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Top Selling Uber Clone in the Market

Dominate the ride-hailing business sector with the phenomenal white-label Uber Clone solution. Assorted with paramount features and the most intuitive interface, geared toward helping you to lead the industry to the hilt.

Launch An On-Demand Ride-Hailing App Using Uber Clone

Uber Clone is an impeccable, ready-to-use taxi app solution that lets you transform your traditional taxi business into a digital ride-hailing business. You can scale up your domestic taxi business to the high demanding on-demand taxi services in the most rudimental way possible. From ride-hailing, bike taxi, carpooling to fleet management, you can manage anything and everything related to your taxi business using this comprehensive solution.

We are the leading taxi app development company. Our Uber like app solution package delivers you a taxi booking app which will boost you ahead in this competitive market. In just 3 days, we will give you a ready-to-use technically advanced yet user-friendly taxi app solution, white-labeled with your brand name and logo in a language and currency of your choice.

What’s more? We also launch Uber clone iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers and get your apps approved and upload them on the iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can use our complete taxi booking app solution to kick start your business.

Algorithms We Use In Our White-label Taxi App Solution

Customers will choose a suitable service from the different variants available, and the system will automatically match it to the nearest or highest rated service provider by sending requests. Once the service provider accepts the request, the customer receives the details about ETA.

Another algorithm also called the Double Commit Model, using which the customer can fill in details and request services. From a list of drivers with the profile history, quote and ETA displayed to them, the customer can interact with the best-suited service provider and choose one suiting their requirements. Service providers can accept/reject the request.

What Do You Get With our Uber Like App Solution?

Uber Clone Taxi Booking App
Driver App
Dispatcher Panel
Admin Panel

A Detailed Step By Step Demo Of Our Uber App Clone

Premium App

Enterprise App

Highlighted Features of Our Uber Clone App

Booking taxis made simple and effortless with our feature-packed white-label taxi app.

  • Sign Up/Login App Screen
    Sign up/Login

    Give the customers an easy ride into the app by a simple signup process and social media login. Just a tap, and they are all set.

  • Book Rides App Screen
    Book rides

    Bestow your customers the convenience of booking rides for themselves or their loved ones easily. To worry about the details of the ride is a foregone story as the app automatically does that for them.

  • Schedule Rides App Screen
    Schedule rides

    Especially integrated into the app for busy bees! It lets the customers book their ride either at an instant or later. Who would have thought that taxi booking can be this smooth!

  • Auto-Location App Screen

    Stuck in a desolate place or a nameless town, the customers don’t have to know about the location to book a ride. With the in-app GPS function, they can locate and also track their rides accurately.

  • Ride History App Screen
    Ride history

    Through this feature, they can get to know about all the rides they have completed so far, with every detail about it like pickup, destination, price, time taken etc.

  • Fare Estimate App Screen
    Fare estimate

    The sweetener of an on-demand taxi booking service. Let your customer know about the fare instantly, followed by their entering of pickup location and destination and select a ride that sticks to their budget.

  • SOS Alert App Screen
    SOS Alert

    In case the customer is stuck in some unfortunate situation, there is no need for them to search through the contacts. Just tap on the SOS alert button, and there will be help before they know it!

  • In-App Wallet App Screen
    In-app wallet

    When we said that our solution is comprehensive, here is one of the reasons. Our Uber like app comes with an in-app wallet to let customers pay for their rides conveniently without hunting for cash or cards always.

  • Notifications App Screen

    Bar none, every detail of the ride status will be shared with the customer through push notifications.

  • Reviews App Screen

    Businesses are born and developed from feedback, and there’s no one who knows about it better than us. So here’s a feature that lets customers rate the ride, through which you could improve your service.

Drivers can effortlessly accept ride requests and offer their services via the Driver app.

  • Live Navigation App Screen
    Live navigation

    Nothing can stop the driver from earning when they have an Uber Clone. Even if the driver doesn’t have knowledge about the customer’s location, the app’s live navigation feature will help them to reach their destination and start the journey.

  • Earning Report App Screen
    Earnings report

    Progress is more important than perfection. Our Uber Clone lets drivers know how well they have been progressing in their work by providing a complete report on their earnings.

  • Ride history App Screen App Screen
    Ride history

    By this feature, the drivers can keep tabs on both their past rides, their fare details and upcoming rides all at a spot.

  • Online/offline mode App Screen
    Online/offline mode

    Drivers could indicate their availability to take rides by just switching this mode. In case they need a break, they can switch it off again to go offline.

  • Instant request App Screen
    Instant request

    Our Uber Clone is capable of offering benefits and opportunities to millions. True to that, the drivers can get instantly engaged and earn a few bucks by switching to online mode.

  • In-app notifications App Screen
    In-app notifications

    Instant is what we call our solution’s functionality, and it is not for no reason. Every new ride request from the customer, the ride’s completion time and payment completion notification will be sent to the driver in a tick.

  • Verification App Screen

    Professionalism is what the on-demand services are known for. And to help you achieve the same, the app comes with the verification feature where the drivers’ documents are verified by the admin.

  • Invoice generation App Screen
    Invoice generation

    The driver can have an invoice for the recent trip that he has completed.

  • Account integration App Screen
    Account integration

    Drivers can now have the smartest way of receiving payments by integrating their account into the Uber like app for receiving their earnings directly.

  • Ratings App Screen

    Why should ratings stop with just customers? Increase the trust and loyalty between the drivers about your app by allowing them to rate the trip after its completion.

Built to assign rides to drivers seamlessly and manage fleets efficiently.

  • Assign drivers web screen
    Assign drivers

    Whether it is the human’s brain you depend on or the other way around. You can choose a driver manually or auto-assign by either passing a taxi request to the driver or allow the system to do it.

  • Real-time dispatch status web screen
    Real-time dispatch status

    A dispatcher can be used for tracking the real-time status of assigned trips. Statuses like ride acceptance by the driver, trip’s current status can all be seen on the spot.

  • Retry request web screen
    Retry request

    The dispatcher can now retry any dispatch request from the panel, where the details will be filled automatically.

  • No response trips web screen
    No response trips

    Don’t miss out on any chance of users abandoning your app. Our Uber Clone has got it covered. It lets the dispatcher assign a driver to the unattended requests.

  • Manual dispatch web screen
    Manual dispatch

    For the later scheduled rides, the dispatcher can assign drivers before the start time of the trip.

  • Track drivers web screen
    Track drivers

    Just like the power of an admin, the dispatcher can see all drivers and their status on the map and where they are currently.

  • View pending requests web screen
    View pending requests

    All the list of pending trips and upcoming trips can be viewed through the dispatcher panel for a comprehensive view of the functioning status of the app.

Allow customers to book their taxi rides via the website.

  • Schedule Rides Web Screen
    Schedule rides

    Let users book their taxi rides for now, or later via your mobile-responsive taxi booking website.

  • Provide Details Web Screen
    Provide details

    Allow users to provide their pick up and drop off locations, choose vehicle type, apply promo codes, select payment mode, etc.

  • Process Payments Web Screen
    Process payments

    Users can place their ride requests by processing payments via the payment gateway of their choice.

  • Real-Time Tracking Web Screen
    Real-time tracking

    Users can view the ETA details and track the location of the drivers assigned.

With a robust Admin panel, the service provider can track and control both the Passenger App and the Driver App with ease.

  • Dashboard web screen

    As an app admin, you have cruise control over the app. Monitor, manage operations and activities, bring out the best results with the elegant dashboard available.

  • Management web screen

    The secret to your success is right here! Now manage each and every aspect of your taxi booking app business seamlessly with essential elements like the driver, customer, rides etc.

  • Commission web screen

    Without much of an investment in inventory, your call is here to earn a fortune by setting the price range and earning for every ride.

  • Settlements web screen

    Have a holistic view of the payments done by the customers to the drivers online.

  • Heat map web screen
    Heat map

    Know about the demographic that needs your service using the heatmap feature and make an informed decision about the surge pricing.

  • Fleet management web screen
    Fleet management

    Unlike conventional methods, now you could take part in the successful sector efficiently, as our app comes with the panel where you could manage your vehicle set, including payouts etc.

  • Dynamic document web screen
    Dynamic document

    Based on the region, managing the documents for the connected vehicle, company and drivers. Less paperwork, more efficiency.

  • God’s view web screen
    God’s view

    Instead of surfing through the entire list, save your time terrifically now. You can search for a vehicle at any time by entering the type, driver name and location.

  • SMS Gateway web screen
    SMS Gateway

    Augment your visibility by sending personalised bulk SMS to the client through the smart SMS gateway integration from the admin panel.

  • Reports web screen

    Have knowledge about your business’ progress at your fingertips with this feature. Trip payments, company settlements, ride wallet, subscription, driver wallet are all now in view of this.

Give Life To Your Ideas Today By Grabbing The Taxi Booking App Solution

What Makes Our Uber Clone Script Nifty?

Ready-made Uber Clone Script

Steer clear of the adversities that escorts building an online taxi booking app like Uber from scratch. Wave down to our ready-made Uber clone script and embolden yourself to witness the success soon.

  • A prefabricated solution that is highly scalable.
  • End-to-end customization and branding.
  • Substantial to accommodate a high number of user activity synchronically.
  • Prepped for implementation and deployment.
  • Created by a team of savvy web and app developers.
  • Open to both Android and iOS users.
  • Exclusory admin panel to manage the app operations.
  • Unswerving customization, deployment and maintenance support.

How Does Our Uber Like App Solution Work?

Rider Work Flow

The rider registers into the app with personal information or social media handle.

Enter Location
They will enter the pickup location and destination and get the variants with their prices displayed.

Select a car
They can choose the car type based on their requirement and budget.

Track the ride
After the booking is over, the rider can track the ride in real-time.

Trip started
Once the ride arrives, the trip starts successfully.

After the completion of the trip, the rider pays for the trip from multiple payment options like credit or debit card, or through PayPal, Strike or in-app wallet etc.

Ratings & Reviews
The rider can rate the trip after completion.

Driver Worf Flow

The driver logins to their accounts when they are ready to take up rides and earn money.

Trip request to admin
The driver will submit documents to the admin, and upon verification, by the admin, he shall take up trips.

Availability status
After toggling their availability status to online mode, they will start receiving ride requests from nearby riders.

Accept rides
The driver accepts the ride request to start the trip successfully.

Once the ride is completed, the driver receives the payment from the rider for COD, or it will be processed through payment gateways.

Ratings & Reviews
The driver can rate the trip after completion.

The admin will transfer the commission to the driver for his ride.

Advanced Features of Our White-label Ride-hailing App

Our industry-leading Uber Clone script comprises advanced features that let you function the business smoothly and optimize the visibility, as its amazing trait is to align with the demands and wishes of your customers. As the best addition, we also proffer you with paid add-ons that will result in nothing but humongous success.

  • Free app updation for lifetimeIf you wish to update the features in your on-demand app, you can reach out to us anytime, even after the completion of the project. Our team will provide its full support in the app updation process free of charge for a lifetime.

  • 90 Days support to fix errorsOur app solutions are devoid of bugs and discrepancies, enabling the smooth functioning of your business. However, if your app encounters any glitches, we will provide you support free of cost for the first 3 months.

  • Customizable clone solutionsIt is your app, and we completely understand that it should bear your name and logo. So, we replace our name and logo with your details on the app. Once we hand over the app to you, it is a dedicated source of your business, and we do not claim for it under any circumstances.

  • Privacy policy and NDAWe adhere to our strict privacy policy and sign NDA with your business as you get on board with us. We assure you that we won’t mention your app on any of our websites or portfolio, and you are the sole owner of your app.

  • Free multi-lingual supportIf you wish to go hyperlocal, we ensure that we offer our complete support. We help you in integrating the language of your preference into your app without charging a single penny. Be it any language, we extend our full assistance.

  • Support for multiple currenciesWe help you in integrating local currencies of your choice into your app when you launch your app in a specific country. The app even has a feature to manage the rate of your base currency with additional currency.

Zip Through The Traffic In The Ride Hailing Market By Bringing Into Action The Best Uber Like Taxi App Solution.

Achieve Success with the Best Taxi App Solution in the Market

Generate a profitable revenue as we help you exponentially increase your customer base with our top of the line white-label Uber app clone.

Enhance efficiency

Cut down on costs and workload, instead increase speed and the overall performance of your taxi booking software with our top-tier automation technology.

Enhance fleet management

Manage larger fleets with ease. Our Uber-like app development solutions let you supervise and regulate pivotal processes to ensure smooth operations.

Expand bookings

Acquire a large customer base with the Uber clone source code, which in turn results in more bookings and usage of your services.

Our Uber alternative taxi app solution gives life to your diverse business ideas!

Apart from the traditional taxi booking app business, our app solution can be tweaked to suit your other business models in the taxi industry. Some of such business models supported by our software are:

  • Ride-Sharing

  • Car Rentals

  • Bike Taxis

  • Taxi App for Disabled People

  • Taxi App for Airport Rides

  • Taxi App for Ambulances

  • IoT Integration

  • Fleet Management

Effectual Revenue Channels Of Our Uber Clone App

Accumulate your cash box with bountiful currencies with these tried and true revenue models.


A primary revenue driver for your ride-hailing business, this is commenced by the rider when they pay for every ride completion.

In-app ads

You can run ads of various business-related things or any third-party ads on your app and charge a minimal fee.

Driver onboarding charge

Since your app is a platform with brimming opportunities, you can charge from the drivers to get on board with their services.

Surge prices

Take advantage of the demand for your business and services by chagrin a surge price during peak hours. Instant cashing is what we call it!

Cancellation charge

A cancellation fee can be charged from the customers on any cancellation and add them for the next ride.

In-app purchases

Let your customers enjoy the perks of getting numerous benefits by opting for the premium services.

Completely Automate Your Taxi Business Operations With Our Uber Clone Software

Elevate the efficiency of your taxi business by relying on the suitable time-saving automation mode; increase the number of bookings and ROI swiftly.

  • Smart And Ultrafast Onboarding

    Empower swift onboarding by breaking all the stereotypes of manual joining by automating the tedious task of documentation with our taxi app solution. Documentation is never about hour-long verification from here on.

  • Track Your Business With Most Advanced Analytics And Reporting Tools

    Evaluate the performance of your drivers, their earning, bookings etc. Also, keeping tabs on your business is now a five-finger exercise with advanced analytics that helps you compare stats and get an insight about pain points and enhance the overall performance.

  • Automated Driver Billing And Ceaseless Commission Income

    Acquire your commission from the drivers for every ride with automated driver billing. Factors like driver’s balance, incentives, penalties and taxes will be taken into account by the system to settle the driver’s payment.

  • Govern High Demand At Peak Hours

    Bail out the difficulties that come with handling high demands at peak hours with the automated ride-hailing system, and leave no requests missing or unattended.

  • Automated Dispatch System

    Operate your taxi business with the futuristic automated dispatch system, which proficiently dispatches the cab automatically as soon as there is a ride request. Hassle-free dispatching is the trailblazing attribute of our software.

Range Of Technologies Supporting Our Product

We use iOS Swift Technology by Apple to design and develop our iOS applications. Xcode is our integrated development environment.
Our Android applications are built on high-end protocol such as Native Java Technology authored by Google. Android studio is our IDE.
Our adept app developers build a pixel perfect UI that is both easy to use and highly interactive.
Our on-demand taxi app web panels are backed by highly sophisticated PHP. On request, we can also develop Uber clone flutter or django.
Designed to seamlessly function on the popular servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server.
For location and navigation ease, our applications are integrated with Google maps API.

Our Clients

Scale Your Taxi Booking Service To A Mammoth In The Market

Whether you are a startup or an already established taxi business with many cars, leave all your worries behind about managing your business. Because with our highly scalable ride-hailing app, you can handle millions of riders and drivers smoothly.

Latest technology

Secure all your pivotal operations with our leading-edge technology.

Elevated uptime availability

True to our word, you can manage one million requests per second with cloud hosting.

Pliable solution for integrations

Integrate any number of services like Google Maps, hotels, airlines and augment your revenue as you have undreamed of!

We Can’t Wait To Help You With Our Solution! Are You Ready To Partner With Us To Develop An Uber Like App?

Why Should You Choose Us For Uber Clone App Development?

  • Android and iOS mobile apps for both driver and rider

  • Smart Dispatcher panel

  • 24/7 support

  • Get your app up and running in no time

  • Exclusive app for your brand

  • Ductile solution

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Pricing Package

Premium Installation

25% OFF$2500
$1999/ One Time
  • Dispatcher Dashboard
  • Accountant Dashboard
  • Fleet Owner Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Driver Dashboard
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • OTP SMS Authentication
  • Detailed Profile with rating
  • Set Pin Location
  • Select from various types of vehicles
  • Fare Estimate
  • Coupon Code
  • Cash Payment
  • Credit, Debit Payment
  • Wallet System
  • Check Wallet Balance Before Ride
  • Location favorites
  • Peak hours
  • Surge Pricing Notification
  • Driver Assignment Notification
  • ETA
  • Driver Live Track
  • Call or Message Driver
  • Driver OTP verification
  • Change Payment Method at any time
  • Share Trip Details
  • Panic Button
  • Cancel Ride before pickup
  • Driver Arrival Notification   Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Waiting Charges
  • Route and Time based cost exceeding charges
  • Invoice and Payment Receipt
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Compliment with Tip system
  • History of Rides
  • Upcoming Trips
  • Settings
  • Invite/referral code generation
  • Driver Arrival Notification
  • Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Settlement module
  • Wallet for driver
  • Card for driver


25% OFF$12500
$9999/ One Time
  • Dispatcher Dashboard
  • Accountant Dashboard
  • Fleet Owner Dashboard
  • User Dashboard
  • Driver Dashboard
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • OTP SMS Authentication
  • Detailed Profile with rating
  • Set Pin Location
  • Select from various types of vehicles
  • Fare Estimate
  • Coupon Code
  • Cash Payment
  • Credit, Debit Payment
  • Wallet System
  • Check Wallet Balance Before Ride
  • Location favorites
  • Peak hours
  • Surge Pricing Notification
  • Driver Assignment Notification
  • ETA
  • Driver Live Track
  • Call or Message Driver
  • Driver OTP verification
  • Change Payment Method at any time
  • Share Trip Details
  • Panic Button
  • Cancel Ride before pickup
  • Driver Arrival Notification & Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Route and Time based cost exceeding charges
  • Invoice and Payment Receipt
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Compliment with Tip system
  • History of Rides
  • Upcoming Trips
  • Settings
  • Driver Arrival Notification
  • Passenger Pickup Notification
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Settlement module
  • Wallet for driver
  • Card for driver
  • Child Seat, Wheelchair etc choices of vehicle tags
  • Car Rental Service
  • Outstation Service
  • Live Cars View
  • Enter Destination Later
  • FAQ Support System
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Peak hours
  • Rerouting with Live navigation
  • DB backup/Data Backup option in admin panel
  • Notification for dispatcher in admin(side pop menu)Only if manual assigning on
  • OTP on/off from admin panel
  • Instant ride
  • Reports export for particular user/provider/fleet

Uber Like App Development FAQ

General FAQ's

You do not need to be a technological expert to share your ideas with us. This is why we have a team of brainy developers who will convert all the concepts in your mind into reality. You can leave the technological part in our capable hands.
A white-label taxi app is a ready-made solution for entrepreneurs to developing a ride-hailing app without having to spend countless hours of time in research and development. Not to mention that revamping and improving our Uber-like app solution is highly lucrative. In fact, many successful companies have found their formula of success by making better copies of existing ideas. For instance Curb, Hailo, and Gett are a few famous companies that used ideas of existing apps. You can easily set forth your success story with our ready-made taxi app solution.
Within the stipulated time frame, we deliver results. In fact, you could be the owner of a user-friendly and ultra cool taxi app that could have millions of users.
You can submit your information to our website and we will send you a demo of what your taxi booking app could look like. Based on what you require for Uber like app development, you can choose a suitable package. After choosing your package, our team of developers will work to create an app that will suit your requirements.

App Owner FAQ's

Everything you need to start, run, manage and scale an app based on-demand taxi business:
  1. Powerful Admin Dashboard to verify and approve drivers, assign rides, payouts, get reports
  2. Driver app for iOS and Android with GPS real-time tracking
  3. Customer app for iOS and Android with Credit & Debit card payments
  4. Web app for your Drivers and Customers to book new rides, see past history and more

This is exactly what hundreds of our other customers use for thousands or rides every single day.

Yes, that’s exactly what our product is, our app suite is perfectly legal to use and our customers are using it all over the world right now.

If you are already running a Taxi Company or planning to start one.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a taxi app so that you can control everything from one admin panel and get your venture funded.

Your detailed and powerful admin dashboard will have extensive features so that you can get analytics of all rides and see details like routes taken etc. You can also see all the earnings, what payment method was used, your customer’s wallet balances and your drivers’ payouts from their earnings. Using this feature you can take a really granular snapshot of your business either for your auditor or investor or to make financial projections for future funding.
In this product there is a KYC process which will automatically verify drivers and customers with their identification papers. So you will always be running a safe venture.
We have a featureful fleet management module that allows you to list multiple company cabs in your management. This way, you can run a cab aggregation company in its purest definition by providing thousands of rides in multiple cities in your country with not even owning a single car. This is an exact Uber Clone like business that you will be running.

Passenger App FAQ's

Stripe Payment allows individuals to make payments over the internet. Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your riders make payments via their credit or debit cards.
Yes, your riders can book rides for a later time and similarly the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers.
Users can receive alerts about driver location, trip fares, and other information relevant to their ride. They will receive alerts in the form of pop-up messages.
Your passengers can now view the history of every ride they have taken. Your riders can also see the route, cost, driver details, and other relevant information about their ride.

Driver App FAQ's

Yes, they can. The driver can toggle their availability status between online and offline anytime in their app and can receive requests accordingly.
Yes, they do. From the taxi booking software, the drivers can know the details of locations with an increase in prices and they can plan their ride accordingly.
Yes, via the taxi booking app, drivers can keep a track of their everyday earnings and use it for reference also. Drivers can also view the details about the fare and date of all the rides they have previously made.
Not only riders, but drivers can also cancel their trip. But they should choose a valid cancellation reason such as wrong address, long duration ETA and so on.

Admin Panel FAQ's

Yes, we do provide assistance for 3 months to help in launching your taxi app and get it running. Also, throughout the entire taxi app development process, you can get regular updates about the progress.
We provide white-labeled products. After development, the app is yours; to name, to control and to advertise. After all, it is your brainchild.
You can request for a demo for your taxi booking software by submitting your information to the AppDupe website. Just fill in the form on the website and our team will get in touch with you in no time. They will send you the demo and you can discuss your requirements with them and get ideas for the app.
Your taxi app will generate money through commissions received from trips. Another means is promotional revenue.

Want to see your App Develop?

We are available to discuss your project 24x7x365. Once we have an alignment about the details of the project, you are invited to see your App created in front of your eyes at our development centre. Interact with your project manager, developers and designers of the App. We will help you through the visa process and other travel hurdles.

customer services

Ask Neha

Corporate Travel Consultant

Neha will help arrange a smooth travel for you to our development center in India. You can witness all the enhancements of your app. Get in touch with her if you have any queries related to visa, tickets and other travel hurdles that you might face.

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