a Russian based super app for the urban lifestyle. The Yandex Go is an app with services like taxi-hailing, courier services, online payment, etc. The exclusiveness of YandexGo is the usage of regional languages in it for an on-demand service. Our YandexGo clone app solution is a customizable solution for your on-demand taxi and courier business.

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What is a Super App Solution?
Multi-Services App Development Solution

Super apps are standalone solutions that allow users to avail of any on-demand service hassle-free. They can book a taxi, order food, schedule grocery deliveries, book beauty services, and even pay using the online payment service included in the app.

In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one solution that caters to the customer’s needs end-to-end. Third-party businesses can join the app to provide their services. This way, people do not have to search for other services and depend on the app for all their on-demand service requirements.

A Super App Covering All Industries
Launch One-stop App With 60+ On-demand Services

Including all possible on-demand services in a single super app is a great way to bring in a massive user base quickly. People find it convenient to access all services instantly, without the need to install other applications. As a business owner, you can bag huge profits by receiving commissions for every on-demand service offered via your app. You can also effectively view and manage all business operations taking place from the powerful admin dashboard.

Premium On-Demand Services We Provide With Super App Solution

60+ On-Demand Services. 1000+ Hours Saved. 1 App.

Grocery Delivery

Food Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Packaged Water Delivery

Pharmacy/Medications Delivery

Bouquet Delivery

Stationary Delivery

Courier Delivery

Taxi Ride

Bike Ride

Car Rental

Bike Rental







Baby Sitting

Security Guard

Fitness Trainer

Motor Mechanic

AC Repair

Snow Plows


Car Wash

Truck Service

Vehicle Service/Maintenance

Pest Control

Pet Care

Pet Grooming


Dog Walkers

House Cleaning



Do you wish to offer Additional on-demand services?

Our On-demand Super App solution allows you to add 60+ on-demand services, extending unlimited business opportunities.

Super App Demo Videos

Web panel of our multi-services app

Web Panel Work Flow

Admin panel of our multi-services app

Admin Panel Work Flow

Android app of our multi-services app

Android App work Flow

iOS app of our multi-services app

iOS App work Flow

The Age Of Super Apps:
Rising Demand Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

The world coming to a halt amid COVID-19, and people looking for solutions to fulfill all their demands during the lockdown have paved the path for the increasing need of super apps that deliver safe on-demand services. With Uber’s acquisition of Postmates, it is evident that even the well-established giants wish to be part of the world’s super app race.

Existing super app businesses in Asian countries are also redefining their business values to cater to people’s needs better and faster amid the COVID-19 crisis. Grab this golden opportunity to make headway in the global super app market. Connect with us to launch a resilient super app that can survive pandemic or other such critical times.

The Need To Launching A Super App Solution

Our seasoned experts at Appdupe have developed and deployed several leading-edge applications in the market that have revolutionized several niches. We strive to build app solutions that are flexible and reliable throughout its operations, helping you run your business seamlessly.

We are extending on-demand super apps to help you

  • Offer multiple on-demand services via a single standalone app.

  • Generate income from multiple revenue sources.

  • Extend quick deliveries without any delays, earning customers’ trust.

Launch A Resilient Multi-service App Solution That Can Help You Scale Big In Your Niche!

An Extensive App Package
To Launch & Manage Your On-demand Super App

Our super app solutions include 60+ on-demand services to supply to the users’ demands end-to-end. Our all-in-one app solution package includes separate panels for each stakeholder operating in the ecosystem. These panels can be launched on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms without any hassle.

Our app package offerings house:

  • Main Website
  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • User Web Panel
  • Driver/Service Provider Android App
  • Driver/Service Provider iOS App
  • Driver/Service Provider Web Panel
  • Store Android App
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Web Panel
  • User KIOSK Android App
  • User KIOSK iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel

The Complete Workflow
Of Our Super App Solution

We provide a pragmatic super app that delivers multiple services like taxi-hailing, food delivery, rental services, babysitting, beauty services, online payments, and many more. Here’s how the all-inclusive super app rolls out:

  • Home ScreenUsers can view all significant on-demand services listed in the app. They can also access their profiles, order and booking details, payments, etc., directly from here.

  • Taxi and Rental ServicesThe complete list of vehicles available is given to enable users to hire or rent the one that matches their preferences.

  • Common DeliveriesUsers can send any parcel from one location to another via this service. They can avail of a single, or multiple deliveries with the assistance of delivery partners present nearby.

  • Delivery DivisionUsers are given the option to choose the type of vehicle needed for delivery. They can pick them based on the size of the item they wish to deliver.

  • Other On-demand ServicesBesides the ride and delivery services, other primary on-demand services are listed in this app’s section.

  • Single On-demand ServiceWhen users click an on-demand service, all details related to the service are presented with detailed information. Users can go through the options and choose accordingly.

  • Food DeliveryWhen users enter the section, all food establishments in a specified geographical area are displayed for user reference.

  • Major DeliveriesThe super app comprises several major delivery services like food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, medicine delivery, etc. Users can choose the delivery type they require.

  • Grocery DeliveryThe entire list of grocery stores located in the nearby location of users is present here. Users can compare and order groceries instantly or schedule them for a later date.

Of Our All-in-one Super App Solution

  • RegistrationUsers can register with the app with their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles. The registered account is used for logging in.

  • Book rides/appointmentsUsers can book taxi or bike taxi rides directly via the app. They can also schedule appointments with preferred service providers.

  • Schedule rides/servicesUsers can schedule the ride services, delivery services, or other on-demand services for a later date.

  • In-app chat/callUsers can contact the service providers or drivers directly via the in-app chat or call option integrated into the app.

  • Multiple payment modesUsers can pay for the service availed or orders placed using one of the numerous payment options available. They can also pay instantly from the in-app wallet.

  • Real-time trackingUsers can track the locations of drivers and service providers when they start providing their service via the geolocation tracking option.

  • Booking historyUsers can view the details of all the orders or bookings placed through the app in one convenient location.

  • Ratings and reviewsUsers can share their ratings for the service availed. They can also share their reviews to keep the service quality in check.

  • Invite and EarnUsers can invite their friends and family to install and use the super app. For this, they will be provided with reward points that can be used to pay for the service booked.

  • View service providers/driversUsers can view the profiles of service providers present near their locations and schedule their services. Also, they can see the profiles of delivery drivers who are assigned to offer the service requested.

  • OnboardingService providers or drivers can sign up with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. They can verify them using the OTP verification process.

  • Profile managementService providers or drivers can create and manage their profiles with their personal and contact details for users’ reference.

  • Manage documentsService providers can verify their profiles by uploading their certificates related to the services they offer. Drivers can share their personal information and vehicle details.

  • Availability toggleService providers or drivers can offer their services when they are available and go offline when needed, using the toggle mode.

  • Set service radiusService providers or drivers can set the radius limit from their locations to receive only requests from the specified area.

  • Accept/reject requestsService providers or drivers can accept or reject a service request based on various parameters, such as distance, time, etc.

  • Pop-up alertsService providers or drivers are instantly notified about the upcoming service requests via in-app push notifications.

  • Route optimizationService providers or drivers will be provided with the best possible route to reach the users’ locations on time.

  • Service historyService providers or drivers can view the details of all services offered or orders delivered in this section of the app.

  • Revenue detailsService providers or drivers can view the earnings received for the services provided with detailed information.

  • Manage store profileStore managers can create and maintain the store details like address, business hours, contact details, etc.

  • Manage menu/item listingsStore managers can list the items available in the store under various categories and subcategories for users’ reference.

  • Order alertsStore managers will be updated via instant alerts about the incoming order requests. They can then start processing it.

  • Manage ordersStore managers can manage and view the details of all completed, ongoing, and processing orders in this section.

  • Minimum cart valueStore managers can set a minimum order amount above which users can place their orders.

  • Track driversStore managers can track the locations of delivery drivers in real-time until it gets delivered to the users.

  • Earning reportStore managers can view the earnings they have made through the app here.

  • Customer supportStore managers can attend to the queries and concerns of customers to offer improved service.

  • Book rides from hotel receptionUsers who travel to foreign lands can book taxi rides through the KIOSK app center installed in the app by providing their pick up and drop off locations.

  • Vehicle listUsers can view the list of vehicles available to book the ones that meet their requirements.

  • Estimated costUsers can view the estimated cost of the service requested via the KIOSK app center.

  • Track driverUsers can track the real-time locations of drivers directly from the app until they reach the pickup locations.

  • Intuitive dashboardThe admin can manage all business operations taking place in the app with the powerful admin panel.

  • Manage usersThe admin can manage the details of all users and the order requests they place in the app.

  • Manage storesThe admin can verify and list the stores available in a specific location to the app, so users can place orders from the ones they prefer.

  • Manage service providers/ driversThe admin can verify the details of service providers and allow them to extend their services via the app.

  • Manage sub-adminsThe admin can manage the details of sub-admins and their functions accordingly.

  • Payment reportsThe admin can view the detailed invoice for each service availed or order placed in the app.

  • Advanced analyticsThe admin is provided with a detailed analytics report that has insights on improving the business service.

  • Help and supportThe admin can offer their assistance to users at any time of the app.

  • Assign rides/deliveriesUpon manual booking, the sub-admin can swiftly assign the ride requests or delivery requests to nearby drivers or delivery partners.

  • Schedule bookingsThe sub-admin can assign service providers or drivers for services scheduled for a later date.

  • Manage the requestsThe sub-admin can manage the requests that are in progress in this section of the application.

  • Invoice summaryThe sub-admin can view the earning details of services processed and the commission received for each service provided via the app.

  • Manage subscriptionsThe sub-admin can manage the subscription report with detailed information of users subscribed.

  • Canceled ordersThe sub-admin can manage the details of cancellations processed, and the earnings received from it.

COVID-19 Add-ons We Provide With Our Super App Solution

  • Zero-contact deliveryAmid COVID-19, it is crucial to offer safe delivery services. To ensure this, our app allows users to opt for contactless deliveries. By doing so, the orders will be delivered to their doorsteps by delivery partners, without any contact with the users.

  • Take-out servicesWith the take-out option, users can place their orders in the app and pick them up directly from the stores. This way, they tend to avoid all possible contacts involved in handling deliveries.

  • Safety badgesThe stores registered with the app are inspected regularly regarding the safety and sanitation protocols followed. The admin provides safety badges to the stores that meet the requirements. Users can order essentials from these stores without any fear of virus contamination.

  • Online checklistsBefore service providers are set to offer their services in the users’ locations, they must fulfill all the safety requirements listed on the app. Only after confirming this, they are allowed to deliver their services.

  • Mask and glove recognitionThe app includes a selfie-screening feature that allows service providers or delivery partners to enter the app or offer their services only when they confirm that they are wearing masks and gloves.

  • Disabling CODThe app lets the admin disable the Cash On Delivery (COD) option available in the app and allow users to pay only using the online methods. This way, the virus spread via money handling will be significantly reduced.

  • Safety ratings and reviewsUsers are empowered to provide their ratings and feedback concerning the delivery or other services offered, and the safety measures followed. If they have any concerns about the availed services, the admin can connect with them to provide their assistance.

  • Knowledge bannersBusiness owners can keep their users informed about the safety measures to follow to prevent themselves from virus contractions, news announcements from government, etc., through the knowledge banners in the app. It goes a long way in building customer loyalty.

Be Robust And Reliable

Cater To The Surging Demand Of Users By Launching A Super App That Delivers Multiple On-demand Services

What’s Unique With Our Cutting-edge Super App Solution?

Booking services via phone call/SMS/email

Though many people own smartphones, there are still people who are not gadget-savvy and lack the intelligence to use applications. It is not wise to lose them just because they do not know how to operate your app. To cover this audience base, empower them to book your on-demand services via phone call, email, or SMS. Users can call, email, or message their addresses and other needed details to your backend team. Your team, in turn, can book the service for them. This way, users can avail of your services without any trouble.

Standalone app with 60+ services

The super app lists more than 60 on-demand services, ranging from transportation to home services. With regards to transportation, it includes taxi-hailing services, car rentals, bike taxi service, carpooling, and more. Concerning deliveries, it extends food delivery, grocery delivery, courier delivery, pharmacy delivery, alcohol delivery, etc. Apart from this, it houses other services like handyman services, babysitting services, salon services, and many similar services.

Add or remove any service at any time

Though our super app solution comes with 60+ on-demand services, it is not compulsory to offer all those services. If you wish to provide only a few selected services, you can turn off the rest using the toggle mode in the app. You can offer these services by turning them on any time you want. It is entirely up to you to decide the list of on-demand services to provide via your on-demand super app.

Hassle-free delivery experience

With the integration of several vital add-on features, the super app is set to roll out prompt deliveries with zero-contact delivery options. Also, features like online checklists, safety badges, and selfie screening assure users that their orders are in safe hands. Even if they have any concerns, they can immediately reach out to you via the ratings and reviews feature, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Why We Are The Best Bet For Your Super App Development

White-labeled productOur super app is a white-label solution that allows you to remodel its branding elements. We change its logo, color scheme, brand name, etc., to make you the sole proprietor.

Scalable solutionThe app we develop is highly scalable, offering room for future enhancements as per changing user preferences and business environment.

Multi-currency, MultilingualOur application supports multiple languages, allowing users to access the app in their preferred regional languages. Also, they can pay using any currency type without any issue.

Booking through calls/emails/messagesThe app allows you to accept service requests from people via phone calls, emails, or messages. This way, you will be able to cover all your target audiences.

App submission supportWe assist you not only in app development but stay with you till your app is up and running seamlessly. We submit the fully developed app on Google and iOS app stores.

App rejection supportIf the submitted application is rejected for any reason, our team thoroughly looks into it to fix any possible problems and resubmit it instantly to ensure its quick launch.

Free technical assistanceAfter deploying your app, we provide free-of-cost maintenance support for a specified time. This way, we can fix any issue that arises to keep the app functioning hassle-free.

Cater to the societyWe are committed to the mission of giving back to the community. Extend on-demand services to people in need via our pragmatic super app solution.

We Provide The Best Possible Support
In Building A Cutting-edge Super App

One-time development feeAfter analyzing your business needs, we share a cost estimate for our development service. We do not charge any additional fees apart from this for services listed in the app development package.

Free app demoAs a business owner, you might want to check the app before purchasing it. Hence, we offer a free live demo of our app before its purchase. So you can get a better understanding of the app and its functionality.

Modifiable source codesAt the end of the project, we hand over the 100% customizable source code of the app. However, it would be best if you chose the premium package to get the source code.

On-time deliveryAs a reputed app development company, we never compromise on our delivery time. We guarantee you that your app will be hosted on all major platforms on time as committed.

Round-the-clock supportWe provide our assistance 24*7 throughout the app development and its successful deployment. We assign a project manager to keep you posted on the project’s progress.

Data protectionOnce you get on board with us, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to assure you that your business idea and related information are safe and secure.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Cost To Develop An On-demand Multi-service Marketplace

Being in the app development field for several years, we realized that startups and business people did not wish to spend a fortune on app development. Also, they look for solutions that promptly fulfill their needs, saving them from spending more money and time.

Our seasoned experts at Appdupe recognized this changing entrepreneurial behavioral pattern. It drove them to build a robust app solution that can be readily customized and deployed in the shortest turnaround time at cost-effective prices.

We never compromised on the quality and employed the most advanced tools and technologies in the app development. Our solution is appreciated to save you from all the hassle of developing the app from scratch. Connect with us to discuss the development costs and make informed decisions swiftly.

Tech Stack
Powered In Our Gojek like Super App Development

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, absolutely. As a business owner, you get to decide the number of on-demand services you offer via the app. You can provide all services or turn off a few services and offer the rest. For this purpose, we have integrated a functionality - toggle mode. With this option, you can provide services of your choice and turn off the rest.
You can connect with our support team over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or the chat option available on the website. They will help you schedule a live demo session free of charge.
Yes. We do offer maintenance support after your app launch. It is offered for free for a limited time. After this, you can opt for our paid services if you wish to extend our technical support.
As a leading app development company, we offer 360° development solutions. You do not have to worry if your app gets rejected. We will look into the issue, fix it, and resubmit it immediately.
We will assign a project manager once you opt for our services. He/She will keep you posted on the progress of the app development regularly. You can also connect with them in case of any queries at any time.

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