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Technology has been aggrandizing various sectors with its power, and it hasn’t left the astrology world alone. By promoting services and boosting the business forward with an online presence, it has been playing a conspicuous role. If optimizing the engagement and giving a competitive edge over your competitors is your concern, then you should turf out the opportunities to build a user-friendly and result-driven astrology app.

Whether you are an astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist or horoscope specialist, building an app will give you all the output that you have been in the pursuit of. You can easily engage with your target audience and build consumer loyalty. For good measure, your app would also create an effective awareness campaign among potential customers.

Our extraordinarily skilled team of app developers at AppDupe will help you earnestly in addressing all your wishes. Our team has left no stone unturned in view of addressing all the astrologer on-demand consultancy development notions. Be it an immersive design, smooth navigation, or user-friendly functionality; we deliver it all with all meticulous attention and equal expertise. Choose us as your app development partner and expand your services all over the map!

Various Types of Astrology Apps We can Develop

Vedic/Indian Astrology App Development

Western Astrology App Development

Chinese Astrology App Development

Numerology App Development

Palmistry App Development

Tarot Reading App Development

Crystal Ball Gazing App Development

Our Astrology Clone App Development Solutions:
Name An Astrology Category, And We’ll Develop An App For You!

The DailyHoroscope CloneLaunch a popular astrology app that rivals the pro player of the industry itself! The app lets users access horoscopes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and also check the zodiac sign’s characteristics and whatnot. Amplify the engagement to a maximum degree by allowing people to customize the app with different themes.

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Time Nomad ClonePropel an astrology learning app like Time Nomad in a short span and coin your business the meaning of ‘success’. Studded with exemplary features and an intuitive interface, it lets users track the placements of planets in real-time, analyze birth charts and also notify of the upcoming astrological events. Learning astrology is a doodle now.

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iHoroscope CloneAn astrology app containing features for the customers to return to your app every time they spot it while scrolling through! Allow the users to get in touch with experienced psychics for more personalized information. By the same token, you can offer more opportunities for them to make in-app purchases. Revenue, to be added to one of the godsends of the app!

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Co-Star Personalized Astrology CloneAllure the users to your business and enhance the curiosity with data gathered from NASA and astrologers to render a personalized horoscope based on the natal chart. Kindle the curiosity more by allowing them to track their friends’ or lovers’ horoscopes to see if they are meant for each other. We philosophize they will become your regular customers!

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Astrology Daily Horoscope CloneGive a daily dose of free, fun and colourful horoscopes and strike the right chord with the global population without a hitch. Embellish your business visibility to the skyscraping heights with the online astrologer consultation app’s fun feature to share their horoscopes with their friends.

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Susan Miller Astrology Zone CloneAllow access for your users to read their daily and monthly horoscopes and also check compatibility with someone. Allow astrology believers to get more perks with premium versions: excellent features and dexterous functionality to top the app’s awesomeness.

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TimePassages CloneCrystallize a top spot for your business among the rivals with the TimePassages Clone. Enable an interactive experience with tracking, checking out the meanings for the star movements. Embellishments to compare charts with friends and sharing makes it the most engagement-centric astrology app.

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Chaturanga Astrology ClonePersonalisations! - The most demanded element of any app in today’s trend. Never be a second of it, and launch the Chaturanga Astrology Clone today. With detailed and personalized answers for the most pressing questions, you not just hook the users to your app but plot the golden path to head!

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AstroStyle CloneBecome an eminent astrology business by combining the professional astrology readings and allow your users to find daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes on the go. Love horoscopes feature, a reason enough for the AstroStyle Clone to reach people hither and thither!

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Daily Horoscope Plus CloneLaunch a comprehensive astrology app with features like tarot readings, numerology and blood type personality etc. Flare the interest of your users by enabling them to check the compatibility between themselves and their celebrity crush. Blasted heft nailed down!

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Crystal Ball A Flourishing Business With The Astrologer On-Demand Consultancy Development

Decisive Features Of Astrology Consultation App Solution

  • Text, Audio & Video ConsultationFish out all the boundaries that come with communication and time zone with the excellent channel. Connect with your clients in real-time despite the time zones and offer an immersive experience with HQ calls clipped with a screen sharing feature.

  • Instant PaymentsBuilt upon the latest technology and newfangled integrations, the app contains multi-payment options, all of which are lined up to get you instant revenue with utmost security.

  • Smart AnalyticsProgress or perfection, your app, and you deserve to be known of them instantly. Get that exactly! With smart analytics, you can get a comprehensive tracking analogy about the revenues and daily transactions.

  • Celestial CalendarLet astrologers calculate and find out the birth chart of the user with utmost precision to predict future events. Feature integrated to be an omen of your app’s success!

  • Push Notifications, SMS & EmailKeep instigating your users about their fortune calling them! Push notifications, email, SMS to remind them of the appointment events every now and then. With this in check, your app would never run dry of neither engagement nor users count.

  • 1
    Unerring Appointment Booking:

    Integrated with time slots and calendars for sharing the available time slots both from the user and the astrologer’s end to each other for a smooth experience. Always ahead of the curve!

  • 2
    Excellent Communication:

    Enable an indefectible communication between the astrologers and your users with every form of communication your mind can rummage. A text, or an audio call or a video call- get it all sorted with the astrologer on-demand consultant app.

  • 3
    Securer Payments And Tracking:

    Gladden your users by allowing them to make online payments via multiple payment gateways. Let the astrologers set consultation fees and track all the daily transactions over time.

Want To Create An Astrologer Consultation Marketplace? We’ve Got You!

Scope Of Developing An Astrology App In Today’s World

Astrology is not a trend or just a fad, but it has been going on for ages. When we look back to medieval times and mythologies, astrology and predictions held strong positions. Though at present, technology has grown so far, and we are getting everything delivered to the doorstep, the beliefs still seem to prevail.

Let’s learn what the future holds for these astrology apps now.

  • Potential Field For InvestmentsThe global astrological and mystical services have become billion-dollar industries, and the growth is witnessed to be exponential. But the competition is much lower. So increasing craze + low competition= terrific hit!

  • Potential AudienceResearchers suggest that millennials ought to spend more on astrology apps to seek help and guidance for making the right life choices. Many reports have also found that the astrology belief and deep sense of wonder about the universe seem to be attracting millennials more.

  • Interest Of Venture CapitalistsThe venture capitalists can be called the predictors of market trends, and their attention has turned towards astrology due to people’s craze. Technology integrations like AI have seemed to be kindling their curiosity to hope and explore in the field.

Salient Features Of Astrologer On-Demand Consultancy App

  • Advanced SearchWith the best tech in place, users can easily search and select the astrologers from the list of hundreds of them, according to their requirements.

  • Horoscope ReportEnable the users to get what they want without much of a search. A report that gives a complete view of the major details like an important time to be cautious, friendly aspects and many more.

  • Daily HoroscopeAdhere to the expectations of believers who want to start their day with daily horoscope readings. A daily reading enclosing the daily forecasting, a perfect day.

  • Love HoroscopeAllow the users to talk with experts about their personal affair and their love relationships. An increasing rate of dating apps is directly proportional to a prospective business when you have this feature!

  • Money HoroscopeMake an ingress into the business minds too! With the money horoscope feature, your users can be lured in easily with forecasts of businesses and money. Depending on the zodiac signs, astrologers can offer advice. Your luck in the money games will be high with the app, though!

  • Daily Horoscope TipOffer a general forecast for every zodiac sign, including the colour of the cloth they should wear and more. Rapport or engrossment of the users is at the zenith.

  • Manage AvailabilityLet the astrologers get the best of their business with an astrologer on-demand consultancy app by updating their working hours and letting users book slots at that time. Maximum productivity and prosperity assured.

  • In-app NotificationsAugment the business engagement well by notifying the astrologers of the upcoming appointments through in-app notifications.

  • Payments CollectionThe astrologers can stash away big bucks from the users instantly with the online payment options. Integration of highly robust gateways isn’t for nothing, though.

  • Track EarningsAstrologers could view all their earnings from a single page and within a few taps. A reliable app and flexible options make the best pair indeed.

  • Powerful DashboardGet a bird’s eye view of the app in its entirety from a single intuitive dashboard and track the progress of your online astrology consultation business. Master plan the strategies and conquer the market.

  • Manage Astrologers ListingFoster a safer astrology app. Add, remove or manage as many astrologers as possible through your online astrology app with brilliant features such as this.

  • User ManagementGet insights about all your users, their personal information entered, their profile and more. You can add or manage all their accounts from the dashboard without a hitch.

  • Notification ManagementHaving cruise control is never beyond the shadow of doubt with this software at hand. You can send all the notifications regarding appointments or upcoming events to keep your users and astrologers hooked to your app.

  • Reviews And RatingsStand your ground in the hearts and minds of your users by improvising your service through the reviews. Communicate directly with them regarding their feedback, and witness the nil abandonment rate.

  • Reports & AnalyticsKeep plotting your forward stride well with smart analytics and reports that depicts deep insights into your business progress. What’s next? Of Course, a masterstroke!

  • AI Horoscope NotificationsCheers to the era of personalizations! A chatbot is here to gladden your online astrology app with personalized messages about predictions and forecasts to the users.

  • Dating Based Horoscope ReportsTinder or Bumble is a little late to the dating area. For, astrology has already captured it with the concept of ‘made in heaven’ matches. Challenge those tech titans by linking astrology and dating with offering compatible partners based on their birth details.

Revenue Models Of Astrology Consultation App Solution

  • Astrology MarketplaceBridge the gap between astrology consultation seekers and customers seeking astrologers and make a great fortune by developing an astrology marketplace.

  • Merchandise Selling There are a bountiful number of products and services available in the astrology ecosystem. Make the most out of it by offering personalised readings, Gemstone sellers, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra of third-parties. Scale up your app and cash box both!

  • AdvertisementsDisplay advertisements relating to books on astrology, gemstones, personal counselling sessions etc., to get a great deal of dibs.

Call The Turn In A Your Astrology Business With Astrologer On-Demand Consultancy Development

Major Benefits Of Daily Horoscope App Development

  • DigitizationThis point speaks for itself! Across many industries, this is the buzzword floating in the air, and why not? It helps you become a part of the digital revolution and to scale your business swiftly.

  • Intensified EngagementWhen there is direct and seamless interaction, there is engagement between your business and the users. It is worth mentioning that ease of access and round the clock services can also contribute to growth.

  • Attractive DesignRight look and interface make as much part in the app’s usage as functionalities. The astrology app’s attractive UI/UX helps you to multiply the client base easily.

  • Advanced AstrologyMobile apps and software solutions are enough to bring life to astrology, numerology or other services which are considered outdated. They can enhance both brand image and efficiency.

  • Cost-effective ExpansionWhether it is the transformation you are looking for or scalability, our Online astrologer consultation app can help you both horizontally and vertically.

Our Astrology & Horoscope App Development Process

  • 1

    ArticulationYou will tell us your ideas about the astrologer on-demand consultancy development. From features to branding the entire app, your points will be jotted down.

  • 2

    DesigningThe said specifications will be wireframes by our expert designing team to illustrate how your app will look like.

  • 3

    Developing Upon your approval of the demo, our skilled developers will start crafting the app with utmost precision.

  • 4

    Testing The developed astrology and horoscope app will be put under various rigorous testing to make it free of bugs and glitches.

  • 5

    LaunchYour dream app with your brand etched on it will be live on app stores and will be moving in leaps and bounds in a short period of time.

Why Choose Us For Astrologer Consultation App Development?

Experience AppDupe has been in the software development field for a decade now. Having always adapted to the newest technologies, we are poised to deliver the best and only that.

ExpertiseOur clientele is spread across the world. From ecommerce to automotive to entertainment, we have worked with today’s leading names in these industries. In a nutshell, our domain expertise is nothing confined.

Quality We stick to all the software and mobile app development best practices and industry standards. Our team of quality analysts thoroughly test every solution before delivery to make sure you get nothing but excellent results.

Best Designers Our web and mobile app developers are known for their excellent creative approach. Be it an admirable UI to seamless navigation; they are skilled in anything you say.

TechnologyWe are always armed with the most advanced software and mobile app development technology. Whether it is building an engaging app interface or marketing an app, we use only cutting edge technology and tools.

Tech Stack


The cost of developing an astrology or horoscope app can vary depending on your requirements. Largely it depends on basic features, integrations, the customization degree, etc.

There is no predefined development time. It depends on what kind of app you want to create and how many customizations you need. However, AppDupe has a track record of building apps within a short period of time.

Yes. We render app development consulting services that include analyzing to develop your mobile app.

We use some latest and highly efficient tools while developing to harness the latest security advancements by Apple and Google, too, to protect both iOS and Android apps, respectively.

Obviously! We provide a lifetime maintenance service to enhance performance and maximize user engagement of your app. We endeavour to help your app to have a vast user base.

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