Roposo Clone
Launch A Primal Lip Sync Short Video Sharing App Like Roposo, MX TakaTak and Moj Anon!

As technology is evolving and numerous app solutions are accelerating in growth, many apps are trying to be a proxy for TikTok after its ban. This is, in turn, fuelling the app market. On the flip side, people love capturing their moments using these apps. Features like different types of music, funny voices and the ability to share make them sing the praises with these apps.

Catering to this surging demand, AppDupe is providing the entrepreneurs with an exorbitant chance to stand out from the crowd with various lip-sync app development solutions. We provide a wide range of impeccable clone scripts of the leading apps like MX TakaTak, Chingari, Moj.

Our app solutions are enough to allure the millennials and Gen Z with spine-tingling features and the most intuitive interface you could ever imagine!

What Is A Roposo Clone?

Roposo Clone is a white-label lip-sync short video app solution that reckons with the liberty of the users to capture and flaunt their skills and creativity to the world. The solution we provide doesn’t just stop with providing a single benefit. Definitely not! People can also create videos about their daily lifestyle, memories and knowledge that they would like to share with followers or to the public audience. Creativity and popularity are just a few taps away!

Key Features Of Our Enthralling Lip Sync Video App Solution

Favourite SoundsRing a bell with the interests of your users by allowing them to save their favourite soundtracks and use them when they can fit it in the future.

Post VideosLet your users embrace themselves to appear on the billboards! Users could post their videos on the app for the world to know their skills by including hashtags,geo-tagging and adding it to a particular channel.

Video EditingAn array of magic potions of filters and tools is for them to leverage! Allow your users to complement their videos by adding the golden touches to enhance the beauty of them and the video. Zooming, speed, and flopping are the strengths here!

Video Recording Welcome to the staple part of the app! A stage for the multitude to amplify their skills. Capture. Apply special effects like Zoom, Transition and more. Post it, and boom! They are now the stars!

DiscoveryMillions of users, hundreds of millions of videos. But why should they scroll to get their favourite videos under a title? They can search it via hashtags, and there it is!

CommentsEncouraging kindness and talents are the two best traits in social video sharing apps. We never stray from offering goodness. So here is a feature that helps users to share each other’s views and empower their expertise.

Sync to the beats of success! Acquire our Roposo Clone now!

A Promising Business Ahead!

The demand never seems to smooth down the ruffle created. This intrigued our team in creating an app solution that is the spitting image of Roposo, as entrepreneurs are percipient of the augmenting popularity and demand of the app in every cranny of the world. Right from the genesis of the application, its revenue has grown insignificantly.

Users of the app had started using it for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per day, making the app become a wunderkind. Later it grew to establish more than 2000 offline stores to proffer the fashion divas with what they need.

Currently, it has the most leading clients like Yepme, Jabong, Snapdeal, L’Oreal and Flipkart. In addition to this, the app has tied up with Wedmegood, Tinder, and UrbanClap for providing them with short video-making apps and to the community of Roposo.

Bearing in mind these features, AppDupe is providing the entrepreneurs with an ultimate chance to build a similar app like Roposo with all the glorious features sprinkled in the solution. If you want your solution to be meritorious, we can help you with the same! Because our collection of strategies are market-driven and foolproof!

Amazing Tenors Of Our MX Takatak Clone App

  • Image CapturingWhy call a halt to the app’s functionality just to share videos? Provide your users to capture their special moments as pictures and share them with the world. After all, social video sharing is what our app is all about.

  • Video SharingLip syncing to audio or creating a custom video, importing the skills from their brain is a no-brainer! They can create millions of videos and come into vogue.

  • Video BroadcastingInfluencers can host a meet and greet, capture their special moments and share it with their followers by streaming it live.

  • Screen SharingCollide the forces together and create a big bang! Users can perform and present their skills together by using the screen-sharing feature for unparalleled benefits.

  • Music LibraryJust a nod is needed from you, and in a wink, we can integrate a music library feature. Millions of audios and million-dollar bills are at your fingertips now.

  • Effects and FiltersSugar-coat the app’s functionality by adding sparkling filters and the most advanced video effects. Why fear success when AR and VR are here to add a finishing touch?

Launch a Spellbinding Short Video-sharing App With Appdupe

How Does Our Moj Clone Work?


Users onboards the app easily by registering their personal information or by connecting their social media accounts.


The user can scroll through the app’s home page, where they can see millions of videos curated by other users that are trending.

They can like, comment or share the video.


From the collection of different music tracks, they can choose audio and lip-sync or perform any other activities.


Once the video-making process is done and dusted, the final touches like applying visual effects and filters are progressed.

After editing, they can post it to their profile and app.

And shoot! The video will be visible to the global population now, and users can get their boots ready for fame!

Stunning Features Of Our Moj Clone Script

  • Login/Sign UpAn easy onboarding process gives the best first impression for your users. Let them enter the world of entertainment either with just a phone number, email address.

  • Profile ManagementA mirror for the world to see the user! Users could set up their profile with their image, name and mobile number.

  • Audio SelectionEntertainment shouldn’t have limits, agree? By that means, the feature lets users either choose their favourite audio or upload tracks from their own playlist.

  • News Feed A complete page for astounding your users with content from their favourite influencers. Just the vertical movement of the thumb is all that is needed to access thousands of videos.

  • Create ChannelAttaining popularity, as promised by us, is plain sailing with this app by one’s side. Exclusivity speaks! They can create their own channels and customize them accordingly.

  • Settings and PrivacyWhether the result is to become an international star or a celeb in their region, the choice is now theirs’ to choose! They can manage to become popular yet manage their privacy efficiently.

  • Multimedia SharingOur solution lets users propagate their skills like never before! They can share pictures, videos in the app or on any social media platforms they wish and get unlimited views and likes.

  • View ProfileThe solution is armed with such a best algorithm that users could select a “See First” option to get their favourite profile’s content immediately after opening the app.

  • In-app ChatSocializing and entertainment go hand in hand on any social media platforms. Our Moj Clone is nothing short of the same. Users can communicate with individual profiles or as a group.

  • Instant AlertsKeep the trend and vibes alive in your users by alerting them of any new content of people or on hashtags they follow.

  • Favourite ProfilesA feature built by keeping the admirers of influencers in mind! Users could view the profiles of their favourite influencers and get instant notifications about their posts.

  • Voice OverYour user could be a future Selena Gomez or Eminem. Why not let them glow like those stars then?! Allow your users to dub their own voice, record and show it off.

  • Manage UsersA holistic view of the app’s contents, the number of shares, comments and views all studded into a single dashboard.

  • Post ManagementQuality degradation is not a threat now! Remove the content that is a threat to violation of your app’s policy in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Push NotificationsLet your app be the synonym for ‘unlimited entertainment to your users. Keep the user-admin relationship alive by sending them instant notifications on the latest news.

  • Analytics DashboardNumbers and data never lie! Dig up all the details about your users’ behaviour, their preferences, and stun them with personalized offerings.

  • User ManagementThe key to success is here! Keep all the details of your users on the deck and build a reliable and efficient engrossing platform.

  • Channel and Category ManagementHave the whip hand over the different channels and categories created by different users and brands. They call it merit!

Sing a duet with glory by beginning Roposo like app development

Add-on Features Of Our MX Takatak Clone Script

Here are some add-ons to get you to steal the show!

  • Multilingual CurrencyBuck up the user traction by covering global audiences all over the map. Proffer people with multiple choices of languages and attract multiple demographics.

  • Filters and StickersTrigger the talents of your users by letting them share their videos with special stickers, filters and texts. Whoa there, they have admirers!

  • Live Video StreamingDistance may separate people apart, but technology never does! Let users show the real-time updates to their followers by live-streaming their special moments.

  • AI ChatbotsAccentuate your customer support service and user engagement by invoking AI Chatbot monitoring services designed to exclusively fit your goals.

  • Augmented RealitySay ‘hi’ to the future with the Augmented Reality camera effects. User Engagement and interactivity is beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What Makes Our Short Video App Script Special?

  • Sturdy and ReliableCompose the music of victory in the short video app industry using our highly reliable short video app. With the hawk-eyed observation and number of load tests run more than fingers could count, our script is as strong as an ox. Application agility is never a vagueness!

  • Readymade and WhitelabeledPut a stop to geeky coding and dreary development. Here comes our readymade clone script to take away all the blues that co-occurs with developing the app from scratch. Launch your app according to your business module without even wanting to develop it.

  • 100% CustomizableWith the Moj Clone script at your end, you can kill two birds with one stone. How? Because you can rebrand, rename, integrate, customize the features, theme and design all to your requirement and have astonishing functionality like Moj/ Roposo as well.

Building Process Of Your Roposo Clone App

  • 1

    Our professional team will show you the prototype of the app, and you will pinpoint the aspects that you wish to change. Your business, your opinions! We’ll take it in.

  • 2

    By now, you would have known how designing plays a major role in enticing people. So, in line with your business, our mastered designers’ team will present you with some suggestions on the colour palette that will appeal to your target audience.

  • 3

    It’s time to look at your miniature of the app! With all the requirements you gave us and all the points we jotted down, we’ll create a demo. Once you affirm that it matches your vision, the next important step will be kick-started.

  • 4

    Our expert development team will start to work for their dab hands at coding the backend of the app and design an agile, eye-pleasing and intuitive front-end.

  • 5

    After ironing out the bugs and errors after stringent tests, we will deploy it on the platforms that you suggested. Then it is all set to go live with flying colours.

Billion dollar revenue. Millions of users. Hit the trail for the white-label Moj Clone launch.

Why choose Appdupe for Roposo like short video app development?

  • End-to-end CustomisableWe develop end-to-end short video sharing app scripts that, irrespective of the number of modifications you bring, would go up and running right after launching without any drags behind.

  • In-app PurchaseMaking entrepreneurs filthy rich and successful is our favourite pastime. Then why just stop with success when you could turn the app a gold mine? In your saying, we could integrate in-app purchase options that will unlock several premium features. It will help you turn entertainment into a lucrative source of income.

  • Experienced Developers‘Genie’ is what our successful clients call our team! Our developers are wizards in the app development sector for years, and specifically in social media short video sharing app development.

  • ScalableWe never constrain our imaginations. Hence, we develop a solution that no matter whether a small or a giant of a business yours is, scalability is never a question with our solutions.

  • Multi-CurrencyYou might soar heights tomorrow. Your business dealing would cross seas. Having an app that operates on a single language and currency won’t help for sure. That’s why we bestow you with an option to integrate multi-currency and multilingual options.

Live Demo

Pricing Package

5999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Post/Videos Approval
  • View/Manage Category
  • View/Manage Country
  • View/Manage Language Category
  • View/Manage Message Template
  • View/Manage Audio Category (Music)
  • View/Manage Music
  • View/Manage Preferences
  • View/Manage Rewards
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • View/Manage Settings
  • View/Manage Face Filter
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • OTP Verification
  • User Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Forgot Password
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Mobile Number
  • Manage Blocked User
  • Manage Two Factor Authentication
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Language Settings
  • Invite and Earn
  • Help and Support
  • About
  • View/Manage Followers
  • View/Manage Following
  • View/Manage Profile Bio
  • View/Manage Post
  • View/Manage Liked Videos
  • View Like Count
  • Like/Comment Post
  • Share Post
  • Search based on Hashtag/User
  • Chat
  • Share Voice Note
  • Share Picture
  • Upload Video Post (Gallery)
  • Upload Video Post (Camera)
  • Add Music Filter (For Post)
  • Add Effects (For Post)
  • Add Face Filters (For Post)
  • Crop Video Size
  • Flash Mode for Recording Video
  • Block User
  • Report User
  • Mute Messages (Specific User)

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The prominent ways followed by many leading apps is by advertising. On your request, we can help you in integrating some unique features for premium users that could provide you with handsome revenue.
Definitely, we can scale your app both horizontally and vertically. We will also configure and cluster backend components of your app.
No. AppDupe never includes any hidden charges. You can trust us always, as we charge for just one time.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.
Yes, we stick to our promises always. Our team will provide you with all the required technical support even after the launch as per the agreement.

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