Cricket Betting Software With A Difference

Known as the “gentleman’s game,” cricket is played in more than 100 countries. The fans follow the game dedicatedly and are keen on exploring new ways to engage with the sport. A cricket betting application is a great way for fans to discover their love for the game.

We are a top cricket betting app development company offering excellent solutions that match your requirements. We build apps with leading technologies and load them with the best features.

We Offer Applications That Offer Cutting-Edge Advantages

By using our seamless solutions, you are guaranteed that you will receive applications that make you stand out of the competition.

  • Live Scores APIWe connect the application with premium data feed aggregators to provide users with up-to-the-minute scores.

  • Robust OddsmakerThe application gives you complete liberty to customize odds and wagers, thus enabling you to engage with your users better.

  • Instant Payment ProcessingFree yourself from cumbersome payment backlogs. Our powerful app empowers you to settle transactions in real-time.

  • Data AnalyticsGet to know your users better by collating data to understand behaviors and trends ahead of time.

  • Widget BuilderCreate useful extensions to help users access your platform without having to open the app.

  • Extended SupportUpgrade the app as your business grows. We offer upto 3 months of free support, which can be extended further.

Live Cricket Betting App Workflow

In cricket betting, first, the users or punters will approach a bookmaker and view the odds. After narrowing down on the odds they like, the user can place their bets and complete the payment. By the match, the user will know if their bets are successful or not. If successful, the user can visit the bookmaker and collect their reward.

In a smartphone-driven age, betting apps have proven beneficial to punters and bookmakers! Now anyone can place a bet at any time without facing any restrictions.

Let’s See How A Betting App Works

  • 1

    To begin betting, the users will register on the application.

  • 2

    Next, the user can click on any live tournament and view the different odds.

  • 3

    They can then select any wager of their choice and add it to their cart.

  • 4

    Now, the user has to confirm their order and complete the payment.

  • 5

    When the match begins, the user can watch the game feed and track the scores.

  • 6

    After the match ends, if the user’s bets are successful, they will receive their winnings.

  • 7

    The user can bet on multiple matches simultaneously.

Use Online Cricket Betting App To Offer Regulated Services

Betting is a subset of gambling, and it is a hot topic in a number of regions. Many countries prohibit sports betting, but the laws only apply to offline betting. Luckily, online betting is possible and allowed in many countries, as it is easier to regulate and manage. Moreover, popular cricketing nations like Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand offer legalized betting.

Cricket Online Betting Software That Is Engaging

Unlock a new level for your users by offering them with features that are captivating and exciting.

Multiple Wager Options Provide a variety of betting options ranging from singles to full covers to handicaps.

Regional Oddsmakers Target regions by offering odds that the users are familiar with, such as fractional, decimal, and moneyline.

ForumsAllow users to connect, discuss, and build a community by allowing them to participate in forums.

Messaging IntegrationUsers can send direct messages to others and enhance their experience.

Odds SandboxUsers can pick and choose or create custom odds that excite them.

GamificationUsers can put their betting skills to the test by getting ranked on regular leaderboards.

Create A Niche For Yourself As
A Trusted Cricket Betting App

Cricket is a global sport played all over the world. It is exceptionally popular in the South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Globally, there are hundreds of cricket tournaments, each with a sizable following. In terms of viewership, the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup engaged an audience of 2.6 billion people. Other championships, like the Indian Premier League, drew an audience of 411 million viewers in 2019 and it is growing at a double-digit growth rate!

By launching an online cricket betting app services, you can cover these tournaments and reap handsome profits from every match.

Comprehensive Online Cricket Betting Apps Developed With Attractive Features

Our betting software for cricket is built with the best features in mind. The app is divided into three panels - User, Bookie, and Admin.

Interactive user interface that keeps the user engaged.

User ProfileUsers can personalize their profile by adding photos, nicknames, favorite teams, etc.

Live Match Scores and FeedIt is possible to track scores and watch the innings of ongoing matches.

NewsfeedRead and follow the updates of the latest developments taking place in the sport.

Tournament CalendarUser can view upcoming events like World Cup, Tests, etc., and prepare in advance.

Anti-Fraud IntegrationProtects the user’s data and funds against any misuse.

Virtual CurrencyProvides the user with in-app currency or points that can help bypass regional restrictions.

Robust cricket bookie software that tracks multiple orders efficiently.

Bookmaker LedgerBookies can view a detailed list of all open and closed transactions executed by different users.

Customizable OddsmakerBookies can choose to edit the odds offered for individual matches.

Betting AdviceBookies can offer users with tips and tricks that they can use when placing bets.

User ManagementBookies have the power to suspend troublesome users on the platform.

Calendar ManagementBookies can view upcoming events and edit the odds of future matches.

Customer SupportBookie acts as a point of contact for the user in case of any problems.

One-stop admin portal to manage the entire platform.

Interactive DashboardAdmin can view all the operations executed on the platform.

Data Feeds ManagementAdmin can view and manage the different data feeds used by the platform.

Payment GatewaysAdmin can monitor the different payment options used by the platform.

User and Bookie ManagementAdmin can suspend users and bookies, who misbehave, from the platform.

Risk ManagementAdmin can offer users with means to help them limit their losses.

Marketing ToolsAdmin can use in-built marketing tools to promote events and attract new users.

Live Cricket Betting Software With Editable Oddsmaker And Optimized Data Feeds

With our betting apps for cricket, you exercise complete control over the odds and wagers. We offer you with an editable oddsmaker feature, where you can set betting odds that suit your fancy. This way, you can provide your users with exciting wagers that are engaging and keep them asking for more.

Additionally, we link your application with the best data feeds in the market. This integration ensures that your users enjoy the latest match scores on your app. You can also relay live cricket matches that your users can watch and enhance their experience on your application.

Work With A Top-Rated Cricket Betting App Development Company

AppDupe is an accomplished app development company with many years of experience to its name. Over time, we have built a phenomenal team of developers, researchers, and digital marketers, who all come together to create stellar applications. Our affordable solutions are also turnkey and whitelabel, which helps you launch your application within a tight schedule.

  • 100% white-label and customizable solutions
  • Top features and functions included
  • Native applications for Android and iOS
  • Experienced and knowledgeable team
  • 3-months extended support

Cricket Betting Software That Excels On Android And iOS

We create native applications that are powerful and user-friendly. During the cricket betting app development phase, we use technologies that are best suited for the target operating system. Additionally, we include top integrations and APIs that give your app an unrivaled advantage.


Cricket tournaments take place all-round the year. Moreover, a lot of fans look for ways to engage with the sport regularly. Betting is a great way to offer fans an outlet to channel their love for the sport and also earn profits from every match.

Yes, we offer exclusive marketing add-ons that help you market your betting app efficiently. This way, you will be able to reach your target demographic faster!

Yes, our applications are completely customizable. This way, you can create odds and wagers that are independent of the system recommended ones.

App development is a time-consuming process. Moreover, for someone who is not familiar with coding and programming languages, it becomes an impossible task. AppDupe offers premium app development services that are scalable and highly customizable. This way, you can build and launch your app in record time!

Yes, we offer all types of support for upto three months after you launch the application. You can also extend the support period by purchasing additional plans.

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