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Communicating among fellow people is a natural desire of every human being. This desire has made us compile letters, sounds, and words, summing them up to languages. The story of communication began with languages followed up with writing in caves, sending scrolls from one place to another using doves, messengers, and more. These messengers then turned out to be mailmen in the contemporary periods. Our aim to connect with people all around the globe instantly glowed brightly after the birth of smartphones. With smartphones and high-speed internet facilities, the dream of instant messaging has come true.

Now, instant messaging apps have been updated with features for business needs, fun-chats, exchanging multimedia content, GIFs, and more. To build an instant messaging app like Telegram, connect with us and launch it in a wink.

What is Telegram Clone?

Telegram Clone is a ready-to-launch script of a secured instant messaging app similar to Telegram. Suppose you are an entrepreneur dreaming of building a robust instant-messaging app fulfilling user’s personal and business needs. Our Telegram Clone is the preeminent choice for your first step.

Telegram Clone App

Mandatory features
for a White-Label Telegram Clone App

Developing an instant-messaging app like Telegram requires certain mandatory features to make it efficient and user-friendly. Let's check on some of the key features embedded in our Telegram Clone App.

  • Instant Messaging This is the first and foremost feature for a Telegram Clone App. The users can send instant messages to their friends or family using this feature.

  • Voice CallsWith Voice over Internet Protocol taking the stage, making free voice calls through the internet has become a habit. This feature in our Telegram Clone App offers the users the same.

  • Video Calls Video call is a feature that has made long-distance relations able to talk with their loved ones with a chance to see their faces.

  • Multimedia Sharing The users will be able to send and receive all kinds of files through the app. This includes video files, audio files, pdf, photos, and more.

  • Contact SynchronizationOnce a user logs in to the app, the contacts from the mobile device of the user get synced with the app automatically. This assists the user to connect with their contacts effortlessly.

  • Public Channels This feature acts as a powerful marketing tool and acts as a stage for companies, artists, and other businesses to announce their decisions and works.

Launch Messaging App Like Telegram

Admin Panel- A solution to manage all users in a single panel

An admin is either a business owner or a representative of the business. The Admin makes sure every user is updated with all the features. For this, the admin can't be expected to check on every single user, which is an impossible mission. Our team understands this and has come up with an Admin Panel that can help the admin resolve all the issues in a single panel.

We have designed an Admin Panel that enables the admin to perform functions such as adding new members, removing accounts that are no more in use, analyzing reports on user behavior, notifying users of the app's updates, and setting premium plan features.

Embed security, privacy, and entertainment
to your instant messaging application venture.

Our Solution to develop you an instant messaging app

Our Telegram Clone App is a solution compatible to work on all platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows.

For Management

Our Telegram Clone can be used by businesses to coordinate their teams using the group chat feature to help share files, videos, and other media.

Customer Engagement

Telegram channels can be created by businesses to promote their products and services. This allows the business owners to have a real-time chat with their customers and understand their reviews.

Social Chats

The users can have fun chats with their friends and family by sharing stickers, GIFs, photos, videos, and more.

A minimalistic workflow module of Telegram Clone App

The Telegram Clone App comes with an easy-to-understand minimalistic workflow process for the users.

  • Onboarding The user is onboarded in the app by entering his/her contact number. The contact number is verified with an OTP, and once the verification is done, the user is onboarded to the app.

  • Profile Creation A profile is created by the user by adding a profile picture and a bio on their interest.

  • Contact Synchronization After the user is onboard, the contacts of the user on their mobile device are automatically synced to the app.

  • Instant MessagingThe user can start chatting with their contacts instantly after their contacts are synced to the app.

  • Voice Calls/ Video Calls Voice calls or video calls can be made by the user to their contacts once he/she accepts the permission note from the app to access calls and the camera of the mobile device.

Features of our Telegram Clone App


The user can register themself in the app by entering their contact number.


The contact number entered by the user has to be verified by using an OTP in order to avoid fake accounts.


Users can join as well as create groups with their friends, family members, or officials of their organization.

Push Notifications

The user is notified whenever they get a message or an update in the app so that the user takes instant action.

Multiple Device Logins

The user can scan a QR code and login into their PCs and mobile devices at the same time. This helps the users to check messages simultaneously when they are working on their PCs.

Profile Management

The user can edit their profile picture and the bio on their profile at any time with no restrictions.

Share Location

The user can share their location with their friends using this feature. This helps the user to check on their friend's or family's location.

Manage Notifications

The user can turn on/off the notifications for their convenience. This makes them feel comfortable using the app.


The user can determine the contacts that can view their profile picture and their bio. This allows the user to feel more secure.

Chat Theme

The user can create chat themes personalized to certain contacts and also a common chat theme for all the contacts.


With our effective dashboard, the admin can manage all the user profiles, groups, and other data.

App Update Notifications

The new updates in the app can be done in the admin panel. This notifies the user of the updates in the app. They can either update immediately or later.

Admin Channel

The admin can update any news or information he/she wants to share with the users in this space.

Analytic Reports

The admin can have a clear picture of the user data, user pattern, the number of dormant accounts, the number of active accounts, and more.

In-App Filters

The users can apply filters to pictures they share through the app. This feature enhances user engagement.

Stickers and GIFs

The user is provided with a number of exciting stickers and GIFs to make the chats with their friends more interesting.


The app can be designed with various native languages of the users. This helps to increase the number of users as it is made accessible to all.

Multiple Profile Pictures

The user can have more than one profile picture and determine which one is to be displayed to whom.

Block Users

The users can block other contacts whom they do not want to view their profile or receive messages.

Back-up Data

The user can back-up their data so that they don't lose any of their data or chats when they change devices.

Ways to Monetize our Telegram Clone App

Every business owner needs to be aware of all possibilities to monetize it. Monetizing the app helps the business to sustain for a longer run. Let us have a look at the various methods to monetize our Telegram Clone App.

  • In-App Advertising Partnering with other businesses to allow them to post their ads in the app is one of the most common ways to generate revenue.

  • Purchase of In-App Products The users can be offered exciting GIFs and stickers that make their chat with friends more interesting for a small fee.

  • In-App Money Transfer Online money transfer is now an integral part of people’s daily lives. A messaging app with payments integrated into it will make users use it rather than looking out for other apps. A transaction fee can be charged on every transaction made by the user.

  • Pay to Access Premium Features The user can be availed with premium features like secret chats, disappearing messages, and more for a small fee.

Appdupe's instant messaging app development process

  • 1

    Requirement Analysis As the first step of the process, we have a discussion with our clients about their business plans, their target audience, the customizations they require, and much more.

  • 2

    Analyzing the Market Extensive research is undertaken to understand your business plan and the market to assist you in developing the app.

  • 3

    Create an Appealing DesignOur creative team works on a UI design that is exclusively designed to target your niche crowd. The design is customized with your logo and branding.

  • 4

    Back-end Development Our team of dedicated developer's work to develop instant-messaging apps meticulously with interactive features and seamless performance.

  • 5

    Testing and Quality Assurance After developing the app, our testing team runs various tests and quality checks to ensure the app is bug-free and functions well.

  • 6

    Launch your Telegram Clone App Once all the tests are conducted and the app is fully functional, the app is launched in the Android and iOS stores.

How much does it cost to develop
an instant group chatting app like Telegram?

The cost of developing an instant messaging app cannot be coined in a single word as it depends on various factors and reasons. Let's have a look at some of the factors.

Telegram Like App Development
Purpose of the App

The chat app can be built for various purposes, for an organization's in-house chat, or a for the public, and many more. The purpose of the app determines the complexity of the app. The more complex the app is higher is the price.

Customized Features

The cost of building an app depends on the number of features embedded in it. If there are more features, then the price of the app increases.

Platform to Develop the App

We ourselves work on the best platforms to develop your app but on requisition to develop on certain platforms. It will be done with some extra charges.

Why is Appdupe
your fair choice to develop Telegram Clone App?

Appdupe strives to deliver our clients the best solutions. Our Telegram Clone App is docked with features that benefit each penny of your money spent.

End-to-End Encryption

The Telegram clone developed by us is embedded with the end-to-end encryption features. This allows the users to experience secured messaging.

Cloud Synchronization

The users can have all their chats backed up in the cloud. This helps the user to retrieve all their chats even if they change their devices.

A Customizable Solution

Are you looking to build a chat app for your organization, or an online store, or personal chats? We customize our Telegram Clone App as per your requirements.

A Minimalistic App

Don’t burden your users with an app that swallows the storage space. Instead, choose our Telegram Clone that comes in a lightweight with minimal system requirements.

Round the Clock Support

Our support team is dedicated to resolving the queries of our clients irrespective of what time it is.

On-Time Delivery

We make a solid plan before starting the process and stick to it without fail. This discipline of our team helps us deliver your product on time.

Launch an app like Telegram
and help businesses build, and friends chat

Tech Stack

We work on the best platforms that yield the best results to our clients. Have a look at them.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The answer to this is very simple: give us a call, let us know your requirements for the upgrade. We will get your app updated in no time.
It is always safe with us. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you stating that your business ideas will be safe with us.
Yes, We provide free assistance even after the launch of the App for a limited time, and later we charge a minimal fee.
A clone app is the replica of an already existing fully-functional app. It can be customized for your business needs.
Feel free to contact us via email, chat, or call. Our support team is always happy to resolve all your queries.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.