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With an increasing demand for home services apps, establish a firm position in the market with our entirely customizable Housejoy Clone app solutions. Offer services ranging from plumbing to pest control seamlessly through your platform. Captivate the audience with an intuitive UI, cutting-edge features, and multiple payment options. Develop your app right away!

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Develop an extraordinary home service
app with our Housejoy clone

Offer extensive house-repair services with our well renowned Housejoy clone app development solution

Build an app that makes availing household services a hassle-free process. We can incorporate multiple house maintenance related services within our software. Whether you want to implement electrician services, lawn mowing services or mosquito-repelling services, we can handle it all.

Our on-demand home services app comes with all the latest features to enable customers to have a joyful experience in using your Housejoy clone app. With personalized options, tracking facilities and status updates, all your app’s users have to do to book a service, is simply perform a few swipes and taps.

Housejoy Clone
An absolute home maintenance solution

Configured for business owners and service aggregators, we help you grow your business with our Housejoy clone app.

For service aggregators

Onboard businesses onto your app. Keep track of and manage integral operations with a comprehensive dashboard.

For service professionals

Take your service up to a whole new level with our acclaimed Housejoy app development solutions. Offer your customers the simplicity of availing a variety of household services from their smartphones.

For single service providers

Deploy an app that specially provides a single household service to customers. It can be electrical services, car cleaning services, beauty services and more.

Service seeker app features

An easily navigable, simple-to-use user interface that makes booking services
from your app an absolute pleasure for your customers.

Signing in/Signing up

Users can sign up to the app or sign in to retrieve saved preferences and information.

Browse services

A catalog of services can be viewed and chosen at will.

Service scheduling

Users can book services for a specific time and can schedule multiple services

GPS tracking

The whereabouts of service agents can be tracked on the map using GPS.


Users can reach out to the support team for assistance.

Search options

Users will be able to search specific keywords and use filters to narrow down their search in terms of cost, ratings and more.

Multiple payment methods

Services can be paid for via multiple payment modes.


After the completion of service requests, users can rate them according to their satisfaction.

Service provider app features

A comprehensive, multi-faceted tool for service providers.

Signing in/Signing up

Service providers can quickly register or log in to the app in order to be able to use the app.

Receive requests

Booking requests will be received by service partners via notifications.

Manage requests

Service providers can accept or reject requests, schedule a time period in which they are available and more.

Customer support

User inquiries can be answered via in-app chat

Payment modes

Payment channels can be added to facilitate monetary transactions.

Service history

Service providers can view all of their completed service requests.

Customer feedback

It allows users to rate the services offered by service providers.

Admin dashboard features

Conduct your operations, experience complete control over your app. It is a comprehensive admin panel that will streamline integral processes in your on-demand Housejoy clone app. Take complete charge of managing your business.


Documents of newly onboarded service providers can be quickly verified.

Manage requests

Gain a bird’s eye view on all service requests - including bookings being placed, in progress and those that have been completed.

Send updates

Follow up new changes in the app by sending notifications to users and service providers.

Manage content

Keep up with changing times and make your app dynamic by regularly updating its content.

Manage advertisements

Create advertising banner spaces that third-parties can use to showcase their products.

Regulate reviews

Regularly viewing the feedbacks of customers towards service providers can help you better optimize your services.

Reports and analytics

View how well your app is doing in the form of comprehensive metrics.

Optional Features

Power up your Housejoy clone app with additional features Take a step further and integrate functionalities that will increase the prospects of your app by offering more convenient features for your customers.

In-app chat

Connect customers and service providers with a seamlessly functioning in-app chat feature.

Web bookings

Give customers the option of being able to book services via the mobile web.

Partner panel

Give your service partners the ability to manage their services via a web panel.

Customer support

Manage customer queries more efficiently by incorporating a ticketing system.

What we offer with our Housejoy clone app?

Our exceptional Housejoy clone scripts will enable you to launch a spectacular, fully functional on-demand home services app. Built to be devoid of technical glitches and other code related complications, our reliable scripts flawlessly function on all devices. Tablets, PCs, browsers, smartphones, we have extensive expertise in successfully deploying apps that are optimized for the platforms you’re interested in.

  • Customer Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Service provider Android App
  • Service provider iOS App
  • Service provider Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Official Website
  • Dispatcher Panel

How our app works

Using our Housejoy clone app is as easy as performing a few taps and swipes. Here’s how the app works.

Select service

Customers can go through a variety of services and choose one that fits their needs.

Schedule service

Services can be booked at a convenient time that fits the schedule of customers.

Earn profits

Watch your business operating efficiently from your app as you reap the rewards.

Why choose our services?

Our Housejoy clone app development solutions will get your app a tremendous kickstart in the market. Perform outstandingly well from the get-go. By doing business with us, you get a plethora of benefits.

  • Seasoned development team
  • Expert solutions for marketing applications
  • 100% customizable white-label solution
  • Complete scalability
  • Complete scalability

The perks of using our Housejoy clone app

We build remarkable Housejoy clone apps that will bring you sizeable profits:


Experience a minimalistic user interface that is feature-packed yet easily navigable.

Quick development

Using our white-label solution, you can save time and money, which enables you to launch your app in a short span of time.

Fully customizable

Craft your app exactly the way you want it to look and feel like.

Easy payments

In addition to multiple modes of payment, offer in-app wallet options to your customers.

Integrate business models

Incorporate a business model of your choice into your Housejoy clone application.

Responsive support

Our team is dedicated to supporting you and answering your queries from start to finish and even after launch.

Technologies we use in our HouseJoy clone

We employ the latest technologies to facilitate incredible smartphone applications.


By employing a clone app, you can save plenty of time, resources and money in developing your application.

All you have to do is contact us via phone or email.

You can reap profits from your app by making room for advertisements and by levying a commission charge every time services are booked from your app.

The total cost will depend on how many features you wish to implement in your household service application.

We have extensive expertise in helping our clients successfully launch their smartphone applications into the market. Along with our comprehensive marketing strategies, we are well-acclaimed as the best app providers.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.