Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery App Development
Launch An On-demand Grocery Delivery App Solution

Until a few years back, people were visiting grocery stores to purchase their basic needs. The advent of technology has disrupted the way the grocery business functioned, enabling customers to order groceries online. Now, they do not visit grocery stores anymore as the emergence of on-demand grocery shopping apps allows them to buy online and deliver the orders to their doorsteps.

Since its inception, the app installs and usage continue to grow, and this never seems to decline anytime soon. It has led several businesses to join the bandwagon, either taking existing grocery businesses online or building a marketplace to connect end-users with grocery stores. Both ways, the businesses are sure to earn high returns.

We, at Appdupe, help such businesses succeed in their mission to set up their own grocery app business through our innovative grocery delivery app solutions. Our solutions are ready-made and can be quickly customized to suit the business needs of our customers. It helps in building the app in the shortest turnaround time, allowing businesses to launch their apps in a jiffy.

Ensure uninterrupted supply of grocery amid COVID-19 outbreak

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed several governments to impose nationwide lockdowns. It has led people to stay indoors for an indefinite period. In this frightening moment, they are turning to grocery ecommerce solutions to meet their grocery needs. Thus, several businesses are jumping into this sector to earn their own share of the user base.

Join this bandwagon by launching your on-demand grocery delivery app solution. We help you come up with a robust multi-vendor grocery marketplace app in the shortest time possible at affordable costs by customizing our white-label grocery delivery clone apps.

You can start by offering the delivery services at reduced charges, as a part of your service to the nation in the COVID-19 times. It will help you earn a large user base in a short period. When everything returns to normal, you will still have your customers who will access your app due to the convenience it offers.

Make the most out of this opportunity, and get started with your grocery delivery app development. Connect with us right away to serve the community, along with leveling up your grocery store app business.

Grocery e-commerce solution for COVID-19

Types Of Grocery App Solutions
We Develop

  • Grocery E-commerce Solution

    Grocery E-commerce SolutionSimilar to popular grocery apps like Grofers, we develop mobile apps where your users can select the groceries they need and choose the slot to get their groceries delivered to their homes. It enables convenience to your users to a great extent.

  • Grocery Store App Solution

    In-store App SolutionWe build grocery apps that include a virtual tour of the grocery store and its products. Users will be able to view the product display as well as the specifications of the products. That way, they will be assured about the quality of the products listed on the app.

  • Multi-vendor Grocery Marketplace Solution

    Individualized Grocery AppThis kind of grocery app is designed to give an enhanced shopping experience to your users. Here, users can create their grocery list and share it with the grocery store. They will get their desired groceries delivered to their doorsteps, making the entire process simple.

On-demand Grocery Delivery App Development

Personalized on-demand grocery app solution
for all business models

Single Store Grocery AppBuild a grocery delivery app that helps to take your retail grocery business online. List all products available and allow your users to shop at their convenience. The app can help your business reach its customers promptly, increasing your sales.

Grocery Store Chain AppThis app enables you to manage grocery stores operating in multiple locations under the same brand effectively. Users can order from the grocery stores available nearby their location. It is a great option for grocery store chain businesses to earn high ROI.

Grocery Stores Aggregator AppLaunch an app that acts as an online marketplace connecting several grocery stores with end-users. Here, you can display a list of grocery stores available in a specific location on your app, letting users order from the grocery store of their preference.

The workflow
Of A Grocery Delivery E-commerce App Solution

Below is how a fully functional grocery delivery app functions:

Sign up/ Sign in Grocery App
Sign up/Sign in:

Users should register with the app if they are using it for the first time or login if they have already registered.

Search for Grocery Stores
Search For Grocery Stores:

Users can search for the list of grocery stores available nearby their location.

Add to Cart
Add To Cart:

Once they find the grocery store that suits their needs, they can add the list of groceries they need to the cart.

Grocery Order Checkout
Order Checkout:

Users can proceed for checkout after adding all needed groceries. They can pay using any one of the payment modes available in the app.

Grocery Order Processing
Order Processing:

Once the grocery stores receive order requests, they process them and hand it over to the delivery team.

Track Grocery Order
Track Order:

Once the order is out for delivery, users will be notified. They can track the delivery executive’s location using the app.

Doorstep Delivery
Doorstep Delivery:

The order is delivered to the doorsteps of users.

Reviews and Ratings - Grocery Delivery App Development
Reviews and Ratings:

Once the delivery is completed, users can rate and review the service provided. It helps businesses in improving their service quality.

Essential features of our Grocery Store App Development Solution

  • Easy OnboardingUsers can sign up or log in to the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

  • Advanced SearchUsers can search for groceries using the search and filter options promptly.

  • Add To Cart The list of groceries needed can be added to the cart.

  • Multiple Payment GatewaysUsers can pay via any one of the payment gateways available in the app during the checkout.

  • Schedule DeliveryUsers can schedule their delivery at the date and time of their convenience.

  • Order TrackingUsers can track the order using the GPS-enabled navigation system integrated into the app.

  • Ratings And ReviewsUsers can rate the service availed and share their feedback.

  • Order HistoryThe entire purchase history of users will be displayed in this section.

  • ReorderUsers can reorder groceries they ordered in the past swiftly.

  • Offers And DiscountsAll details of the latest offers and discounts are displayed here.

  • Push NotificationsUsers will be notified about the status of orders via notifications.

  • Help And Support SectionAll queries of users will be addressed here.

  • RegistrationDelivery executives can register with the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

  • Document VerificationUpon registering, delivery executives have to upload a few documents to confirm their authenticity. They can start offering their service once they are approved.

  • Availability ToggleDelivery executives can receive requests only when they are available.

  • Accept/Reject RequestsThey can accept or cancel order requests at their convenience. If canceled, the request will be sent to the next nearby delivery executive.

  • GPS-Enabled NavigationDelivery executives can track the location of grocery stores and customers on the app.

  • Status UpdateAfter receiving the order from grocery stores and delivering them to customers, they can update each status on the app.

  • EarningsDetails of earnings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis will be displayed here.

  • Push NotificationsDelivery executives will be notified about the new order requests instantly.

  • LoginAfter registering with the app business, store managers can log in to the app with the provided credentials.

  • Manage ProductsStore managers can list all products available in their stores. They can add or delete products anytime.

  • Manage CategoriesProducts can be listed under various categories and subcategories, making it easy for shoppers to find the products they need.

  • Inventory ManagementStore managers can make changes to the number of products available and their pricing details.

  • Receive OrdersOrder requests from customers will be sent to store managers for processing.

  • Manage OrdersStore managers can easily manage orders that are under process, scheduled, and dispatched.

  • Payment TrackingDetails of payments that are completed and those that are pending are available here.

  • Earnings Reports Store managers can view the overall earnings generated through the app on a daily basis.

  • Real-Time TrackingStore managers can track delivery executives traveling to customer locations for delivery.

  • Customer SupportCustomers can directly connect with store managers in case of any issues with their orders.

  • Powerful Admin DashboardThe admin can manage all business operations through the robust admin dashboard.

  • Verify Delivery ExecutivesThe admin can verify the profiles of delivery executives and approve their request to join the platform.

  • Manage StoresThe admin can verify and list multiple grocery stores on the app and manage them for seamless functioning.

  • Manage CustomersCustomer details provided when they register with the app are maintained for future purposes.

  • Assign OrdersThe admin can manually assign orders to delivery executives for delivery.

  • Track OrdersThe status of the orders placed can be viewed here.

  • Manage PaymentsThe admin can manage the completed and ongoing payments here.

  • Manage Offers And DiscountsThe admin can create offers, deals, and discounts for services availed through the app.

  • Advanced Reports And AnalyticsThe admin can use the data generated in this section to grow the app business.

  • Manage DisputesThe admin handles all disputes arising among customers, stores, and delivery executives.

  • In-App CommunicationDelivery executives can directly connect with users through a call/chat option available in the app in case of any queries.

  • WishlistUsers can add their groceries in the wishlist section and proceed with checkout for a later period.

  • Shopping ListUsers can upload their shopping list into the app and schedule the delivery at the date and time of their convenience.

  • Compare SpendingUsers can compare their monthly expenditure on grocery shopping, helping them in managing their budget.

  • Alerts/RemindersUsers can set reminders or alert notifications to keep themselves reminded of the monthly grocery shopping.

  • QR Code ScanningUsers can view the product details such as pricing, ingredients, etc., by scanning the barcode on the products page.

Key Benefits
of our grocery shopping app development

Opting for our grocery delivery app solution can yield you a number of benefits. Some of them are:

100% Customizable, White-Label SolutionOur solutions are readily customizable, allowing you to rebrand the app, add or remove features, and make further enhancements with ease.

Fits All Business ModelsBe it a single store, grocery chain, or an online marketplace, our app can be remodeled to suit all business models and requirements.

Cutting-Edge TechnologyThe app is built with the latest tools and technologies, making it robust and highly scalable.

Intuitive UI/UXThe app has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate through the app with ease and store owners to manage their business effectively.

Grocery Shopping App Solution

Multi-Payment OptionsVarious payment modes such as net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and even cash on delivery are available in the app, letting users pay at their convenience.

Multi-Currency And Multi-LingualThe app supports multiple languages and currencies, enabling you to launch your business worldwide.

Third-Party IntegrationAdd-ons for better management of inventory, logistics, and more can be integrated into your app for its seamless functioning.

Cost-Effective, Time-SavingOur app solutions are offered at reasonable prices and can be personalized to suit your business needs in the shortest turnaround time.

How does Appdupe build
The Best Hyperlocal Grocery Delivery App Solution?

  • Understanding NeedsOnce clients get on board, we get to know their business model and requirements. It helps us in coming up with an app that matches their expectations.

  • Development StrategyWe research, brainstorm, and come up with a strategy that fits client needs and market conditions. That way, we can develop an app that stays ahead of the curve.

  • Front-End PersonalizationWe customize our ready-made app solution to suit the branding needs of our clients and ensure it has a user-friendly interface, enabling end-users to use it conveniently.

  • Back-End SetupThe back-end part of the app is where all processes are handled, and data are stored. Hence, we ensure it is robust and meets all needs.

  • Rigorous TestingOur fully functional application undergoes several stages of testing to ensure it is free from bugs and errors. It helps us in delivering a best-in-class app to our clients.

How much do we charge
for online grocery store app development?

Our app package comes with applications for users, delivery executives, and store owners, and web panel for admin that can be launched on both Android and iOS platforms. The cost needed to personalize all these applications depends on the needs of your business.

If you wish to get an exact cost estimate, connect with our support team right away. They will understand your needs and share the costs to customize our white-label app as per your business model and requirements.

Grocery Store App Development

Why choose Appdupe’s
Grocery Delivery App Development Solution?

  • Native App SolutionsWe provide both native Android and iOS app solutions to help you avail of superior app development service.

  • On-Time DeliveryOur expert team makes sure that your fully functional grocery delivery app is customized and delivered on time.

  • App Submission AssistanceAlong with app development, we also support you in the submission of your app on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

  • App Rejection SupportIf the app submitted for approval gets rejected by the app stores, we assist in modifying the code to suit the play store standards and re-submit it.

  • Free Server InstallationAs part of the project, we install the app scripts on your server and make it live in no time for free of cost.

  • Post-Launch Bug Support Our app solutions are devoid of bugs and errors. However, we offer bug support post-launch free of cost for a specified time frame in case of any unpredicted discrepancy.

  • Support Round The ClockOur support team will be on standby 24x7 to solve any disputes that may arise during the project as well as after the project completion.

  • Complete App ScriptsAfter the completion of the project, we provide you with the clone app scripts. So you can modify the app in the future at your convenience.

  • Cost EstimationBefore the start of the project, we provide the exact cost involved in the development of your app after a thorough analysis of your business needs, eliminating conflicts that might arise in the future.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Our ready-to-go
grocery delivery clone app solutions

We, at Appdupe, offer a list of grocery delivery clone solutions so that our clients can customize the apps that match their business model. Our range of clone solutions include:

  • Instacart Clone
  • Grofers Clone
  • BigBasket Clone
  • Amazon Pantry Clone
  • ZopNow Clone
  • Walmart Grocery Clone

The technology stack
we use for our app development

Our expert developers regularly update themselves with the latest app development tools and technologies to develop a robust app solution that helps your business stand apart from the rest.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, we do provide maintenance support post-launch for a specified period free of cost. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance service at reasonable rates.
The cost depends on the business model on which you want to build your grocery delivery application. Connect with our support team. They will give you an exact cost estimate after studying your needs.
Absolutely. Our app scripts are highly scalable, allowing you to alter the codes as per your needs.
It depends on the app package you choose. Some packages come up with the apps along with app scripts, while others include only the app solution. Connect with our support team for further details.
You can connect with our support team over call @ +916382665366 or mail @ [email protected]. They will guide you through the entire process.

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