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Have you ever recalled an old memory upon listening to a song? Yes, right? Every one of us has a song that adds to our favorite list right from the moment we hear it. Music is something that captivates our souls and makes us feel better when we are low. In earlier times, people listened to songs on radio and TV. Days evolved, so did the music industry.

Music streaming apps like Gaana, Spotify, and more are launched in the market to feed the souls of music lovers. These apps list various kinds of music from artists across the world. People are flocking towards these music streaming platforms as they can listen to music instantly anytime and anywhere.

Join this thriving community by launching your own music streaming platform with our white-label Gaana clone app. Connect with us for more details.

Versatile Audio Streaming App Development
With Gaana Clone

On-demand Audio StreamingLaunch a cutting-edge audio streaming solution on multiple platforms. User-friendly interface, captivating content, and effective distribution methods can help you bring in more users to your app, leading to increased revenue.

Audio Broadcasting SolutionBuild a radio streaming platform to stream live audio for talk shows, sporting events, and more. Offer interactive content for your audience while you stream your show. Our solution generates analytical reports to understand the market trends for providing enriched user experience.

Podcast Streaming SolutionOur Gaana clone can be customized to a podcast streaming platform where users can listen to podcasts available and download them if need be. Earn a steady income from your active user base by implementing sustainable monetization models.

Distinct Types Of Music Streaming Services
You Can Provide With Gaana Clone

Music LibraryCreate a server-based music library and allow your users to access the content for free or regular subscriptions, based on your monetization strategy.

Cloud StorageEnable users to store their preferred songs in the cloud and stream them anytime they want.

Radio StationsThe music from radio stations can be streamed on various devices, including mobile, PC, and many more.

Multifunctional Music Streaming Software

  • Customizable SolutionOur Gaana clone is a ready-made solution with customizable features and revenue models. You can quickly personalize them as per your needs to offer an enhanced app experience.

  • White-labeled The app we developed is a white-label solution that allows you to rebrand its logo and other branding elements to launch a unique audio streaming platform.

  • Fast Content DeliveryYou can stream music files from the fastest server by implementing a secure and reliable distribution strategy, improving the delivery network of your streaming platform.

  • Reliable CMSAll music files are stored securely in an integrated music library management system to offer an effective audio streaming service. It assures the reliability and productivity of your business.

  • Cloud/ServerYou can store your music library on cloud storage or server as per your business requirements and stream them directly to your users, offering an unmatched streaming service.

  • TranscodingThe platform allows you to upload and convert a music file in one format to another in the cloud or server without any delay, along with unlimited scalability.

Highlighted Features
Of Our Gaana Clone

  • Unlimited Uploads

  • Download Offline

  • Transcription

  • Transcoding

  • Support Multiple Devices

  • Support Multiple Formats

  • In-app Adverts

  • CMS Portal

The Workflow
Of Our Gaana Clone App

The functioning of the music streaming platform we develop is quite simple. You can sign up with music labels and acquire broadcasting rights to publish the purchased music files on your music streaming platform. Upload the purchased music content on the platform for user access.

Users can sign up with the app using the email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. They can subscribe to your premium account or subscription package by paying the fixed fee. They can gain access to the music content available on your platform and can stream them anytime and anywhere. They can also download them for offline access.

Of Our Gaana Clone Solution

  • Secure Sign UpUsers can register with the app using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Create PlaylistsUsers can create their own playlists and add the songs that they admire to the respective playlist. This way, they can listen to them whenever they want.

  • Mark FavoritesUsers can mark preferred songs as their favorites so they can have quick access to them when needed.

  • Song DownloadsUsers can download the songs to their devices so they can list them, without accessing the app.

  • Song HistoryUsers can view the recently played songs in this section of the app for instant access.

  • Offline AccessUsers can listen to their favorite songs even when they are offline, using this advanced feature.

  • Share on Social MediaUsers can share their favorite songs with their family members and friends via social media platforms, directly from the app.

  • SuggestionsBased on the analysis of the users’ song history, they will be provided with recommendations to songs that match their music preferences.

  • Trending TracksUsers can view trending songs at the specified time in this part of the app.

  • In-app AlertsUsers will be notified about trending songs, recently released songs, app updates, and more via push notifications.

  • Process PaymentsIf the users wish to access the paid version of the app or certain advanced features, they can pay the admin via the multiple payment options integrated into the app.

  • MultilingualUsers can change the app language as per their preferences. It helps business owners to scale their business globally.

  • Reviews & RatingsUsers can rate the app experience and share their feedback on the same. It helps business owners in improving the customer experience.

  • Support SectionUsers can reach out to the support team at any time of the day if they face any glitch while using the app.

  • Browse Music Users can discover their favorite playlists or songs, using the search option included in the app. They can browse based on genres, artists, albums, and many more.

Ways To Monetize
The Gaana Clone Solution

  • Freemium ModelOffer basic features of the app for free to gain an increased user base. However, allow users to gain access to the premium app features by charging a certain amount.

  • Subscription ModelEnable users to access your music streaming platform by paying a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis. It is a steady source to generate revenue from your mobile or web app.

  • Advertisement FeeDisplay ads from third-party businesses on your platform and charge adverts fee based on various parameters like clickthrough rate, cost per impression, and many more. It is a great way to earn a regular income.

  • Promotional FeeAllow music artists to launch their songs on your music streaming platform. Collect a fixed amount as a promotional fee to feature them on the visible section of your platform.

How Do We Roll Out
Our Gaana Like App Development?

  • 1

    Market AnalysisFirst and foremost, we interpret the industry to understand market trends and customer needs to come up with an app solution that matches their expectations. We also conduct a competitor analysis to build a unique solution for your business.

  • 2

    Business Model and Feature-setOnce we research the market to get a clear understanding, we work with you to finalize the business model to build the app. We also jot down features to include in the app, as per your business model.

  • 3

    UI/UX DesignOur skilled designers strive to design a user-friendly interface for the app to offer your users an enhanced app experience. We take the utmost attention to this step as the front-end is where your users will interact with your platform.

  • 4

    Back-end Set Up Our seasoned developers use the most advanced tools and technologies to build a robust app solution. They ensure that the app is reliable and scalable, making it ready for future enhancements.

  • 5

    Testing and Deployment The fully customized app undergoes a series of testing to ensure it offers a glitch-free functioning. If any issue is found, we work to resolve it. After this, we assist you in deploying your app on the major app platforms to begin its seamless operation.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • Change Password
  • View/Manage Users
  • View/Manage Category
  • View/Manage Artist
  • View/Manage Language
  • View/Manage Albums and Movies
  • View/Manage Songs
  • Upload Songs
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • Revenue Dashboard
  • Subscription Payment Management
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Song Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social/App Settings
  • Google Analytics
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Forgot Password
  • User Account Management
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • View/Manage Subscription Plans
  • Choose/Manage User Preferred Language
  • View/Manage Favorite Songs
  • Homepage
  • Search Song/Artists/Albums
  • View Recent Activity
  • View Trending
  • View Artist
  • View Category
  • View Albums
  • View Playlist
  • Play/Pause Song
  • Repeat Song
  • Previous/Next Song Option
  • Add/Remove Songs to Queue
  • Share
  • Add/Remove Songs to Favorite
  • Search Song/Albums
  • Manage User List Songs (My List)
  • View/Manage Download Songs
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Wishlist
  • View Privacy Page
  • View Terms Page
  • View CMS Pages
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account

Why Choose Us
As Your Music Streaming App Development Partner?

  • Multi-format SupportOur music streaming platform is compatible with all music file formats, allowing you to stream unlimited songs in multiple formats, from MP3 to WAV. It saves you a lot of time by preventing you from converting files in one format to another to suit your platform.

  • Multi-device SupportOur Gaana clone solution can be installed and used on any personal digital assistant device. Be it PC, mobile phones, tablets, you can cover it all with our advanced solution.

  • Live BroadcastYou can stream audio content not just from your music library, but also from live music sessions, including concerts, radio room discussions, recording sessions, and many more.

  • In-built CMSThe app we developed includes an in-built content management system that allows you to seamlessly manage all your music content. You can publish these files and manage all processes from the powerful admin dashboard.

  • Multilingual, Multi-CurrencyOur music streaming platform allows your users to access it in multiple languages. They can change the settings as per their preferences. Also, they can pay using their local currencies using the various payment options available in the app.

  • Agile TechnologyOur team strives to build your music streaming platform with the cutting edge technologies to ensure its hassle-free operation. We guarantee the back-end is powerful to support all your app functionality.

  • Unlimited StorageYou can upload an unlimited number of audio files/tracks on your platform, without any hassle. The app supports unlimited storage, unlimited user access, and unlimited transactions.

  • Geo BlockYou are the sole proprietor of the app, and only you have complete control over the platform. You can geo-block your content in countries you serve as per your business requirements.

Technology Stack
Powered In Our Gaana Clone App

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You can either choose to build your app from scratch or customize a ready-made music streaming solution. We suggest you to opt for the latter as it helps you in launching a fully functional application in the quickest time possible at affordable prices.

You can customize the readily available solution as per your business requirements and branding needs. After the customization, the fully developed app is launched on all major app platforms for its hassle-free operation.
You can generate revenue from your platform in several ways as per your business needs, including:
- Subscription model
- Freemium model
- Promotional fee
- In-app advertising fee
Yes, absolutely. We do sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) once you get on board with us to guarantee that your app idea will be safe with us.
Yes. We do extend our free-of-cost technical support post-launch for a limited period. This way, you can run your business without any hassle. After this period, you can avail of our paid maintenance support at reasonable prices.
Connect with our support team over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through the chat option available on our website. They will guide through the entire process, resolve your queries, and help you start immediately.

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